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YAP Proposal #292: Beetroot and pineapple wine making (Medrine Nabaasa, Uganda)



I am Nabaasa Medrine, an entrepreneur from Kisoro, Uganda, aged 30 years old. I have been mobilizing youth out of school between 18-35 years of age and training them in entrepreneurship skills like wine making from beetroots and pineapple.

I am doing this because most youth are unemployed and live under the poverty line. I want many youth to start businesses and create jobs for others. Wine has markets across borders and we produce quality wine that is pure with no chemicals in it.


The Beetroots and Pineapple Wine Making and Growing project will be implemented in Kisoro district, South Western Uganda, targeting 20 youth who are out of school and between the ages of 18-35 years.  I want to train these youth in running a quality wine making, sorting and packing business that will help them generate income.

The twenty youth will be organised in two groups that will create ownership of the project and support sustainability.

Most people grow beetroots and pineapple but they use beetroot only in cooking food and pineapple for eating, not knowing that these are the most powerful fruits for making good wine and generating income. I want to educate youth in beetroot and pineapple growing so they will be able to sell and earn a living.

This project will create more jobs for youth with both direct and indirect benefits.  The trained youth will also transfer the same knowledge and skills to their fellow youth in the long run.

The project will reduce unemployment rates in Kisoro district, as many youth and the elderly will adopt the idea to earn income.

The community will appreciate this project because it will impact their children positively and provide a clear source of income to support their families and other community people, especially for those selling the production materials.

Beetroots and pineapple wine making and growing will be viewed as the best kind of business for youth because it involves the use of local products.

Beetroot and pineapple wines are environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals in them to affect the environment. Hygiene and sanitation will be maintained and the product will be packed in reusable items like bottles.


What motivates me is that for more than 4 years I have been initiating and fostering skills that empower youth that are marginalised by society to become self-supportive and strong entrepreneurs. I want to continue to do entrepreneurship projects by helping unemployed youth with skills that can enable them to create their own employment and absorb other youth.

As a result of their empowerment, they will create more jobs and become self-reliant. The community will be empowered with adequate knowledge and skills in wine making and they will be educated to know the importance of pineapple and beetroot growing. These reasons made me submit a beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing project.


MedrineNabaasaI will mobilise and organise 20 youth to engage them in trainings about value addition. Understanding and knowledge will be our areas of emphasis. For example,  they will be equipped with skills in quality  production  to meet market demands and trained in record keeping and management to ensure proper business records for sustainability and growth,

I have already formed two working groups that will enable members to tap into other opportunities for  support and learn from each other, supporting growth and expansion of the initiative.

I have already procured some items to be used during the process of making wine. District local government business licenses have also been procured. The place where youth will be trained is settled. I will establish business networks and collaboration both in my country and outside the country.

My success is measured through the profits made after selling, monitoring the whole process, and the expansion of the wine business leading to creation of jobs and new businesses.

My plan is to use the grant to train 20 youth in beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing.


Training youth in quality wine making, sorting and processing for five days, May 2016: USD $400
Training in pineapple and beetroot growing for five days, May 2016: USD $400
Training in marketing for five days, May 2016: USD $400
Training in packaging for five days, June 2016: USD$400
Procurement of other items to be used in the production process, June 2016: USD $3040
Uganda National Bureau of standards registration, August 2016: USD $120
Continuous monitoring: USD $240


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85 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #292: Beetroot and pineapple wine making (Medrine Nabaasa, Uganda)”

  1. This is agood project for young people, it is tackling youth unemployment and also creating solutions to the problem by encouraging them to agriculture practice. I hope beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing will target many youth in future. Keep up Medrine.

  2. Agriculture is one way of reducing poverty globally and I think this is a good initiative not only for young people but also the aged. I hope many people will adopt this idea of pineapple and beetroot growing and wine making for sustainable development.

  3. Good project that will benefit many young people if given the opportunity.

  4. Empowering youth with skills in agricultural practice and wine making is a solution to unemployment and poverty. This project will create more jobs for youth and many people will earn income. As future hope foundation Uganda, we would like to be part of this initiative through partnership.

  5. Interesting project for youth that will create jobs and businesses. I love it and all the best Medrine. Keep the spirit burning.

  6. Thanks soo much Madam Medrin. Please ladies and gentlemen out there who are jobless, it’s a high time to use this opportunity before it goes away.I really thank this Madam for this idea she has brought to us and call upon these ones with more knowledge about this to join and contribute there effort to produce more and quality products.

  7. She has demonstrated a realistic and relevant project among young people. The project will help teach youngsters with practical knowledge and skills in making wines through pineapple and beetroot which actually could be of interest to many youth in Uganda as the raw materials are easily growing and available in the local market. Her idea to teach the youngsters on growing beetroot and pineapple affirms for sustainability of the intervention towards addressing youth unemployment, as this will assure cintinous supply of the raw materials to produce the products of intent. Production of fresh local wines through beet root and pineapple is expected to trap the untaped local market of wines in Uganda as the production process stated from the project seems to be none chemical cause to customers. Good idea Naabasa !!!!

  8. This is a good project Idea targeting youth in agriculture ie beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing. This will create employment for youth. Great idea Medrine.

  9. It is a good project that will help the youth fight unemployment.I wish you all the best in fighting and creating jobs for the youth.

  10. A good idea for youth who are looking for jobs. Embless the idea, reduce unemployment and increase personal income if given the opportunity. well done and good idea Medrine

  11. This initiative is good because it is tackling youth un employment, poverty by engaging them into agricultural practice and wine making. this will benefit many young people to earn a living through beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing.

  12. fantastic idea for helping youth to acquire knowledge and skills in agriculture practice and wine making businesses. Youth will become self sustainable and create jobs for their fellows.

  13. many youth lack jobs and i hope this proposal idea will help them acqure skills and start their own businesses. Delopmental idea.

  14. impressive idea Medrine that will engage many young people into agriculture and business. it will solve the rate of unemployment among the youth and they will acquire skills especially in wine making.

  15. This is a good project for the community to generate self employment for the youth.

  16. This is a good project for the community to generate self employment for the youth

  17. Youth driven activity to initiate development within the region. All the best Medrine.

  18. Great project Medrine for youth. This will uplift the standards of youth by becoming self reliant. Good luck Medrine

  19. Projects focusing on youth job creation and businesses should be given a chance because in the long run many youth will be able to create employment for themselves through acquiring knowledge and skills. I will be grateful to learn more about beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing. Good project medrine.

  20. This idea need to be shared across the world. If young people can be engaged into agriculture, then we shall not be having youth demonstrating for lack of jobs. This is a project that we all need to solve youth unemployment. I don’t see it for youth only but also above 35 year old people who lack what to for a living. Medrine you have given us hope of reducing poverty at household level as well as youth unemployment reduction.

  21. Great work Medrine trying to help youth gaining skills in wine making and beetroot and pineapple growing. I wish this idea can be given a priority. All the best.

  22. I have liked this Project and the initiative of Medrine to think about our young brothers and sisters,, My God bless your project and grow bigger.. I wish you success Medrine.

  23. In abid to fight against unemployment among the youth in Uganda. Uganda requires such enterprises like Nabaasa’s because it does not only offer employment to the Ugandan youth but also makes them actively involved in agriculture. If Uganda can have many more Nabaasa, it would be able to have a better future generation. Nabaasa thank you a million times and God bless you.

  24. Good project idea that will create solutions to poverty and umemployment. Great work Medrine.

  25. I am very impressed with Medrine’s project proposal which is intending to create jobs and businesses for young people. Many young people outside there are unemployed and this is an indicator that once we combine such ideas, uganda will be a good place for youth. Well done Medrine for coming out with this initiative. Consider my support.

  26. Thank you Medrine for the well done towards the development of people in our country Uganda and keep it up.

  27. Eradication of poverty through agriculture practice. Employment reduction through the creation of jobs and businesses. Beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing is a great project for youth not only in Medrine’s country but across the world. Great idea Medrine. Be blessed.

  28. Dear Medrine. I hope all is well. Am encouraged with what you are doing for our people. I have read through your proposal and it looks sustainable and can be useful to the youth and has potential for expansion. Good job.

  29. Skills empowerment. Beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing is a good project idea for youth.

  30. Youth unemployment remains one of the greatest challenges under NRM. Thx for the initiative but lobby govt for support. Hope the programme will soon spread to other districts. Thx

  31. Committed lady with open mind. we all know that Uganda’s main problem is unemployment for youth and with such interventions, the country will be free from such a disaster soon. i appreciate you Medrine for thinking more on youth and striving hard to make sure that you bring out ideas that will help them in acquiring skills and focus on agriculture as away of job creation.

  32. You have strong passion to entrepreneurship given that business start. All the best Medrine and i would like to test your wine soon.

  33. This is a very a enterprising and amazing undertaking. Youth Unemployment is the biggest demon Ugandan youths have to battle day in day out. With this on ground and spreading to different parts of the country, many a people would be in position to beat poverty that is eating many of us and our families away! Well done Medrine…i can only hope and pray that this will be considered and you get the funding needed to offset it and transform our communities. Cheers.

  34. Awell detailed proposal showing the agriculture outcome. I encourage youth to get involved in agriculture. Prosperity comes from hard work. I liked your idea Medrine.

  35. Well done my dear. As youth in Uganda we need these skills because they will help us create jobs for ourselves and for other youth.

  36. Ugandan population is mainly comprised of youth with about 78% of the population below the age of 30 years. An uncomfortably big majority of these youth find themselves entrenched in unemployment.

    And I think Medrine you must inspire youth to believe that agriculture should be one of the livelihoods emphasis as a strategy for addressing the problem of youth unemployment. There is notable reluctance for the said youth to engage in agriculture, a project with which many organisations and development partners have attempted to theorize and diagnose the cause.

    It is more strategic to have youth intimately aware and engaged in the agribusiness process from beginning to end (i.e. from working in the field, harvesting, transporting crops to the market, selling crops in the market, to receiving money to pay their school fees…). Youth would benefit from this form of apprenticeship, gaining agricultural skills in addition to their academic education.

    Thus, they would be in position to take the agribusiness to the next level if they elect to work in the agricultural sector.

    Big up to you Medrine for this wonderful initiative.May God bless you

  37. Medrine I have seen your project beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing and I think it has the potential for further development. Good luck.

  38. “Skills never die”beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing, youth will be empowered. Best of luck My dear Medrine.

  39. This is a great idea my dear,I pray that YAP will have the ability to realise how rich it is. All the best

  40. Uganda needs people like you who thinks ahead and bring ideas than can vanish unemployment rate among the youth. It we can get more beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing projects all over the country, then our country will be free the virus of umemployment.

  41. young people are now innovative. Beetroot and pineaple wine, am coming to kisoro to test that wine. Great job for youth like me.

  42. Bambi sweetie, thanks for the good job that you are doing. May the Almighty God bless you abandantly.

  43. I can see and understand that you are still committed to fight unemployment among the youth in your region. Cheer up

  44. Medrine is the choice for 21st century youth activism.we love your works.Go ahead and continue bolstering new development in the great lakes region of Africa,Big up to you from the management.see you soon in France again.

  45. May the Almighty god be with you friend and become of the winners selected for YAP fund. Amen

  46. Developmental ideas will help Ugandan youth from getting of poverty. You chose a good project because even now, Ugandan leaders are encouraging youth to practice agriculture as way of creating income. Youth should not cry of no jobs when some skills can help them earn some thing. We need such enterprises.

  47. Creativity, marketability and innovativeness, are all captured in this proposal. wish i am the one selecting. put everything to God. good work Medrine

  48. Medrine has given us ideas on what we young people can do to earn a living. I didn’t know that beetroots and pineapple can make wine. I learnt something from this project and I would advise any young people looking to live more sustainable lifestyles to start small. Thank you.

  49. Medrine, it seems your project is already on ground. Do you have other plans or intend to expand it in future so that many young people can be targeted in other areas or it will only be implemented in Kisoro? Good luck.

  50. This is one such enterprise which is grounded on feasible and workable options. Your idea is well thought and it adresses the very basic needs of not only youth but also the adults- securing a sustainable source of income. Thank you your generosity to share this valuable idea with the youth of my motherland Uganda.

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