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YAP proposal #304: Wealth Creation through Poultry Farming (Ahamefula Uchenna Onyekach, Nigeria)


IMG_20160307_145304I am Ahamefula Uchenna Onyekach, 21, from Aba Abia state in Nigeria, a graduate of microbiology from Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike.

My project involves the production of eggs and chicken meat, and which has been kicked off with little money. It involves buying day-old pullets and broilers and taking care of the birds for six months and three months respectively for each bird.

The broilers after three months are sold, while the pullets are reared for six months before they begin production of eggs, which takes place for a year and two months before they are disposed.

An estimated 500 birds would lay a minimum of 15 crates of egg in a day, which is 30 eggs per crate. With a population of over twenty million, Nigerians are still lacking in the provision of an egg a day to Nigerians. I believe with more funds we would be able to meet the demand.

The project would have a lot of socioeconomic impacts because it would provide employment opportunities for people from my farm and distributors to people who would open abattoirs, and it would also bring people close.

My motivation is the desire for me to grow my farm to a standard which would venture into other sectors of the agriculture and make food, so that people can see agriculture as a gold mine, thereby making people venture into agriculture to produce food.

The gains for me are that I would be self employed and happy to see more people venture into agriculture for my community creation of employment opportunity and make poultry products affordable.

Funding is an integral aspect of my project. Once more money is put in more birds would be purchased immediately, after which would come medication and remodelling of the poultry house to ensure the birds’ good health. Good productivity would also come and good feed for the birds for good weight and quality eggs.

I have been able, with the help of my parents, kick off my farm with 500 birds, beginning in 2014. Today, we have up to 1,000 birds, which are currently in full laying capacity, and I believe with more funding we would grow more to meet demand and create employment opportunity for people.

The actual measurable factor for my project is the health the birds, which determines your progress, that is why you have to know your birds. Another is the financial factor, because more funds means more birds for production of eggs and chicken meat.

The budget for my project when funds are received is as follows (using the current exchange rate)

  • Purchase of 700 birds, USD 580
  • Purchase of accessories (feeders and drinkers of different sizes, heater), and equipment, USD 1,100
  • Brooding of birds and feeding for two months, USD 300
  • Feeding of birds for the remaining four months estimated at, USD 2,000
  • Miscellaneous expenses, USD 1,020.


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113 thoughts on “YAP proposal #304: Wealth Creation through Poultry Farming (Ahamefula Uchenna Onyekach, Nigeria)”

  1. Nice work uchenna, with this project of yours i wish the importation of meat will stop and eggs will be available year round for consumption.

  2. Agriculture is the bed rock of every nation so i encourage everyone to support me in bringing my project to a reality.

  3. Ahamefula uchenna wow that was more than have a very high IQ keep it up

  4. wow may the good lord bless the work of your hands!Agriculture is really the bedrock of this nation and i pray you find sponsors.

  5. This is great work,if nigerians could consider this project,it would bring a really great turn around in this nation in a general state of mind..May God see you through your endeavour my brother…..

  6. This is a highly recommended personnel in this business strategy… is lucrative and his is my big customer that doesn’t fail in distribution and sales………..keep it up bro…..

  7. Thanks everyone i believe with more resources available to us we would surely kill famine and unemployment.

  8. Mr uchenna, i really like your proposal. i know that you can utilise the funds for the main purpose when it’s given. congratulation in advance.

  9. U may nt know me bt am your sister’s very close pal that aside nice work keep it up and I pray that God prospers the work of your hands

  10. You may not know me but I’m your sister’s very close pal that aside nice work keep it up and I pray that God prospers the work of your hand

  11. This is a very articulated project Uche, this is exactly what the agricultural Industry needs at this point of time, more meat and more egg as stipulated by the WHO. Ride on, wish you the best. Cheers…

  12. Am impressed uchenna .. so hw much would you pay the people you will must also consider the curent situation of the country

    1. That is well taken care of as at now we have 2 workers who are well taken care of.

  13. This is quite a wonderful project you’ve got going on.. Not many realize the value of agricultural farming in the world today. Good luck bro!

    1. Thanks Mr Chima we hope that before the next world egg day coming up in november if given more finance we would make a lot of progress in meeting the UN one egg a day goal.

  14. Nice one uchenna. You have a nice idea. I wish you the best. The implentation of this idea would provide employment for the unemployed and underemployed. This is what we need in Nigeria, especially this time we are in economic depreciation. Enterpreneur should be the order of the day.

  15. Well done uchenna. I know that the implementation of this project would provide employment to both unemployed and underemployed. This is what we need, especially this time that we are in economic depreciation

  16. Well done uchenna. This your project would go a long way to provide employment for unemployed and underemployed. This is what our country needs right now that we are in economic depreciation. All the best

    1. We would surely stop the importation of meat and eggs with more support and fund thanks alot Mr Ugonna Chigbu for your support.

  17. Wow that’s a very good proposal Uchenna hope the importation of meat and eggs are banned.

    1. Mr Desmond Oparaku with more resources available and government support we would meet demand.

  18. Uchenna your proposal is wonderful. people especially Youths will eventually see Agriculture as a gold mine. I love your mindset of wanting to be self employed and create job opportunities. More grease to your elbow dear.

  19. Its really hard to see people venturing out into animal agriculture with optimism…i really share ur optimism bro..goodfortune with ur work bro

  20. Nice one dear……keep it up nd Kudos to uu.api dat i would be getting free meat nd egg from u….lolzzzzz

  21. I love the aspect which said creation of employment for people keep up the good work bro.

  22. Nice work Uchenna, there is nothing greater than been self _ employed… its indeed a nice business, just keep it up the good lord will see you through..

  23. This is a good agriculture concept because of the direct impact it has on the society.

  24. wait…am i supposed to be suprised?.o not all, cos your high spirited and undunted affinity for success is avalanche had long came as a premonition to me.i pray that with time,others, Nigeria,African and the world at large will read and celebrate your success.soar bro

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