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YAP Proposal #250: Poultry farming (Humayun Kabir, Bangladesh)



I am Humayun Kabir, 25 years old. I have completed an MBA and now I am working in a NGO. The name of our NGO is CDMS. The major sector the organization covers agriculture. I am from Tarash, Sirajganj, Bangladesh. I am highly interested in working in agriculture.

CDMS does a lot of work and is always thinking about agriculture. CDMS helps farmers but this organization just gives them suggestions, there is no money behind it. We are trying to get funds from donor. If we get any funding I believe this organization will do a lot of good.

Project Summary

There is a great market for commercial poultry farming in Bangladesh, and it is already an established business opportunity. The economic system of Bangladesh is mostly dependent on agriculture. Poultry products like meat and eggs are the main source of animal protein for Bangladeshi people.

HumayunKabir2Chickens are common and the most-raised poultry birds in Bangladesh. Along with chickens, raising other poultry birds like quailsduckspigeonspeacocks etc. is also gaining popularity day by day.

Here I will describe the benefits of poultry farming in Bangladesh and the steps for starting this business commercially.

Benefits of Poultry Farming in Bangladesh

Poultry farming is a lucrative business. There are some advantages of starting this business. The main benefits of starting poultry farming in Bangladesh are listed below.

  • Poultry farming in Bangladesh is a very profitable business for both individuals and entrepreneurs.
  • There is a huge demand for poultry products inside the country so you don’t have to worry about marketing your products.
  • There are no religious taboos for consuming any poultry bird’s meat or eggs in Bangladesh.
  • Poultry farming in Bangladesh is such a great business that it will never dry up.

Commercial poultry farming can create employment opportunities for job-seeking, unemployed, educated people. Even women can start raising some poultry birds in small-scale farming systems. This activity will ensure the availability of necessary nutrition for the family and help them by making some extra income.

Nowadays, there are numerous highly productive poultry breeds are available that are very suitable for commercial production.

Commercial poultry farming business has a great return on investment ratio. That means you will get good returns on your total investment.

I need some capital or initial investment for starting a commercial poultry farming business in Bangladesh. In a word, poultry farming in Bangladesh is absolutely a great business, especially for educated job seekers. Employment opportunities are decreasing day by day due to rapid population growth, so commercial poultry farming is a great income and employment source and the avenue to self-dependence.

Commercial Poultry Farming in Bangladesh

I need to follow some necessary steps for starting a commercial poultry farming business. Here I will describe the necessary steps for starting the farm.

Selecting Farm Location

The first step for starting a poultry farm is the selection of a suitable location. I can start raising poultry in my home or in a separate place that is quiet and far from my home. A rural area is perfect for setting up a commercial poultry farming business because I can find land and labor in rural areas easily and more cheaply than in urban areas.

I will not try to establish a poultry farm on a piece of rented land. It would be better if I owned the land myself. The farm must also have a great source of sufficient, clean and fresh water and be free from all types of predators and harmful animals.

A proper transportation system will be very necessary, along with a suitable market near the farm for selling products and buying necessary commodities.


Good and high quality nutritious feed ensures maximum poultry production. I will always try to feed my birds fresh and nutritious food. I can feed my birds commercial poultry feeds that are available in the market. Various types of feeds are available in the market according to the breed and age of poultry birds.

If I want to feed my birds homemade food, then I have to buy all the necessary nutritious feed ingredients separately and mix them before feeding it to my poultry birds.

Care and Management

Diseases are the main threat to a poultry farming business, so special care and management is a must. The birds must always be vaccinated in a timely fashion. They must never be fed polluted or contaminated foods. I must always keep a stock of necessary medicines and always try to take good care of them.


Marketing is the easiest step of poultry farming. You can easily sell your products in your nearest local market. Nowadays, Bangladesh is earning some foreign money by exporting poultry products.

Poultry farming is a lucrative business. It can play a great role for eradicating poverty and unemployment problems. If you want to start poultry farming in Bangladesh, then try to learn more about poultry farming and visit some farms to gather some practical experience.


This grant of $5000 will be used for capacity building ($2000), identifying and providing improved poultry farming  breeds that can be raised on degraded land, miscellaneous inputs ($1000), a stakeholder workshop and  exposure visit  ($800), publications ($800) and strengthening market linkages through a local market assessment and business plan ($400).

Social Impact


  • Unemployment due to land being a Chalanbeel area
  • Malnutrition due to shortage of protein
  • Scarcity of organic fertilizer and use of harmful chemicals
  • Scarcity of fish food


  • Create employment
  • Produce and sell duck eggs and duck meat
  • Produce organic fertilizer from duck waste
  • Produce fish food from duck waste

Risk management

The main risks are theft and epidemics, but I will take appropriate security measures including fencing and a security guard. I will also make sure that the Upazila veterinary surgeon will visit at least once a month.


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56 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #250: Poultry farming (Humayun Kabir, Bangladesh)”

  1. Dear Humayun,

    This project really so good for Bangladesh, Please give me you phone number i need talk with you. i want do this . If this project apply in our country really no need job young people .

  2. sir, i want to start Poultry farming for egg production purpose so i need your cooperation and guidance. i have no any ideas about its investment, return and production process. plz guide me.

  3. sir, i want to start Poultry farming for egg production purpose so i need your cooperation and guidence. i have no any ideas about its investment, return and production process. plz guide me.

  4. sir,
    I want to start khaki Campbell duck farming in jharkhand. india. what is the positive and negative aspect in business point of view.1-climate.2-temperature of jhakhand 3-egg buyer etc problem faces es.
    thank you.

  5. Dear sir
    Many Many Thanks for your important article on duck farming. i am Monir Hasan from bangladesh. i am highly eager to start a duck farm. and i already started my work. Can you please explain duck farming on the basis of bangladesh. Thanks and best regurd.

  6. I live in South Carolina and would like to start a small scale commercial duck farm, for meat, but have no clue where to start. I googled it and I am more confused than before with all the “advise” on the internet. I need professional help. Can you help point me in the right direction?

  7. Dear sirs
    I would like to thank you for your valuable informatios on your page
    Pls. Can i get the design of the duck bulding ( plan and elevation drawings )
    For 5000 duck fatening or egging
    Many thanks
    Best regards
    Eng/ abd alrahma

  8. Hello sir,
    i am from Sri Harsha Duck Farm And Hatching Eggs.we are export duck hatching eggs and eating duck eggs and also duck meat.if you want these product please contact us
    cell :+919010125123

  9. RoysFarm, it is great to have you always at our need. i am a Ugandan and interested in keeping campbell ducks for both meat and egg production, however, there seems to be no duck hatcheries in Uganda East Africa, how can I get the ducklings. Do you export to Africa or do you know of any hatcheries that could be nearer to Uganda and if possible their contacts? May I also have some house plans for duck houses. thank you and be Blessed.

  10. Hi,
    I am planning an integrated fish cum duck farming in the plains of Nepal. What breed of duck do you suggest? Also, would you please share some duck house pictures that require minimum cost and can be built with local resources. Please share any ideas on integrated farming.

  11. Please I want to carry out survey on duck faming about the problem and prospect of duck farming so I want you to help me out in getting up to 100 respondents I.e duck farmers engaging in commercial duck rearing. I’m Stephen by name from Moor plantation Ibadan.

  12. Sir,
    Thanks for your initiative and thinking to help the unemployed youths. Will you kind enough to give us an idea about very modern housing including a project report for 250 Khaki Campbell ducks for commercial purpose. We want to start modern duck project at Purulia of West Bengal with modern Black Bengal Goat farm .
    Waiting for your kind response.
    Thanking You.
    Yours faithfully,
    Pinaki Chakraborty

  13. Thanks for good work you ve decided to do to help humanity, I am from Osun State in Nigeria and I am planning to establish a commercial PEKING duck farm in my town but I don’t know where to get either duckling or egg to hatch (OF PECKING DUCK) since 2010. Please Sir, I want to know if you can export it to me so that big vision I have will not die off. Please help me out and I will be expecting your quick response on how to get it and the cost. Thanks

  14. This is very informative and I’ve actually enjoyed learning some of the things you have shown in the article. I’m intending to raise a combination of free range /organic in raised cubicles which when fully grown will weigh up to 5-6kg dead live weight. I’ll be intersted to know the common deseases and how to manage them.


  16. Hi, friends,
    We are a professional poultry equipment factory from China, and can produce all the equipments that need in the chicken houses:
    1. Automatic pan feeding system
    2. Automatic nipple drinking system
    3. Fans
    4. Cooling pad
    5.The environmental controller
    With high quality, competitive price and good after-sale service, our equipment is popular all over the world, especially in Middle East countries and Africa countries.
    If you have interests,you can contact me.Thanks very much.
    Skype: hera0077

  17. I want to start poultry inverse system to farm poultry in Armenia send me photos and prices for all the equipment I need to start with 500 chicks and grow from there.

    thank you .

  18. We are eon the verge of completing our plans for immediate implementation of the first phase of farming activity to be located to start with in 150 Acres and then to a 550 acre Estate both locations or in Tamil, India. we are looking for a supplier / partner for all equipment including fully automatic wherever available. The first haste will include, sheep and Goat Farm and Poultry farm. Our broiler poultry farm will start with 12,000 birds and keep expanding. We will also have around 1500 Birds for just breeding alone. We want to buy all the fully automatic equipment that you have in this connection. Please replay immediately since we want to start of preparatory activities from 14th April, 2014. We have noy much time so a very quick response will be much appreciated.

  19. I want to sell ready broiler Poultry with sheds capacity of about 25000 birds and a complete cement concrete building with required arrangements for hatchery , four servants quarters, one constructed well, one powerful bore well with electricity connections all with app.4 acres of land in Ward ha district near Nagpur India. Cost around 3 crores….negotiable. Anyone interested in purchasing may contact on 9422140197

  20. Hi there,
    Thank you for the valuable information on poultry operation. We are gathering information on poultry farm operation. (chicken)
    Planning on setting up a farm in Afghanistan this year. With production aim of about 120-150 thousand broiler birds per year.
    Need your help on the following:
    1. The rough size of enclosed facility
    2. Source for fertilized eggs, and type of bird we should work with.
    3. Can we feed our birds manually? as fully automatic system can be very costly…
    4. We have 3 months cold winter (can go down to -10d), and 3 months hot summer (up to 42d)…the spring and fall season is mild in the 25 degree range.
    5. Can we keep some of our fully grown broilers for fertile eggs supply or we have to purchase the fertile eggs on regular bases?
    6. The medication or vaccine that we should be using.

    Thank you for your help!

  21. Sir,
    I have 10 acres land and I want to farm 1200 giriraja chicken breed (1000 hen and 200 cock) in free range.So please could you provide me the detail of how much concentrated feed should be given to per chicken per day.

  22. Dear Sir,
    i wanted to run the poultry business in bihar area . I have gone through all the query and suggestion , We have 10 acres land. Sir one thing i wanted to know the about the loan facility , Sir we are ready to invest at least 5 lakhs amount. Sir Also please tell the profitability of this business.

  23. Sir,
    I just want to know, can i start poultry farming near my house (village), i have a plenty of space, because i have heard that poultry farm cannot be started near a residential area.

  24. Hi want to purchase a broiler farm and i want to start it very soon also. The only problem i can see is that the roof of the farm i wish to purchase is concrete and i am being advised by local farmers that due to extreme cold and hot climate in my area it won’t be good to purchase the same. Please let me know if i have any options to avoid any losses.

  25. Hi sir, im planning to set up a poultry farm in my own land (Tenkasi -Tamilnadu) about 1 acre. have few question to clarify:
    1. Should i register with any government office? get licence for farming?
    2. I’ve visited few poultry farms and saw they put fan inside the house for cheickens. is it the correct method or we can use roof exhaust fans?
    3. How many numbers i can grow in my 1 acre?
    Thanks in advacne for your reply…

  26. Dear Sir,
    I have a poultry farm of capacity 7000 broilers , now i want to construct a parallel poultry of same cap. please advice me how far can i construct and minimum width of the shed.

  27. Dear sir I am from India and my state is Odisha. help me fully for raise chicken poultry birds.I have 100feet*140feet land in my village area. so please suggest me how much more birds are suitable according my land & which type of breed is giving more profit ?

  28. i want to invest 10 to 15 lakh bdt on poultry firm business
    i have my own land in village area beside river
    i want to buy tempereture maintainer
    auto feed machine for my business with this money
    can u tell me how much will come my equipment cost and with 15lakh bdt how many bird can i rise in one phase

  29. Hello sir,
    I’m from kashmir and the weather conditions here are harsh in summers are for 7 months and winters are for 5 months . I want to establish a layer farm In my area and I would like ur expertise on the matter related to the inefficiency of layers in cold harsh winters . The winters here can go to about -5 degree Celsius but they are short lived . I’m summers the temperature is above 25 degree celcius which is ok. I would like u to suggest me a possible way so there will be no loss in egg production perhaps some kind of controlled atmosphere and money is not an issue .please suggest if a layer house is feasible in such harsh conditions. Thank u

  30. I’m Starting a poultry breeding farm, and I’m looking to purchase 1000 hens, and 70 cockerels. The breeds I’m looking at are the Hy-Line Brown, and the Lohmann Brown. We will be hatching all year long.

    1. What space is needed for the breeders? (They’ll be confined)
    2. Should feed and water be available all day. 24/7
    3. A quick way to euthanize male chicks.
    (As they are not needed in the egg layer farms)
    4. Hight of building for proper ventilation, due to our hot/humid climate down here in South Texas.

  31. I want to start Poultry farm in Ratnagiri district Tal.Lanja, Prabhanvalli Village.
    how can I start and what type of layer use for this, also provide me some feeding knowledge and housing plan.

  32. Hello could you please tell me how much money one can start poultry farm in Africa.
    please I’m interested in this job and complete without experience but I have learned lot of this site. Thank you. Phonix

  33. HI, I would like to start a layer and broiler farm, wanted to ask if I would make a decent profit in egg production if I started with at least 500 Layer chickens?

  34. HELLO SIR,


  35. Sir, Is it possible to assist and promote the poultry farming especially in the case of Broiler. Do you have any agent in Nepal. Can we get the various materials related to poultry ?

  36. Respected sir,
    I am from Chennai,tamilnadu,India. I have 300sqft of land in my home. At present I would like to practice poultry farming with minimum no of chickens(15-20nos). To learn feeding, litter management, vaccinating at time etc. I like to go with layer varities which is best among these asil, brahma, giriraja, gramapriya, kadaknath, kuroiler, vanaraja. Am pracitising for my future dream . please suggest me right direction or support with good links
    And also can we raise quails and chicken in same coop ?
    Thanks in advance.

  37. i am naser from India i have 4 guntas land and i want to start a poultry farm of broilers chicken i need a medicine name which can improve broilers growth thank u sir

  38. hello sir, i’m from Nepal
    my question is
    i’m interested in poultry farming so i want to learn advance poultry farming
    where is best ??
    how much time its take?

  39. I have started with 4 Giriraj chicks on a trial basis..and have learnt that this breed are not brooders..if I keep a pure breed like Aseel females..or any other broider variety..will they crossbreed with the Giriraj?

  40. Hi, I want to start a country chicken farm of 4000 capacity in Karnataka. I need to construct the farm completely in a modernised way. Can you help me in giving some ideas?

  41. Dear Sir,

    I am interested in opening a poultry farm in chhatisgharh region, i want to know is it a feasible business and can i really be able to sell the end product considering the current market situation. Please advice.

  42. This is a professional ventilation equipment manufacture from China.Widely used in poultry house,green house,industry for climate solutions. Exhaust fan and cooling pad are hot sales products overseas.Warmly welcome you inquiry to my e-mail address.

  43. Dear sir, thank you very much for your support.

    I am in Ghana, want to go into poultry farming.

    I will need your help time to time, I am now preparing grounds for the farm.
    The land is 140/100 feet. Please what is the maximum birds I can start with?

  44. Please I want to start poultry farming business in Nigeria.
    Please let me know details of your most cost- efficient poultry equipment for layers. (Grade by grade)
    With information such as:-
    I. Life span of the equipment.
    II. Pet/unit cost
    III. Number of layers per cage.
    Reply through my email.

  45. Thank you so much for that informative news. I think i will be able to initiate a project based on information you have given. Please let me know more on poultry diseases and management especially on free range birds.

  46. ‎‎Great post, keep it up

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    White Cockerel.–N75
    Black Cockerel.–N9100
    Pullet. —N400
    Parent Stock(broiler)—N2,500
    Parent Stock(Layers)—N2,800
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  47. Commercial poultry farming in Bangladesh>Layer birds!A presentation will be held for interested farmers to set up 50000 pcs + chicken farming units,on 9 december 2017.Pls register your interest.Seats are limited!

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