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YAP proposal #259: Expanding a Piggery (Ralph Aondofa Aboh, Nigeria)

Pig1I am Ralph Aondofa Aboh. I live in Makurdi, Benue State of Nigeria. I am 35 years old and married with three children.

I started a piggery farm in 2015 with two females and a male. The breed is Large White. In January 2016, one of the females gave birth to five piglets and the other female is expected to deliver by the end of March 2016.

I ventured into pig farming because pork is the second-most consumed meet in Benue State and pigs for slaughter in our markets and restaurants are in a very short supply. A lot of butchers travel to other states in search for pigs.

I have a pen with four partitions. The feeds are compounded locally with soybeans and sorghum. Due to lack of funds other vital nutrients are lacking in their feeds. This has cause the growth to be very gradual which eventually will prevent me from achieving my goal of making pork available for consumption in Benue and its environ.

If given the USD 5,000 grant, I will be able to expand the pigpen with a more hygienic environment, increase the number of pigs on the farm to be able to get the required output, and also get the required feed formula to get the required growth. Proper medications will be administered when required.

I have already have land measuring up to one-and-a-half hectares for the farm.

Thank you.


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7 thoughts on “YAP proposal #259: Expanding a Piggery (Ralph Aondofa Aboh, Nigeria)”

  1. The market is sure enormous-as food and required for traditional wedding rites.Feasibility is further assured when you fall back on the academic resources from the two agricultural institutions in Benue State.Lovely project.

  2. Ralph, This is a good project. I can confirm most of the pigs sold at Wurukum and Railway markets are inported from K afanchan. A piggery farm is most welcomed.

  3. Rightly pointed out. Pork is in high demand and supply is yet to meet up to half the demand. I hope you get the grant to compliment the efforts of the college of agriculture in providing the required amount of pork that will meet consumption levels in and around the state.

  4. Good ideology and will truly provide good market and subsequently create employment for many others

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