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YAP Proposal #282: Foodie – from Farm to Dine (Grace Waguthii Jayo, Kenya)

Grace been interviewed by Farmers' TV Production crew at Latia Resource Center

My name is Grace Waguthii Jayo; an information architect, technical communicator and Agripreneur. At the age of 24, I live and work at Isinya, Kajiado County in Kenya. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics, Media and Communication, I am immersed in creative arts and have exposed myself to the field of agriculture and clean energy. Our family of two daughters and two sons lives in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga County in Kenya. I farm legumes, vegetables and some fruits in a 1-acre piece at the County.

The Project… Foodie; from Farm to Dine entails promoting production of fresh vegetables, legumes and fruits by youth for nutrition and income generation. For this reason, my friends and I registered Able Pursuit Corporation Ltd. and sourced for a piece of land to lease so as to continue commercial production of high-valued crops.

At the same time, we have established a website, an email address and social media accounts to promote the fresh products, as well as, inspire other youth to start their own production in small parcels of land. The company name is part of our mission to work with talented young people who can either be involved in the production or utilize creative arts to express the beauty of agriculture and clean energy.

This is the first phase of a long-term strategy that AblePursuit is putting together, towards its vision “to be a valuable brand that promotes the role of creative industries in addressing issues of green living and technology for sustainable development in Africa”

There is a driving motivation towards the presentation of this Project… I grew up in a peri-urban setting with, common in Africa, families on small and medium parcels of land but earn income that is not as much because they lack knowledge on how to manage water and energy resources sustainably. The community will thus understand their role in addressing climate change in the most honorable manner.

Building sustainable Farm-to-Dine brands

We intend to take four steps to achieve the objectives of the project.

Step 1: Brand development such as taking up conversations on social media to understand what other youth and personalities interested in agriculture consider. An assessment is ongoing. In the market scan, we are looking at: the business environment in Kenya and globally; communication technologies applicable in modern agriculture; consumer behavior and demographics; the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, legal, international situation of food production and nutrition to weigh against our strengths and weaknesses as a company.

Step 2: The ‘food for good’ mantra is the mission to adopt once we establish a trademark owned by AblePursuit. The main aspects to consider in promoting consumption of highly nutritious fresh produce by farmers include: sanitation, recycling, biological control, and utilizing clean energy. Most consumers are quite conscious about the source of food that they purchase, leaving some on fixed choices of specific eat-out joints.

Step 3: Identifying key players in implementing the ‘Foodie’ Project is important. Farmers and value-addition enterprises are primarily the co-drivers of the mantra, because they are the producers. Hoteliers, Culinary Chefs, and market traders play a major role since they own the bulk of the consumers’ share. At the same time they influence how other typical consumers prepare food at home. Sports personalities, artists, nutritionists and media personalists are a third category whose strong effect on the public can steer an effective conversation about fine consumption.

Step 4: The simple layout of the first phase of the Project is all about small-scale production and advocacy. The aim is to multiply this ripple effect among many young people as possible, despite their capacity. For this reason, we plan to raise capital through the capacity to develop content for social media, blogs and the website. This shall also be a service to organizations and government institutions that share the same values as AblePursuit. Content development at AblePursuit involves art, music, fashion, videos and photography on online media and events.

As AblePursuit, we have established a website ( and social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as online platforms to communicate and share people’s stories. AblePursuit is an online member of the Young professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD).

We have also got acquainted with a few organizations to plan and shed light on how to implement this Project:-

Ecospa Ecosolutions is an agency that deals with vegetable and tea farmers in Central Kenya. Ecospa interacts with national and county government – the agriculture, environment and tourism departments.

At one point, AblePursuit and Ecospa took part in Green Economy Strategic Implementation Plan consultations by the national Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, coordinated by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Together with Ecospa, we have been engaging young people in #Fika, a Swahili concept to promote rural settings as fine investment destination within Counties that major in agricultural production.

AIESEC is an international youth-run organization that promotes leadership and diversity through community-based projects volunteer and professional internship exchange. It based in 126 countries, Kenya being one of them. The Founders of AblePursuit are alumni of AIESEC from the local chapter of Kenya – Moi University.

One of the roles we are expected to play is to promote the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the Youth Speak forum, implemented by AIESEC in partnership with the United Nations Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). AblePursuit will take part in the action on climate change through agriculture and clean energy.

Idea Solutions Kenya provides printing services to Latia Resource Center Ltd., a Kenyan social enterprise that provides training and business support services to farmers, pastoralists and agribusinesses in Africa. Latia holds the view that the modernization of agriculture and improvement in food security in Africa can be greatly facilitated by effective training, adequate dissemination of knowledge and provision of business support services to farmers, pastoralists and Agribusinesses.

AblePursuit does layout on the promotional materials on behalf of Idea Solutions. This Project aims to further engage Latia in producer and consumer engagement on fresh food through their training programs.

The actual measurable factors of success in one year include but not limited to: how many consumers do we engage in a conversation with… we target at least 10,000 in each of the 47 counties of Kenya; how many key players do we work with… we target at least 470 primary producers, value-adders and traders; how many influential personalities and artists do we collaborate with… we target at least 47 in total within the scope; how many young people will adopt climate-smart agriculture and renewable energy as an income generator… we target at least 470; how much food shall we produce in one acre of land… at least a ton that proofs return on investment. We will monitor success by the set objectives, focus activities and the target reach in one year.

We plan to use the US$5000 grant in two simultaneous ways:-

Food production in one acre

  1. Land lease per year – $100
  2. Setting-up water irrigation & storage system – $2500
  • Other input per year (labour, seed & fertilizer) – $1000

Communication and Marketing per year

  1. Website subscription & administration fee – $75
  2. Photography and Video production – $284
  3. Social media promotion & activation – $325 (Twitter) $416 (Facebook) $300 (YouTube)

The Project can be realized through a dedicated AblePursuit team, and the backbone of strategic leaders, producers, artists, technology experts, marketers, environmentalists and lots of other enthusiastic people around the world. The focus is on sustainable community development.

On behalf of Winnie Kimani, Pamela Mwachofi and Grace Jayo: the Directors of AblePursuit Corporation Ltd.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Grace Waguthii Jayo (Kenya) – hello[at]

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40 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #282: Foodie – from Farm to Dine (Grace Waguthii Jayo, Kenya)”

  1. Admirable initiative by young people who are are passionate about food security and its great tagline “from farm to dine” is awesome.. Good work!!!

  2. Thank you GCARD, YAP & YPARD for this opportunity. We are ready to take-on food business with young people.

  3. Keep going Grace. Good work that surely will motivate your neighbours to follow suit.

  4. I like what you and your team are doing on matters food security. I would wish that you work on your model farm so that you could use it as a case study or a point of reference when you ededucating fellow youth and the community.
    One area you also need to invest in is technology especially when it comes to educating and marketing you’re company and products.
    Since its an agri-business project you can also try to exploit the opportunities that are in farming county’s.

  5. I have always been inspired by the magnitude of passion towards agriculture. In small steps and collaboration with like minds, you are bound to change this world. Congratulations Grace and team.

  6. We are happy to see one of our own lighting a candle for fellow youth.
    Kudos Grace & team! Keep on to #EmpowerAgripreneurs

  7. Keep it and pursue your passion. More young people need to be agripreneurs and you are setting a good example.

    All the best.

  8. Nice work Grace…we look forward to you sharing more of what you are doing at our Agribusiness Forum on the 18th of march at Acacia Premier Kisumu.

  9. Thank you Grace for sharing the awesome message on agripreneur. Am looking forward to work with you….Actually I will be taking my industrial attachment in Latia resource centre as from MAY 2016.

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