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YAP proposal #214: One egg one child daily (Emelone Tochukwu, Nigeria)


My name is Emelone Tochukwu Edwin, and I am the CEO of Eteicon Farm in Aba, Abia state, Nigeria. I am 33 years old and have been running Eteicon Farm for 3 years.

Eteicon Farm is a large-scale production operation for table eggs and chicken meat. Eggs and chicken meat serve as a daily source of protein on the dining tables of over 5 million people in our country and they are also a source of income to many young agropreneurs.

We also breed purebred chicks of the Gallus domesticus species commonly known as ‘layers’ for other young farmers who want to start a poultry farm in their backyards or as a small-scale line of business.

When I see little children in my community who are malnourished because of lack of protein in their diet, I feel very challenged. Because of this problem, Eteicon Farm makes sure to provide at least one egg daily to each kindergarten and nursery school child at their schools through our One-Egg-One-Child-daily project.

Mrs. Adanma Oleka is one of our main egg distributors. She buys 50 crates of eggs daily that she supplies to other small shop owners around her. With the profit she is making, she has been able to feed her family and pay their school fees ever since the death of her husband in 2015.

With our social media platform on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, we communicate with other farmers at local, national and global levels. We share information to be able to make prompt adjustments to tackle the effects of climate change on food production on our continent.

EeloneTochukwu2In 2012, Eteicon Farm won a business plan competition organised by the federal government of Nigeria called Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN) under the ‘Idea Category’. With the resulting seed fund we were able to establish Eteicon Farm.

When our farm was completed and stocked in 2014, we had only 200 birds (layers). When they matured, they were laying only 10 crates of eggs daily. Now, we have 3,000 laying birds and we harvest 45-50 crates of eggs daily.

Sometimes we get support for feed from some charity organisations in our community. With this support we feed our birds to produce more eggs which we then supply to nursery schools and kindergarten centres in our community for their daily consumption. Thus we help to advocate the policy of One-Egg-One-Child-daily.

If Eteicon Farm wins the $5,000 grant, we will use it to breed more chicks to increase the stock of our laying birds, have more reserve stock to sell to other young poultry farmers in our community and also buy more feed for storage so that we don’t run short.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Emelone Tochukwu (Aba, Nigeria) – teelone[at]

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271 thoughts on “YAP proposal #214: One egg one child daily (Emelone Tochukwu, Nigeria)”

  1. My brother i’m so proud of your input towards the betterment of humanity. May God continue to bless your effort amen!

  2. Wow… Thank you my people for your encouraging words. I hope and pray to make you all proud. One-Egg-One-Child-daily project remains our mission and we can achieve more together. Keep liking us on my Facebook wall, keep dropping your comments here …, see you all at the top cheers.

  3. Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope and pray to make you guys proud. Keep the Voting coming. Keep on sending in your kind words and also keep on liking us on my Facebook page thank you. Am so grateful.

  4. No food, no healthy Nation. I have first hand experience with Eteicon Farms and the CEO, Mr Tochukwu. They are doing a good job and deserve all the support to scale up this laudable project. Our children need protein. I support your project sir.

  5. An industrious Nigerian indeed. Has never given up on this nation. I support your goal. Every child deserves an egg daily to enhance growth and development. I support your vision. Ahead to Eteicon farm. Well done.

  6. you are doing great sir. More Grace………………….. Greater Achievement…………………….

    It is my wish that your vision for Nigerians and the Agricultural sector manifest in no distant time.

    Keep doing what you know how to do best.

  7. An industrious Nigerian. I support him. Every child needs an egg for growth and development. Well done to Eteicon farms

  8. Great job bro! I support this initiative to ensure every child get desired protein needed for healthy living. Bravo bro!

  9. Nice one…… I wish Nigerian graduates will emulate this young man to create jobs for themselves & others.

  10. Emelone Toks is one of the best innovative young entrepreneurs in Nigeria whose extent of business expansion and diversification can’t yet be estimated- it is envisaged by me to be great! The impact he will make on this nation in the near and far future is going to be great. Apart from this fact being derived from the premise that his enthusiasm and hardworking nature is great, it is also a prophesy. Ride on Brother. (MCC cares)

  11. Wow.. Thank you my people for your support. Keep your comments coming, we need it as you vote us into this competition. Thank you. #Gracias. .

  12. Great idea. I like to go into poultry farming. What are the basic things I should know?

  13. Agricultural is the only way we can create Jobs in our community and continent. The Lord is your strength sir.

  14. We need to always take care of our young ones. Eteicon Farm, you take the lead here bravo. I will campaign for you on my Facebook wall. You have my vote over and over. Good luck to you.

  15. It is very interesting to know that my friend Emelone Tochukwu Edwin is into philanthropy now through his farm. He is an entrepreneur par excellence. Good luck to you bro. You have my vote always.

  16. I want to plant cucumbers this season on my farm, Eteicon Farm how do I get the birds droppings from your farm?. I want to use strictly Organic manure to grow them.

  17. My mentor your works speaks for you. Let your light keep shinning. Good luck to your efforts.

  18. Emelone, you taught what it means to lead with an example. Through your works in Eteicon farm, you have proved your works once again. Am so so proud of you. The good lord should bless your efforts forever amen. You have my vote a million times — good luck sir

  19. Eteicon Farm, your Happy eggs indeed saves millions in Aba. Ride on sir, you have our support.

  20. Your wealth of experience will guide you in your one egg one child project. I love your works all the best bro .

  21. Thank you my people. We are so humbled by your kind words and prayers. Thank you very much. Keep the vote coming in.

  22. This is awesome. Win this competition and have more eggs for those kids. Good luck to you brother.

  23. Agriculture is the in thing. Youths should be encouraged to participate fully in it. Eteicon Farm you have taking a good lead. Good luck to you cheers.

  24. Children needs enough protein to grow. Eggs from eteicon farm is really a good source. Let’s all support eteicon farm.

  25. Never thought you could venture into agriculture and agribusiness. Am so loving your works, keep it up bro.#excellent

  26. How do I venture into the distribution of eggs from your farm?. I want startup something in the line of business thanks.

  27. Young man keep up your philanthropic works. The prayers of those kids will do the magic for you. Don’t relent see you at the top.

  28. Protein is a good source to treat kwashiokor. And having this project one egg one child for all kids in the Kindergarten will go a long way to give our children good protein from a good source. You are the best of your kind sir Good luck in your works cheers.

  29. Am not surprised at your effort because I know that your level of discipline, experience and integrity will always attract people to you. One egg per child in the nursery schools is a very good initiative keep it up #eteicon farm.

  30. Your project deserves National Merit award to encourage you more. Thumbs up #eteicon farm.

  31. It takes a lot of commitment to achieve this. Emelone your effort is commendable and you inspire a lot of people. God’s grace to you.

  32. You are trying very hard in your community to improve the lives of little ones there. More grace to your elbow. #Success to eteicon farm.

  33. Happy eggs from eteicon farm is the real source of protein for kids. Parents should endeavour to feed their kids at least one egg daily.

  34. My dear Emelone Tochukwu Edwin founder of Eteicon Farm, your works is so inspiring and heartwarming, keep it up and also send some the eggs to me down here in states lolzzz. Bravo!!.

  35. Our charity organisation supports your farm with improved feeds. There’s joy in giving. Eteicon Farm, your one egg one child project will surely bring more moral and financial support to you and farm. Good works from your side ~~~regards.

  36. Eteicon Farm eggs.. graces the dining tables of many in our community. Good luck in your project sir..

  37. I have been trying your line since yesterday but it’s not connecting. I wanted to ask you how I can post this because anytime I try to post, it kind of re bounces. I hope this one stays oo. I saw this your blog post on Facebook and I was so impressed with your efforts. My dear once in a lifetime, it’s good to give back to the community that formed us.with what you are doing through eteicon farm, I encourage you Keep up with what you are doing Weldone.

  38. Being one of the brightest colleagues back the university days, am so happy to see you add Eteicon Farm to line of business. As a good Biochemist, you sound Biochemistry knowledge will guide you in feed formulations and protein combinations to have an excellent breed in your farm. Always go for pure breed and practice more of inbreeding with the best of your bird stock. Goodluck

  39. I eat happy eggs from eteicon farm daily. Am so happy to learn that they also donate to kids in nursery schools. God bless you guys.

  40. I lack words to express my joy on what you have done so far through eteicon farm. I will always have you in my prayers. #jisike nwanem oo

  41. I see Humility, I see Job Creation for Youths, I see Women and Youth empowerment, I see school feeding program… In short, #eteicon farm you guys rock!. Thank you

  42. My chairman your works rock. I saw this blog on Facebook today and came in here to cast my vote for you sir. You have all my vote sir take care.

  43. May God continue to empower you to do more. May your hardwork bring nothing but growth, joy, happiness and favour. More grease to ur elbow. Eteicon poultry farm ‘One egg One Child’ all the best bro.

  44. Excellent work. Agriculture pays off afterall, I will come around to learn some tips from your farm kudos..

  45. What more can I say, the goodwill that I see here is just overwhelming. Still keep it up sir.

  46. Please guys keep your comments rolling in. Keep voting for Eteicon Farm. We will surely make you all proud. One-Egg-One-Child-daily remains our project. Having more stock in our Farm will also make our birds lay more eggs to execute more of our project. Vote for Eteicon farm

  47. If you want to become one of egg distributors or you want to partner with us; write us through our Facebook page For would be interns pls kindly upload your Biota on the Federal government Graduate Internship Scheme website (, we will select you from there because it’s in batches, after each batch training we go back to the pool to select interns.thank you for been there for us. Our aggressive facebook campaign is paying off for us. Thank you all. Still keep the vote coming.

  48. Eteicon Farm is a mini ‘songhai farm’ in our community. Kudos to you Emelone and your team.

  49. I will always support more eggs production to feed our little ones. You have my vote #eteiconfarm

  50. Your educational background have empowered you. So its your turn to empower the community that formed you. This initiative from eteiconfarm is ideal at a time like this.great works sir kudos.

  51. Mbembe 1 of Africa, am so delighted to see your works on this blog, Ride on sir Cheers.

  52. Eteicon, your farm has really grown. Woow. . 2,000 birds in stock wow… I knew when it all started. Great job sir…. more power to your elbow.

  53. you are doing great Mr Emelone tochukwu,I support you cos there should be protein in every meal to reduce kwashoko and the rest,all the same,you gat my vote

  54. We need more of this project in our communities especially for our little children in nursery schools.

  55. This what we need in Africa. More youths should go into agriculture and agribusiness. great works eteiconfarm. Weldone guys.

  56. Do you people process the chicken meats too?. We have Depots where we sell frozen chicken meats so we need suppliers who are close to us but have already processed the bird.

  57. Hey., eteiconfarm you guys are wonderful. This initiative is good but your farm is fine oo. Weldone bro

  58. Emelone, I know how industrious you are. Am not surprised with your works at eteiconfarm. I need some eggs oo lolzzz. Goodluck to you bravo..

  59. Pls sir I want you to be my Mentor. I just graduated from the university and would want to start poultry farming. But I need someone to guide me with practical information. Pls how do I reach you sir?.

  60. Emelone Tochukwu Edwin aka Mbembe, your farm is really doing great. I see great improvement after my last visit. Keep the good works you are doing with those kids up. Goodluck in the competition.

  61. Hard work and discipline are the simple keys to success. God crown your effort. Nice works

  62. Meat and eggs are great source of protein especially for kids. Your initiative is great. You have my vote.

  63. This is quite inspiring and impressive. We need more of this collaboration ‘farm and Schools’ in Nigeria and Africa at large. Carry dey go jooo, nothing do you.

  64. I see you are living out your passion. Farming and Charity. You have my blessings all through. More grace to you #eteiconfarm, keep it up.

  65. Am just see the blog you shared on Facebook now, I have been offline in a while. Eteicon Farm speaks more for itself. I wish you success in this competition and I also believe that you will win this like others . Good luck

  66. Tasted and Trusted happy eggs from eteicon farm haha hahahahahahahahahahah. I wish you people a resounding success in this competition. #Goodluck!!.

  67. Emelone Tochukwu Edwin, you trained me in Obubra as National Youth Corp Member and I can’t forget how you nailed it. As my skills facilitator, the knowledge you imparted in me and my colleagues was unquantifiable. Thank you very much sir. I will always support your venture anytime and anywhere. Goodluck to you. I hope and pray that you win this competition also.

  68. Emelone, you are indeed an outstanding person. They joy you give to the lives of people that come close to you will surely be given back to you through winning this competition Amen.

  69. Young man, you are doing a wonderful work through your farm. View the trend of accolade that is been bestowed upon you and your farm. Keep doing your good works cheers.

  70. Eteicon Farm, I would like to partner with you in the distribution of eggs. Please kindly contact me or send me your details.

  71. When I visited your farm last year, you people had few birds but now I see that your farm have grown immensely. I love the charity work you are doing too. Keep doing good works okay.

  72. Having a protein meal for this kids in school is an amazing project. Eteicon Farm God bless you.

  73. Happy…Happy Eggs from eteicon farm puts protein source on the breakfast table of many in our community. Excellent job you are doing for those kids. Thank you very much for your effort.

  74. Emelone I believe in your courage and effort to achieve a positive result. Goodluck to you.

  75. School feeding program should be encourage and adapted into Kindergarten and Nursery Schools. Weldone eteicon farm.

  76. My friend, you are doing an outstanding work through your farm on the life of those kids. May God continue to bless you too.

  77. My mentor; eteicon farm is really saving the lives of those kids. Pls do not relent. I wish you a resounding success in this competition. GOODLUCK.

  78. Eggs from eteicon farm brings protein source closer to millions in our community. Thumbs up sir.

  79. Great farmer! ..Great People! .. This is impressive. Eteicon Farm you have my vote anytime Goodluck my people.

  80. I want to establish a poultry farm. Can you assist me with some vital information please.

  81. I would like to be trained in your farm sir through the Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS), please kindly explain to me how I can apply for that.

  82. Excellent job brother. The kids will grow up and be forever grateful to you for this gesture.

  83. How can humans survive without food?. Emelone your chicken and Egg farm is doing real good. Good works

  84. Pls sir how do you deal with the incidence of Bird Flu whenever it’s been reported.

  85. One egg one child in all nursery schools is really a very good initiative. Hold on to your views eteicon cheers.

  86. When an Agropreneur combines charity with his work, the blessings are unquantifiable. Nice work eteicon.

  87. Emelone is a very hard working young man. Nice initiative you have embarked on kudos to you.

  88. Thank you my people so far. And please for all your enquiries concerning partnership, becoming one of our egg distributor, supply of processed chicken meat, training, becoming an intern.. etc.
    Please kindly go to our facebook page and write to us. We will guide with all the relevant information that you need. Thank you for been there for us cheers.

  89. To get quicker responses from us to all your enquiries concerning partnership, becoming one of our egg distributor, chicken meat processing, training, Internship.. etc please contact us ASAP through our facebook page
    Sent us a message on our inbox and we will attend to you accordingly thank you for your support and encouragement.

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