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YAP proposal #274: From Waste to Wealth (Agun Moses Oluwadamilare, Nigeria)



I am Agun Moses Oluwadamilare, 23, Ondo state, southwest of Nigeria. I am a student of biochemistry in my final year in the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

The project

Eddy Farm is a farm that is primarily aimed at producing edible oyster mushrooms.

I have always had a passion to venture into agriculture since I was a teen to improve the quality of living through food production.

The opportunity came to me to learn the technology to produce mushrooms during my internship last year at a research institute. Ever since I was independently able to apply my hand to it, where I produced about 10 kg of mushroom.

Mushroom involves the use of agro-waste such as wheat bran, saw dust, corn pomace as substrate for the growth of the macrofungi, the mushroom. On a small-scale, oyster mushroom farming does not require high capital to venture into.


Firstly, Nigeria has always had a challenge of recycling waste especially the agro-waste of which many a time these wastes are ended up being burnt.

Since this farming is highly based on the use of agro-waste, I see this venture as a means of effective waste management by which agro-waste can be recycled and converted into wealth.

Mushrooms have long been consumed from the wild in Nigeria and people can fall prey to poisonous ones. My venture in to this line of agricultural production will not only meet the demand of this need but will also provide food security and safety.

Benefit of this project

  • This project will serve as a means of job creation as it is labour intensive either a simple or sophisticated line of production is used.
  • It is a good source of income generation to traders in the market, suppliers of the raw materials, to the mushroom grower (like myself) and spawn grower.
  • It is an effective means of waste management as the spent substrate can be recycle for the use as animal feed and as compost for soil fertility.
  • Mushroom is a good source of nutrition as it contains vitamins, fibre, certain amino acids and it can serve as a good substitute for meat.

Mushy 1Since I acquired the skill, I have been able to put it up into practice. I did a subsistence scale production of about 10 kg where I was able to get recommendation from family and friends.

With the half plot of land presently at my disposal, it will be a good start up to construct the mushroom house and the purchase of the instruments and raw materials for growing the oyster mushrooms.

As a starter, the spores of the mushroom will be supplied from a trusted research institute where they have been known for quality spawn seed.

Budget for the USD 5,000

Erecting a building – USD 2,000
Materials – USD 800
Instruments – USD 500
Furniture – USD 1,200


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51 thoughts on “YAP proposal #274: From Waste to Wealth (Agun Moses Oluwadamilare, Nigeria)”

  1. It is a very good research and will certainly help others! I pray you’re chosen bro…. This is interesting!

  2. Wow. This is wonderful… This can go a long way in improving general health and nutrition.

    1. Yeah!…it will also serve as a platform to effectively utilise our agro-waste by recycling.

  3. Wow this is wonderful. Really nice, waste to wealth & it’s also nutritious. I love this, keep it up

  4. hmmm loving this… its an awesome idea I think this will be of great benefit to the society and also Nigeria…..thumbs up and goodluck

  5. Yesterday, I was served salad at a symposium and I had a feeling the ingredients weren’t as complete as the ones I took in Europe, there was no mushroom and this other vegetable. After eating mushrooms everyday for 3months with virtually anything; sometimes served with rice. I fell in love with it and wish I could have it readily available every time. Nice project!

  6. @Omosanya. in this part of our world, we’ve not been able to key into the benefit of what a technology as this can offer us unlike in our other counterparts in Europe, USA and Asia. With a drive such as this from Nigerian youth, it will be another key to improving nutritional value.

  7. @Optimist. There is more our generation can offer. It start from our immediate surrounding.

    thank you.

  8. Agun Moses O. is a good friend of mine. He has strong passion for Agriculture. So, I believe he is capable if he’s given the chance to win the grant. Thank you.

  9. It nice and nutrious, i have eaten it. Turning waste to wealth, & employment. It will boost the economy. Nice 1

  10. Nice 1, i really love this, u mean u can bring out something good from sawdust. Wow!. Giving people like u d chance in this country would drive this nation forward. #youthempowerment.

  11. The idea is very since it’s a means of manifesting God-given potentials. I strongly believe that this idea will yield desired result with God taking the lead and buoyant financial backup.

  12. You are a good product that the country needs to invest on moreover the agrowaste will create more employment by turning waste product to wealth.

    kindly identify the benefits of mushroom, I think with that you will get sponsored.

    I wish you the best in the on going project and God’s guidance.

    All the best Bro. @#Olajide@*

  13. Wao! I think this is a great project and it has quite some benefits too. Takes my mind to biotransformation; the conversion of a compound to a more financially valuable compound. I think this is another way to boost the economy if you ask me. Godspeed, bro.

  14. It’s a nice initiative, one I’ll Certainly be interested in. And I haven’t been seeing too many mushrooms around. With the grant, maybe we could flood the nation with mushrooms and fill people with the nutrition it promises. Wish you the best. I love mushrooms.

  15. It’s a nice initiative, one I’ll Certainly be interested in, And I’ve not been seeing too many mushrooms around. With the grant, maybe we could flood the nation with mushrooms and fill people with the nutrition it promises. Wish you the best. I love mushrooms.

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