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YAP proposal #271: Farmer care (Bartholomew Sey, Ghana)

FARMERS LEARNING BY DOING - NTOMEM FARMERSAs rich farmers marry beautiful women in the other parts of the globe to enjoy honeymoons with lots of good fortunes, poverty on the other hand weds rural farmers in my operational area. However, according to the Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ‘Food security is the issue of our time.’

Poor farmers dominate the farming landscape of the Kwahu South District of Eastern Ghana despite being endowed with lots of natural resources such as fertile soils, water bodies, etc.

Ironically, farmers are still trapped in extreme poverty. How can poor farmers feed 25 million Ghanaians with primitive farming methods without being resourced? Please, fasten your seat belts as we fly over to Ghana for more details.

Who am I?

I am Bartholomew Sey, 34. I live in Mpraeso, a rural settlement in the Eastern part of Ghana. I hold a BSc in sgriculture from the University of Ghana. Also, I am a fellow of the Australia Awards in Africa with a Certificate in Post-harvest Management.

The certificate course was co-hosted by the Universities of Nairobi, Kenya, Stellenbosch, South Africa, and Sydney.

I am also a 2016 semi-finalist of the Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders.

Professionally, I have being working with the Department of Agriculture as a crop scientist for the past 7 years. Less I forget, I train farmers and community-based farmer organizations on good agricultural practices, such as zero tillage, post-harvest management, etc. All in the name food security.

Farmers’ Woes

Statistically, 85% of the residents in my District are farmers with the youths making about 45%.

These farmers are passionately engaged to the cultivation of food security crops such as cereals, legumes, etc., with hoes and cutlasses.

However, the only benefit farmers glean from the government is lip service. A billion promises to support farmers’ to change their statuses have become a mirage.

In certain cases, poor farmers have visited their ancestors due to high indebtedness.

Furthermore, since farmers are unable to access financial credits, farm inputs, etc., farmers are now farming ‘handkerchief’ farm sizes. Can you please whisper into my ears the end results? Yes, you are right: food insecurity and extreme poverty have visited households.

My Project—‘Farmer Care’

‘Farmer Care’ is earmarked to feed Ghanaians, fill their pockets to transform their lives. What will I do?

For this project, 50 trained farmers will be supplied with inputs (improved seeds, fertilizers, etc.) and provide technical backstopping to beneficiaries including the marginalized to contribute to sustainable agriculture.

To sustain the Farmer Care Project, beneficiaries will contribute one bag of maize to be deposited in a revolving account. The project will contribute to the socioeconomic impact of beneficiary communities through employment creation to transform poor livelihoods.


My Motivation

I shed my last tears when I read an article published by the Australian International Food Security Research Centre, which states that one in eight people in the world (870 million people) go hungry every day. This motivates to contribute to food security by thinking about Farmer Care Project. Farmers will increase income, reduce urbanization, and protect everybody’s right to be free from hunger.

Projects Steps

I will:

  • Select five communities.
  • Sensitize (radio), register, and conduct training on good agricultural practices.
  • Procure farm inputs.
  • Assist farmers to implement adopted technologies.
  • Conduct project monitoring and evaluation.

Past Activities

I have produced numerous farmers to win National Awards. Moreover, with the assistance of Plantwise, I operate a plant clinic to diagnose plant pathogens and offer effective management practices.

Furthermore, I won a grant in 2015 from Australia Awards, which saw me train 311 farmers on the use of super grain bag to reduce post-harvest losses in grains with free storage bags distribution.

Success Stories

Post-harvest losses of maize have reduced from 45% to 35% in just a year.

Check out the link:

The success of my project will be measured by increased food security; the number of beneficiaries that will be trained and resourced coupled with the management of post-harvest losses.

USD 5,000 Budget

  1. Allocate USD 200 to select viable farmer groups and farmers by the end of April 2016.
  2. Allocate USD 500 to raise awareness, register, and train beneficiaries by the end May 2016.
  3. Allocate USD 3500 to procure inputs by the mid-week of June 2016.
  4. Allocate USD 200 to distribute farm inputs by the end of June 2016.
  5. Allocate USD 600 for technical backstopping, project monitoring and evaluation from July 2016–March 2017.


Farmer Care will resource farmers and build their technical capacities to contribute to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals through sustainable agriculture. Finally, food security and increased income will overthrow poverty and prosperity will wed rural farmers.


Blogpost and picture submitted by Bartholomew Sey (Ghana): chiefsey[at]

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135 thoughts on “YAP proposal #271: Farmer care (Bartholomew Sey, Ghana)”

  1. Nana, you have challenged me. This is a nice concept with clear, motivating spirited language. I think it is implementable and reslt oriented. The sustainability measure is clear, the indicators are seen and i recommend this project to my friends for further reading

  2. This is a very laudable project. At least our farmers can support their families whilst at the same time there will be abundance of food

    1. Food is all we need. We spent very less on food whiles in Adelaide. The irony is that in Ghana we spent over 50% of our income on food. We are just not food secured

  3. I think the authorities should consider this proposal ASAP. #benefits to the famers. Food for everyone

  4. I believe in this proposal and i feel the authorities must consider this and work on it ASAP #BENFITS FOR THE FARMERS AND FOOD FOR EVERYONE

  5. Hello Chiefsey,i am highly delighted about your project.As a colleague in same field i know that the Farmer Care Project will really work.Keep it up.
    Best regarda.

  6. I think our local farmers have a huge reason to laugh. My worry has always been the politicing the distribution of these incentives to the farmer. I think another area to look out for is the after-harvest handling of the foods the farmers harvest. They should be equipped with the right incentives and skill to curb that problem. Because if the farmers produce more and they lack the capacity to keep the excess, we will come back to zero

  7. What a proposal farmers needs great help indeed to improve their standard of living in our beloved country Ghana Boss keep it up great vision

  8. Great piece, fingers crossed for the wedding of wealth and rural farmers. An opportunity for farmers to learn and earn.

  9. Am impressed. Farmers need help and I believe this project will serve the purpose of putting money in the pockets of farmers.

  10. Farmers need help and I believe this project will serve the purpose of putting money in the pockets of farmers.

  11. Fantastic piece by all standards, as an agricultural officer, I can see the problem statement clearly defined and quantified because I am very familiar with farmers’ challenges.
    It’s heart warming to see how you are making an effort to a lasting solution.
    I hope many young leaders follow your lead to this end and beyond till a time when we all can say” poverty and hunger,where is your sting?”.

  12. I hope this super seeds that you are talking about are not the GMO seeds that we are opposing in our Forum?.
    Prof. Voncujovi

    1. NO,
      this is our normal seeds to be used to promote food security thanks all for your reasonable comments

  13. This is a good proposal keep it up. However, if these farmers are to feed Ghanaians, they need to be empowered through education on good agronomic practices and the timely supply of inputs.

    1. that is why the farmer care project has come to stay we will resource farmers to promote food security

  14. Thanks for enlighting us on this important issues which has always been a challenge in this contemplary setting (Ghana). With this i think We can now stand on our grounds and say that change is happening. Thanks.

  15. Bravo!!! What an intelligent piece of staff. Keep it up
    Thanks for the enlightingment and clarity on this issue which has always been a challenge in this contemplary setting.
    We now have the assurance that change is happening in an era such as this

  16. Great work . this is a reality of the situation of most farmesr in Ghana working yet poor.

  17. That’s a wonderful project. This will be very helpful to the local farmers in the district.
    Well done.

  18. This is loudable moved to eliminate poverty in rural communities. Koduz to you Mr. Sey keep it up

  19. This is a SMART Project that needs financial support for implementatios. It will go along way to improve upon livelihood of rural folks especially farmers within my zone ( kwahu praso zone).

  20. Our poor farmers can not contribute properly to food security without support.this project ‘farmer care’ is necessary.

  21. Our farmers cannot contribute to food security without support. This project ‘farmer care’ is necessary.

  22. This is a timely initiative you have given, it’s about time for us to embrace technology as a strategy to save our agriculture in order to save our agriculture for not going wreck.

  23. it is a very important and impressive idea which would help the farmers living around the Afram plains to increase their crop yield and productivity. I LIKE IT VERY MUCH.

  24. I’m very grateful to Almighty Allah for seeing you thrive in this regard since food security in Ghana here is a major problem especially in the coming years while we have started experiencing such long drought. May Jehovah be your guide to help eradicate food shortage issue in the Ghana, Africa and the world at large

  25. Once a co-tenant at Mpraeso, I observed you with a keen eye as you always sit behind your computer doing a lot of research. Hard work pays Chiefsey so keep the fire burning. You have made all of us proud

  26. That is great, i believe this idea will revive famers and people who have interest in farming to have move interest of increasing their productivity. Also will help foster alleviation of poverty from the system.
    I like it most, may it be implemented.
    Keep it up chief….

  27. That is great, i believe this idea taking into consideration, will revive famers and other people who have interest in farming have more interest towards farming and increase their productivity. Which will help foster alleviation of poverty from the system. I like it most, may it be implemented. Keep it up chief.

  28. That is great, i believe this idea will revive famers and people who have interest in farming to have more interest of increasing their productivity. Also will help foster alleviation of poverty from the system.
    I like it most, may it be implemented.
    Keep it up chief….

  29. It is a good initiative worthy of commendation.
    Farmers ought not 2 be poor. I hope 2 be part of this programme. Kudos bro !!!

  30. Great Work. Hopefully the good recommendations in this project could be fully implemented to yield positive and great fruits (results) in the health sector!

  31. This proposal is very laudable and needs to be supported. Agriculture in Ghana is virtually in the hand of the poor uneducated rural farmer and if left alone without any assistance in technology would not make any impact in food production this ever growing population in Ghana.
    I think the inclusion of irrigation would will also help in a year round farming.

  32. Bartholomew, you are doing a yeoman’s job for the fact that you are thinking about your fellow human, especially the vulnerable farmers to also see the light of the day. I cannot disagree with you anymore, but only wish you the best in your quest to fight for the downtrodden in society. Congratulations!

  33. Wow, great work , this will help farmers to put in more efforts to support the growing population.go on with your good work Cheif Sey, we support you

  34. Wow ,great work ,this will help farmers to put in more effort to support the growing population, its a good work Chief Sey ,we fully support you

  35. Wow ,great work ,this will help farmers to put in more effort to support the growing population ,Good work Chief Sey we fully support you

  36. Job well done man. Ghana needs people of your kind to help our local farmers to get the maximum benefits of the little resources they have. Keep doing the good work man.

  37. Yes indeed all hands must be on board to reduce hunger and poverty world wide. Great work.

  38. Great initiative,it will go a long way to support our poor farmers. Keep it up Bartholomew

  39. Job well done Chief Sey. Is a good thing helping our local farmers to maximize benefits of the limited resources they have. Good job man.

  40. The proposal is a feasible one, that when implemented, it will surely contribute to reducing food insecurity and poverty among farmers especially women farmers.

  41. Very touching that many still think of how to make other people’s lives better. If we all lend our shoulders to the wheel we can build Ghana, make it attractive and our generations will only travel abroad for sightseeing. God bless Sey. May this project come to pass. Go high

  42. Nice intervention my brother, we pray for the best to ensure that our dream of improving the livelihoods of the rural poor is realized. I am in support of this project. keep it up!


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