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YAP Proposal #254: 200 Layers Poultry Production (Zainab Yalma, Nigeria)

IMG_20151220_113023[1]I am Mrs. Zainab Yalma, from Biu local government area of Borno State Nigeria, I was born on March 7, 1988. I’m a Bsc. Holder of Zoology at the University of Maiduguri, I own a business enterprise named NKWAR BWALA BUSINESS VENTURES registered under the Borno Youth agripreneur. I specialize in broiler chicken keeping.

Poultry farming is one among the best farming and business. It has low initial starting capital and if managed properly it could ever be the best profession because of its high turnover. Based on my experience of broilers farming I wish to keep 200 layers if privileged because there is not much differences between them except of the time frame.

The procedure I wish to take is that, I will set a pen and prepare it to be in good order and then set the materials that are needed. I will also attend seminars regarding the cost production of layers and various stages of feeds, drugs and vaccines administration so as to be able to achieve a good production efficiency.

Already the pen is in good position and there is a source of water for the poultry and if given the grant the production will be effectively carried out. The project is realistic achievable and sustainable because of the opportunity with the first phase I can start with 200 layers and the amount can sustain the project till they start laying egg from a day old chicks.

In cases where grown up layers are bought at the point of lay then it is easier and will not take longer time before they start laying. But the cost price is high and is optional to know which one is economically viable.

The project has socio-economic impact on the community because once they started laying eggs the community might not need to travel far in search of eggs.

What motivated me to do this project is because there is a need of poultry farm in the area where I am residing, especially layers because once the project is well managed I know it will put a smile on my face and the consumers. The community and I will become empowered economically, as there will be also job opportunities and available organic manure from the litter (dung) which is high in enriching the soil for crop production.

The steps I intended to take in achieving my goals which will lead to the success of the project are as follows

  1. I have to ensure that the pen and the water source are in good place before starting.
  2. I have to ensure that I follow the instructions and the administrations of feeds vaccines and drugs for safety and good growth and production
  3. I have to ensure that I acquire the experience on how to manage the project well in terms of all financial records.
  4. I will harness Costumer relationship which is a necessity in any business.


I am able to start my poultry farming, with a rented pen of 600 layers capacity and a good sources of water with the help of Borno Youth Agripreneur and IITA. Without these bodies I would not achieve these so far.

The measure of my success is beyond measurable because of the love and commitment I have towards the project and once there is dedication in service it will lead to huge success which is immeasurable.

The $US5000 grant plan, is to be used according to the phases.

First phase

200 layers expecting 5 crates per week and 20 crates in a month, which is same phase 2 and 3 respectively. At the end of one year I can have 600 layers expecting 60 crates of egg per week. The second and third phase will be in the same format.

Definition of budget of at least five line-items and a time frame.

  • An itemized summary of intended expenditure usually coupled with expected revenue or income or time frame.
  • The amount of money or resources earn marked for particular institution or activity or time frame.
  • Obsolete, a wallet purse or bag.
  • To plan and provide funds allow for a particular activity or project or time frame.
  • To plan for the use of money or resources earn marked for a particular project or activity or time frame.


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2 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #254: 200 Layers Poultry Production (Zainab Yalma, Nigeria)”

  1. Hello, am dogara balami from hawul l.g.a of borno state, a small scale poultry(layers) farmer am currently planning to upgrade to 500 layers(p.o.l) but due to the cost implication involved i’ve not been able to do so. Hope the #YAP/IITA and other relivant bodies will assist us (agripreneurs) to achieve our set goals. i also want to give like/comment to MRS_ZAINAB_YALMA.

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