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YAP Proposal #316: Agro and investment partnership (Emmanuel Onesmo Mwilenga, Tanzania)

Agro Parch ready for shipping to Europe

I am Emmanuel Onesmo Mwilenga, a Tanzanian Young men with 28 years old. I have a master of science degree in contruction economics and management and bachelor of science degree in real estate finance and investment. Beside my profession, i am also an agripreneur, a co-founder partner of Agro and Investment Partnership. Currently I live in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

Our project; AGRO AND INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP is the start up partnership registered in Tanzania with registration No. 292904. The partnership businesses are principally based in Mbeya region (Mbozi District) southern west part of Tanzania.

The partnership was established by three partners with view of unlocking the idle opportunities available in agricultural sector and also to engage in other investment avenues. Also, to take advantage of the fact that members are still young and energetic therefore to bring combined force together in terms of capital and ideas hence establish a business that will be profitable for sustainable development.

Partners intend to combine force in terms of capital, create major source of income from agriculture and long run to become self standing company.Currently, the partnership has been running two businesses;Red coffee (cherry) pulping service (CPU) and Fertilizer distribution.

The reason behind establishment of cherry pulping unit (CPU) is the fact that partnership aims at adding value to the coffee produced by smallholder farmers so that it attracts and fetches high prices this is due to fact that many coffee buyers complain that coffee from our district zone is not well pulped and sorted out hence attracts low prices. Therefore in view of that fact, Agro and Investment Partnership decided to build a CPU in one the village where coffee is produced, where smallholder farmers are advised to bring their red coffee for pulping and sorting it out at the lowest cost as possible.

Through last season experience, the partnership had 14 individual farmers and one farmer group with 55 members whom it worked with them and has distributed fertilizers on loan for the next farming season, farmers are required to pay their debt in two installments basis monthly.

Agro CPU-Drying tables

The plan is to expand and reach more farmers by establishing more CPUs in other villages where these CPUs are not available. Create a huge database of farmers so that to enable communication. The success point is when large number of smallholder farmers will join to work with us and at the end of the day we improve and add value to the coffee produced at the sametime it fetches high prices in both local and international markets. Ofcourse our service benefit depends on volume of collection of coffee, therefore the large the number of farmers the higher the profit.

Planned use $ 5,000 includes establishing new coffee pulping unit (CPU); that is purchase of new automated processing machine and 3 water pump motors.

i.e Purchase of Machine             $ 2000

Purchase of 3 motors            $ 1000

Building Drying tables            $ 1500

Setting water supply source   $ 500

This can be possible within 2016 coffee season, that is from by may 2016.

Our project is under a well dedicated team of young individuals with eager to succeed. Our vision is to be the leading investor in agricultural production in Tanzania and East Africa at large by ensuring all agricultural resources are fully exploited to eradicate poverty in the society.


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28 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #316: Agro and investment partnership (Emmanuel Onesmo Mwilenga, Tanzania)”

  1. Congrats for a step matched,Bravo
    Though the most challenges of agriculturals produce is the quality of products and markets for the products,hence instead of CPU’s encouring smallholders farmer to bring their produce to the CPU for proccessing actually adding value at low cost then you should look for the best pricing markets and means of producing such quality produce at minmax cost inputs.
    Keep it up,you are almost there to bridge Tanzanian farmers to Economies of Scale

  2. Safi! Nice idea, low budget and implementable! They say “every challenge has an opportunity in it”
    Haya ndio matunda ya Baba Ude…

  3. The idea is real and implementable, and will be the best for farmers whose don’t have access to fund for buying their own CPU. Stay focus brothers, will see.

  4. That is brilliant idea , working with farmer especial the small farmers , parting knowledge to them automatically you will improve them from ancestor agriculture to Afro business

  5. That is brilliant idea , working with farmer especial the small farmers , parting knowledge to them automatically you will improve them from ancestor agriculture to Agro business

  6. I see the creativity on the idea and workability will very much depend on the effort and time you spend of the project, as entreprenurial youth I concar with you and wish you the very best of success…bravo brother

  7. Doing anything with perfection is like wearing an impeccable suit. your idea is great and productive…… all the best

  8. Doing anything with perfection is like wearing an impeccable suit.. your idea is great and productive.. keep it up

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