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YAP Proposal #253: Building pig stys to restore hope (Miriam Ademun, Uganda)

Piggery 1My name is Miriam Ademun aged 32 years residing in Kampala, Uganda and a co-founder of The Goal club Initiative (TGCI). TGCI is an organization dedicated to encouraging the girl child to stay longer in school through mentorship programmes that involve school out reaches.

We also focus on improving the quality of life of the marginalized teenage mothers in society through our economic empowerment programmes and ensuring their participation in issues affecting them.

We mainly focus on girls because they face many inequalities in Uganda even in places meant for positive development like schools. Girls are frequently victims of school drop outs, early marriages, sexual harassment and don’t receive proper assistance to deal with these traumatizing experiences leaving them with no choice but to sometimes become teenage mothers.

Most pregnant girls are expelled from school and don’t return to complete their education and struggle to survive due to socio-economic hardships hence making the cycle continuous.

This Project “Restoring Hope” consists of building pig sty and each sty will be large enough to accommodate least 5 piglets to be sold after 7 months of rearing. We shall keep giving these beneficiaries piglets (male and female) as a means of them starting their own Income Generating Projects.

The first beneficiaries will be responsible for the spread of the project to the other members and would be members though passing on the gift of at least two piglets each. And in turn when these piglets give birth, we will require them to donate two back (male and Female) to the organization so that we are able to support another needy widow family.

Each group member will be encouraged to have a small room in which to raise piglets of their own. We shall support pig feeding with a variety of food stuff good for pig rearing from homes and farms.

The management of the group, pig sty maintenance and monitoring of the pig farms will be conducted during by TGCI staff. Group members will be trained on pig farming, marketing, business and farm record keeping and group dynamics.

These members who most of the time had been depending on their husbands for income are now left alone to take care of their children’s school and other family needs. Some of whom have been stripped of the little property by their in-laws can now have an opportunity and less exhausting activity to make income yet most of them are heads of the family. More importantly is the fact that they will develop the skill in pig rearing through training that will be from time to time improved as long as the projects continue.

This training on pig rearing will empower and provide easier occupation to children (the orphans) as well when back from school rather than being engaged in risky behaviour (violence, drugs, theft, fornication e.t.c). The consumption of pork is well developed in Kampala and supply will match demand. In fact, throughout the region, pork is the second most consumed animal protein which is cheaper than cow meat. The population of Kampala suburbs maintain an active night-life and will keep the pork joints active.

PiggeryThe Goal Club Initiative (TGCI) has organized groups one of which is a widows group in Bwaise, a slum in Kampala. Most of these widows are living with HIV and have no major sources of income leaving them with petty trading to take care of their orphans.

Due to economic hardships and idleness (because of dropping out of school) the girls have often found an easier way of making money by sleeping with men who are by far above their ages and some cohabit with other men in order to make ends meet and in most cases they are thrown out with unwanted pregnancies and this leaves them bouncing back to their mothers (the Widows) to provide accommodation to their daughters and grand children making the situation even worse.

After careful engagements, the group is interested in piggery farming as a viable means to improve their income and savings mobilisation to ensure their survival. Profits generated through the successful implementation of this activity will not only increase the income of individual group members, but also boost their confidence and reduce their rate of dependency on men concubines and tedious activities and the care of their families.

Sustainability of the project will be driven by enabling each member and household to raise their own pigs. This division is intended to stimulate individual members’ livelihood of the project and so, ensure the project’s survival. We as The Goal Club have experience in piggery and will implement this project very well while ensuring that community members benefit so there is need to expand on the already existing projects.

The USD$5,000 will acquire building materials, farm inputs, piglets, other feed components for the pigs/piglets, veterinary products and a deep freezer to allow for the storage of meat when all is not sold in one day in the open market. These funds will also procure building materials for the pig sty, piglets, feeds, grain, medicines and tools. We will buy protective clothing and first aid kits for the workers.

This is a one year Project but progress will be given on a quarterly basis.

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227 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #253: Building pig stys to restore hope (Miriam Ademun, Uganda)”

  1. Hello Miriam,
    The plight of women in meeting basic needs in general is an ever present scenario, its even a nightmare for single mothers, young and old. Such an initiative will go a long way in equipping them with an income source to make ends meet for their families, Pork in Uganda has an ever present demand both in the rural and urban settings, its a venture worth making.

  2. This is great. Thanks for all that you are doing for our vulnerable girls. God bless the work of your hands.

    1. Yeah we do approach many other potential funders coz we need to conduct other skills training initiatives besids piggery.

  3. Piggery is one of the fastest income generating ventures and yet less cumbersome. Awesome project.

  4. I live the approach and the model…this in deed is a sustainable project…and it will progress if the indended plans are implemented as mentioned.

  5. Miriam I like this initiative so much. There are so many women out there who are living very appauling lives and need support. I like the fact that beneficiaries will also have to give out pigglets to other needy families hence the multiplier approach.

  6. This idea is so sustainable. I pray i works out for you because i see it being easy to implement. Pigs don’t need a lot of care.

    1. Thank you. There are many vulnerable needy women, girls, children and even boys who need support.

    1. Thank you keep sharing in your social media plat forms to increase our chances of going through.

    1. With the low standards of education here in uganda yet expensive, I wonder how many more children are able to complete their studies in the next five years. We shall ensure that we jeep mentoring the children who are still at school.

    1. Because of limited funding, this project will focus in the rural suburbs of Kampala then eventually we shall scale up.

  7. This is a wonderful project as you grow, spread it to other parts of the country especially the east where there is alot of school drop outs.

  8. I believe this project this project will bring a positive impact in the lives and thoughts of so many helpless girls

    1. This target group was come up with after several mentorship sessions. Most girls who drop out go through alot of challenges from food, health care, clothing, shelter and education.

  9. Women every where need support. Good luck as you continue to impact on the lives of the vulnerable people in the community.

    1. Yes we shall. Ones the project succeeds we shall come up with indicators and implementation plan. Thank you

    1. Thank you…for us is about any opportunity to improve the livelihood of the vulnerable group we support.

    1. We had to draft this project to focus on widows because of theri plight. They needed a lot of help and this is one of the most sustainable ways to do this as oppossed to giving them money that can even be misused..

  10. Good work Miriam, I would also advice that in addition to this the beneficiaries (widows) could also be brought together to start saving groups that apart from increasing their income they have a forum to discuss as peers some of the challenges they encounter or are bound to encounter in this work. This also serves as a good social protection network.

    1. Thank You Fred. We shall slot in your advice and further still approach you for guidance. We will take this into consideration.

  11. The plight of women is not very good. They in deed need support. I hope and pray hat this goes well.

    1. Widows are one of the discriminated group in Uganda. Its funny that even wife inheritance is still a common parctice.

  12. Miriam, This is a brilliant idea. I love the approach and the target group. Wow, the multiplier approach is so well stated. Am proud of you. Good luck in your project.

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