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YAP proposal #301: Moriinga Production for Healthy Living (Olalekan Obisesan, Nigeria)


My name is Olalekan Obisesan, a 24-year-old Nigerian. I take delight in nourishing minds and bodies of people for greatness.

I hold a B. Agric. Tech. in Crop, Soil and Pest Management from the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria. And I serve as the Creative Director of TECMAO Resources—a social enterprise with the goal of contributing to the eradication of poverty and hunger in Africa.

I grew up in a part of Nigeria ravaged with Poverty, Hunger and Malnutrition despite the presence of abundance resources that have potentials to solve these problems. However, the need to change this situation inspired me to develop interest in agriculture since I strongly believe it is vital in my quest to tackling the aforementioned challenges.

An assessment conducted from November to December, 2016, by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) team in Nigeria showed more than two million Nigerians are displaced as at December, 2015.

When people are internally displaced, the menace, malnutrition, sets in as a result of poverty.

In Nigeria, no less than one million children die before their fifth birthday. Malnutrition contributes to nearly half of these deaths and that is why malnutrition is referred to as a silent crisis raging across Nigeria.

The need to combat this menace, among other reasons, inspired me to launch a Moringa project in Nigeria about two years ago. Moringa oleirera is widely known for its numerous medicinal and nutritional value. This plant has the potential to help reduce hunger, poverty and malnutrition in the world.

With passion and dedication, I have been able to contribute to environmental protection (mitigating the effects of climate change) through massive planting of Moringa trees. As at February, 2016, through my works with Voluntary Service Overseas (, Face of Agriculture, Africa (, and few other local and international organizations.

I have been able to champion the planting of thousands of Moringa trees across three different states in Nigeria ;Ondo, Ekiti, and Kwara. Secondary school students in these states have also be involved in this project, the goal being to make then inculcate tree planting as a tool against the effects of climate change and also to help them develop entrepreneurial instincts.

In early 2015, I made up my mind to extend the frontiers of my impact by producing well-packaged and branded Moringa Powder in tea bags and containers and then expand the business later on.

Fortunately, I was selected after an online business competition and a series of screening exercises as one of the corps members that will benefit from the first of its kind Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund of the Bank of Industry.

The loan will be used for capital expenses of the business that will amount to about USD 10,000. Thus, giving room for other sources of funding for operating expenses, which will be up to about USD 5,000. The loan is already guaranteed, and winning this grant will go a long way to make the business successful since the Moringa trees I have planted will serve as a cheap source of raw material.

The need for people (mainly those in the rural areas) to live healthier, richer, and happier is my motivation. Some of the direct benefits of the project for my community are, first, the project will provide a source of livelihood.

Interested unemployed youths and rural women will be involved in the project. Land, Moringa seeds and other inputs will be provided for them to grow Moringa trees and at the end the day, our company will still buy directly from them.


Second, the products, for instance, the Moringa powder in containers will serve as food supplement in orphanages, rural schools, and most especially for the Internally Displaced Persons in IDP Camps.

And also, the Moringa tea will help every home live healthier and happier.

Third, since we are the first generation to experience climate change and we are the last generation to do something about it, there is a need to protect the environment from this menace. Planting of Moringa trees is a pragmatic step that would help in achieving this goal.

And to me, the benefit I tend to derive is that when the project sustains itself, I would be fulfilled as a young person making people live healthier, happier and richer.

Since a lot of challenges face most developing countries, creating a sustainable solution to a community’s felt need will go a long way. For the project to be successful, various awareness programs on the health benefit of Moringa will be introduced especially in the rural areas thus revealing the medicinal and nutritional benefits of ‘the wonder plant’.

As a social enterprise, the number of people that are able to secure a livelihood and those that benefit immensely form the nutritional and medicinal qualities of Moringa (especially the malnourished children) will be the actual measurable factor of success of the project.

Securing this grant will go a long way to making my dream a reality since the five thousand dollars will be used as operating expenses in producing well branded and packaged Moringa tea and powder.

My own contribution as the entrepreneur is to secure a factory building and also provide raw materials for producing the products.

Here is a budget of some major items that would make the project succeed:

  • Generator plant USD 500
  • Pipe bore water USD 2,000
  • Advertisement USD 500
  • Branding and packaging USD 1,000
  • Consumables USD 500
  • Salary USD 250
  • Contingencies USD 250

Total: USD 5,000

It is great news to see the emergence of young entrepreneurs with creative enterprise that would add value to the environment and also to the lives of people.

Moringa production, however, remains a vital tool in rural reconstruction all over the world. People deserve to live Healthier, Richer and Happier and we are the turning point generation that can make all these happen. Yes! It is achievable, it is possible!


Blogpost and picture submitted by Olalekan Obisesan (Nigeria): Obisesanolalekan[at]

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237 thoughts on “YAP proposal #301: Moriinga Production for Healthy Living (Olalekan Obisesan, Nigeria)”

  1. is a good project indeed and am interested ..i have 2 acres of land but no money for me to grow moringa…will you please help me on how to get fund or money or loan with low interest rate to grow moringa?

    1. @Aurelia Thanks so much for your interest in planting moringa trees. To grow Moringa trees, money is the least you need. Now that you have land, getting the seeds is the next thing. When you get the seeds, you can either plant directly on the soil or you raise in a nursery and then transplant later. If you need help as regards getting moringa seeds, I am willing to help. Kind regards!

  2. whaoo,wot a fabulous project,seriously I love it.the man of his tym,DAT knows everything about agriculture in person of olamilekan obisesan(evergreen).pls ride on am fully in support of u.Temitope

  3. This is wonderful my brother, we still need more of your type with these brilliant ideas

  4. It is really a promising one. The country needs ideas like this for its forward movement. Cheers to the success of the project in anticipation.

  5. this is an amazing idea and can be widely practised by individuals if publicized appropiately, granting this fund to this idea will a stepping stone to something almost everybody needs.

  6. Wow, it’s a nice one! please help people to know the value we are all missing in this plant. Some people just have it has decoration in their houses.

  7. I must really commend Mr Olalekan for this initiative which will go a long way in eradicating poverty, malnutrition in Nigeria.

    I wish you success on this well thought out project…kudos!!!

  8. Good one boss…this is a bright one which will do even more in helping the rurals and even all communities…I hope you get the grant…as a farmer, I believe in the potential moringa carries…I believe agriculture is the solution we need#go on #God bless

  9. This is a great project to embark on, am in full support, ride on. I pray it will work out fine and achieve the purpose

  10. I love this! Moringa has got a lot of potentials. the most touching part of this proposal is the area that spoke about Internally displaced persons…

  11. this is really a good project that if properly taking care of or sponsored will go along way in providing job opportunities, food supplement for the less privileged and at the same time eradicate poverty gradually from our dear nation, .it is no more news that moriinga has a lot of potentials, I must say this is a laudable project and an opportunity for youths to create job rather than waiting for govt white collar job which is relatively scarce to come by
    I have plots of lands and I will like to benefits by planting the seeds

    1. Thank you Babatunde, it is a good news to know that you have large area of land for farming. Please note that you will be the first beneficiary of the project when we commence operation. Please do stay in touch with me. Thank you once again.

  12. Nice innovation. It’s high time we the youth stand out for Agriculture because it is the only solution to our fading economy. Olalekan I have known you to be a life changer keep it up. To the government, Individual organization, and NGO should support those that are ready to participate in any Agriculture project like Obisesan Olalekan so that we can help in boosting the economy and alleviate poverty in this country.

  13. This in deed is the Face of Agriculture that we want; a system where youths and young people are proud of being ‘FARMERS’. You are one of the few people who studied Agriculture and want to practice Agriculture.
    The project on the other hand is feasible, viable and highly commendable. Haven read through your write up, it cuspiqus that the project is not self and money driven, but COMMUNITY oriented. Several problems has been highlighted, but those that stood tall among these problems are climate change, hunger and poverty; and it is note worthy that this project is directed towards meeting these felt needs.
    I pray you get through to the end, as your past experiences, managerial skills and honesty are proves that you will utilize the fund well.

    1. Thank you Gbenga, I appreciate your support. I believe that with togetherness we can shout eureka. Poverty and Hunger can be a thing of the past. It is possible. This is truly the face of Agriculture we have been advocating for for a period time now. Thank you once again Gbenga.

  14. Nice Innovation! it’s high time we the youth of nowadays stand out for agriculture because of the fading economy. Olalekan I have known you to be a life changer keep it up. To the government, individual organization and NGOs should support those that are ready to participate in agriculture project like Obisesan Olalekan so that we can boost our economy and alleviate poverty in our country

  15. It is am amazing ideal, able to transform the Health of the nations member if well natured. On this I support the project 100%.

  16. If such a mind blowing project like this that can ignite and transform several sectors (agriculture, youth development, labour and employment and health sectors) in this present harsh Nigerian society isnt attended to, then NGOs and the Government shouldn’t come out to preach about development anymore.

  17. jah bless ya vison man,the way things are going in this country we still going back to agriculture,,,

    1. Thank you so much Sean, I agree with you. Agriculture has got the potential to help fight against poverty, malnutrition and hunger. With sustainable Agriculture on board, unemployment should cease to exist.

  18. I have always known you as a youth with the zeal and passion to help humanity and make postive contribution to the existence of mankind. Reading through your proposal. One would readily see the immense health benefits associated with the moringa trees. And also its benefit in the area of climate change. I have always told our youths that Agriculture is the solution to the poverty, disease and malnultrition ravaging Africa as a continent. This panacea lies in drastic and effective tapping into Agriculture for its great potentials viz job creation, raw-materials base for industries, foreign exchange earnings and so on. And your plan to concentrate on the production of moringa trees due to its great health and climatic benefits is a step in the right direction. And I also share a belief in your proposal which I believe with God Almighty and your zeal and ingenuity to succeed in anything you do. This grant will be yours in the mighty name of God so that mankind can benefit from your great agroneurial skils and passion. Goodluck to you as you remain evergreen in His grace and uncommon favour!

    1. Thank you Barrister Andrew for the kind words.

      I strongly agree to your words most especially this part,” This panacea lies in drastic and effective tapping into Agriculture for its great potentials viz job creation, raw-materials base for industries, foreign exchange earnings and so on”

      Thank you once again for your support.

  19. This is great and promising…nothing will stop this IJN… Because with this kind of project, obviously the
    future (in terms of health, environment, job opportunities and so on) is bright.. May God help you

  20. Nice one brother… I believe in this and I believe that you will get the grant. Wish you all the best.

  21. Nice project here….this will go a long way in helping Africa that theres Hope and It’s here with us….Jah bless Lekan

  22. Such an innovative and brilliant proposal! I never knew Moringa had such immense benefits! As we gradually shift into an agricultural inclined nation, Nigeria needs more vibrant, brilliant young people like you wiling to contribute meaningfully to agriculture and food demands of an increasing population and ultimately join in the world’s race for a greener environment. Wish you success on this project, Lekan!

  23. Such an innovative and brilliant proposal! I never knew Moringa had such immense benefits! As we gradually shift into an agricultural inclined nation, Nigeria needs more vibrant, brilliant young people like you wiling to contribute meaningfully to agriculture and food demands of an increasing population and ultimately join in the world’s race for a greener environment. Wish you success on this project Lekan!

  24. Embrace Agriculture and say no to hunger and poverty.Nice one dear and you shall have good success.

  25. The greatest of goals is to help others, with a proposal like this, and the right support poverty and child mortality would reduce in Nigeria.

  26. I salute your courage. Small business with great impact. You are on the path to greatness. You will earn yourself a space in the Guiness Book of records

  27. A good development for Nigeria, and am sure d project is going to be fantastic because olalekan is fantastic(young bloke doing great things) i wish all the best

  28. A good development for Nigeria, and am sure the project is going to be fantastic project because olalekan is fantastic((young bloke doing great work))i wish you the best, fist

  29. It’s a great and fantastic idea because moringa has a lot of nutritional and environmental benefits….wish you all the best….you deserve the grant….

  30. This is very impressive. I am very familiar with TECMAO Resources and we have partnered in time past on some project.

    I believe this project will not only bring about reduction in hunger, it will also strengthen youth entrepreneurship

    1. Thank you John for testifying to the good deeds of TECMAO Resources. i agree with you on this “I believe this project will not only bring about reduction in hunger, it will also strengthen youth entrepreneurship”. Thank you once again.

  31. W.O.W…Wow! This is such a great business idea. Trying to attend to the environmental issues through your business idea is something young entrepreneurs must take a cue from. Sustainable environment is what we should preach amidst the alarming rate of environment degradation. Plant a tree, manage ur waste, Save the future. Wish you best of luck with this

    1. Thank you Aanu for your support. It one thing to start a business then it is another thing for the business to have great impact on the environment. This project tends to address multiple challenges facing our generation.

  32. W.O.W…Wow! This is such a great business idea. Trying to attend to the environmental issues through your business idea is something young entrepreneurs must take a cue from. Sustainable environment is what we should preach amidst the alarming rate of environment degradation. Plant a tree, manage ur waste, Save the future. Wish you best of luck with this. It’s worth it

  33. A great idea indeed! Love it!
    It is always a pleasure to see fellows engage themselves for purposes that count and change lives of many. Be assured of my support. Great!

  34. honestly i really love this project…my friend mr.olalekan obisesan,i can surely recommend this work of yours as great initiative project that can eradicate poverty in our land..kudos to you for this great wisdom..may God in his mercy guide you to the promise land..

  35. This is a bold attempt to solve multifaceted problems and at the same time provide jobs for people. It is true that so many houses have morning a in their premises in Ekiti, schools inclusive. Kudos to you for initiative

  36. What a great innovative idea to kick against malnutrition which battled this generation! I believe you can achieve this…go higher Lekan!

  37. Have heard a lot about you even though we are yet to meet. You are truly a motivator. You update on most social network inspires alot.

  38. This is amazing! Olalekan Obisesan you have a pure heart and you deserve the best. Pray u win this grant.

  39. An achiever must surely achieve an achievement that is immeasurable #You are an achiever #noshakingguy

    1. Thank you Tinuola, just as I mentioned in my proposal, this project favours those in the rural areas than those in the urban areas. It is however, not an understatement to say that Africa women are hardworking, they deserve to live happier and richer. We are going to work with rural women by providing land,moringa seeds and other inputs for them to grow moringa seedlings without much stress and we will buy directly from them. This I beleive will go a long way to help them secure livelihood.

  40. A great morning to all lovers of Agriculture. I love Agriculture, I studied Agriculture and I will practice Agriculture is the gospel we are preaching; Olalekan has taken a great step in putting this to reality. To me this project is not small; it is mighty. In my place only few people plant Moringa and these few see it as flowers to beautify there compound, but the moment this project come to be, people will have another approach to Moringa trees. People can then engage themselves gainfully in Moringa plantation, owing to the fact that there is one Mr Obisesan that can absorb their products and process it into tea, oil and other finished products. I see thousands of people getting a means of livelihood through this project.

    1. Thank you Gbenga for believing in this vision, as people are growing moringa and securing livelihood , we are protecting our environment for generations to come as well. Yes, I love Agriculture, I studied Agriculture and I will practise Agriculture.

  41. Seeing a young enterpreneur who wants to help human out of better life instead of profit makes me feel glad. Reading this makes my heart glad. Nice project and approval should be in no time.

  42. This project is actually big but its achievable. Everything you do in life is all about agriculture one cannot sleep, go to work and carry out his or her daily schedule with puttting anything in his or her tommy. More grace evergreen.

  43. Findings have shown that the bulk of immunity potential in children is built within the first 1000 days after birth. it is therefore imperative to supply every needed supplements and alkaline fortified meals. it is worthy of note that Moringa oleifera is up to this task. I want to strongly affirm my support for any project that can foster the required deliverables in this regard as the benefit of Moringa cannot be overemphasized.

    I’ve known Olalekan to be a pragmatic and ardent believer in the race for a better universe. I am throwing my weight behind him and I sure know that if he is given every necessary support, he will accomplish a greater feat.

    keep on, keeping on friend.
    More fulfilled years ahead.
    I’m soo proud of you.
    On behalf of every young agripreneur, you can count on us for any form of information needed to take this project to the expected end. Cheers. . .

    1. Sincerely, I am humbled to read this. I could remember working with you to organise a field trip to more than three agrarian centres in Ghana four years ago. Some of the things we saw in Ghana and Republic of Benin inspired me never to rest until Africa is free from poverty and hunger. Thank you Ayobami for these kind words.

  44. Lekan u are always evergreen with ideas that can bring progress and development to Africa. A good initiative from the great evergreen. Best of luck.

  45. Welldone my Ideological brother,this is a Witty idea and you deserve this grant. keep moving.

  46. It’s a very nice job bro. Taking agriculture to d next level is a very good idea. If people really know the health benefits of moringa, I believe everybody would want to have it planted in there various houses.

  47. Talking about the tree itself;
    Among the gifts of nature is the tree (MoringaOleifera) popularly called “tree of life” because of its 100% constituent nature and benefits to man.
    Economically, moringa oleifera production, processing and utilization can be a readily and sustainable means of livelihoods for the youths, women and other people like retiree and vulnerable: aged, widows and challenged people. When there is a readily and sustainable means of livelihoods like production of moringa leaves and seeds and seedlings; processing and package of moringa productssuch as dried leaves, leave powder, seed powder or suspension, moringa tea and juice, moringa capsules and supplements, and moringa condiments; and marketing: pricing, distribution and consumption of all identified moringa products would not only provide jobs for people but regular income that pave way for sustainable improved level and standard of living.Indirectly, taking moringa oleifera as economic tree in Nigeria with the full complments of exercising all the enterprises in the value chains from production to marketing would meet some of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) such as reduction in the extreme hunger and poverty, food security and health for all in the year 2015.
    You are on the right track bro
    Keep treading the rough road until it becomes smooth

  48. Dreaming is the easiest stage of achieving ones wish; while bringing it to reality is the most driving task. Success is for those that had survived the process, not those who just dreamt it.

    Refuse to be intimidated by the bigness of the dream, rather focus on the track. Never feel ridiculous to start small; folly is the way to wisdom. If you don’t detest a small start a big ending becomes a surety.
    I see you going places my man.

  49. Reading this blog and your agro-medical approach to helping the IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) scattered around the country meet their health needs, I could not deny myself the stress of scrolling down this long thread to make my comment.

    I am particularly interested in this because of my interactions with some IDPs here in Abuja, and I wouldn’t agree less that they genuinely and critically need this solution provided by an energetic, persistent and humane agropreneur in Olalekan Obisesan.

    This fund will go a long way in drastically reducing unnecessary deaths, and with more research, meet our nation’s myriad of biomedical needs with environmental issues having their repulsive impacts.

    This is coming at a most auspicious time!

    1. Thank you sir for your words. I agree with you that is it coming at most auspicious time where our nation is witnessing internal displacement through terrorism every day. We need to act, and the best time to act is now. Thank you once again for your support.

  50. Nice proposal. Thanks for opening my eyes to the numerous benefits of Moringa. Please I would love to get involved in the project. How can I connect with you?

  51. Well done Olalekan, I have always known you to be an upwardly mobile social entrepreneur. Please i would love to be part of the project. how do I go about it?

  52. A laudable project and a good one to be precise. Looking forward to seeing your product. Keep it up

  53. nice one bro, God will grant you the strength and ability to get there. I think embracing agriculture Is what we youth need now in tackling this unstable economic of our dear country. thumbs up bro.

  54. great innovation from a a great mind! I believe in this dream !! #YAP

  55. Wow ! This is great, you really deserve this bro…

    “Next to excellence is appreciation” you’re changing the world to be a better place. Welldone man. Bigger you i pray. SmartHomes says; keep flying !
    Shalom !

  56. Wishing you a bountiful and successful outcome in this project! You deserve the grant for real

  57. This is a great idea God is birthing through you. As poor as our society could be, it has added something meaningful into you. Thank you for giving back to it. You deserve the grant as much as possible. Keep it up Lekan, the society will always remember you.

  58. I wish you all the best Olalekan. Your project really caught my attention. With young people like you on this planet, our world will surely become a better place to live in. #teamolalekan

  59. very nice initiative Sir, the sky is your spring ball Sir..
    God bless you
    God bless me
    God bless Futa
    God bless Nigeria Sir

  60. very nice initiative Sir..
    God bless you Sir
    God bless me
    God bless Futa
    God bless Nigeria.

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