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YAP Proposal #291: Diesel maize and cassava mill (Esther Ajambo, Uganda)


I am Esther Ajambo, 29 years of age, from the Eastern part of Uganda in Namayingo District. I have good spoken proficiency and understanding of English, Samia and Luganda. I hold a degree in Management Science with an Accounting major from Kyambogo University, and I am experienced in Accounting, Business management and Entrepreneurship skills.

I have a passion for working with communities, transforming them and improving their standards of living by encouraging them to do business and being innovative. I am currently based in Kampala Uganda, working with NUCAFE, a farmer-based organization.

For NUCAFE I am a project accounts assistant with 5 years of experience working with farmers all over the country in all four major coffee growing region. I have helped train farmers on how to own their own coffee business, farming as a family business and also sensitizations in household gender equity.

I am proposing a diesel maize/cassava mill to service the remote Budimo Village, Buyinja Sub-County in Namayingo District (Eastern Uganda). The mill will buy maize and produce maize meal with bran as a by-product. Currently, maize available in this area can see as much as a 15% cost increase due to transportation charges if and when it is available.

This machine will attract more farmers to process their products, thus the processing costs after the one year of the project will be able to cover the expenditures like labor, repairs and maintenance of the grinding mill.

The desire to ensure community development of the rural people is my motivation for doing this project. Below are some of the objectives the project is aiming at:

  • Increased value addition in order to lead to increased prices,
  • Creation of job opportunities for youth in a rural area,
  • Provision of cheaper milling services and reduction of transportation costs.

To ensure the future viability of the agricultural sector, tackle rural poverty and generate employment opportunities in Uganda, it is of paramount importance that young farmers are furnished with the right tools. Besides equipping them, fostering their involvement in agricultural activities and decision-making processes should be prioritized.

Establishing a maize/cassava mill will add value to their products, increase food security in the area (because processing their products increases the shelf life of the cassava and maize), create jobs for the youth and enhance access to market for their products. The mill will attract youth to participate in processing as casual laborers.

EstherAjambo2Farmers will be able to process their produce into flour, a more readily utilizable product that easier to market. Quality improvement is also my aim because currently they use local tools like grinding stones for processing, which mixes their food with stones. This is dangerous to their health and also requires a lot of energy.

I have already carried out a survey on how many households are engaged in maize/cassava growing and what problems are hindering them. I have also personally engaged in maize growing on a 2-acre piece of land as an example to the rural communities.

Some of the activities that will be carried out include:

  • Establishment of the Maize/cassava grinding mill and building the house where it will be stationed,
  • Hiring a machine operator,
  • Solicitation of suggestions from the community about the mill and whether processing prices are high or favorable,
  • Continuous analysis of the daily records book of how the revenues are coming in and what profit is being got,
  • Opening up of a separate project account to manage the incomes that come in,
  • Frequent visits to the mill to carry out surveys,
  • Monitoring and evaluation to find out if the project is benefiting the community and if the profits are being realized at minimal expenses. Statistics to be monitored are the monthly percentage increase of profits /revenue is, increase in maize production per season, quality improvement and the number of processed bags that are being taken to the market as finished goods.

Proposed budget

Maize mill building set-up: USD $194 in the first month.
Maize mill machine purchase: USD $974 during the second month.
Labor costs and start-up expenses like fuel, marketing the mill around the area: USD $2,839 third and fourth months to the twelfth month.
Operational costs: USD $801from the first month to the twelfth month.
Monitoring and Evaluation: USD $194, to be done quarterly.

Value addition for improved quality produce, increased production and farmer ownership of their produce is of paramount importance. Therefore, working hand in hand to help these farmers achieve their targets is the only solution. Good finances are the main key to their success.


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79 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #291: Diesel maize and cassava mill (Esther Ajambo, Uganda)”

  1. This is a great idea and am sure it will bring great impact to the community, change of attitude in line to value addition. Value addition is the way to go if farmers are to benefit from the from their farms.
    We are behind you Esther Ajambo on this.

    1. Thank you very much Moses,it is a great idea indeed,Value addition is key for a product to be marketed well and if we work hand in hand to involve the youth into such activities,it will be of great benefit.

  2. Its a great project considering that it will increase value addition to maize production for people in Rural areas that can’t afford the machine.

  3. It is always a pleasure to know that there are young people out there who are capable of coming up with wonderful business ideas that also have a great impact to a number of people around them. Way to go Esther!!!

  4. Thank you Esther, having women champion agro-processing is a step in transmutation of agribusiness. this project harnesses union among the food producers and holds potential for transforming society towards the global goal of food security and improving household income. Your level of understanding on the concept for farmer empowerment and development of your area from the perspective of value addition is amazing. I thus look forward to finding out the how the other players in the system particularly, the consumers and regulatory bodies in the area are chipping in to support you on this. otherwise you have a promising Idea and the implication here is improved livelihood…….

  5. It is always a pleasure to know that we still have young people that have the capability of coming up with business ideas that impact the lives of many people around to them.
    Way to go Esther!!

    1. Thank you my dear,this is the only way we can help our fellow youths out their as well as community development.

  6. Great! This is presents the cost effective means of solving food insecurity deep in the villages of while creating value at the farm level. This is wonderful!

  7. I think the writter is very passionate about the rural communities transformation in Uganda. Through,maize value addition, farmers gain as more profits as possible from their produce and thus transformation. To me i think this idea comes timely because i believe our farmers in rural communities is what they need and i am confident with no doubt that this idea can bring about transformation. Farmers trek long journeys in search for processing/value addition facilities. However, because they are very limited in most parts of the rural communities and where theya re available are very expensive, they end up being cheated by middlemen because they have no alternative than seeling a monopolistic price.
    I hope if granted the opportunity to address this pertinent issue, our farmers in Namayingo will gain the best out of their produce!!

    1. Thank you very much Charles,i do believe its a very good opportunity to the youth and towards development of the community.

  8. Quite a brilliant project idea which can make an impact on society both as a relief for those who have little or no access to quality services of this nature and job creation for the youth. Way to go

    1. Thank you very much Carol…in order to also reduce on the youth school dropouts these are the initiative we want to put in place.

  9. Wow…this is a very good initiative that will benefit the rural farmers and improve market for their products.

  10. Wow Esther….this is a limestone on your life. Creating an ideal positive transformation within the community of Namayingo. Definately more opportunities to the youth will be created

  11. Perfect timing and there can be no objection to such an innovative idea as good as this and solution provider in the agricultural sector.
    This is great Esther, wish you all the best!

  12. Perfect timing, there can be no reason to doubt such an innovation and game changer in the agricultural sector to enhanced development. This is great, thanks Esther!

  13. I have read this fascinating blog, and must confess to it that the solution it carries is quite not only significant but as well insurmountable. This indeed is a revelation of a new generation of young innovative minds in Africa. This is great Esther, thanks!

  14. I like this idea because it is going to help in value addition and create jobs for young people. This is entrepreneurship and innovation at work. Esther, this is great continue.

  15. wow love this idea Esther I see a great contribution to our economy especially the farming sector wooow

  16. This is a great thought and trust me you the people of Namayingo are going to be surely blessed by this,way to go Esther,all the best in your endeavors…..

  17. Hey Esther, this is a great idea and yes value addition is a way to go, blending this with creating jobs for the youth will go along way to improve manny livelihoods..,,

  18. Thank you Esther for the renovation, am too thankful for this idea , thank USO much NAMAYINGO forever

  19. wow this will help many farmers and will be beneficial both to the farmers that is, they will provide better quality products and to the buyer ready products, which also ensures food security.

  20. its a global village your ideal project is really good and inspiring with the efforts and time spent. Am really impressed my dear wife

  21. Quality products for better markets through value addition is the way to go…this is a good innovation for our community..Great job well done.Esther all the best and support.

    1. Thank you,Indeed quality products lead to better this is a very better way of developing our communities.

  22. Esther,fellow youth should take this as an example to improve on the lives of others…Great idea indeed.

  23. Inorder to tap unemployment their is always need for such creative and innovative people to come up with such innovative ideas..How many people are you targeting to impact incase this projects gets through?

  24. Wooow,this is such a great idea….and am very certain that if implemented,it will yield excellent results……Thankyou Esther

  25. This is a very innovative idea. i believe its a regimen for the unemployed youth as in they should seat down and this of self help projects such as these.

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