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YAP Proposal #268: Healthy Chicken, Healthy You! (Oluwafemi Kayode, Nigeria)


My name is Oluwafemi Kayode a Poultry farmer from Nigeria. I am 38 years old. I hold a Masters degree in Marketing and a Bachelor degree in Geography. A member of Nigeria Institute of Management. I have over 30 years crop farming experience and 5 years poultry farming experience.

My project is Broiler production. My farm has been in existence for over 3 years with a focus on layers and a little of broilers. With the present ban on frozen chicken into Nigeria, the demands for processed broilers have increased. My passion for broilers production was motivated by the need to meet over 60% of the demand for poultry products in Port Harcourt-my present location in Nigeria.

I plan to start with 1000 broilers in the first circle and repeat same number after 8 weeks. With this we shall have at least 4 circles in one year producing and processing over 4000 broilers. We are located in Abara in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State of Nigeria. Our presence in the community has not only created 3 permanent jobs for the youths but also created over 10 part time jobs. Our bore hole is a source of water the farmers and the poultry waste an additional manure for the local farmers.

I am motivated to do broiler production due to the ban on frozen items into Nigeria. Before the enforcement of the ban, local farmers were only able to meet about 35% of the market demand. Now the demand is higher which means we have to increase production. Our market has increased by over 1000%. Presently, I have a demand that I cannot meet. (to supply 100 broilers every 3 days).

Doing this business has not only created jobs for me and my staffs but also exposed the community to socio-economic activities. My customers come to the community to buy my products in the process get to see other agricultural endowment of the community.

To increase our capacity by 1000 broilers we shall ensure we plan our production circle to ensure continuity. We shall also make sure our breed is of high quality and the feeds are of good standard. We shall also take our bio security measures seriously to prevent outbreak of diseases. We shall also maintain good customers service so that we can retain and acquire more customers.

In 2012 I started my poultry with 2000 layers after winning the Federal government of Nigeria Youth Enterprise with Innovation Program (YouWiN). Through this medium I was able to buy 10 plots of land and built the poultry and commenced business. We have also registered a limited company ‘De-Praimmerc Consulting Limited” to project our business.

First of all we are able to measure our success through the fulfilment of our mission statement “Freshness and Availability”. In the first 3 years of our operation this mission was delivered. We are able to maintain freshness and made our eggs available to customers.

I plan to use the US$5000 as follow:

In Nigeria the exchange rate to a dollar is between naira 250 and naira 310. For purpose of this plan I will use N300 to a dollar which will sum to N1, 500,000 (US$5000). The proposed expenses are:

Day old chick  1500    @ 250             =375,000

Starter mash    75        @2500                        =187,500

Finisher mash  260      @2700                        =702,000

Salaries            2          @35,000         =70,000

Drugs                                                  =50,000

Logistics/Transportation                    =50,000

Website development                         =50,000

TOTAL                                              =1,484,500         US$4,948.3


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110 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #268: Healthy Chicken, Healthy You! (Oluwafemi Kayode, Nigeria)”

      1. Thank you Souzane we are in business to make healthy chicken available to the Nigeria people and the world in general.

  1. This is a very laudable/impressive effort and should be sustainably encouraged, as this will in no small measure contribute to our collective step towards improved food security in this part of the world, especially amidst the present economic squeeze being faced by Nigerian economy today.

    Please stay focused and ensure nothing deters you, Kayode. Thumbs up!

    1. Jones i will stay focused brother. Together will shall make food available to our nation

    2. Our focus is to process above 4500 birds annually and increase gradually and our customer base increases.

  2. Kayode s idea and drive is very much in consonant with the ideals of yap project.
    Proposal #268 deserves accolades and more importantly deserves the yap laurel!.

  3. Kayode,s ideas and concept are very interesting and he has a lucrative knowledge of the poultry business. A young farm who is ready to make use of any available resources

    1. Yes Joy, we are ready to maximize any fund made available to us to grow our business.

  4. It’s the way to go my friend. Agriculture on the continent and nigeria is our most untapped resources . You can’t go wrong. You are meant for great things.

  5. Awesome project. If anyone can achieve these goals I am quite confident it would be you. Keep it up and good luck.

  6. This project will not only increase income but also employment for Nigeria youths. Good concept

  7. This is a good business concept. It will tap into the School feeding program of the federal government of Nigeria

  8. Kayode is a committed farmer. He deserves the best. His poultry business will help create jobs and income for Nigeria youths and also make fresh and healthy chicken available.

  9. You have always bn comitted to whatever you set to so sure you are creating a sound history from this endeavour,more strength,more grace.

  10. An antidote to d ever nagging and perenial problem of unemployement & poverty.
    Nice concept worth supporting.

  11. A brilliant idea, very much in support. Aside, its capable of addressing Nigeria’s nutritional problem and fighting hunger in its real sense. Go for it bro

  12. This is good. An excellent proposition towards developing Nigeria’s agricultural sector, and providing safe and hygienic poultry products for consumption.

  13. Farming would definitely go a long way in feeding and also reduce the foreign need of our economy. Any step in reducing importation of food is the right step. Kudos Oga Koyade i dey your back

    1. Uche, I support your thought of reducing food importation. Imported foods are mostly not healthy. Watch out for our product.

  14. Smart and brilliant idea. This will in a great way impact positively on the immediate environment and the country at large.
    Bravo and all the best.

    1. Our business has a lot of socio economic impact that will better the life of the people

  15. Well done. Agriculture is the way forward – to feed, engage and empower our teeming population. The project has a ready market, social impact and great potentials for expansion. All the best!

    1. Fidipo, the market is massive, under tapped and needs urgent attention. With our products the gap between demand and supply will be reduced.

    1. Huong,the grant will give us the opportunity to increase our capacity by 4500 birds annually.

  16. I have known Kayode for over 10 years. His passion for agro-enterprise development in Nigeria is highly commendable. Apart from being a facilitator and mentor to young aspiring entrepreneurs over the years, this bold initiative to set up a world class model poultry farm demonstrate his high commitment and exemplary aptitude. I have no doubt this will be a huge success given the right support. BEST!

    1. Thank you Mr. Otejere, it is my pleasure to impact more on Nigeria youths and make agriculture a sexy profession.

  17. Have just gone into crop farming myself. Keep up the good job. Good job. Remain focused. Wish you all the best.

    1. Ngozi, kudos on your crop farming project. Together we shall end food shortage in Nigeria

  18. Mr Kayode, your plan is good and enterprising. Am looking for where to get good supply of eggs for my business. Please can you inbox me on let’s talk business.

    1. Chinedu thanks for your interest in us. We can supply you. I will inbox you as requested.

  19. A hardworking man like this should be given all d support.the idea is laudable and am impressed especially at a time like this that looks like we must fall back on agriculture.

  20. The business idea is a good one, with the ban on importation of frozen chiken and turkey in Nigeria, there is a great prospect for the business with great return on investment. I strongly recommend Mr Oluwafemi Kayode for this program, YAP 2016, because entrepreneurship is key to job creation and development and is only Africans that can developed Africa.

  21. To whom this may concern;

    I’ve known Mr Kayode for over 10 years now. He has being responsible, consist and always up to the task. I’m optimistic that any support given to him will not be a waste.

    I hereby recommend him for any assistance that you can render.

    Thank you.

  22. Hey Kayode,Nice One!!! You deserve to be seeking extra funds as you have done amazingly well with the resources you have.Have you thought about processing and packaging the broilers?If yes ,what are the steps that you have envisaged towards that?I wish you all the best and Godspeed!!!!!

    1. We are planning to have a production and packaging section that meets regulatory standard. We shall also seek to register our product with regulatory agency and ensure storage capacity and efficiency.

      1. Nice…you seem to have well thought out the steps required.Keep up the great work.More Grease to your elbow!!!

  23. Great One Kayode!!! You deserve the the grant as you have already utilized the resources at your disposal judiciously.Have you thought about processing and packaging the broilers?If so,what are the steps that you have envisaged? I wish you all the best and Godspeed!!!!

    1. Chibuike, it is in our plan to start packaging. With this will would be able to minimize cost and maximize profit. Thank you.

  24. Great idea!!!I am proud of your innovative thoughts Kayode, Agriculture is the future, and I am happy you are working in the step to feed Africa, maintain a healthy society, improve the economy, become an enterpreneur and churn out more jobs. Your proposal is a win for YAP. I highly recommend you.

  25. Kayode, seeing your post and proposal, I am proud to be a Nigerian. We have a great future in agriculture, especially with the decline in global oil economy. Thumps up!

    1. With the funding of agribusiness, government can easily diversify and earn more income from the agric sector

    1. Thank you Arinze. We shall keep to our word by delivering healthy chicken to Nigerians

  26. Kayode thumbs up, this is a very laudable project. Project feed Nigeria, project create employment in Nigeria, project diversify the economy. This project is a win for YAP. You are highly recommended.

  27. It’s a perfect business idea that has the capacity to create employment in our country where unemployment is a menace. I applaud this proposal.

    1. Thank you Ayo. It is our desire to reduce unemployment through em[employment we are going to create

  28. Great job you are doing. I like the fact that employment opportunities are being created. Do engage more youths in your employ. Keep up the good work.

    1. Vivian, thank you. When we start processing it shall require engagement of more youths.

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