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YAP proposal #303: Grow to Order Greens (Josanne Arnold, Trinidad and Tobago)


Who Am I?

My name is Josanne Arnold, 27, from the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). I was born and raised on Tobago and hold a BSc in sociology with a minor in criminology. However, having grown up in a family of business, it is no surprise that life channelled me towards entrepreneurship. I have been relentless in my pursuit of entrepreneurship for the last three years and my passion lies in the field of sustainable agriculture and aquaponics.

My main goal is to establish the innovative agricultural enterprise named GOT Greens as the local agri-food marketplace which connects local and tourist consumers to nutritious fresh produce at all food service outlets in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Project

My project is called GOT Greens. It involves the aquaponic growth and distribution of organic fresh produce items via a grow-to-order online platform.

GOT Greens will provide customized grow-to-order services for the different players in the hotel, food service, and restaurant industry.

All food-service businesses or personnel (chefs, caterers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, food carts, etc.) will have access to an aquaponic farmer and distribution portal that is both environmentally friendly and conducive to their particular needs.

We will provide these businesses with customized growing orders on a continuous basis, delivery, online ordering and produce that is local, organic, rich in nutrients, and environmentally friendly.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the marriage between hydroponics and aquaculture. The fish waste provides an organic food source for the growing plants and the plants provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in.

The aquaponic-integrated system minimizes the production of wastes by turning the wastes of one process into resources for another. Using fish waste to sustainably grow food plants and reduce the overall environmental footprint of crop production is creative and we believe that aquaponics is the viable solution to food security and environmental sustainability worldwide.

IMG-20160224-WA0011[1] (1)The Birth of GOT Greens

My vision for GOT Greens was birthed when I began doing research into greenhouses in an attempt to find a solution to some of the transportation, price and quality issues faced by my step father’s green grocer.

My idea soon pivoted from regular greenhouse production to aquaponic greenhouse production once I became knowledgeable of the environmental and economic benefits associated with aquaponics.

I did not want to open another traditional fresh produce mart, so I began searching for a business model which focused on providing for a crucial segment in the market whose needs weren’t being adequately met.

Our target market

The food and beverage industry is the largest in the non-manufacturing sector of Trinidad and Tobago, and our country suffers from a very high food import bill. The food service industry locally is an untapped segment in need of solutions. These are the businesses which provide our local and visiting consumers with food on a daily basis and they should be able to provide consumers with a variety of healthy and affordable food.

In Trinidad and Tobago, there is a growing demand for healthy and sustainable food produce. A large segment of the food market are demanding organic produce as they’re increasingly becoming aware of the harms caused by agricultural chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic food processing additives.

In order for us to take care of our consumers, we first have to take care of the businesses which feed them. These businesses can trust in knowing who the grower of their food is, how it is grown and where their produce is coming from with GOT Greens.

Next Steps

I intend to establish an aquaponic greenhouse and eco-classroom in Tobago which will provide wholesale fresh produce for food service businesses and workshops, research internships and tours to persons within the community.

I’ve self-invested monies into the development of a small scale aquaponic shade house for the sale of leafy greens and I’ve acquired land for expansion. We also received sponsorship for a website and currently working on constructing it.

This project will be strategically implemented in phases as we scale the size and output of the greenhouse as we aim to have a sustainable product/market fit.

Success for GOT Greens would be measured by the successful establishment of a commercial aquaponic greenhouse, a steady supply chain to 50% or more of the food service businesses in T&T, the promotion and activism of aquaponics in my local communities, and the development of agri-products for export.

The USD 5,000 grant would be used within one year of its receipt to fund:

  • The expansion of my current aquaponic shade house (USD 1,500)
  • To purchase aquaponic related supplies and equipment (USD 1,000)
  • For marketing (USD 1,000)
  • For e-commerce development (USD 1,000) and lastly,
  • For research and development (USD 500).

I am a young female agripreneur who is ready and set to launch GOT Greens and take fresh produce to another level not only in Trinidad and Tobago but also worldwide.


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71 thoughts on “YAP proposal #303: Grow to Order Greens (Josanne Arnold, Trinidad and Tobago)”

  1. This is where You expect me to lie and say I like your project, but I don’t……. I lOVE GOT GReens.
    I love the vision, love where and how it all began and love where you would like to go with it.
    In Trinidad and Tobago this is so absolutely necessary and relevant, as a restuRant Owner knowing that I’m connected to a aquaponic farmer? That’s awesome.
    I fully support GOT Greens and wish you all the very best.

    1. God bless your idea! This business has the potential to open many doors for the tourist industry in Tobago and also will create a series of local employment opportunities. I’m excited to see it get off the ground.

  2. GOT Greens is an example of where agriculture in Trinidad and Tobago needs to go. It has my full support!

  3. Much support to you on this venture that is quite needed especially in Trinidad & Tobago.

  4. This is an excellent, sustainable project! Josanne I admire your strength, vision and tenacity in bringing this project to life and proving that aquaponic farming with its organic practices can thrive here in Trinidad and Tobago, offering the freshest and healthiest locally grown foods!
    I wish you all the best!

  5. This initiative will take agriculture to another level other than the traditional means of growing produce.

    I see this venture will cause a paradigm shift in agriculture and the relevant stakeholders should be on board with GOT Greens

    GOT GReens on the Go

  6. G.O.T Greens is a beautiful and viable project and I love the niche market which they’ve chosen to target. Its success will definitely cause a vibrant movement and upsurge the local agriculture sector in Tobago.

  7. Innovative, sustainable and incredibly necessary. GOT Greens has my full support. This is radically transforming agriculture in Tobago. I love it!

  8. A first of its kind initiative for Tobago that can transform the agricultural sector and assure food security and reduce the country’s import bill. I trust that the powers that be will take note of what our young entrepreneurs can achieve and facilitate their progress. Best wishes for your continued success!

  9. Great vision and idea and just what Tobago needs. It will truly be welcoming for persons like myself who on a daily basis try to eat clean and healthy. I cannot wait to share this with all my friends; good going GOT Greens, you have my uttermost support vocally and as a consumer.

  10. Great initiative especially for Trinidad and Tobago. GOT Green is going to change agriculture

  11. It’s always good to see young people like myself move forward in life with such ambition and to see you are taking the entrepreneurship path that’s double thumbs up from me. I like this new development, agriculture is going to go to a next level. I love this proposal that you have and I wish you all the success and God’s richest blessings.

  12. G,O,T, greens! I know you guys from FB and you have my full support as a local agribusiness! Best of luck!

  13. GOT Greens is a excellent and timely product idea especially as there us a greater need at this time. There is definitely a need to become more self-sufficient in agriculture and at the same time to reduce our dependence on hydrocarbons. Thumbs up to you Josanne, best wishes and much success.

  14. This initiative is indeed a great one as we forge towards food security and a display of keen Entrepreneurship by Ms. Arnold and her team. Well done!

  15. Having help mentor and develop this project am fully aware of the effort that has been put into this transformation. I am fully confident that GOT Greens is a sustainable project and gives it my full support…

  16. Well thought out initiative Josanne. This is exactly what is needed to boost agriculture on the island so as to reduce our heavy reliance on imports that are proving to not even be a healthy option. You have my continued support.

  17. It’s so great that young people are trying to find more eco friendly and creative ways to do everyday things. Especially something of this nature that is so important!! well done!!

  18. Thank you for taking this step since you are, in your own unique way, providing a nutritious source of food for your countrymen. Also, I admire your entrepreneurial mind and hopefully later on we would do some business together. You have my support!

  19. This is a well thought out and much needed initiative especially considering the economic situation. Self sustainability of any country is the true test of time, becoming less reliant on imported goods and growing our own healthy chemical free food will not be achieved without some challenges. My question to this agripreneur is if she can produce a healthier cost effective alternative the population can afford.

  20. GOT green is a new and innovative approach to the agricultural sector in Tobago. It will encourage a healthier lifestyle and lower the risk of obesity throughout the island of Tobago. As a young person myself, I am in full support of your vision and creativity. With your hard work and a drive to succeed your goals will be achieved in time. Kudos.

  21. As a young person in Tobago, I am excited to see the G.O.T Greens dream come to reality. G.O.T Greens has the potential to change the mindset of our youths and get them engaged and interested in agriculture once again.

  22. A resurgence in agriculture is definitely needed for our economy. Eating local and organic will help secure the food and nutrition security of our population and reduce our heavy import bill.

  23. Best of luck to you and your team on a really viable and ambitious project. I look forward to eating G.O.T Greens produce at various food establishments.

  24. That Josanne’s perseverance and dedication to excellence is an inspiration and I am definitely proud to see your vision become a reality and even expand to impact more of our society.

    G.O.T is nothing short of wonderful and I look forward to widened scope and reach!

  25. This idea is very innovative and inspiring and I will definitely be a consumer of G.O.T Greens when it comes on stream. Good luck!

  26. Eating healthy is a #1 priority. I’m happy to know that an entrepreneur like yourself is seeking to ensure that consumers have access to organic foods when they purchase their meals at various food establishments.

  27. Given the scary times that we are living in with our food being imported and laced with a series of pesticides and chemicals, it would be very comforting to have access to produce that is genuinely organic and local.

  28. As we are currently going through a tough recession, this project is needed. Local produce and environmental sustainability all the way! Lets go G.O.T Greens!

  29. You’ve got my full support in the implementation of this project. I hope it receives the funding it deserves as the youths reclaim the agricultural sector.

  30. I know this project is pretty capital intensive but I think with the proper investment and support it would be worthwhile and cause a great impact on both education and agriculture sector of T&T. Good luck!rl

  31. This is an excellent initiative and it’s always good to see our young people doing great things.

    G.O.T. Greens all the way!!

  32. Global Leadership Coalition fully endorses the project. Josanne with this project was the winner of our 2015 Caribvean Entreoreneurdhip Challenge. She has demonstrated both leadership and Entrepreneurdhip as well as the ability to learn. In taking this project to the next level. we wish her the best in the next phase of her endeavor .

  33. This project certainly seems like a long term solution for food shortages and economic constraints of importing goods. There will certainly need to be some public awareness accompanying this brain child as it develops. The more people know, the greater the chances of them getting on board. all the best Josanne.

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