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YAP Proposal #244: Smart Krishi mobile app (Anil Regmi, Nepal)


Anil Regmi, a Nepali national aged 24 with a B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I wanted to pursue a second degree that deals with people more directly, and I find the problems in agriculture more fascinating.

My interest lies in engineering, social media and computing and technology in emerging markets, particularly in agriculture, as well as crowd-based innovation. I have more than 2 years of experience in Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) field.

I am also interested in studying the impact of technology diffusion on individuals, families, and societies in economically challenged countries, and how the social and cultural dimensions of everyday life impact the adoption of technology.


Smart Krishi is a mobile app that serves as a platform for farmers and any citizens interested in agriculture to get information with a single touch. Using a Wi-Fi/3G connection, the app automatically syncs with the latest information in the Smart Krishi database.

In places with no internet connectivity the contents can be easily viewed in offline mode. This feature eliminates the need of having a 24-hour internet connection in technology-limited settings.

Farmers can send their location and can get location-specific information on crop and farming techniques. They can also tailor the app to follow and subscribe to the latest news and market prices of agricultural and horticultural products.


In addition, farmers can get connected with agro-experts via a discussion forum where their queries will be answered by agricultural experts.

The content of the app is moderated by a team of researchers in USA and Nepal, experienced farmers, agricultural experts and scientists.


Mr. Prakash Shrestha from Baglung district of Nepal is working in South Korea and wants to get back to his country to start a farm. With the money he has saved he wants to build a metal-framed greenhouse equipped with advanced technology such as drip Irrigation.

Mr. Dipak Bhusal, who has a goat farm in Arghakhanchi district, is having trouble selling his goats at a competitive price due to unfair practices of middle men.

Mr. Paras Katuwal runs an irrigation company that works with drip and micro-irrigation. He wants people to know about and adopt the drip irrigation system.

You may wonder what the common problem is among Mr. Prakash, Mr. Dipak and Mr. Paras. All of them lack a common platform for sharing technical knowledge and market price information. It is with aspirations to solve these agriculture-related problems in Nepal that we started exploring avenues to combine technology with agriculture, leading to the founding of Smart Krishi Nepal.

“Information and communication have always mattered in agriculture. Ever since people have grown crops, raised livestock, and caught fish, they have sought information from one another. Most [farmers] have long relied on a patchy network of local middlemen, a handful of progressive farmers, and local shop owners to receive decision-critical information, whose reliability, accuracy, and timeliness can have a critical impact on their decision making and therefore livelihood.”
-Amit Mehra et al., HuffingtonPost 2010

According to a recent study by the UNDP, the potential of agricultural growth to reduce poverty is four times greater than the potential of growth from other sectors. Nepal is a country where 66% of the population is dependent on agriculture. Nevertheless, agricultural products contribute a mere 39% to the GDP.

Effective ICT extension systems improve agricultural productivity by providing farmers with accurate information at low cost, helping them to optimize the use of resources.


It has already been a year since we launched the beta version of our app in Google Play store. Currently, the app has been downloaded 17,000 times and responses have been positively overwhelming.

We have also tried to leverage the power of social media. Social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram have provided us platforms to help answer some of the questions we have been receiving.

We are currently in the beta phase and our technical solutions are limited by financial constraints. We have a list of suggested features from hundreds of our users. This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Redesigning user interface of the app and contents to address illiterate users in underdeveloped countries,
  • Designing our API (application interface) services to automatically fetch the daily market price of agricultural products,
  • An interactive discussion portal.

The project has proven that it is making its mark among farmers, their families and customers and it is leading to development of the overall agricultural information exchange ecosystem. Our goal is to have 50,000 farmers and other stakeholders using the application in the next 18 months, so that we can make a large impact. We aim to also scale out to other South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and Bhutan since we share similar geographies.

As for sustainability, we have a business model. We will introduce a premium annual subscription package for a very low cost. We can put some agriculture-related ads in the app that might turn out to also be beneficial to users. A similar source of revenue could be providing push notification services to mass users.

The effectiveness of this project will be measured from both online (different social media campaigns) and offline (programs, events and interactions).

Budget planning:

  • Upgrade of current app in android and iOS app development: $1,500
  • Incentives for content writer/contributor for one year: $1,500
  • Annual maintenance: $500
  • Awareness campaigns and trainings: $1,000
  • Marketing and promotion cost: $500

Sharing information could solve a lot of issues for people involved in agriculture. Today, when genuine agro-information is a mere fingertip away, why not use it?


Blogpost and picture submitted by Anil Regmi (Nepal) – waytomeani[at]

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397 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #244: Smart Krishi mobile app (Anil Regmi, Nepal)”

  1. Great Work Anil Regmi, I have seen this app leave a great impact on Farmers. I hope to see some more imporovements relevant to the farmers in other regions of the country.

  2. With majority of people working around agricultural sector its ominous for people of tech background to innovate something new in the field. I hope it does help people of every class interested in agriculture. Smart krishi is a good concept. Best wishes for success.

  3. I m also using smart krishi and everthing is integrated. Its another brick to sustainable agriculture development.

  4. very useful app for modernization and commercialization of Nepali classical farming..!!!

  5. Smart agriculture with smart technology. Really nepalese agriculture needs to be transformed. Hope such ICT project could contribute some on agri sector.

  6. Effective agricultural extension systems improve agricultural productivity by providing farmers with relevant information; helping them optimize the use of resources. ICT plays a great role for disseminating agricultural information.

      1. बधाई छ! Anil
        तपाईको प्रयासमा हामी धेरैले फाइदा लिन सकिरहेका छौं ! best of luck

  7. Great job.Farmers produce would fetch better price as it lessens number of middle man.ultimately it would boost the production and productivity of the crops with increased returns.

  8. For an agricultural country like Nepal, the sustainable agricultural practice is a most. I, myself being a tech student, i do believe that the sustainable agricultural practices can only be followed if we introduce technology in this sector. Technology can be the use of sophisticated machineries to the simple mobile applications that can assist farmers for the cultivation. The Smart Krishi App has done a great task for acquiring the knowledge in agricultural sector for the farmers. Anil Regmi and his group has been continuously working to bring change in the agricultural sector introducing sustainability. He is a matter of pride and a role model for transforming Nepalese agricultural scenario.

  9. Congratulation and all the best Anil, it’s good initiation on agricultural country to help people via mobile app.

  10. Smart Krishi is great app and thanks to Mr Regmi for initiative idea. All the Best Smart Krishi Team.

  11. ICT when dessiminates knowledges to the doorsteps of farmers bring positive change in farms and make a country prosperous.Good luck Anil ji for your attempts to make better agricultural system in Nepal.

  12. There’s a wide gap in between research station and farmers field in exchanging agricultural knowledge and improved practices. Thus, technology transfer in agricultural systems has been a serious issue in Nepal since long. Mobile app like this will certainly play a vital role fulfilling such gap between the parties.
    Great job…and good luck for your future endeavours !!

  13. nice one
    Need of transformation of agriculture through the technology development.. Keep it up..

  14. This is a good initiative started and led by Mr. Anil Regmi. I am sure many small holder farmers are benefiting from this continuous effort. He keeps providing valuable information relating to agriculture. I work for a project dealing in agriculture and I really appreciate the work put into this my Mr. Regmi. All the best for your continued work and success in future endeavors too.

  15. Mobile Technology has become essential for any kind of development and looking at the mobile access in our country this app can bring big change. Good luck!

  16. I believe, this app will prove blessing to nepalese agriculture .Farmers can enjoy benefit from this app. Good job Anil Regmi and his group. I appreciate your work. No doubt, this app will help to eradicate tradition practises in farming ;adopt necessary changes and consequently, bring nepalese agriculture to a step high.

  17. Being an agricultural country, Nepal seriously needs conjunction of latest technologies within agriculture for the betterment and improvisation of each and every aspects of agriculture. So any kind of work relating this vision is really applaudable. Good luck and my wishes are with you brother !!!

  18. The idea is innovative and it is a good use of technology, as most of people are connecting with android operating system and iOS. But I would like to suggest you to involve hotline services too for quick response to the need. All the very best to you Mr. Anil Regmi.

  19. Regarding the country like Nepal development in any sector is necessary with innovation . As in the modern world IT has been playing major role, so to attract youth towards agriculture also this kind of app will help a lot. Good work Mr.Anil Regmi and Best of luck.

  20. I really admire your work so far Anil, one day I would like to see farmers in my village using “SmartKrishi”.I hope you are considering expansion/scale-up in terms of database and location both. Best wishes!

  21. I really admire your work so far Anil, one day I would like to see farmers in my village using “SmartKrishi”. I hope you are considering expansion/scale-up in terms of information databases and location both. Best wishes!

  22. Being an IT specialist, what you are doing for the development of agriculture in nation is highly remarkable. I salute Mr Anil Regmi Sir, deeply from my inner consciousness that may all your dreams come true. Coz hard work forever pays and such kind of hard work is not only meant for return, but are meant for leavong footprints in the history of development…

  23. A profoundly influential initiative. Farmer, agriculture based businessman of all level , any geography can benefit from it instantly. Very rewarding. My appreciation and best wishes to the team.

  24. The country where approximately 66 percent of people are depending on agriculture and allied profession, a innovative way of incorporating technology is of high demand. Special thanks for the courage and persistent hard work made to upgrade Nepali agrarian society.

  25. Great initiative and a novel one indeed. A great way to encorporate modern technology into traditional agriculture techniques used in nepal

  26. Impressed with ‘Smart Krishi App” and “PathShala App’ by the young and innovative IT entrepreneurs, Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST) has requested to develop a new hybrid app ‘Smart Agriculture Education App’ cross breeding the ‘Smart Krishi App” and “PathShala App’ to support all sectors related with agriculture education and profession.

  27. ICT , A Common Platform for Sharing Technical Knowledge .. All the very best dai 🙂 !!

  28. Greater initiation in agricultural field, very helpful in information flow for the general people.
    Hope all the people get greater advantages using this technology.
    Best of luck team

  29. Good job Anil and our smart krishi team. This project will encourage our farmers to use farming techniques in more sustainable manner and it will also provide them ways to gain maximum profit from their production. Agriculture has always been the foundation of our country and its development. Therefore, your contribution towards that sector is really appreciated. Its really good to see youth working in agriculture sector, which is sadly not given a standard position in terms of job in our current society. This can act as an encouragement for young minds to choose a career in related field. Congratulation to the team!

  30. Considering the unique challenges faced by underdeveloped countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh and some parts of Africa in agriculture, this app appeals to farmers, citizens and anyone interested in agriculture. I truly hope this app gets an exposure to the next level and motivated enough to make impact to the bottom pyramid of our society.

  31. A remarkable initiative indeed.
    Nepal also faces geographical constraint but with effective communication standards a lot of problem are somehow minimized. Government guidance, other might not reach on time. We have been hearing how lack of seed vision and agricultural guidance persists.
    Hope Smart Krishi reaches out to as much people as possible.
    Keep going bro!

  32. very nice app which is very useful for the many agricultural based information go head smart krishi team

  33. I think this app is doing well in Nepal’s agricultural.
    All the best.
    God bless you.

  34. Good initiation and implimentation of the app in the field have been beneficial to all local farmers so hope this continues and good luck for the future.

  35. ICT is making Agriculture more precise, advanced and productive. Good luck with Smart Krishi Anil.

  36. This is a very good initiative, i truly wish that this app eventually grows into a complete information portal for all the people looking to do something into agriculture field. This app is a great help towards moving the traditional agricultural practices in Nepal towards more professional and commercial practices.

  37. Agriculture is a very important part of our economy. We are proudly an agricultural based country and promoting agriculture and products related to it is a fascinating addition to the startup ecosystem. The app has very rich content and info regarding agriculture and this initiation should definitely be a platform to promote agriculture in our country

  38. Its such an impressive initiative that youths like you are focusing on development of sustainable agricultural. Let Smart Krish get explosure to each and every farmers out there; and lack of communication and information never be a constraints for the agricultural production.
    All the best Anil and Smart Krishi.

  39. Congratulation Anil for being listed in top 75. You are going good, keep it up. best wishes to reach-out to the grass-root people, who really need it.

  40. Working along with innovation for agricultural development starting from rural areas, connecting the experts with the workers, dismantling their problems with solutions for higher productions and eventually increasing GDP..
    Very broadened approach for sustainable development in agriculture..
    All the best wishes to the smart krishi team..

  41. मलाई धेरै राम्रो लाग्यो . निरन्तर पर्गतिको कामना गर्दछु

  42. Technology it can change everything and you are giving it on hand to hand 🙂 Great initiation bro
    Best of luck 🙂

  43. This app is really awesome. And I have mentioned about app to my parents back home. Becaue they are doing seasonal vegetable business in huge land. Undoubtly, this app helps them immensly to tackle with different issues in the business.

    Thanks Anil Regmi for your remarkable contribution technically in the agriculture sector in Nepal because country’s main economy is relying in it.

    Good luck

  44. smart krishi will make a nepali krishak more smarter than ever. Good job Anil. Go ahead..

  45. Well done brother ur contribution will help to improve the economic condition of the nepalese farmers.

  46. App Smart krishi is really smart and useful for both farmers/enterpreneur as well as technicians involved in agriculture and its commercialization.

  47. Great job!!! Smart Krishi is a really good resource for farmers in the context of Nepal. Keep going. Good luck!

  48. Great job!! Smart krishi is a really good resource for the farmers in the context of Nepal. We solute your work. All the best!

  49. In the country like Nepal where agriculture is considered as the boon for the development of country the idea of linking it with technology is a good n new concept so keep it up n do ur best 🙂

  50. Smart Krishi is milestone to disseminate information to many small farmers in Nepal. Due to geographical variation, there are many places where extension agent cannot reach everyday, even once in a month. Smart Krishi mobile app is becoming really useful tool helping those marginalized farmers. Really good job. Good luck.

  51. Good job. Its a best idea to uplift present situation and status of Nepalese farming.

  52. ICT has now become a basic need to all the farmers. It helps them to connect with their costumers and researchers, help solve their problems and no doubt help feed millions of hungry stomach. Smart krishi is one of the app spreading information and communicating with farmers. Good going.

  53. Increasing population of country may lead to the food deficiency so the foremost step to cope with this problem will be maximizing in the production by minimizing the input which can be done with the help of ICT only.

  54. Good job..i liked your idea ever since you started it. do well in the future best of luck four your future…….

  55. Innovation in agriculture is vital for Nepal’s development. Glad to see various efforts 🙂

  56. “Smart Krishi” is a good example of how we can connect the top of the pyramid technology with the bottom of the pyramid market for the benefit of both… my best wishes to this inclusive start-up concept ….

  57. Smart World with Smart Phone needs Smart Agriculture for Smart Cultivation!!!! Best of Luck Smart Anil!!!!

  58. This app is really very useful for the one who are really very intrested do work on agriculture sector in Nepal….Anil Regmi and Team are doing really a great job! Hats off!

  59. Its the really new area for the development of agriculture in Nepal. The information provided by the application smart krishi is very good. Best of luck for the future days

  60. It segregates itself from the verbosity of what is ICT, the content is precise, logical and relatable.

  61. Yes, i have been following the app regarding smart krishi in instagram and it seems like a very good initiation in the sector of agriculture. The agricultural occupation in recent years has been abandoned by many farmers due to lack of appreciation by the other business professionals and on top of that they used to earn comparatively less income with extra effort on work than the other sector. I am glad the way the new techniques have been introduced to the farmers and envouraging other peoples to get into farming or breeding animals 🙂

  62. I advice to download this app for all who is related with agriculture. Thanks anil ji .

  63. In a country like Nepal where majority of population depends upon agriculture and where the information technology and mobile density is in increasing trend ICT can play the vital role in overall economic growth of the country….best wishes 🙂

  64. कृषि प्रविधि र कृषक , प्राविधिक को भलो गरी कृषिक्षेत्रको क्रान्तिकारी परिवर्तन गर्न सकोस् कृषि एपले हार्दिक शुभकामना छ!

  65. It is the best app for the Nepalese people especially those who involve in Agriculture. You guys are doing great keep it up

  66. Many congratulations to Mr Anil on being able to successfully fulfill the gap of ICT in modern agriculture. Its really an innovative approach n I hope it will be of great value to the gellow agriculturist! My best wishes to him.

  67. Really a wonderful app thats connecting farmers and the consumers with the clean market covalently. Much recently I found out the selling location of oyster mushroom spawn in kathmandu by means of this app…really thankful to this app..its really smart

  68. ICT is a helicopter that drives up the productivity of land up to maximum and in lack of Information, Communication and technology productivity always move sluggishly.

  69. Really a wonderful app thats connecting farmers and the consumer to a vlean market covalently…it has helped me a lot..thanks to this app…good luck..

  70. good job Anil, hope you can help many farmers to grow their business along with your innovative technology.

  71. ICT and agriculture, what a powerful tool it is!! I can see that future Nepal in my mind now. Good Luck Anil Ji

  72. Smart Krishi s useful app for farmers specially who is in learning phase. I wish good luck to Smart Krishi and am hopeful that its content is localised for optimum benefit to the local farmers !

  73. धेन्नेबाद मलाई एड गर्नु भएको मा , मलाई greenhouse सम्भंधि कुनै पनि कुरा बारे (growing , greenhaouse construction, budgeting, biological pest controll, hydroponice system आदि आदि ) जान्न चाहनु हुन्छ भने सम्पर्क गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ , मेरो यस फिल्ड मा २५ बर्ष को अनुभब छ ,
    धन्नेबाद .

  74. Great job Anil Regmi. Young blood getting invested in one of the highly potential sector of Nepal. For sure this app helps many agriculture entrepreneurs of Nepal. I believe this app will inspire many people out there searching motivation for doing agriculture in Nepal. Gud luck

  75. Your steps to move in agriculture from engineering is already a inspirational story Anil. There is no doubt that without agricultural boom, industrialization has never taken place. For Nepal, where extension agents are not timely available, not up to date with new source of information, i am hopeful that your application will fill that void. Great job Anil and thank you for helping farmers.

  76. GOOD JOB ! Really appreciate for your efforts. Hope to see a lot of advancements and best wishes for further steps. God bless you gentleman.

  77. Great Initiative by a young Nepalese Entrepreneur Mr. Anil Regmi, in the field of Agriculture. It’s one kind of app developed in Nepal for the Nepalese farmers. It’s idea is to uplift the livelihood of the farming community and at the same time guide and support more individuals to return and start their traditional farming business. Bcos in recent times it’s seen that in farming families the next generation Dosen’t want to countine with the family occupation, as they don’t get the right price for their produce because of curtailing prevalent big time in the country.

    We have seen farmer suicides in neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh, and as Nepal too is a largely Agro dependent economy ; its very important that the farmers are given better awareness for their produce and also the opportunity to sell at the best prevailing market price. So that they would be able to enjoy a decent livelihood and to ensure that they stick to thier profession.
    When we are at the dinning table, imagine we don’t get our food, as the farmers have left their profession in search of better opportunities and moved either to kathmandu or abroad.

    The initiation of Smart Krishi App by Mr. Anil Regmi is an ice breaker to help and support Agro initiation in Nepal and is a revolution in the making.

    We a commodity exchange, Mercantile Exchange Nepal limited, are also exploring opportunities to tie up with each other, where price discovery of Agro items can be done at the exchange Platform and the same can be disseminated through smart Krishi apps.

    We wish him best of success…

  78. This app has really helped to create a vibe in agriculture. Agro-technology suitable for various crops and livestock as well are now in pocket of every agri-associated genera is possible through this app.

  79. Very worthy effor… We are tremendously benefited, there’s a long way to go though.
    Our best wishes are with you..congratulations and good luck!

  80. Information technology is overwhelm today. No any field can get developed without intense knowledge. The attempt made by group smart कृषि for providing information about agro-related activities are outstanding.

  81. This is a very useful app. Many entrepreneurs can take benefit of it. Thanks to the app-designer, Mr. Anil.

  82. I love your app. I great initiative. I hope you and your app will do great wonders in the future.

  83. It’s really a great work and initiative in agriculture.. Well done Anil.. Proud of you

  84. Its nice job you are accomplishing. Undoubtedly ICT could be most pivotal. Keep it up. I am also ready to assist you

  85. Great Job Anil Regmi.. I would recommend you for the selection. With the increase in number of mobile users in Nepal, your idea would definitely help the farmers and agripreneurs to get solutions of their problems.

  86. Great work to provide information related to agriculture to the farmers and other people. But the massive use of this app amongst farmers in the country like Nepal is little challenging….any way keep it up !

  87. Great app. Someone really needed to step up and merge agriculture with ICT. You guys know what you’re doing but just an advice, You can make the app more real time by using weather services, season based contents and Q/A forums. Keep up the good work.

  88. याे Smart Krishi Yap ले कृषक तथा उद्मममा लाग्ने व्यक्तीहरूका लागी एक अाैजारकाे रूपमा महत्वपुर्ण भुमिका निर्वाह गरेकाे छ र लाखाै युवाहरूका लागी पेरणाकाे श्राेत वनेकाे छ ।यसरी नै अागमी दिनमा थप उत्तर उत्तोर पर्गतीकाे शुभ कामना ।

  89. This is remarkable work – I am sure that this will greatly contribute to the development and commercialization of agriculture product in the country. Though Nepal is agricultural country – it ( Nepal ) is importing rice, big volume of cooking oil, huge quantity of fruits and alike. Though we are doing it by hard earned money by our youth working in Gulf countries which is not sustainable and reliable. for sustainable, reliable and probably equitable economic growth there are no ways other than developing agricultural sector. We are already alarmed by the present food deficit in the country and huge percentage of people under nourishment in general and pregnant women and children in particular. The government need to assist this innovative idea to strengthen the agricultural extension services which is now relied on only services given by few extension worker that has neither satisfied the growing demand nor is effective.
    Anil and his team is doing well and keep it up.

  90. Its a very nice initiative reaching to numerous people. congratulations to all the team members for the success .And all the best .

  91. Agriculture is a very important part of our economy. We are proudly an agricultural based country and promoting agriculture and products related to it is a fascinating addition to the startup ecosystem. The app has very rich content and info regarding agriculture and this initiation should definitely be a platform to promote agriculture in our country

  92. What a brilliant job. It will benefits many farmers who need to sell their products as well as all population who want to buy without wasting time to search the market. Well done Anil Regmi, you are the champion👍

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