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YAP Proposal #309: Chicken Rearing To Promote Diet And Sustainable Farming (Irénée Hakizimana, Rwanda)


My name is Irénée Hakizimana, 29 who lives in Rwanda, Rusizi District, a holder of bachelor’s degree (2012) in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from former National University of Rwanda. He is a community transformer and leader, worked in Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT Rwanda) since May, 2014 as StartUp! facilitator and business coach, working with young people in Rusizi District.

Irénée guided those youth to start or expand their business, transform their lives, through trainings and coaching sessions; he is engaged in chickens rearing and marketing of eggs from 2013.

The majority of Rwandans live on almost domestically produced products. In formulating my project, I want to grow laying chickens and market egg produced to ensure efficient marketing and to produce organic manure for local farmers.

The project plans to grow one day old chicks in specialized housing system. Due to poor protein content of bakery products locally produced, the project will market eggs through store system to help customers get them fast, cheap and in convenient location; to avail organic manure to local farmers. This plan will work properly and is sustainable as it has been tested from 2013.

This project will enable manufacturers to make nutritional egg based food products, help farmer to grow more spices, fruits and vegetables and other kind of foods through sustainable fertilization. There is also a plant used in a diet supplement called forskolin slim that is very valuable as a cash crop here, but the territory that it grows in is heavily competed for. The project will enhance diet, create jobs and contribute to rise of income of workers, farmers, bakers and other sellers.

Food security and sustainability is national and global concern. This has pushed to think about my contribution to its implementation and I have started thinking about promoting diet and sustainable farming. A big quantity of market eggs come from abroad, which take them many days to reach customers and lack yellow. Such eggs are prone to easy rotting and other mechanical damages which make easy bacteria contamination.

The project would address such problems in supplying fresh and high yellow egg content, ensuring constant supply to customers. From the project, I will make economic benefit from rise of income from sold eggs and contribute to community socioeconomic development through promotion of diet from bakery egg based products, various spices, fruits, vegetables and stable food production and finally rise of community income. In short, from the project, I and the community we will improve and develop our wealth through diet and creation income generation opportunities.

To achieve my goal, below are strategic steps to go through

Intensive growing of chicks which produce a huge quantity and constantly

Feeding good quality feed and supplement will ensure high quality egg and yellow content

Installment of egg stores in crucial location to ensure efficient egg supply to end consumers

Involving people to fertilizer their kitchen gardens to produce more and various vegetables on sustainable basis and involving community in fruit planting and fertilization

The awareness of community about UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), numbers 1, 2 and 3 on sustainable food security and healthy people will enable me to meet goals

By now, the project has 500 laying eggs; two houses to help culling and host new generations without interruption of egg supply; one egg store to facilitate distribution; with integrated plantation of bananas and various spices and vegetables.

To ensure success of balanced diet and sustainable farming, the project will rely on reduction of malnutrition and boost of vegetable and fruits produce over year. The project will measure them through stunted children reduction, reduction of malnutrition related illness and reduction reliance on chemical fertilizer with rise of vegetables and fruits farms in region and job creation with rise of community income.

A grant of USD 5,000 will be used for the following activities:

  • USD 970 will be used to build a pen from mi May to mi June
  • USD 843 will be used to purchase 500chicks in June
  • USD 2900 will be used for feeding for 5months from June to November
  • USD 235 will be used salaries for 4months from June October
  • USD 52 will be used for rent for store house for 4months from October to February

The implementation of the project will contribute to the sustainable and integrated socioeconomic development of the owner and the community while rising national food autonomy.

Voting for me help our Rwanda nation to achieve Rwanda National Agricultural Policy.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Irénée Hakizimana (Rwanda) – hissrn[at]

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31 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #309: Chicken Rearing To Promote Diet And Sustainable Farming (Irénée Hakizimana, Rwanda)”

  1. Wow, that’s interesting Mr Irenee! It’s very inspiring to see a young graduate think to become entrepreneur, and most especially to think about others on how to improve your community life, it’s really wonderful, and for sure with your efforts, your project will succeed and as you’re doing what you really know as a part of your field of study. You deserve a support, keep it up!

  2. The more business man you are the more money you make and the more good life you are able to live. Your project is really well planned and am sure it will poses a serious threat to the sustainability in all corners such as economy, politically, socially …….of the country. Excellent to you and keep it up!!

  3. Very inspiring! We always say that we learn by doing. Thank you for what you are doing in the community to change many people’s livelihoods.

  4. Very inspiring Mr Irenee.Continue helping the community to access better livelihoods. Keep it up.

  5. Good to hear from your agriculture based project proposal Mr Irenee, you real master value for money concept, the operations cost is real reasonable, and the project its self is profitable for both you and community. I like the idea keep it up!

  6. Thank you a lot Irenee to contribute in your community development! I think this is a good project as many people of your community will benefit from it! Also it has many chances to succed as it is based on your skills, passion and experience! Keep going higher Irenee..

  7. Irenee, I can see you came out with a project than can contribute a lot to the community you are living in…It is feasible project that is changing the lives of your community without forgetting you as the owner..wish u all the best in going foward…

  8. I really appreciate this project of Mr. Irenne is well planed and this work will empower many people.

  9. Great project, great job Irené!
    I encourage you,
    This is what we need for the food security…very impressive contribution in our country as well as in our ragion👍.

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