YAP Proposal #221: Irrigation system installation (Mulundano Maybin Lubinda, Zambia)

Commercial Drip Irrigation

Background information

My Full names are Mulundano Maybin Lubinda, a male Zambian aged 25. I am a full time student with The University of Zambia pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing sciences, graduating in June this year 2016.

I was brought up on a farm, We call our farm; Season’s farm. It is a small scale farm specialized in growing crops such as cabbages, tomatoes onions and African eggplant (impwa), and also keep some village chickens and guinea fowls.

It is located deep in the rural area of the copperbelt province, Masaiti district of Zambia, with about 70 hectares of land. Its southern, western and eastern boundaries are surrounded by streams. The southern stream flow throughout the year while the eastern and western stream dry up by September but remain wet.

The farm has a potential of extending the boundaries to about 625 hectares or 6250000m2, and it is in our plan to extend the boundaries and invest more in Pastoral and Arable agriculture. Regardless of having streams in the farm our main challenge has been how to take water to the desired places for irrigation. This among others has limited us from breaking through and becoming a dependable farm for customers.

Main Goal.

Our goal is to extend the farm from 70 hectares to about 625 hectares. And register it as a company with Patents and Companies Registration Angency (PACRA), and become a well-established and reliable source of knowledge and motivation, empowerment, employment and farm products, and contribute to the economic status of mother Zambia, operating under the title; Seasons Farm (for greens & livestock).


Irrigation system installation

A 50,000 liters of water reservoir will be installed about 301 meters away from the stream. This reservoir will be 3 meters or more, above the level ground, so that water can be supplied to the desired fields by gravity. Consultations will be made from water engineers and Machinery supplying companies on all issues concerning the Irrigation system.

A solar pump will be install to pump water from the stream to the tank. This will cut down on the cost of energy usage.

We will consider using a more conservative irrigation system, drip irrigation system for irrigation. This is more efficient and water serving and will prevent water wastage. It is touted as having much higher efficiencies than spray or rotary sprinklers.

Aims Objectives

After installation of the irrigation system we will be able to;

  • Grow cabbages that are easy to manage, 2 weeks after installation.
  • Put up a long term project of bananas starting with 5 hectares in the first 12 to 18 months
  • Grow on a large scale, cash crops such as; garlic and red onion and tomatoes on the upper fertile land 18 months after installation
  • Generate more funds to extend the boundaries of the farm to about 625 hectares in 5 years after installation.
  • Generate more funds that will enable us to venture into other agri-businesses such as pastoral farming within 5 to 10 years.

Our achievements

We have about 70 hectares of virgin land, upon which we want to begin our projects once we are empowered with finances.

Benefit to the community

The farm is surrounded by villages with families that survive mainly by charcoal burning, and fruit gathering. Seasons farm will be a business company, a source of knowledge and financial empowerment to the local people once established. It will also be a source of employment for the local people. We will also be undertaking road maintenance in this area. Only one main road which is busy but poorly maintained is there.


Firstly, I grew up on the farm were my parents grew maize, cabbage, onions and tomatoes, using furrow irrigation. We had favorable yields that we eat and sold the surplus. This has motivated me to venture into agriculture regardless of my profession.

Secondly, I am highly motivated by Mr Constain Chilala who owns about 10,000 hectares of land where he grows 3,000 hectares of soya beans in the summer and produce around 17,000 tons of maize. 12,500 tons of wheat. He has close to 800 casuals on the farm and 250 permanent workers. This man from the Chilala farm motivates me to have big goals in life.

Thirdly, the conditions of living for people in Masaiti are really poor, I would love to help in changing the lives of many families in this area who probably know that agriculture can be a business but have no source of empowerment (Knowledge and financial) to help them.


US$5,000 will help in the installation of the irrigation system on the farm which we have so much of a challenge, at the moment. This will be spent on the suction pipes, delivery pipes, the pumps, purchasing and installing the water tank and designing and installation of the drip irrigation in the field. We will install in a 2000 m2 to start with then we will keep on extending the field.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Mulundano Maybin Lubinda (Zambia) – mulundanomaybin18[at]gmail.com

Illustration courtesy: Jain irrigation

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82 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #221: Irrigation system installation (Mulundano Maybin Lubinda, Zambia)

    1. thankyou so much, i strongly believe that too, Lets venture into Shallow mining (Farming). and Help live for each.. we shall enjoy our lovely rich country that God has blessed us with.

    1. True success is in the mind stay focussed you will get there you have our support the future of our country is in agriculture

  1. Have you done full budget breakdown of the installation. Remember they want you to complete the project with the UsD5000. I think what you mention in the write up will cost more. So consider scaling it down to fit the budget.
    Great proposal.

    1. I looked into that,Mr Phiri, I made consultation from Amiran Zambia, Roto pipes, Lamasat, and just individual farmers with drip irrigation. etc, and the budget for ranges between USD 2000-3500.

      Business is all about negotiations, I will strongly negotiate with the suppliers on the cost of these things, after all they need us for there business to be alive.

      Thankyou so much

    1. Thanks Beene, remember wiseness is not in one brain, i need your ideas..thankyou for your support..lets turn our country into a shallow mine(Farm) and bury the deep mines.

  2. l like the project it’s really good and considering that you are still young with a good vision.keep it up .

  3. this is wonderful am highly motivated by yo works..ths jst proves tht t dont matter yo profession, u cn do anythn if u put yo mind to it.

    1. Yes I believe so too, and nothing would rip me away from agric, i believe turning our country into a shallow mine (a farm) will help, and we will burry the deep mines thereafter.

  4. thats great,and those are the great minds we need but on your propasal,haw do u plan to raise the funds?

    1. Thanks mr sakala,
      To begin with, we have land and we do some farming there already, our challenge has been irrigation.
      Now installing the irrigation system is all we need. then we will be able to put up big fields in the upper land, were we will put up permanent projects like Banana fields and Citrus Orchards.

      But firstly after we install the irrigation system, we will consider putting projects that are short term and easy to manage, like a field of cabbage to generate quick funds, tomato growing which is a magic money making crop. African egg plants(impwa) which is so easy to manage but a very good profit making crop, this one is sermi long term project,as impwa can be in the field for 3-5 years but yield decreases as they grow older.

      Then Rodgers we will be able to put up Bananas, Citrus fruits, Fish ponds, Chicken for eggs and meat, i just discovered recently a breed of free range chickens for egg laying. turkeys and guinea fowls. this farm will accomodate a number of projects that will need Powerful responsibilities.
      Because it will not be about managing the projects but also taking care of the people on the farm and around.
      allow me to end here please feel free to ask anything again and i need your ideas too, remember,” wiseness is not in one mined”

      thankyou Rodgers

    1. Thanks E.K.P
      I believe wisdom is a gift from God, and knowledge is what we attain when we learn, I have skills on the field but thats not enough, i will keep on learning from all sources possible, not only on how to manage my projects but how to take care of human resource. We can not acquire a skill if we do not practice and practice is what i have always engaged myself in.

  5. awesome and inspiring . I am a woman and banker who now wants to venture into farming. It so heartwarming to realise such a dream and ambition at a tender age. Farming is the way to go.

    You may consider empowering the women around your farm by having upskilling wirkshops in farming for thetm too. Who knows one of their sons could also be motivated to become a farmer and help feed the nation.

    1. Dear Sera
      The aims and goals listed in the summary of my business proposal above are not all of them. i cud not list them all due to limited pages we were supposed to write. Training and empowering is one of our aim, the farm is going to be a training base for the locals, Masait has very beautiful land and plenty of water, imagin just our farm of about 70hectares has 3 streams in it if we extent it to 625 hectares it will have 3 streems,1 river and two swampy areas, but, i think indigenous people here need motivation and funds to realise agriculture is a good business to venture in. i believe when you give someone knowledge you have blessed them with an asset no one will ever grab from them. we plan to empower youths and women with both knowledge and funds.

      Thank you God bess You

  6. That’s a good vision that will improve the livelihood of people nd contribute to the National economy

    1. Yes Meomory, I believe engaging in Shallow mining(farming) and buring the deep mines will help improve our country, that will come with come living for each other in humans not for oneself.

  7. This wonderful! . Keep reaching great heights and the sky is the limit. We will support you my brother. Where there is passion, there will always be a way.

    1. Dear Kenita
      Thank so much, you are actually motivating me the most. I feel if we take up agriculture; which is opening shallow mines(farms) in our country we will definately not rely on deep mine, in the end we will even close them down. Lets open more shallow mines.
      God bless

  8. Wonderful proposal and idea to venture in such projects as we kick-start the diversification of our economy as youths, and surely I see a better and brighter Zambia in the near future if more of us come onboard and think in one accord to develop our beautiful country. God bless us all.

    1. Indeed Knox, if we could just put more effort into Agric, I feel the economy of our nation would improve. Working had in shallow mining(agriculture) and living for each other not for oneself is very vital to our development. what kills us mostly is selfishness. we don’t want to extend a hand to someone who needs help.

  9. Mr Mulundano. This is a Great idea…Please, personaly I wud love to see you Go ahead…Your ideas are brighter and encouraging….

  10. This is a good initiative and am even more highly motivated by this because am in IT networking and also in love with agriculture. Keep it up man and this will not only make your dream of farming on a big scale come true but you can and will make a lot of money by selling this to other farmers.

    1. Thanks Miyombo, I feel you can do anything regardless of your profession, mostly people take agriculture as a partime enterprise but, i feel you enjoy it most when its your full time enterprise

    2. My goal is to creat a way of helping people realise agriculture can be a business..especially in my area..i want to make my farm a model farm that will highly mortivate the local people.

  11. Hi Maybin call me on 0966109322. Am impressed you have taken farming this serious i though you have abandoned our childhood hobby. Hope you can still remember those madimba dayz.

    1. hahaha, my Friend Reuben, I wouldn’t forget those days they have modeled me to who I am now..they have a great impact in my passion for Agriculture..
      I hop you are doing well my friend it’s been a while..

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