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YAP proposal #330: Proposals for a Poultry Farm and Egg Production (Benjamin Andrew Chechet, Nigeria)


My name is Benjamin Andrew Chechet, 35. I hail from Kaduna South local government area, of Kaduna state, North-West Zone, Nigeria.

I attended the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, between 2002 and 2008, where I obtained a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours). I am currently studying a postgraduate programme in Urban Management at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

What I want to do

My business is poultry farming—this is the commercial rearing of chickens and other birds for their meat and production of eggs. The poultry industry has become one of the most efficient producers of protein for human consumption, in response to public concern over dietary fat; poultry has become the popular substitute for beef and other types of meat.

My project is basically egg production and chicken rearing. Eggs are always in demand round the year. Egg is obtained from birds and hence bird production is a profitable activity. This activity has the potential to provide regular income and employment opportunity

My business will be done using modern production techniques in an excellent environmental control and with quality management. The environmental impact from my poultry farming and egg production operation will be minimal. One of our objectives is to emphasize conservation.

We will do everything to keep the operation as environmentally conscious as possible. The crates that will be utilized for packaging our eggs will be made out of recyclable material instead of chemically altered plastics.

Our project will be done in a hygienic environment: the packaging of our egg products will be done using modern technology, while our marketing will be done through door-to-door service delivery of our products (eggs and chickens) to our intended customers/market.

The socioeconomic impact of my business to our community is that we will produce, market and increase the supply of protein (both eggs and chickens) into the market.

We will provide employment (both direct and indirect employment) to the people that will be employed in our farm, and we will increase the amount of protein into the Nigerian market.

Why the motivation

My motivation for this project is to create new and significant employment opportunities: increase the state Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and per-capita income, as well as improve the living standards and economic well-being of the citizens.

I have been engaged in the rearing of chickens and production of eggs on a small scale and as part-time employment; thus, I want to venture into large-scale production of eggs thereby creating employment opportunities to individuals and also increase the GDP and per-capita income of the state and the country at large.

The gains of our business to my community and me include:

  • to provide job opportunities, first to myself, and to others that will be employed in the farm (that is, both direct and indirect employment). This we will do through training of the individuals on the latest technology used in poultry farming and egg production
  • to produce, market, and supply eggs and dietary protein to the market/public. This will help in the process of achieving food sustainability in our community and the country at large
  • we will also provide manure to farmers from the bird droppings that will be produce from our farm. As the bird damp/droppings from the birds are used as manure/fertilizer in the farm. Thus, this will help in increasing the level of food production in our community and the country too.

How I intend to do it

The action I intend to take to achieve my goals towards the success of my project include:

  • Keep 2,000 birds poultry farming operation producing eggs
  • Produce 2,000 eggs daily from our poultry farm operation
  • Established markets for all the eggs produced in our farms
  • Maintain a good line of equipment in good operating condition
  • Operate good facilities for handling/keeping birds and eggs
  • Increase farm gate sales of eggs by developing a brand name for ourselves
  • Improve packaging and promotional activities

My project is a business that will initially focus on poultry rearing/keeping, egg production and retail of eggs and chickens.

I will be keeping 2,000 birds for production of egg which will be eventually sold. The eggs to be sold will be wholesale and retail, which we have produced from our farm.

The eggs will be produced in a modern poultry farm using modern production techniques. After producing the eggs, we will package it using modern technology of packaging; the eggs will be sold to the public at local markets and to individual homes.

What I have been able to do so far to get my project started is that I have been able to acquire a piece of land in the periphery of Kaduna metropolis where my farm will be located. I was able to acquire the land with my savings and through the sale of the chickens I was doing on a small scale.

The actual measurable success factors for our project will be to maintain 2,000 eggs production level per day in full production (that is, 60,000 eggs per month or 720,000 eggs within a year); and also to build off-farm investments.

I plan to use the USD 5,000 grant as follows:

Activities                                                                    Amount (USD)          Timeframe

  1. Construction of poultry pen                         800                              1 month
  2. Poultry equipment 900                              1 month
  • Acquisition of Day old and Pullet (1000birds) 1,000                           1 month
  1. Feeding @ 1 bag of 25 kg/birds or 5 bags 1,800                           16 months

daily (for 16 weeks before peak production)

  1. Vaccinations and general medical care 500                              16 months

Total                                                                           5,000

The picture above shows the piece of land for my proposed poultry farm


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13 thoughts on “YAP proposal #330: Proposals for a Poultry Farm and Egg Production (Benjamin Andrew Chechet, Nigeria)”

  1. very good proposal but you did not tell the public how you going to recover the investment and how long it will take you to do that.

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    1. hello, where you located.
      I am interested in your modern facilities. Can you provide us those you mentioned?

  3. hmmm, a good one, although I expected to see more figures, in egg production what percent success rate, how many feeders and drinkers at there various growth stages, ct o

    I have been in poultry for some time, I expect to see ur swot analysis, not necessary in table but at least mentioned, poultry production generally drops during d heat periods how do intend to survive dt period etc

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