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YAP proposal #293: A New Fertilizer Offers Crop Solutions (Bernard Senagi, Kenya)

Greenleaf.jpgI am Bernard Senagi, 30, founder and CEO of Greenleaf Crop Solutions Ltd, and a graduate of Egerton University (2011). I worked as an intern at the Kenya Flower Council for nine months then ventured into watermelon farming where ideas were born.

Greenleaf Crops Solutions Ltd is an agricultural firm incorporated in 2015, based in Kenya. Duly registered under the company Acts cap 499, section 14. Our business model is based on crop nutrition and farm consultancy (farm inputs). The company was launched in response to passion and growing demand of agriculture.

Seventy per cent of small-scale farmers have been experiencing low yield due to poor crop nutrition and agricultural practices. Half have experienced acidic soils due to the inappropriate application of conventional fertilizer. Greenleaf Crop Solutions Ltd saw a need to train farmers in good agricultural practices and also come up with a bio folia feed (Mastergrow) that will supplement plants nutritional deficits.

Mastergrow is a broad-spectrum foliar fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 24:10:18+ME+Te. It is blended with hormones that aid plants overcome stress, and encourages vertical and horizontal growth of plants. It’s also incorporated with a sticker which helps the smooth absorption and translocation of minerals. It also does not affect the soil pH, hence is environmental friendly. It’s compatible with fungicides and pesticides and can be mixed together during application.

Farmers using Mastergrow have experienced a 30% increase in their yield and 50% increase in the income. Hence, it is empowering small-scale farmers in the rural and marginalized areas, and improving food security for our country.

Together with our esteemed team of innovative and agricultural experts, our clients enjoy our first-hand, professional, and high-quality goods and services.

Mastergrow retails at USD 2 and our company revenues are expected to increase by 80%, from the current USD 600 per month to USD 1,080 apone injecting the USD 5,000 seed fund. This will be used to purchase four motorbikes for our stuff to cover a huge market hence more revenue. The remaining amount will be used as working capital and expansion.

We will expand and explore other regions for a bigger market share. Currently we have been doing Usan-Ngishu, Trans-Nzoia, Nandi, Webuye, and Bungoma. Greenleaf is registering Mastergrow with the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KeBS) to archive the quality mark.

We are also partnering with M-connect a mobile application platform where farmers will get loyalty points each time they use Mastergrow by sending a printed code on the container via SMS. These points will later be redeemed for a gift. We expect this to boost our sales.

We also offer small scale farmers free consultancy as part of company corporate social responsibility (CSR).


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22 thoughts on “YAP proposal #293: A New Fertilizer Offers Crop Solutions (Bernard Senagi, Kenya)”

  1. i personally had first hand experience in mastergrow in tomatoes. the perfomance was exellent. but the problem is that ur salesman dissappeared from narok. how can i get the product

  2. Good work Senagi, farmers need to read and hear about this…do we change the title to Master grow foliar fertilizer increases crop yield..

  3. good product that’s well researched for climatic changes that are experienced that are now not very reliable. Farmers to be sensitised more to smile more for their harvests

    1. With mastergrow most youths and young graduates will get employment apart from that using it in their farms

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