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YAP Proposal #281: Women farm fish (Teddy.E.Madundo, Tanzania)


My name is Teddy.E.Madundo, I am Tanzanian Girl aged 25 years old. I hold an BSc in Rural Development Planning which I pursued at the Institute of Rural Development Planning –Mwanza campus in 2014, since then I joined at SIDI working as Project Advisor-Women empowerment

If I can get the fund; I want to establish the project of fish farming by involving women whom have been affected by climatic change, food insecurity, and poverty and mostly are uneducated and jobless. I can mobilize together these women and facilitate them on how to keep fish in farms includes fish farm set-up, fish feeding, farm management and disease control and help them to overcome poverty.

The aim and ambition is to set a sustainable project that is responding the need of fishers to overcome poverty and create green job, train fisheries and help to boot rural micro economy by mobilizing and train above 85 poor women, the idea is to double their income and ensure food security in their households,to reduce malnutrition and hunger in the households level shall increase the vale and quality of life among rural and poor women are promoted.

Over 65% of rural women in Tanzania earns below 1.50 USD a day, above 68% domestic violence have been contributed by poverty and dependence of women to their husbands, to decline cultural barriers affects women’s livelihood is empower fisher women to build sustainable rural economy system that is responsible in environmental conservation and move ahead in development agenda.

Intended fish farming shall help to double their income from 1.50 per day to increase 3.00 per day, thus income shall help to meet basic domestic needs includes savings for their children to have school basics and being given an opportunity to build bright future

The first step; I can start to negotiate with the Village Executive Officer to get village land about 1.5 hectors where by the fish farm project can be established. After that we can provide essential education for the fisher women includes leadership and project management then I shall train them about how they can keep fish, and then we can start to dig the 3 fish ponds nearby lakeshore through support from village volunteers, after that we can plant 5000 fingerings.


Train about fish feeding and making feeds shall take place continuously until fish can be able for harvesting and facilitate access to potential market. if will be luck to get funding; I shall help to create new green job to the 85 poor fisher women ,reduced poverty by 75%, eradication of cultural barriers and abandon them from the shame business of-sex for fish because of poverty ,effects of the climate change and cultural barrier to access resources equitably.

Work Plan

Mobilization and sensitization                                   June 15-28, 2016

Training on sustainable fisheries                               July 15-29, 2016

Fish digging ,set up and plant fingerlings                 Aug-Oct, 2016

Feeding and control disease/predators                       Aug-Feb,2017

Fish harvesting and processing                                 March, 2017

Proposed budget

Capital materials          USD 1,600.00
Training series              USD     400.00
Fingerings                    USD 2,000.00
Feeds and management USD   300.00
Monitoring cost             USD   700.00

Total                             USD 5,000.00


Blogpost and picture submitted by Teddy.E.Madundo (Tanzania) – newsiditanzania[at]

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