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YAP proposal #213: Mushroom production (Kanani Enani, Rwanda)

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Who am I?

My name is Kanani Enani. I was born in 1980 and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Rural Development as well as an Advanced Diploma in Agroforestry. I am an expert in Agriculture and Natural resources with 8 years’ experience working with local farmers. I have started a mushroom production and processing project since 2014. I am applying for this opportunity to develop my business.

Project description

My project is related to mushroom production and processing. I started this project by producing mushroom tubes (seeds) and producing fresh mushroom. Monthly I produce 6000 mushroom tubes and 200 kg of fresh mushroom.

This project is has a socioeconomic impact on the rural and urban community because it is a project that can give quick income on little land. After producing mushroom tubes, we sell them to local farmers for fresh mushroom production and they give back their harvest and we pay them $1.25/kg.

Why mushrooms?

enaniKananiWhen mushroom is compared to other crops, it is the only one that gives a harvest in as little as 37 days.  When produced mushroom tubes are ready to be planted in 30 days, and give their first harvest after 7 days. On 1 square meter of soil we can plant 60 tubes, which give a minimum of 60 kg of yield in 3 months. 1 kg of fresh mushrooms costs at least $1.50, meaning 1 square meter yields $90.

This project is focused on producing mushroom tubes for both fresh and dry mushroom and transforming them into flour (added value) in order to bring the benefits of mushroom  production to the country’s economic development.


I have already installed the mushroom production plant. All infrastructures necessary for mushroom production is available but the working capital is still low. I need to extend my business by increasing the number of tubes produced.

I keep monthly records of expenses and income in order to know if the project is profitable.

With this $5000 USD I plan to buy modern dryers for mushroom drying and increase the number of tubes produced. This will allow me to produce the quantity of fresh mushroom needed for starting the process adding value to the mushrooms through flour production and packaging.

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