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YAP Proposal #217: Agro-business training for youth (Tolulope Ayeyemi, Nigeria)


I am Tolulope Ayeyemi, a 25-year-old graduate of Soil Science and Land Resources Management from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. I have always been interested in agricultural research and development, with a primary focus on increasing food productivity and ensuring a sustainable environment.

In recent years, I have been dedicated to training rural farmers on improved agronomic practices to increase their production and ultimately increase their level of income and standard of living.

Agriculture remains a key sector in the development of any nation, and youth are a major driver to ensure a food secure and sustainable world. Over the last few years, the government of Nigeria has focused on agricultural development to boost its economy through a number of its programs, including Growth Enhancement Support (GES).

However, much is said and little is done, particularly for smallholder farmers and youth aiming to join the venture.

Studying Soil science and Land Resources Management at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, gave me hands-on practical experience. Over the years, and with training visits to Songhai farms in Porto-novo, I became equipped with knowledge. This knowledge has motivated me to train youth in my country on modern methods of agriculture.

In view of the current trends of youth empowerment in agriculture, my project is aiming to train 50 village youth on modern agriculture and encourage them to take up agriculture as a business. They are also encouraged to transfer the knowledge they gain to other young people in their communities.

The project will target youth in rural areas who have access to farmland, especially land that is underutilized as a result of primitive farming practices.

Steps to Implement the Project

AyeyemiTolulope2Sub-urban settlements have been identified with the Federal Capital Territory that rely heavily on farming as their major source of livelihood. Within 10 of these settlements, five young people between the ages of 18 and 30 will be selected through a joint selection process between the implementing team and the village head. The village head must understand the core value of the training for the youth and the livelihood aspect of the community, as well as the country.

The method of implementation will be classroom training, field training in the form of plenary sessions, group-based exercises, interactive learning, exhibitions, seminars/presentations and practical hands-on experience in modern methods of cultivating maize, rice and sorghum.

Special emphasis will be placed on the UDP technology (i.e. microfertilization using urea super granules placed 7-10 cm deep in rice fields to reduce N use by 35% while increasing yields by 10-20%), benniseed cultivation, safe handling and use of agrochemicals and poultry and fish farming.

The lasting sustainability and feasibility of the project lies in the fact that the young people will be equipped with the needed startup capital and quality agro-inputs (seeds and fertilizers) after the selection process. They will also be facilitated with knowledge on modern agricultural practices and entrepreneurial skills for self-dependency and knowledge transfer to younger generations.

The project will have a lasting impact on the youth and the economy of the nation and will also generate income for the implementing team through its buy-back activities. We intend to buy the produce from the strengthened youth at a very fair price and sell to a target market. This network will grow the project and enhance the incorporation of monitoring and evaluation for the project.

The training phase of the project will last a duration of 2 months and the first phase of the project will last for 1 year before the commencement of the second phase.

The Budget

The $5000 will be allocated as follows:

A sum of $2500 will be use as startup capital for purchase of quality agro-inputs for the 20 best trainees;
A sum of $1500 will be used for the cost of the training venue, training manuals, logistics and transportation expenses;
A sum of $500 will be used for audio visuals;
The remaining $500 will be for purchasing training materials and will be split for the purposes of monitoring and evaluation.
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258 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #217: Agro-business training for youth (Tolulope Ayeyemi, Nigeria)”

    1. Yes it is, fascinated at how well it works too. It’s really about reducing fertilizer wastage rather maximizing it’s use. Thank you

    2. That’s a nice technology that would help boost agriculture and provides more employment

      1. Thank you Mr. David Adedairo. These are the major objective of this project.

  1. A very wonderful idea. In the light of the current need to embrace a diversified economy, there can be no better time for this programme than now.

    1. Exactly! A proper diversification of the economy is needed especially at a time like this, this project will strengthen youth in the agricultural sector

  2. what a nice idea. this will greatly improve the dismal state of agriculture in this country. we need more people like you in this nation. may God help u .

    1. Yes, it is. A lot of young and vibrant people is needed in this sector. Thanks Showboi

    1. Yes, Abuja is just a pilot, as soon as success is recorded in Abuja, other states will be targeted one after the other. It’s doable!

    1. Yes! Thanks for your encouragement Prof. We should work together on this you know. Thank you

  3. Great one there! My question is how do you intend to sustain your vision after initial funding?

    1. This project is also expected to generate some income for me as I buy back their produce and sell to indigenous processing companies. The initial income generated will be plugged back and used to train much more people. Thank you for this great question.

  4. fantastic good idea ds is going to help and encourage more youths to engage in farm work that will eventually make a positive impact in our economy. keep it up.

    1. That’s exactly the aim of this proposal. Encouraging more youth to be involved in Agriculture however practising it with improved technology with increased productivity. Thank you

  5. Good idea, just that many have come up with beautiful ideas like this in the years past but at the long run, it fade out. May God strengthen you , so that your idea will take you to Aso rock in Jesus name . Nigeria needs people like you now.

    1. As much as possible, this will be a sustainable project. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement

  6. Wonderful,like father like daughter,i wnt forget Mr ayeyemi,made me love agric back then,keep his good work going.

    1. You have always been one of my encouragers, I appreciate your kind words on my agri activities everytime and now as well. Thanks a whole lot!

  7. A very great proposal that will go a long way in solving the problem of food insecurity in Nigeria.

    1. Exactly, with this, an increased production of food is anticipated, gradually, the nation will move towards been food secured. Thank you Miss Busayo for the encouragement

    1. Thank you Mr. Baffoe, yes we should start from where we stopped, now is the time to start. Thanks for the kind words

  8. This is a good idea and I encourage it. I belive this will create a practical and integrated learning experience for unemployed youth. God help you Ayeyemi Tolulpe.

    1. Thank you Kemi, I appreciate your prayers and yes it will be practical oriented. thank you

    1. Thank you Mr. Olarewaju Babatunde, hopefully we should work together on this in the near future when the expansion of this project becomes very necessary. Thank you

  9. A very nice and clear vision. Just what we need to cushion the effect of dependence on Crude oil in Nigeria. Your vision is coming in to reality.

    1. Thank you Mr. Tolu omolafe. at the time like this, the economy needs to be diversified and the rols of Agriculture cannot be over emphasized, as long as humans have to eat, Agriculture remains a viable sector of the economy

  10. This is a wonderful social and livelihood enhancement work….. I pray for you that it succeeds

  11. This is awesome miss Ayeyemi, I was begining to think recently of places I could invest one of these days, and this seems to be a good oportunity…

    1. Thank you Mr. Kunle, probably you will be one of the trainees in the very near future, Increased investment in agriculture, the way to go

  12. Good idea. Extension is a vital part of Agriculture. A serious need in this time when Nigeria is going to economic crisis. Wish you the best

    1. Thank you sir for your encouragement always. This is also well appreciated. Agriculture is indeed needed at this time in our dear country Nigeria

  13. Girl you are doing well. This is a great vision and will definitely go a long way to alleviate poverty.

  14. Your ideas are really wonderful and attainable..I’m sure this is going to be a reality because you are passionate about it..Bravo!

    1. Thank you Miss Adekanmbi Iyabode for the kind words of encouragement. Yes, it will be a reality!

  15. This is a brilliant idea. It would motivate the younger generation to participate, believe and practice agriculture; this will take us back to our source and help the country’s economy at large. Thank you for the intended effort to indeed make a great Nigeria.

    1. Thank you Miss Omolola Sanni, you already analyzed the goal of the project. Thank you for the kind words.

  16. Great and vsionary initiative Miss Tolulope. This deserves immense commendation. Keep it up.

  17. Great and visionary initiative. This deserves immense commendation. It’s a well thought idea that will enable capacity building.

  18. Hello Tolulope dearie.

    What exact agronomic practises have you been using and have you recorded significant growth in any of these? I’d like to hear and learn.

    Secondly, I am aware that the literacy level is high in rural areas. How do you intend to manage this and work with the intended population sample?

    Finally, this is just to encourage you to keep up the good work. I believe in you dear! Always!

    1. Yes, I have been training farmers on improved agronomic practices such as the amazing UDP technology, proper spacing of the plants, Transplanting of rice seedlings instead of the conventional broadcasting and this has brought significant increase in the yield of farmers I have trained over the years, some with 6-7 bags of rice now get 10 bags from the same field. It is expected that the sample population trained will be my ambassador as they carry the knowledge they will gain from the training to their colleagues in their community but over time, this project will be expanded I believe. Thank you Miss omoby for this questions. I hope you are satisfied with the answers?… And thanks for your support and encouragement!

  19. Waoooh! This is a great idea. I like that you’ve gotten everything planned out.
    We need more people like you to bring back agriculture to the forefront of the economy’s best resource.

    Please ensure you see this through to the end. I believe this is a very good start.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words, yes I hope to see this to the very end and also expand it over time. Thank you

  20. This is a brilliant and timely idea!!it should be encouraged and supported. I love the passion u have for what you do. Go eradicate poverty Miss Ayeyemi!

    1. Oh yes, Thank you Miss Abimbola Johnson! Thank you for your encouragement and words of support

  21. Am impressed with this great idea. I have always believed in your zeal. Am hopeful this will work.

    1. Yes it will I believe too and it will also expand over time. Thanks for your support and encouragement Mr. Seun

  22. Amazing proposal! This country needs great minds like you willing to help grow and diversify our economy especially in this dire times we have found ourselves

  23. Amazing proposal! This country needs great minds like you willing to help grow and diversify our economy especially in this dire times we’ve found ourselves.
    Nice one Ayeyemi Tolulope

  24. Amazing proposal! This country needs great minds like you willing to help grow and diversify the economy especially in this dire times we’ve found ourselves.

    Thumbs up Ayeyemi Tolulope

    1. Thank you! I believe in a Greater Nigeria, and Agriculture remains a viable sector of the economy that will bring about this change

  25. Yea, this idea will take Nigeria to another level. Weldone. It should be supported by all.

  26. Permit me to term this proposal “Transition Device”. I had been looking forward to the diversification of Nigerian youth mindset from Oil/Gas sector. The only escape route lies in Agriculture. I trust Miss Ayeyemi Tolulope to handle the project with adequate effectiveness and efficiency.


  27. Permit me to term this proposal “Transition Device”. I had been looking forward to the diversification of Nigerian youth mindset from stereotypic Oil/Gas sector. Let me say that, I trust Miss. Ayeyemi Tolulope Oluwatobiloba to handle the project with adequate effectiveness and efficiency.


  28. yea, this is it!!! we need minds like yours in this country. ny suggestions
    1)please,sont allow dis idea go down d drain just lyk dat
    2)make sure u get in contact with various NGOs who can support dis dream especially financially.
    God bless you sis

    1. Waoh! Thank for this beautiful idea you just gave me, I will definitely explore it, thank you so much Miss Dolapo, I appreciate your words of encouragement

  29. Great & well thought out idea! I especially like how you have included plans to buy the produce at a fair market price because most rural farmers don’t make expected profits because of the middlemen who buy at the farm gate. It would be also great to in the long term include plans to cover first the 6 geopolitical zones and subsequently all the states.

    1. Thank you miss Amara, this project is expected to expand over time. Thank you for the kind words

  30. without any doubt, Tolu’s project will turn around farmers’ productivity. I second this idea to be implemented.

    1. Thank you Matt Ade, watching you has been an inspiration to me. I learnt some of these things from you.

  31. Well done Tolulope. I believe you are up to the task. Agriculture is the way to go now to achieve the desired change in Nigeria. Sure your idea will take you places as you touch lives.

    1. Thank you Madam Eniayewu, thanks for all the support and the words of encouragement. I appreciate greatly

  32. It’s obvious agriculture is the backbone of development in every nation yet little attention is paid to it especially in Africa. The youth in Africa mostly complain of unemployment and yet are either not interested to venture into agriculture or lack support. Your idea is very laudable to engage in the training of youth into agriculture because it’s gonna both develop their interests in agriculture whiles ensuring food security and economic growth. Go higher with this ambition. #kudos

  33. Great idea from great mind! I like the fact that youths are not just encouraged but will be put through the practicals of a successful boost in Agriculture.This initiative is blessed!

    1. Thank you Miss Alo Oluwakemi. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for believing in this initiative.

  34. Great idea from great mind! I like the fact that this is not just encouraging youths but also putting them through practicals which will bring success boost in Agriculture.This initiative is blessed!

    1. Yes, it’s expected to bring about a significant change in any community where it will be carried out. Thank you Mr. Olagundoye Kehinde

  35. A fantastic proposition to create a solution to our crises-ridden food sector. An avenue to increase the food output of the nation while simultaneously equipping the youths with entrepreneurial ambitions. A good cause is sought here.

  36. Thumbs up Tolulope. It’s high time we embraced agriculture. I like the fact that you are targeting young folks. I think that was where got it wrong as a nation. We left farming to the elderly. Best wishes

    1. Exactly and they are getting old now, the strength of a nation is in its youth and it’s quite important we take this viable sector of the economy serious. Thank you Mrs. Akinboboye Opeyemi

  37. A fantastic proposition at a time like this in this bedevilled economy of ours. Agricultural empowerment is the step in the right direction. This will create employment and self-sustenability for youths while inc

  38. A fantastic proposition at a crucial point in Nigeria’s history. Agricultural revolution is what this country needs at this focal point in time. This proposal will empower youths with entrepreneurial skills to stand alone while increasing the food output of the nation. A good cause is sought here.

  39. Ms. Ayeyemi, This indeed is a novel idea and will enhance the capacity of young farmers across the Federal Capital Territory. The introduction of the UDP technology will equally be of immense benefit as this is also new to the rice farmers in Abuja. I have no doubt in your capacity to pull this through if your proposal gets the necessary funding.

    1. Thank you very much sir, I have only learnt from one of the best master trainers in the whole wide world and that’s you!

  40. I celebrate this great Idea, It’s really a nice and a brilliant Idea. I like the way you structured and planned this idea. It’s genuine. I could see you are very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Your targets were the youth. This really really need to be supported…..YES

    1. Thank you Mr. Olajide Emmanuel. I appreciate your kind words and thanks for the support

  41. Wonderful! What an idea. This is one of the needs of this nation.
    I wish you great success.

  42. This is a brave and fancinated idea from you and it is a good plans to boost agriculture in the country, including plans to train youth on different agricultural activities profession. When the youths take farming as a profession it gives us hope about agriculture in this country because presently our farmers are aging and in the next 25-50 years, most of them will be no more I wish you success sister

    1. Exactly, we need the younger generation to get involved in Agriculture as the vase majority of our farmers are now aged. Thank you Ayeyemi Olakunle

  43. brave idea sister, i have always have this believe in me since we were young, am happy reading this today cos i now believe there is hope in the future of Agriculture in this country. YES you are blessing to the country

  44. Great idea. I believe this is going to make a great to the youths and entire populace of Nigeria.

  45. This is an incredible idea, with the current situation of oil in the economy. I think this is time for young famers to rise up. Nice one dear

  46. This is a great idea and I wish you the very best. We need more of women like you, God bless you.

  47. Awesome. U would need a lot of FOCUS in the long run. Agriculture is The answer. I rily fink we shd also look into solid preservation of des items.

    1. Yes, the agricultural value chain is a holistic one, the preservation and processing is also taken into consideration as after purchase from the producers, the produce will be sound to the appropriate processing companies. Thank you Xty

  48. Great idea Tolu. Nigerian youths need this.
    I believe this grant will go a long way in achieving this goal.
    Well done girl.

    1. Thank You Dr. Dotun Olalusi, am just trying to follow your foot steps you know. Thank you for the kind words

  49. Capacity building/ Youth empowerment is the sure way. The Nigerian economy needs to diversified; the potentials in Agriculture need to be tapped and maximised. This is a good one.

  50. Tolulope great and timely idea, please keep it up. i pray you win the grant to enable you play your own part in the diversification of the national economy from crude oil to Agriculture sector.

  51. Tolulope great and timely idea, I pray you win the grant to enable you play your own part in the national diversification of the nation economy from crude oil to Agricultural sector.

  52. A very nice idea, agriculture is d only way..#teamagric#….more grease to your elbow dear

  53. Great Agriculturist with great ideas!!!! Keep being a STOG (Solution To Our Generation) 😃😃😃

  54. Wow…this is quite a great proposal. Thumbs up to the writer. You are a solution to your generation.

  55. This is a big one, I think empowering the youth is a first step to increase productivity . why ? Because those producing now are old and tired and as such can’t meet up with the % increase in food production needed in Nigeria. Also, youth involvement in agriculture can help shift agricultural practice away from the use of crude implement toward a technologically advanced agricultural economy. I like the angle u chose to attack this problem of food insecurity in Nigeria . Kudos and I wish you all the best in pushing this proposal thru.

  56. Agriculture, a necessity for economic development in Nigeria. Agricultural development is tantamount to community development. Keep up the good work.

  57. Agricultural development is tantamount to community development. Keep up the good work.

  58. Good job Tolu. I pray your vision shall be fruitful as you play your part in the success of Nigeria and the sustainability of her future.

  59. This idea had alwas been in Tolu’s mind. I believe it will create employment opportunities,generate interest in agrriculture among youths as well feed the nature we fully matured.

    1. Yes sir, it has. Infact this was my NYSC personal project but wasn’t able to carry it out due to one or two reasons. Thank you sir for the encouragement

  60. wow!!! I haven’t seen such a diehard lover of agriculture not to talk of the gender.

    I would say this is a timely project. I desire that it sees the light of the day.


  61. Keep it up Tolulope,Its a brilliant initiatives that will positively change the life of many. May God strengthen you and helps you in fulfillment of your dreams

  62. Great idea! This is what Nigeria needs to secure the future of this nation because our country right now needs something different to bring about the change we are all praying for…the government cant do we need ideas like this.

  63. Nice project Tolulope. It helps revive the youths interest in agriculture. Thumbs up.

  64. Here is a great idea in the mind of a Nigerian youth to improve our agricultural sector and to Nigeria as a whole. Good bless you and make this dream a reality.

  65. i love the targeted audience of your proposal. And the specifics. We need to have agroinput dealers that can also give advise to farmers. And this set of youths , if well trained can achieve this All the best

    1. Thank you Olawale Ojo. you have been an inspiration, thank you for setting the pace for us to follow. thanks

  66. This is a mind blowing initiative,It will help a great deal in taking us further in food sufficiency and manpower adequacy, I am solidly behind this. please follow up friends

  67. This is a great idea. I’ve come to know your passion in Agriculture and I believe you will accomplish great feat in this.
    Then it’ll be a chain of impact of knowledge.

  68. Capacity building for our major food producers in Nigeria is the surest way of achieving food availability, sustainability and security. Well done Tolu, you’d soar. I believe in you!

  69. This is a great initiative. What a way to help the youth, provide jobs, food, and boost the economy! I totally support this project and wish you all the best.

  70. Good proposal and great idea here. I have no problem supporting you because I know you would deliver. All the best.

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