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YAP Proposal #252: Tomato and vegetable plantation (Moses Chimwaji, Zambia)


Agriculture is one of the sectors of the economy that receives the least attention from most African leaders, yet it is one of the most viable sectors of the economy. Countries that have embraced it have much to show to the world. With so much fertile land and a youthful population, one could easily point to Africa as the richest continent in the world.

Yes, this is possible, yes, this is attainable, yes,  this will come true one day, but it has to begin with  committed, passionate and an agro-oriented young people like Moses Chimwaji, along with the governments of African countries and national and international organizations such as YAP, which supports youth agriprenuers.

Moses Chimwaji is a small-scale former based in the city of Kitwe, in the Copperbelt province of Zambia. Born 30 years ago, Moses is the proprietor of Mozziket Farm and a founder and administrator of Youth as Farmers in Zambia (YAFA Zambia), a group on Facebook whose aim is to encourage youth to venture into agriculture.

He is a grower and distributor of vegetable such as tomatoes. With more than 8 years of farming experience, Moses believes that agriculture is the right way to go to boost the economy of every country and to create wealth for individuals.

MosesChimwajiMozziket Farm would like to expand its production of vegetables to meet market demand in the community. It will do this by starting to grow other vegetables such as cabbage, eggplant and green pepper as soon as funds are available.

Hectares planted in tomato fields will be increased by having enough water at the farm. Vegetables are easy to grow and maintain. They have a ready market and this makes the project realistic and sustainable.

The project will affect the community positively by employing more youth and providing them with vegetables at a cheaper price. The vegetables will provide vitamins and minerals to the communities for healthy living.

Mozziket farm draws its motivation to grow vegetables from the fact that they are a cheap source of vitamins and are widely consumed. Both a rich and a poor man eat some on a daily basis. This fact brings more revenues to the farm as it caters to both the haves and the have-nots.

The steps leading to the success of the project are few and simple:

Firstly, we will ensure that we have enough water at the farm to sustain the business throughout the year as this project depends on the availability of water.

Secondly, we have to ensure that we have reliable companies to supply us with farming inputs such as seeds and fertilizers.

Thirdly, our competent employees should minimize waste of inputs while producing high-quality, healthy foods that our customers will consider to be of exceptional value.

Finally, we will ensure that we do not break the supply chain to our customers. Our mission is to have the farm produce enough to sell on every day of the week. That is out motto: MOZZIKET FARM, THE FARM WHERE FARMERS BUY FROM.

To kickstart this project, we have bought a 12-hectare farm where we operate our agri-business. We have registered our agri-business with PACRA, the body that registers companies and business in Zambia, as Mozziket Farm.

We have drilled 5 wells that are currently a source of water for our farm. We have bought a submersible pump, a 5.5 kv generator to power the pump and 2 10,000-liter water tanks.

The success of our project is measured by two factors; quality and quantity of our produce. The quality of our produce plays a pivotal role in attracting more customers. As a result of high demand for Mozziket Farm produce, there is a need to increase numbers of personnel. More personnel will in turn allow us to offer a greater quantity of our produce.

We have therefore adopted a QQP model to measure our success, that is, good QUALITY demands for more QUANTITY, which demands for more PERSONNEL.

We intend to use the grant of US $500 as follows:

  1. In order to have a reliable source of water for our farm as the 5 wells could dry up during hot season (September to December), we will drill a standard borehole for $1500. This step will happen immediately after receiving the funds.
  2. Buy 2 10,000 liters water tanks for $1,200 immediately after we receive the funds.
  3. Buy a drip irrigation kit for $900 immediately after we receive the funds.
  4. Buy a borehole pump for $600 immediately after we receive the funds.
  5. Buy a seed planter for $300 between July and November.
  6. Buy fertigation equipment for $500 between July and November.

By completing all the steps mentioned above our project will be a success in no time, and more youth will be empowered by employing them at Mozziket Farm. Remember, no farmers, no food, no healthy people.


Blogpost and picture submitted by Moses Chimwaji (Kitwe, Zambia) – moseschimwaji[at]

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280 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #252: Tomato and vegetable plantation (Moses Chimwaji, Zambia)”

  1. This is a very good project. I wish you could be funded without competition.

    I wish you all the best.

  2. Awesome project Moses. Keep it up and all the best from our team. I know how passionate you are with farming. MM Cargo Services (Pty) Ltd of South Africa has done business with this entreprenuer and we know how serious he is. We will support you with your implements shipments, should you buy them from South Africa.Great stuff

    1. Thanks very much for your generous comment. It was nice doing business with you . I hope to do it again in the shortest possible time

  3. Only determined minds succeed in all they do. May the spirit of the Lord cause the donors fund yo projects aimlessly….

    1. Riches are only in the ground. Zambia can move to a high level in terms of economy by supporting such projects which will for ever enhance national revenue which in turn stabilize our economy

      1. Thanks very much brother Lawrence, supporting such projects can enhance our lives. can supporting this project by posting your comments. tell others about it and let them leave their comments too.

      2. We as Mozziket farm are ready to receive more ideas on how best to improve our business

    2. I’m so determined and my passion for farming is beyond measure. They are very young people who are as passionate as I am about agriculture. This is my strength in this business. The only weakness I have is my small capital.

  4. A health country needs competent farmers that can produce good farming products (vegetables,tomatoes,onions,etc) to meet people’s needs.We are proud with our local farm produce.

    1. we Can only have a health nation by producing high quality health food. Mozziket farm is ready to do that. Thanks very much for your support.

    2. I’m sure when I get funded, my project win increase the production of health foods. you are all asked to come to the farm and taste the high quality health food with a flesh taste.

  5. As a health country it needs competent farmers to produce good farming products that can help the community.

  6. This is what we need in Zambia agriculture is the bsckborne of every country we need to encourage farmers and empower them in the agriculture sector in order to have a health nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks very much. Your comment and those of others will soon change the status of mozziket farm. keep posting your comments.

    1. The market is readily available. as I said in my concept that vegetables are consumed by both the haves and the have-nots.

      In Zambia, like in most African countries ,every meal is prepared with atleast a plate of vegetables.

  7. Nice Project Mr Man ,u’ve my Support .Agriculture is Power is health is life, all the best .

  8. This is wonderful and uplifting brother moses,agricultural sector is one of the sectors that boosts the economy and provide employment to the local people.we need to have such innovative proporsals in our country,growing vegetables will help the community and the country at large.Am fully in support of this Mr chimwaji.

    1. Your support is key in this project my dear brother. keep supporting the sector that caters everyone. Thanks brother Danny Chikeke Manyonga.

  9. Nice Project Mr Man, u’ve my Support .Agriculture is Power is health is life, all the best.

    1. Yes brother Mbangu, we can only have health people in the world when projects as this one are funded. I stand ready to offer my efforts in trying to contribute to the production of health foods. Thank you once again.

    1. Thanks very much sister Anna, I’m sure I will be funded. With your support and that of others, God will not let me down.

    1. Thanks very much for your support brother Felix. I will continue working hard in order to provide food in the country.

    1. No, I use inorganic fertiliser on tomatoes. I hope to learn organic farming I the shortest possible time.
      do you know how to grow organic vegetables? share with me your agriculture knowledge.

      1. I’m read to share with you my agriculture skills. I have seen how serious you are. let me know wen you need my help.

    1. I grow tengeru 97, is there other varieties you can recommend to me ?le me know and I will try planting it.

      1. Try planting star 9003 and Newton, they are good varieties. star 9003 can give you twice the profits you get from tengeru.

  10. 12 hectares of farmland is very good. I’m sure you ll do fine when you get funded,more expecially that you have started the project already. I wish you well.
    how accessible is your farm?

    1. It surrounded by three compounds.residents of these communities just have to take 10 to 25 minutes walking to get to the farm.
      The farm is 10 kilometres from the main farmer’s market in kitwe.

  11. No matter how rich someone might be, he will still need to eat vegetables. I’m happy for you dear. continue producing them for us the vegetarians.i tell you, you will succeed in this projec. every one eats vegetables.

  12. We are looking forward to hear the project is funded.The Project is viable and competent enough to surpass all other projects.Its WHOLISTIC and REALISTIC.In short its SMART i.e S=Specific M=Measurable A=Achievable R=Realistic T=Timely. Hope God is intervening so that your project comes out number one.Its Wholesome!!

    1. I’m humbled by your comment sister Christias.
      I thank you very much for your support.

  13. May the ALMIGHTY God bless you all for the support you are rendering to make this project a success. I am short of words.

    keep supporting by sending more comments till 13/03/2016,Sunday at 00:00hrs.

  14. It is good that young people have shown interest in the agriculture sector. your project is good young man.

    I would advise you to try planting some onions.
    I wish you all the best of luck.

  15. i am 1oo% in support of your Project. I believe if you can do it with your personal funds, what more if you get funded? you are Great young talented Entrepreneur, you set your goals and meet them. wishing you or the best in your project.

    1. Thanks very much for your support. I ll definitely continue working hard for food sustainability in the world. keep supporting by sending more comments. Thanks once again # Zuze.

  16. You can never go wrong with planting tomatoes for sale.they have a good profit margin.
    keep it up.

  17. My comment is just to ask the funders to find this project.
    I tell you, this project stands out of the main I have read so far.

    It is not only realistic, but also very viable.
    keep working hard young man. I ll definitely excell in your project.

    1. Thanks for very much. I’m sure I will succeed in this project, especially when I get funded.

  18. taking farming as a business is what we need to consider seriously. not only does it contribute to the sustainability of food in the world, but creates jobs and wealth.
    how many workers do you have so far?

    1. I cu have 4 permanent workers.i hire more workers at times. I intend to employ more workers when I get funded. I ll be more than glad to work around more workers.

  19. Can I send you some brochures on how to grow eggplants?
    I want to contribute to the development of your project through my brochures.

    1. You can send them through my brother .Mozziket farm will surely grow. your support is most welcome. how can I get them?

    2. It’s really a good idea mr musonda, the idea of sending a brochure how to grow eggplant will surely contribute to the development of the project. may God bless you my brother.

      1. Very true. The brochures will increase my agriculture knowledge . I need those brochures.

  20. I wish you all the best my brother.
    let youth be farmers and the world will never be short of food

  21. I like the way you explained on how you measure your success,the QQP model.

    where did you learn this model?

    1. I did development that model myself. It was after seeing how my quality produce were on deman. I iincreased on personnel in order to produce more farm produce.

    1. No, I have never been to any agriculture school. I have just gained experience in agriculture by working hard for many years now.

      otherwise, I might consider that in future.

    2. I have never been to any agriculture school. I have just gained experience in agriculture by working hard for many years now. otherwise, I might consider that in future.

  22. You are destined to to rich, farming is good. let the funders fund your project, because it is only one of the best projects I have read.

  23. congratulations on your project getting funded.

    I congratulate you in advance because I know that nothing will hold the sponsors from funding this nice project.

    1. I accept your compliments. I’m leaving everything in the hands of God. Thanks for seeing the viability of the project.

  24. Can I be your supplier of fertiliser?
    I can supply you at a discounted price because you are a young man doing such a wonderful project.

    1. Thanks for that offer. I ll send you my contacts, as long as you can supply me with quality inputs.

    2. Yes, you can. let’s wait for the results before I can confirm how many bags I would need.

  25. Let me know when you get funded.

    I can drill a borehole and supply you with tanks at a very good price.

  26. It’s good that you have considered your community in your business. I can see your community living a health life.

    Let mozziket farm be funded.

    1. I will divide the farm into 3 fields of 4ha each. tomato and cabbage will be planted on the first 2 fields respectively at about 1 month intervals. The other field will be used for planting eggplants and other vegetables like onions as someone suggested.

  27. Keep it up young man, you have a bright future in farming . I say this because of the way you have planned in your your concept.

  28. If we can have half of the youths in the world thinking like this young man, we cannot have starvation at all in the world.

    continue working hard. I’m impressed.

    1. Mozziket farm has a page on Facebook
      the surrounding communities come to the farm to buy direct from the farm. .We also deliver the produce to the main market in kitwe by a hired vehicle.

  29. I ll visit you project one day. You need to be supported by all well meaning people. I’m an agriculturalist.

  30. Have you tested the PH of your soil?

    it pay to know the PH of your soil. do that if you haven’t done yet.

  31. Mr Chimwaji..This is so inspiring and i am sure you must have dedicated yourself to being who you are today…farmer. The project is Smart. The intention is sound. You are the people we need now to help feed the world. This project surely deserves funding if you are to produce massively. Alone we are weak but together we are strong..I pray that a funder will come through soon and together you shall work with mutual trust and responsibility to expand the farm. Do not lower your goals to the present level of your abilities but raise them to the height of your goals.

    1. Thanks very much brother Gabriel, I ll continue setting my goals higher. I appreciate your support my dear brother.

      1. You will be the next Dangote. supplying the very things which everyone needs on almost every day can mean good business.

      2. You will be the next Dangote. supplying the very things which everyone needs on almost every day can mean good business.

    1. Keep encouraging me sir. I need your full support. and tell others to do the same sir . you have read it yourself and know what I mean in this project.

    1. I could have written that part, but wasn’t on the drafted notes we were asked to put in our proposal. and more importantly, we were restricted to write on two pages. keep supporting me brother Lungu.

  32. Thanks very much for your support. I ll definitely continue working hard for food sustainability in the world. keep supporting by sending more comments. Thanks once again # Zuze.

  33. Thanks for very much. I’m sure I will succeed in this project, especially when I get funded.

  34. I have 4 permanent workers.i hire more workers at times. I intend to employ more as you as I get funded.

  35. You can send them through my brother .Mozziket farm will surely grow. your support is most welcome. how can I get them?

  36. This is a very interesting project, moses chimwaji encourages youths to venture into agriculture, this means he can do more to youths when he is funded.

  37. I learnt it from nobody. I just developed it when I observed the growth of my project. at first, I was doing it all by myself. when there was high demand of my tomatoes, I employed two workers to help me increase on the production. later, I employed two more workers when I observed that the two workers and I were still not meeting the demand.

    I noticed that it was because of good quality of mozziket’s farm produce that there was high demand. In order to meet the market demand, there was need to produce more and this was only possible by employing 4 workers. I hire a few from the community at times
    I’m sure I will employ more workers to muximize the profits.

    1. I receive the blessings sister Sharon Manyika. I’m overwhelmed by the support you are giving me. Thanks once again.

    1. I deliver to the main market in kitwe by a hired vehicle. The surrounding communities come to buy direct at the farm.

      1. That’s good, this means you have no problem in distributing, right?

  38. They are always considered. and they will continue living a health life considering that mozziket farm with continue supply them with high quality vegetables.

  39. Mozziket farm has a page on Facebook where I update the customers every stage of our produce. This has proved to work well for the farm as most of our customers who buy especially tomatoes for resale have confirmed having seen the readiness of our produce on Facebook.

    We haven’t used other medias before like radio and TV advertising because we don’t even meet the market demand we have from Facebook and around the communities.

    We will build a website to help us market our produce when we begin producing more. Our production is limited due to lack of enough capital.

    1. Africa need young people like you Mr Chimwaji. no matter how difficult your road will be, never give up. There is light at the end of a tunnel.

  40. Let me beg the sponsors for you ! I am ready to go on my knees to ask the sponsors to fund your project. here are a few reasons why you should be financed :
    1) you are smart as seen in the way you have written your project,
    2)you are hard working,
    3) you are into a project that will affect the lives of many poor people,
    4)you love your fellow youths . you encourage them to venture into agriculture,
    5)you don’t want to see your fellow youths to suffer, that’s why you employ them.

    I can go on and on. There is a lot in you . sponsors will be absolutely right to fund your project. I wish you all the best.

  41. Have you tried to engage the government? I would suggest you do that for more assistance. We all need to support you in any possible way.

  42. If all young people were thinking like you, the world would be free of hunger.

    your project deserves to be funded .All the best.

  43. Your project will benefit people indeed. It has direct link to them than some of the projects here. There is another one, two or three which I think should be funded along with this project. keep it up.

  44. I’m from reading other projects. I tell you, you stand a better chance of winning than most of the projects I have read so far.

  45. What about YAFA ZAMBIA? what is it about!

    I have seen it in your project mentioned somewhere.

    1. YAFA ZAMBIA is simply saying ” youths as Farmers in Zambia.
      It is a group I created to help me encourage my fellow youths to get into farming.

  46. Can I attach my younger brother to your farm? I would like him to learn agriculture. He is just doing nothing at home.

    1. We currently don’t have a website.

      Mozziket farm has a page on Facebook under the same name. You can search and like our page.

  47. Your idea is straight forward. no complications about it .You should be funded. I wish you all the best.

  48. This is wonderful work from a committed youth. congrats. is YAFA ZAMBIA an organisation? are you the president of this organisation?

  49. I wish you all the best of luck.
    If this project is not funded, then there will be non to be funded.

  50. Keep encouraging your fellow youths to get into farming . you are such a good young man. keep pushing.

  51. What about pumpkin leaves, will you be producing it? let me know so that we can talk further.

  52. These are the type of youths we need in Zambia, who at such a young age, in fact my age mate, is feeding the nation and not being used as tools to cause violence in our country by these greedy politicians! I am also into tomatoe gardening here in Lsk, and I have been encouraged by you my brother to consider it on a commercial basis . Keep it up!

  53. Mr chimwaji is doing all he can for the development of the community by employing more youths as soon as he is funded, its not easy mind you, its not everyone who can have that heart for the community so please let’s support him for our community to be developed.

  54. Mr chimwaji has passion for farming this means he can do more when his project is funded.

  55. I can see that Zambia will be a food busket in the region . you will be funded in Jesus ‘ name. amen.

  56. okra has good money. try growing it on a small piece of land. you will be amazed at the profits you will make.

  57. Let the sponsors fund you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. how are they going to announce the winners?

  58. congratulations on having a great mind. You must be supported by all means my dear brother . I wish I could do something.

  59. You arranged and articulated so well that everything in your project seems real.

    I will be disappointed if you don’t win.

  60. Yes, your project is realistic, yes, your project is sustainable, and yes, it deserves to be funded. borrowing your English.

  61. kitwe city is blessed to have a young man so passionate about agriculture. I wish you the best.

  62. a great stuff deserves to be commended, this one is very great and it should be funded.

  63. I was once told that you need so much experience to grow tomatoes. where do you draw your experience from?

  64. cabbage is a very good vegetable. you can count your profits even before you harvest and sell your cabbage, that’s the goodness with growing cabbage. keep trying.

  65. I suggest you open a poultry at your farm, so that you can begin organic farming. I like everything about your project.

  66. It is good for Africa to have young people who are agriprenuers. This is certainly a very good project. keep it up man.

  67. vegetable food is good for everyone . you will make more in your project because you cater everyone with your produce. who doesn’t vegies anyway!

  68. I’m very impressed with your stuff. keep working hard and continue with your hard working spirit.

  69. You are not only a great agriprenuer, but also a very great thinker, QQP is my reason for what I have said.

    keep it up young farmer.

  70. with more than 8 years of farming experience, this man truly has passion for farming and he can do great things to our country. well done!

  71. water is very important for every project surely a borehole is needed for the project to work well.

  72. water is very important for every project surely a borehole is needed for the project to work well. good luck

  73. Thanks very much brother sitali, a borehole will surely change the status of mozziket farm. Once we have a borehole at the farm, the production of tomatoes will increase to about 70%.
    We are unable to utilise the all 12ha currently because we don’t have enough water to cater the whole land.

  74. If this country has youths like moses chimwaji, our country would have developed long time ago, because we can export our goods to other countries. may God richly bless you because I know you are among the winners.

  75. Mr Leonard, YAFA ZAMBIA is currently just a page on Facebook. We have considered registering it as an organisation but are yet to do that

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