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YAP Proposal #320: Obey your bull, red is bad (Sorunmu Olufemi Olayinka, Nigeria)

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My business is not just about profit and loss; it is rather a matter of life and death. Do not be scared, I am not an assassin, I am the exact opposite. I am a doctor…of multiple species. I eat, breathe, sleep, flip, flop, groom the blackness on my head and get obsessed with the unvoiced longing of every human – to live forever.

“I’m not an animal how dare he thinks he can save me,” I hear you say, nose high up in the air like a supercilious camel. Well, let me enlighten you, scientifically there are only two kingdoms: plant and animals. So, if you are very sure you are not a plant then you are one of the specimens I want to help realize immortality. Unfurl your pinna; thank me later. Of course if you are a plant you can quit reading, right here!

From Mithridates VI of Pontus to Larry Ellison, humans have always been in the business of perpetual self-preservation. Well, there’s good news for you! World Health Organization (W.H.O) wants you to live forever too, and they only implore you to do one thing – run away from cholesterol. Ischemic Heart Disease, Stroke, Chronic obstructive lung disease, Lower respiratory tract infection, Trrachea, bronchus and lung cancers, HIV/AIDS, Diarrheal diseases, Diabetes mellitus, Road injury and Hypertension are the ten leading causes of death in the world. Five of them have a firm foundation in cholesterol, 2 others in lesser demons nonetheless metabolically driven. The picture is grim – cholesterol is death, in full regalia.

Fortunately, W.H.O are not the only ones interested in you ingratiating yourself on the uneven surface of the earth, a Nigerian venture called Nourishing Steaks Merchants also are. They have been running helter-skelter since the 20th day of April 2012 to make sure your dream to get stuck on the throat of eternity comes to pass.

They have built an temple abattoir which will not only make sure the metabolic diseases that might kill you are a thing of the past, curtained off in the scientific museums of history, but that the production/raising, processing, packaging and sales/distribution of these king of foods is done under universally acceptable standards. In this temple too they will not tolerate the prime evil cholesterol, at least not in all its full might epitomized by the RED cholesterol-rich matter called beef. They will only entertain species low in cholesterol also referred to as WHITE meat: goats, chickens, snails and rabbit, just to mention a few. Here, we are in total agreement with your raging bulls – red is bad, pure and simple.

Previously, the abattoirs had an impregnable cycle of operation. Veterinary Doctor Meat Inspectors medically certified or condemned animals in whole or parts, before and after slaughter, get their recommendations implemented by the government law enforcers and make submissions to the government as it pertains to compensation to the butchers. Presently, this seamless sequence has been turned into a vicious cycle where only Meat Inspectors and Butchers are the surviving stakeholders, culminating in the ensuing of an institution of chaos.

To circumnavigate this quagmire, Nourishing Steaks Merchants is replacing this vicious cycle with a five-layered tamperproof mechanism where the Veterinarian is in charge of every single process, from the acquisition/production of the livestock to the supervision of the packaging process for onward preservation. This Business Model eliminates the need for compensations and minimizes wastage. The 5-layered business model entails: Prepurchase/Offsite, Onsite, Pre-mortem and Postmortem examinations; and ultimately packaging and preservation. This ensures that the low-cholesterol livestock products of the venture are qualitative, wholesome, hygienic and available for longer periods of the day.

Oh blimey! It’s so terrible and ungentlemanly of me to have left a requisite introduction so late. I am Sorunmu Olufemi Olayinka, a 35 year old Entrepreneur Veterinary Practitioner with the Veterinary Council of Nigeria Number 005813: An incurably optimistic lover of everything protein and a perfectionist who gets exasperated by any semblance of mediocrity.

Professionally, I have been a Meat Inspector in three different Geopolitical zones in the country and I can say without any iota of contradiction that the meat culture is at its lowest ebb in the country. This is the anger that drives me, to rid our Livestock Industry of the myriads of ills that bedevils it. From our first location of Chikun LGA of Kaduna state, Nigeria, we intend to replicate the project in other LGAs and states of the Federation as time and resources permit.

We will undertake both onsite sales and door-to-door delivery via our Cooling Van. Skill empowerment for the nearby butchers and employment of indigenes in the surrounding vicinity are grander later plans of this venture. The abattoir and all other structures have already been put in place. Our entire need as of today is that of starter stock of goats and chickens which will cost roughly Seven thousand dollars of which we already have three thousand dollars.

The project will be considered a success if it fully achieves the Company’s Mission which is “To aggressively pursue, within the tenets of the professional framework, the highest standards of livestock production, processing, packaging and preservation” and its Vision of “Providing high quality, wholesome and hygienic low-cholesterol livestock to the meat-eating inhabitants of Chikun LGA and environs, in order to reduce the prevalence of diseases and poisoning in the environment that has preexisting abattoirs as their point source.”

If empowered with the One million and two hundred thousand naira (US$4000) needed to complete the funding for its starter stock, the business will commence activity within three months.

The fund will be used to acquire sixty goats and raise five hundred broilers monthly on a running basis as well as ensure the day-to-day running of its activities. At optimal capacity the venture will generate a turnover, gross profit and net profit of Twelve million three hundred and eighty four thousand naira(US$41,280), Three million and twenty four thousand naira (US$10,080) and One million four hundred and ninety four thousand naira(US$4,980) respectively in its first year.

So here is a parting gift from yours truly. If you want to break Methuselah’s record of longevity of life then the rule is simple: if you can, don’t eat meat; if you must eat meat, make sure it is white meat and if you must eat white meat make sure it is wholesome white meat.


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164 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #320: Obey your bull, red is bad (Sorunmu Olufemi Olayinka, Nigeria)”

  1. Hello, Doctor. Beautiful piece of a project. I stopped eating meat some 3 years ago because it was becoming more of a curse than a blessing. With projects like yours, especially in areas close to me, then I may rethink. However, I have two quick questions. 1. What method of slaughtering do you employ considering the religious sensitivity of Nigeria? 2. Do you think the intensive cooking of meat eliminates all the problems associated with meat hazards?

    1. Pelumi, sad to hear about your inability to access good meat/livestock. I began this venture from the anger of the day-to-day ugly realities of preexisting abattoirs. i hope to become a regular supplier to you and people of your kind as soon as the project takes off. Now to your questions. 1. The method of slaughter we employ is Halal. This is much preferred especially in Africa where we have more Muslims. Also, it’s actually a very simple problem to solve. Christians don’t mind how their meat is slaughtered as they believe once they bless the food everything is okay, while Muslims are most interested in meat slaughtered by th Halal method. 2. Yes and No. Yes because most organisms causing deterioration, illness or poisoning die within this temperature. However, there are organisms whose spores survive extremely high temperatures and therefore are preserved through it all. Also, in the process of preparing your meat there can be infection from mere contact as seen in cases of Avian influenza. Moreover, there are downsides to ‘overcooking’ of meat. The three thing that should be guaranteed are wholesomeness, quality and hygiene. The first two are compromised in most cases of ‘overcooking’ meaning that you the customers are not getting 100% benefit from your purchases and thus get shortchanged. the good news is that Nourishing Steaks Merchants profer answers to all of the problems above as our catchphrase says, “We meet all your meat needs.”

  2. Wow…always impressive reading from u.
    Am sure it will turn out gr8. Ure a gr8 doctor, superb writer and a full time business man

    See u at the top

    1. Those are heart-melting words right there, Mrs Amosun. And I’m strongly optimistic too things will pan out nicely. Thanks for believing in me and my project, Ma’am.

  3. Beautiful writeup, Olufemi. i.especially enjoyed the serenqding style. Heard about your.product already and i wanted to know how people like us in Kaduna south can benefit from thisbconsidering its some distance from you?

    1. Mrs Juliet Edache, great to know you got serenaded, you made me feel like a musician right there. To answer your question I’ll say a resounding YES, we can easily handle your supplies. This is how it works. Once we begin production we will implore you to register as a daily or occasional customers. If you’re a daily customer with a supply of up to 5kg our cooling van will handle your supplies at no extra charge. However if you order occasionally and is less than 5kg, our partners at, an online grocery store with whom we already have agreement in principle with, will deliver at your doorstep. Give or take 30 minutes at most you should order and get your supply. Thank you for the enquiry.

  4. Okay doc, write up is top form. Kudos. Great job there. Wish you all the best in the competition

  5. I love your post. I love the way you presented your ideas. You followed almost all the instructions. Nice work. Try to make broadcast of this on social networks to draw people’s attention to your post. Best of luck.

  6. this really what the country needs, a qualified personnel in the industry, I think you should be encouraged and I hope you get thhe financing you deserve. Good luck bro.

    1. Thanks, Feka Pascal. it’s high time the stakeholders take the bull by the horn and I hope I’ll be able to contribute my quota as soon as possible.

  7. Great work Doc. This is what the world needs now (and forever).
    I wish you get this much deserved financing.
    All the best.

    1. wow! At the need of the world, Toyin Olubade. I consider it a high honor to have the opportunity and privilege to contribute my quota. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. Awesome article, sound business plan. Thus is a perfect blend of both.

    Do you intend packaging for retail outlets (frozen foods) or for fulfilling direct orders from customers

    1. wow! I bet I blushed right there, thanks Ebenezer. To answer your questions we’ll be doing both. We’ll be delivering based on the others we have as well as make the same products available to frozen food vendors. The products will be sealed using a technology that sucks out the air before sealing it and this has a wide range of advantages which is topic for another time it is in this forum that we’ll make the product available to all our customers be it retailers or final consumers. I must also note that we pride ourselves in wanting to be the Butcher’s Butcher by having little to no contact with the final consumers, therefore we are more interested in having meat vendors and frozen foods sell our products. However, in place of the conventional freezers we’ll encourage our retailers to make use of meat chillers which are perfect for storing especially goat meat, beef and their likes.

  9. Awesome article, sound business plan. Thus is a perfect blend of both.

    Do you intend packaging for retail outlets (frozen foods) or for fulfilling direct orders from customers?

  10. Dear doc you made mention of empowering indigenous butchers. How do you do that since they are established already and are you not doing what they are doing? I want to know how your line of work helps them and what you’re bring to the table different from what we are already having?

    1. Hello, Dominic. Thanks for the questions. About empowering the butcher’s I have to reiterate that even though it’s a secondary consideration for now it’s going to be our primary aim eventually. We are basically interested in the people having access to quality, hygienic and wholesome low cholesterol livestock and we will be open to the idea of the Butchers not just coming to buy from us aside getting educated but also using our facilities so far they put the knowledge we impart into use and adheres to the stringent rules of the abattoir. I was part of the 2013 Subsidy Reinvestment Programme by the state government where I trained 184 women on Vegetable processing and I’m positive something like this can be organized for the butchers too. We are in the business of selling now to create a hitherto inexistent standard and we’ll gladly stick to being the butcher’s butchers once everyone shapes up and standardize their products and services.

  11. Great piece doctor. Such a project is timely and needs to be supported, even by any sensitive government. Many people are ignorant of the zoonotic implication of consuming certain infected meats. However, with an organisation like yours manned by licenced-veterinary doctor, the citizens are in a safe spot; which is what we need at the moment considering the short life-expectancy of nigerians

    1. Thanks, Idoko. That’s entirely our aim, to make sure things are done properly and that the abattoir do not become point sources for zoonotic diseases rather than the nourishment they are meant to be. Thanks for the contribution.

  12. Health,indeed is wealth. I believe that,if technoloy is applied in the processing,packaging and preservation of meat,meat-born diseases will be history in this country. You have a great vision,follow it to as far as it will lead you. Best wishes

  13. Health,indeed is wealth. If technology is fully applied in Processing,packaging and preservation of meat, we will be saying goodbye to meat-borne diseases. I stand with you in this vision,follow it to where it is leading you,you will touch and affect lives positively. My best wishes you have always. #Godspeed

  14. A Vet Doctor who expresses himself very well in prose. What’s not to love about that! I really enjoyed reading thus and like someone said, it didn’t even read like a proposal but an educative article.

    I hope you get funding. Great idea!

  15. Good innovation from you, keep moving the profession forward. The sky is your starting point.

  16. Loving what am reading. I hope this can become a reality it’ll be a big step up for our country. Love it, nice one doc.

    1. Olubusola, we source our livestock from the biggest livestock markets in the country like Maigatari and Maiadua markets. We also plan to make use of markets closer to our location.

  17. How do you ensure that the animals maintain low cholestrol levels and why do you think it’s important to clients or customers that might wish otherwise? Please enlighten me. Thank you

    1. Thanks, Joy Idoko. Actually, some species of animals have more cholesterol than each other naturally. Therefore, we have chosen to go with species of livestock with lower cholesterol contents. Also, since we’ll be producing/raising some of the livestock by ourselves we’ll make sure that their feeds does not encourage accumulation of excessive fats. Finally, we’ll also engage in fat trimming during packaging e.g. Our chickens will be dressed without the skin. Thanks for the question.

  18. Great write up, Doctor. However i would love to know the address of the abattoir and how much of the area aroudn you that you can cover.

    1. Gami, the address of the abattoir is Plots 57 and 58, Ungwar Maigero New Layout, Chikun LGA, Kaduna. We hope to be able to handle supplies in/to Chikun, Kaduna South and Kaduna north LGAs, and at a push maybe Igabi LGA for now.

  19. Quite innovative. i just hope this dont go the way of the other 1001 ideas in African that never sees teh light.

  20. Hello Doctor, I am of teh opinion that this is a serious scientific stuff. however teh way you presented it made it sound so triviakl to me. Sorry for my ignorance if im the onyl one who felt that way. Nice read, anyway.

    1. Muhammed, there’s no need to apologize, I’m perfectly okay with your views. However, we were told to embed our proposals in the body of a blog and still make it lively. That’s exactly what I tried to do.

    1. Hello, Isaac. Thanks for the compliments. I’m actually a doctor by profession and a writer by choice.

  21. Hello Doctor, i met soemone who tried going into your business and had to abort becayuse of the retinue of problems he was experiencing as per licencing and other istuffs. What are your challenges as far as this aspect is concerned?

    1. Becky Ladan, thanks. So sad about your friends venture not coming to fruition. However, the process of obtaining the licensing and relevant permits have been very smooth sailing for me . I believe this is due in no small measures to the fact that it’s done through the office of the Director of Veterinary Services and I having the prerequisite certificate as a Veterinary Practitioner has made this a piece of cake.

  22. So, sir. Are you really sure you can handle the supplies if this business takes off because i know a thousand and one people/family in Kaduna that will consider this perfect?

    1. I am absolutely positive that we can handle the supplies, Shehu. We hope to go on a full scale marketing and survey to establish rough estimate of the demand that might be placed on us later on and we intend to make adequate provision to meet all of our obligations.

  23. If this idea is so wonderful, why cant you just look into workign with shoprite and other milliondollar businesses that will love to get you aboard?

    1. Abdullahi Jafar, we are presently trying to create a market and services it sufficiently first. Once we pass this stage we will be open to th idea of working with Shoprite and other big box retailers once we have the resources and wherewithal to cope with their demands.

  24. Nice one! Put as much weffort into adverrtising once youre ready to take off and teh effort will be worthwhile?

    1. Thanks you, Easy. We will try our best to make some noise once we’re getting set to take off. We won’t mind you spreading th words on our behalf too. Cheers!

    1. Hello, Danjuma. We estimate our initial workforce to be 7. we may need some casual workers depending on the pressure of work.

  25. Considerign teh off and on season especially in a country without a defined grazign rweserve, i would like to know how you hope to maintain a constant supply all year round? Nice proposal though.

    1. Danladi, we have a lairage that can take up to 120 goats at once. So we are seriously looking into stocking and creepfeeding of our livestock against the time of scarcity. Also, we will be raising our beds ourselves and this can control it’s availability all year round.

  26. Hello, Doctor. What is your business doing about ram and rabbit which are two main delicacies around me?

    1. Thanks for the question creative, we will incorporate rabbits within 6 months of production. Sadly however, from all our calculations we may have to leave rams out because it does not seem to have any economical value As far as the business is concerned.

    1. As of today, No. but I’m working on both a website and a blog before the business commences so as to make online orders possible. However, the blog may come earlier actually.

  27. Hello olufemi, i am in the food industry too and i am interested in your product. is it possible to use your facilities?

    1. Thanks, Chinedu. I’ll inbox you my details so we can sit down and chat. Thanks for the inquiry.

  28. Nice write up Doctor. Your writinbg is scintilating. i was wishign it won’t end. Anywhere i can read more from you?

  29. Doctor, meat business without beef which is the numnber 1 selling meat in the economy, how economical ius this?

    1. from our thorough research and carefully developed business plan we have absolutely no doubt this will be financially rewarding, Yakson

  30. Hello Doctor, how do you hope to survive in this economy in the face of cheaper imported process4ed livestock? My tywo pence.

    1. Saiu, indeed we believe there’s no better time to enter the Livestock/Meat industry than now. The education, enlightenment and sensitization on the attendant ills of imported/preserved livestock makes firms like ours relevant. Also, imported poultry has been responsible for 80% of the local consumption and the banning and clamping down on these products is/will opening/open up voids in the supply chain that needs urgent filling.

  31. Man live to die some day it does not depend on what u feed on. What u eat may only preserve u 4 along time bt nntbeen imortal. Nice article

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