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YAP Proposal #215: Mobilize for ag insurance (Fay Maurice, Kenya)


I am Fay Mouriah Castrol Maurice, 25 years old. I have been the force behind mobilizing and educating farmers from Migori County, Kenya to insure their farm produce against unforeseen perils. My burning desire has always been to establish an agricultural insurance company. I am the holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science.

Every farmer makes plans and has expectations about the path their farming activities will follow. However, experience teaches us that plans will not always unfold with certainty, and sometimes farmers’ expectations are not realized. Occasionally their plans are frustrated and their dreams grow thin because they are built on unrealistic assumptions.

In other situations, fortuitous circumstances come about – agricultural insurance holds the key to farmers’ and herders’ dreams and expectations.

The agricultural sector is the backbone of the economy and a critical source of livelihood for the inhabitants in my home county of Migori, the 2nd best maize producer and the 7th most populated county in Kenya.  Nevertheless, agricultural production and farm income in this county are frequently affected by natural disasters such as droughts, floods, storms, cyclones and landslides.

Susceptibility of agriculture to these disasters is compounded by the outbreak of epidemics and man-made disasters such as fire, sale of bad seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, price crashes etc. All these events severely affect farmers through loss of production and farm income. What’s more, they are completely beyond the control of farmers.

My project aims to not only mobilize and educate farmers about agricultural insurance policies but also link them with relevant insurance companies and markets where they can sell their produce.

With the growing commercialization of agriculture increased threat from climatic change, the magnitude of loss due to unfavorable events is increasing. The question is how to protect farmers and minimizing such losses. Unfortunately for most of the farming families in Migori County, all of the important crops are either not covered by agricultural insurance schemes.

In recent times, mechanisms like contract farming and futurities trading have been established that are expected to provide some insurance against price fluctuations, whether directly or indirectly. However, I consider agricultural insurance as an important tool to effectively address the risk to production and income resulting from various natural and man-made events.

Agricultural insurance is a means of protecting farmers and agriculturalists against financial losses due to uncertainties and losses from events beyond their control. Unfortunately, agricultural insurance in the country has not made much headway even though the need to protect Kenyan farmers from climatic variability has been a constant concern of agriculture policy.

A quarter of the grant money will be used to hire 10 youth to assist in a 10-day intensive mobilization of farmers from the seven sub-counties of Migori County. Half of the grant will be used to hire 5 agricultural specialists to help us educate farmers from the seven sub-counties. The remainder will facilitate the formation of various farming co-operative societies through which farmers will easily sell their produce at competitive prices.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Fay Maurice (Migori, Kenya) – castrolmaurice[at]
Illustration courtesy: Neil Palmer (CIAT)

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398 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #215: Mobilize for ag insurance (Fay Maurice, Kenya)”

  1. This is a revolutionary project that indeed will come to an aid of our agricultural mighty county.

      1. Mr. Castrol, you project is a good one but can gold miners from South Nyanza also enjoy the benefits of the schemes of agriculture, can they also be categorized in the same group with farmers?

    1. Thank you for your question Mr. Okello Daniel, on the initial stages, we are going to mobilize farmers and help them form cooperative groups and one of the pillars of cooperatives is its open and voluntary membership but on the latter stages, only if need be will we consider them, otherwise it’s for farmers alone.

  2. I’ll be glad to be part of a winning idea just like agricultural insurance establishment in Migori county.

    1. Consider yourself in for this is our county and every single effort towards its betterment is for the good of all.

      1. I really appreciate this piece of work but can you please explain the methodology behind this noble idea

      2. Hellen, consider yourself in and as soon as the judges will release results, prepare and store energy for the task ahead of us requires it.

  3. Wonderful indeed. May it meet the eye of others so as to change our begotten county.

      1. Henry, once the mobilization, education and linkages has come to pass, we are going to monitor the effects for a given period of time as we work on modalities to register a company that is only going to serve farmers and farmers alone. During that period, we will design policies that are relevant, determine primiums of each policy and establish a full blown company.

  4. What a project, What a proposal! as far as Migori is concerned, it is a splendid project.

    1. Mr. Kepha Odero, what do you think about banana insurance? Which risks do you think banana can be insured against?

      1. I am very sorry to intrude Judith, bananas, like any other cash crop is prone to diseases and pest’s control is equally important but in face of callamity, it’s noble to seek insurance scheme or cover. Banana farmers will benefit, I promise you.

  5. Agricultural insurance is indeed a green idea in Migori County and if the above proposal can be effected then Migori county will be a Star County.

    1. Though Migori county is indeed a green county, the project aims for the persistance of that beautiful green nature

  6. Kuria are the most agricultural sub-county in Migori County and the effect of this will be of great importance.

    1. I would like to submit to you that herders too are not behind. They are factored in, they are farmers too mr. Nchagwa Daniel, agricultural insurance scheme will include them too.

  7. Though learned ladies hate mode of agricultural system in Migori county but the introduction of the aforementioned will boost our economic system and will instill our trust again in agriculture.

    1. Bright, this is agreprenuer whose aim is not to mobilize young ladies to go to the garden and farm, but marketing, promotions and all that suits young ladies lifestyles will be incoperated. Believe me, it will be to your advantage.

  8. Drought, diseases, and man-made risks have indeed contributed to low agricultural produce. if farmers can find safe landings on the same, the faith of farmers will be worn and they will believe in agriculture again.

  9. a superb proposal for not only Migori County but also Kenya as a whole. please consider this.

  10. When ideas such as this is implemented, lots of food will be part of Migori County and its environs or neighbours.

  11. Food security. the very root of social security. Finally farmers are able to mitigate themselves against risk.This is why I endorse this project.

  12. Most remarkably of all is that this project will unite Kurias and Luos, they will eventually have a unifying factor, food security thus common growth.

    1. Mr. Castrol, I believe the problem of insurance companies in Kenya has not escaped your mind, how will your company be different?

      1. Thank you Mr. Jack OWUOR for your question, we are all aware that most Kenyan insurance companies have to be untrustworthy and instead are only known as den of thieves. We are also aware that you cannot be the jack of all businesses and that’s why I am singling out agricultural insurance to win the faith of only farmers. It will be a good move espceally when the IRA will receive one of my proposals to challenge them to publish the performance of our insurance compans.

    2. There will be no boders, free movement between luos and Kurias will carry the day. Brotherhood will be restored, peace, love and harmony will follow the suit. There will be equity distribution of resources.

  13. I love you so much Castrol, not because of your person but because of your revolutionary ideas such as this and for your concern for the less privileged society members.

    1. I love you too Ruth and I believe you are blowing the whistle from the Kissii mountain tops, informing people of your land that the salvation of their farm problems is coming from the South and that they should prepare and that it will not tarry.

  14. Agricultural Insurance Company has been your childhood dream and always you have talked positively and passionately about it, this time you have gone mad about it from its humble origin to international. it is a splendid idea especially for our beloved County.

    1. Thanks a lot, you have been a driving force behind my a chievements and I trust your delivering power. Kindly continue to hung around and please hung to the end.

  15. I would like to further show my appreciation for this wonderful piece of idea that will boost our agricultural produce and instill in us the faith again of going or venturing into agriculture.

  16. As one of us whose ideas have spark a global change, believe me, this will just like his professional talks have changed lives of millions of people.

  17. If you want to know what Castrol is capable of, ask the Migorians and today he has sent the wave to the whole World. An idealist whose ideas have helped the finance ministry of Migori County and if truth is to remain truth then he has heart for his people, farmers of this County.

  18. Lack of proper and organized food security in the region has caused our county alot; unemployment, hunger, poverty among others, thanks be to God for soon our young generation are exploring their mental DNA to come up with solutions just as Castrol has done.

    1. I am very much greatful for having noticed the efforts that we are channelling towards the betterment of our our county. Together we can, divided we fall.

  19. When he [CASTROL MAURICE] visited Nigeria mid last year, he shared with us, youths, his aspiration for the youths of this great continent of ours, he made us to believe again that even if our agricultural produce turn out may be low, we should remember Israel, Egypt etc. He pointed out the Insurance policies that should be adopted to curb most of the agricultural problems and from my standpoint, his idea have not just convinced me but convicts me and I believe the World too.

  20. Your project reflects your speech at the Nigeria Youth Forum last year. indeed its a fabulous one.

  21. Castrol, its because of your ideas that I have believed again in myself, you are my mentor in life and truly, this idea will generate much more positive results in your beloved county. It is a good one.

    1. I am glad that just the same way I gave your life a bearing, I am giving my county a bearing too.

  22. The difference between this idea and the rest is its sustainability and if I were a judge, I’d let it pass for the Migorians (People from Migori County) have suffered a great loss in agriculture.

  23. Today, you got it right and when we stand by your side and shout on top of our voices that you’ve got it right, yes, you have hit the nail on the solution of the problem to your native county. yes, your project will go through and you will be behind its implementation and once again the Migorians will be happy again, their agricultural tears will be wiped by your project.

    1. Thank you Edna, but can you please do me a favour of connecting me with a more reliable NGO who can equally help me to achieve this dream.

  24. When I supervised this project just before the young and brilliant Castrol could graduate, I admired his idea and loved his articulation.He promised not to stop after graduating with his project but to sell it to well-wishers, donors and the government for its implementation, I was moved by this intelligent man’s view of things and indeed he is doing so and he will continue to do so. He is one in a million but his project is one in a billion.

  25. It comes with a thrust,his project which aims at nothing but the betterment of his community, nation, continent and then the World. It is a super project.

  26. Its true that Kikuyus and Luos are Worlds apart but I envy such a brilliant idea which has not been factored in our insurance companies. It is a good project that I recommend not only for the YAP but also our Insurance Companies.

    1. I am very much greatful brother, though my project is not founded in ethnic extractions , it is all inclusive and Kikuyus and luos will work as brothers to accomplish a common goal.

  27. What a wonderful project! It draws attention and capture the today’s global problem, food security.

    1. Thank you for your question madam Ann. Mirraa is a plant that is affected by plant diseases, drought, fire and other perils but with the implementation of adoption of agricultural insurance schemes farmers will be covered and even in the face of such risks, their dreams will not be shunnes

  28. Castrol you always amaze me with your creativity.
    I love this and will give it all support to see it go places.

    Ongiro Sangara

  29. Brilliant idea for the economic growth of our county,,, Castrol don’t stop at this go on our support you have.

  30. This is a beautiful idea and I would advice you to also sell your idea to the few insurance companies in Kenya.

    1. I am very much greatful for the offer Mogaka, I’ll contact you as soon as possible, provided it will lead to the betterment of this grieving nation, where I hail from.

  31. Impressing young man. I highly appreciate your efforts to change people’s lives for better. Change the World for food security is a future security.

  32. Though agriculture is not our main activity but I like the business part of it that will create jobs to thousands of people across the globe
    Continue and achieve your dream. Warm regards.

  33. My boy, you have proven that success is not in the luck but ideas. Please sell this idea also to insurance companies or find an NGO who is willing to invest in your idea just as you did in your previous project to the county.

  34. Migori county is blessed to have you as her inhabitant. Your slogan which you floated during our previous youth meeting, keep on keeping on, is really an inborn slogan.

  35. We all saw what you are capable of and today we are yet to see what your idea is capable of, but do not forget why you submitted this noble project. Go forward and meet your dream. Best of luck

  36. Having studied your art of work which I want to believe was conceived in your brain, and coupled this with the state of agriculture in our county. This idea will be of great value and importance to farmers and county to curb unemployment.

  37. Having been with you for a period good enough to know you because you are easy to study, I knew something big was lucking ahead of you and this is a revolutionery idea of all the ideas.

  38. Thanks for your thoughtful ideas that attempts to solve some of the key challenges to our county.
    I am indebted to you for many things but now for this idea. Please even if it fails to go through, do not hesitate to approach your county government for support

    1. No need to thank me Mr. Governor, its my humble submission to the constitutional rights, not because of monopology of wisdom do I do all these but out of God hidden treasur in Migori County.

  39. Auditor, this is fabulous. Despite all the odds, you have proved that its impossible to give up childhood dreams. You are soon reaching the diamond.

  40. This is a brilliant idea that indeed will bring to table the waring communities. It will not only create employment but also a solution to our social problems.

  41. For a long time problem solvers has been very few and decreasing is the trend in their number though the reverse is true with problem initiator. He who came up with this noble idea deserves praise and that’s why Castrol is the Kingpin of problem solutions.

  42. Today, I’ll be on the winning edge. The trumpet has been blown for the Migorians to vote this superhero project that will easily help us form our own cooperatives, after mobilization and education, what our hearts are yearning for. If we don’t vote it will be a decision of the foolish Migorians and if we realize and repent tomorrow it will be the regret whose blames will be attached to age.

  43. My people, I am humbled with the task of governing such brilliant brains. I am proud of you Castrol.

      1. Such ideas if can be found within your state then you must go to the Bible and seek for wisdom.

  44. When a good idea meets a good opportunity, chances are someone is almost being rewarded for this good piece of work.

    1. Yes, with saccos on the ground, its easy to form cooperatives, whose advantages are outlined in the proposal.

  45. We are a tiny group of only 34, we have wished to form a cooperative through which we can sell our produce but the legation has not been so palatable, please consider us.

  46. This may help you
    Invite all the insurance managers in Kenya for a dinner and float your idea to them, they will buy.

  47. We want you develop for us an insurances scheme that can cover goldminers alone. I know you are capable.

  48. This is the only continent with everything;wind, sun, rain etc throughout. Why not have this project also throughout?

  49. In Canada, USA, Philippines, Japan, Brazil, Australian….. Agricultural insurance is at their best.

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