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YAP proposal #275: Natural hair care products from indigenous plants (Fayola Alake Agaja, Barbados)


How can the relationship between the hair-care industry and agriculture develop the agricultural value chain in the Caribbean Region? This question has been circulating in my head for almost a year.

Let me first introduce myself, I am Fayola Alake Agaja a 32-year-old Trinidadian living in Barbados. For the past nine months I have been an active participant of the Youth Agripreneurship Incubator Programme (YAIP), the flagship of the Ministry of Agriculture Food Fisheries and Water Resource Management, and also the Human Resource Development Strategy in Barbados.

This programme opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities and the untapped business potential of the agriculture industry as it relates to organic farming, agro-processing, and the green economy.

Moreover, this programme enables me to show how the hair-care industry can be incorporated into the agricultural value chain of the Caribbean region.

This project seeks to develop and enhance the agricultural value chain by ingeniously creating connections among seemingly unrelated industries.

Essentially, our aim is to utilize indigenous plant materials to produce natural hair-care products. Our manufacturing techniques will be guided by the principles of harmony, mutuality, and preservation between people and the planet.

Our mission, then, is to promote agriculture as the transformational tool through the landscape of the hair-care industry—within Barbados and the Caribbean Region, and, by extension, the world.

Therefore, this agro-processing project will make a significant contribution to Barbados’ economic goals of job creation for youth through the development of the ‘green economy’ and energy efficiency.

Additionally, since the ingredients being used will be produced locally, there is a twin effect of stimulating the growth of the small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) while reducing the need for foreign exchange.

Within the Caribbean, an under-developed value-added network for agri-products, coupled with non-systematic farming production, presents a unique opportunity for agro-processors.

As such, the motivation behind this project is clear: bridge the existing gap between the regional agricultural value chain and seemingly unrelated industries.

12391792_10156245607660315_6849346052579331947_nThus, this project would then act as baseline data for research and future development of regional agriculture.

As a cottage agro-processing facility that utilizes regional organic agricultural inputs, we have manufactured organic hair and body oils. Our goal is to expand production and manufacture a line of hair-care products made from 100% natural materials. Therefore, the project key success factors are to:

  1. Produce a hair-care line with five products by the 3rd June 2016
  2. Acquire three consistent local raw material suppliers by 4th April 2016
  3. Establish a website that facilitates e-commerce within the Caribbean region by 5th July 2016

Project Timeline

Start Date: 4 April 2016

Order raw materials and equipment                   4/4/16–15/4/16
Acquiring raw materials and equipment                        16/4/16–22/4/16
Production and packaging                                                25/4/16–3/6/16
Distribution                                                               3/6/16


  • Website development, USD 1,900
  • Labour cost, USD 1,200
  • Equipment, USD 1,000
  • Agricultural raw material, USD 500
  • Packaging and labelling, USD 400


Blogpost and picture submitted by Fayola Alake Agaja (Barbados): aloyaf.ajaga[at]

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35 thoughts on “YAP proposal #275: Natural hair care products from indigenous plants (Fayola Alake Agaja, Barbados)”

  1. This is a lucrative industry which we ought to tap in to in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is filled with useful plants which contain large amounts of useful nutrients. Great idea.

    1. Ktp you hit the nail on the head. I am truly fascinated by the wealth of heath ingredients available the Caribbean region. Do you live in the Caribbean?

  2. I would love to know the ingredients for the hair product please…can you send a price list for the hair products you use please and girl your hair looks beautiful ….that’s the look i need right now…..keep up the great work my dear…

    1. Thank you heather for the compliment and vote of confidence. All my ingredients are agricultural inputs from cucumber to coconuts. I am happy to send you a listing of the pricing via email. Are you comfortable that for of communication?

  3. Natural hair seem to be all the rage these days and this would be ideal for ladies trying to stay away from chemical. Any products for transitioning naturalist like myself?

    1. Hey Gail, the aim is to showcase the many uses of agricultural input and highlight the true contribution of the agriculture sector. I am definitely focusing on person like yourself who are transitioning back to natural. It an enjoyable journey and I hope that I can contribute to your journey in a positive way. What products do you currently use?

  4. A needed product on the market to complement natural living and the region’s cultural industries. Congratulations keep growing and remember you need a team. I have bought your product and it is good quality.

  5. Fantastic idea….looking forward to using the he product myself. I made the transition 2.5 years ago and it has been a wonderful journey. Wishing you much success with this project. Very interesting and insightful blog.

  6. Congratulations Ms. Agaja. Glad to see someone can use agricultural products in their business. Also your products come in a great time where many persons are going natural. I love the merge you are doing incorporating the agriculture and hair industry. I endorse this product and can’t wait for your expansion in business in Trinidad!!!!

  7. Will your products be available to those not living in your current location at any point? If so what countries would you be shipping to?
    Love natural hair products and as yours will be all organic it makes it even better. Wish you all the best with your project and hope to see them online at some point.

    1. Hey veeAmor, the answer to your question is yes. Part of my project is to establish and online website that facilitate purchase shipping where worldwide. However, in the into a stages the products will be shipped within the Caribbean.

  8. Great idea. Happy to see the natural resources of our Region being used to create health and wealth! All the best

  9. Ms.Fayola has discovered a lost diamond in natural hair. It has potential to be a multi billion dollar industry that’s wide open for the world to take advantage of and wouldn’t it be great to have a female entrepreneur at the forefront of a major Caribbean movement? I would encourage anyone who can help get this project on wheels quickly to do so without hesitation.

    God blessings on your future Ms.Agaja

  10. That’s an excellent idea.
    I like the idea 100%….and I’m always willing to support natural products because that is the best way to go…and your natural hair looks fantastic. .I must say….

  11. Definitely a great Idea. The beauty industry does have much scope and I can see this idea flourishing into a sustainable business which an array of niche markets.

  12. I am so proud Fayola. Natural hair girls need the finest in natural hair care. I can’t wait to try your new line of products. You will do well.

  13. I must say that, i have had interactions with mrs. Fayola and she is a person that will not only “dig”but go to the deepest depths to ensure that everyone can all benefit from using her product . You can tell what would be the finish product just by knowing the individual…excellence is her goal ….not only will i purchase these products, but also encourage others to try something different and effective…wonderful job….

  14. wow, I was thinking of doing something like this in South Africa. In trying to do my research of whats already available out there, i came across your page, WELL DONE. XX

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