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YAP Proposal #207: “Moringa Oleifera Mega Farm Project” (Miri Nanyak, Nigeria)

My small moringa farm
My small moringa farm

My name is Miri Nanyak, i was born in Jos, Plateau state, North-central Nigeria. I’m 22, a graduate member of the Nigeria Institute of Management. I have a degree in Biological Science.

I’m a very disciplined and ambitious young man driven by an insatiable passion to succeed and help others to achieve their ambition.

I’m a seasoned agripreneur with experience in subsistence Moringa farming. My next focus is to setup a commercial Moringa farm and become an employer of labour.


My focus is to setup a mega Moringa Farm Project and make my farm produce available to buyers in large quantity.

Moringa trees can be grown from either moringa seeds or branch cuttings from moringa tree. The easiest and fastest way to start a Moringa tree is from branch cuttings. Since I currently own a small Moringa farm, I intend to obtain the branch cuttings from there. The branch cuttings are planted upright according to standard specifications and watered regularly. A perimeter fence will be constructed to protect the young Moringa plants from invasion by animals such as goats, sheep, cattle, etc.

Moringa is a small perennial tree that is native to North India. It goes by a variety of names, such as drumstick tree, horse radish tree, or ben oil tree.

Almost all parts of the Moringa tree can be eaten or used as ingredients in traditional herbal medicines.

The leaves and pods are commonly eaten in parts of India and Africa. There are approximately 8 seeds in a pod. Dried powdered Moringa leaves are sold as dietary supplements

So far, scientists have only investigated a fraction of the many reputed health benefits. These include:

Moringa is very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds.

The leaves are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals.

Compared to the leaves, the pods are generally lower in vitamins and minerals. However, the pods are exceptionally rich in vitamin C.

Moringa leaves are rich in many important nutrients, including protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin and iron.

Animal studies suggest that Moringa may protect against arsenic toxicity. However, this has not yet been studied in humans.

Moringa oleifera is rich in various antioxidants, including quercetin and cholorogenic acid. Moringa leaf powder can increase blood antioxidant levels.

In animal and test tube studies, Moringa oleifera has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. This has not been studied in humans.

Moringa leaves may lead to reduced blood sugar levels, but more research is needed before any solid recommendations can be made.

Moringa can lower cholesterol levels in the blood which should lead to reduced risk of heart disease.

Bottom line: The Moringa plant will go a long way towards combating mal-nutrition in nursing mothers, people living with HIV/AIDS and also the teeming population of the internally displaced people who have been made homeless as a result the crisis in some parts of North-East and North-Central Nigeria.

Harvested moringa seeds from my farm.
Harvested moringa seeds from my farm.


My main motivating factor is the fact that Moringa is a major source of livelihood to the people of my community and the entire Northern Nigeria. This explains why buyers travel from distant cities (such as Abuja, Lagos, kaduna,etc) to source for scarce Moringa in remote communities.
So far, very few farmers are in to commercial Moringa farming which makes it almost impossible to cater for its high market demand.

By setting up the proposed mega Moringa farm project, the following takes place:

More Moringa is cultivated and harvested for sale. This will increase Moringa supply in the market to balance its excessive demand. This will translate into more profit.

More revenue will be generated from taxes paid to the government.

More jobs will be created for our esteemed youth thereby imposing less pressure on the government to create white-collar jobs.

Mal-nutrition and the chances for the occurrence of other health related diseases will be reduced to minimal.


When matured, Moringa leaves are harvested and allowed to dry at room temperature before it’s grounded into powder for sale in kilos. However, Moringa pods can be allowed to dry on the Moringa plant before it’s been harvested and the seeds extracted from the pods for sale also in kilos.

I currently have contacts of existing buyers (mainly in Abuja and Jos) who I get in touch with after each harvest.

When I fully commence operation, I’ll host a website to properly market my farm produce and reach out to more buyers.


At the moment, i have acquired a piece of land in Langtang for the proposed mega Moringa farm project. I’m in the process of sourcing funds to construct a perimeter fence round it commencing planting.


From our cash-flow, one kilogram of Moringa seed is estimated at (N10,000) USD 50.76 while one kilogram of powdered Moringa leaves is estimated at (N5,000) USD 25.38

One hectare of Moringa plantation is expected to yield 60kg of seeds valued at N600,000 (USD 3045.69) and 50kg of powdered Moringa leaves valued at N250,000 (USD 1269).

The market for Moringa is large, self sustaining and unlimited. The estimated size of the local market is placed at over N10bn (USD 50m).

BUDGET (USD 5,000)

I intend to use USD 5,000 to do the following:

Drill a bore-hole within one week to irrigate branch cuttings after planting (USD 2,000).
Install an overhead storage water tank within two days (USD 125).
Buy and connect a water-pump to the bore-hole in two days (USD 100).
Construct a perimeter fence on the farm within three weeks (USD 2,250)
Deploy casual staff within one week (USD 150).
Register the farm with the corporate affairs commission in compliance with the Nigerian law within two weeks (USD 150)
Design a website for product marketing within one week (USD 100).
Transportation (USD 50).
Miscellaneous expenses (USD 75).

Moringa is dubbed the 21st century “GREEN DIAMONDS”.
Exploring this treasure could be our best investment decision for the year 2016. The time to act is now!!

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963 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #207: “Moringa Oleifera Mega Farm Project” (Miri Nanyak, Nigeria)”

  1. Feel free to drop your comments and questions about my project (how to setup up a Moringa farm) and I’ll gladly guide you every step of the way.


    1. current (April 2016) price of moringa seeds at wholesales is N1500 ($5) per kilo.I wonder where you got the figures you mention (N10.000/kilo = $50.76 !!! )

    2. I am planning a moringa-project to combat malnutrition in Niassaprovince, Mozambique. Do you know how many seeds there are in 1 kilo of moringa-seeds?
      How many trees Are needed per person to be sufficient?
      How old, or big, should moringa trees be before first harvest?
      How much leaves can be produced annualy from 1ha moringa-trees?
      Thank you!

  2. i like the phrase “GREEN-DIAMONDS” as used in your last paragraph. i could give Moringa farming a trial.‎‏ ‏‎ Best wishes!

  3. pls can i get your phone number? i will like you to mentor me on how to start a moringa farm. pls reply

  4. Nice one…Moringa is one of the plants that help in having a sound health. This kinda project will be of great advantage to Nigeria

  5. good day, I just want to find out regarding the moringa leaves, can they be cooked like spinach.

    1. Yes please. Moringa leaves can be used to make local salads, soup, it can also be dried and grounded to make moringa tea.
      I hope I’ve answered your question?

  6. This is innovative,a creative business proposal,I must commend your effort,I have a question, how large is this your farmland and how long have you been working on this project? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the commendation.

      It’s been a while i started this Moringa farm on a small scale.

      Having deciphered the economic prospects of Moringa, I will like to go commercial.

      hope I’ve answered you?

  7. woow…. this is incredible ! i mean a wonderful source of income and youths empowerment here.
    moringa plant has numerous nutritional values ranging from it leaf, seed,flower and roots. i call it “Tree for life ” because:
    ♥ it boost the immune function.
    ♥it contains antioxydant and vitamins A, C.
    ♥it promotes proper digestion hence relieves constipation.
    ♥it oil which is extracted from the seeds contains antiseptic an antiflammatory properties hence good for the skin.
    you see what i mean……? we could actually produced it in large quantity and become exporters.

  8. @shupel
    Moringa farming is a profit venture I will gladly suggest for every aspiring agripreneur.

    I could as well do the mentoring here on this open blog so that it will be beneficial to everyone. However, I can still give you my mobile contact if you insist.


  9. @abimbola
    Sure! You can say that again.
    There is more to moringa farming that you have ever imagined!!

    1. @shupel

      I’ve replied earlier today.
      Incase you haven’t read it, I said I can attend to all your questions here on this platform so that other people can learn.
      I’ll be expecting ur questions.


  10. Nice one nan yak
    I am curious to knowing more about moringa
    please could you enlighten me more on it.

    1. @Berry

      Like I said earlier, the moringa plant is a wonder plant with both nutritional and medicinal uses, both the seeds and leaves can be eaten as food.

      Kindly refer to my post above @Moringa-fact-file and the post by @Judith for more details.

      I hope I’ve answered your question?


  11. @all

    Moringa fact-file:

    o Nutritional powerhouse Moringa has gram for gram
    + 7 times the vitamin C in oranges
    + 4 times the vitamin A in carrots
    + 4 times the calcium in milk (with no lactose)
    + 3 times the potassium in bananas
    + 2 times the protein in yogurt.

  12. infact this is commendable , and promising agrobusiness explain more about the agronomic procedure of growing Moringa plant and the buyers thanks

    1. I’ve mentioned all these in my earlier post. However, I’ll talk about your question briefly.

      Moringa can be propagated either by seeds or by its branch cuttings.

      The branch cuttings grows faster and while the seedling takes longer to maturity.

      Moringa yields better when planted on a loamy soil.

      The seeds are enclosed in pods. Each pods contain as much a eight seeds. A moringa tree can yield at least one kilo of seeds.

      I’ll briefly pause here

  13. Moringa is one great plant that have never been given the attention it much deserved. I Mean, this is a plant with high nutritional value as compared to other food crops but you hardly hear people talking about it. This might be as a result of the fact that so many people are unaware of the wonders this plant can do.

    And for up and growing talents showing enthusiasm to invest in this great resource is really a big plus to Nigeria and to the world at large. These are the kind of stuff we want our youths to invest in.
    I don’t know why I so much have confidence in this project but I guess it’s because I’m just seeing someone for the first time who’s trying to take this venture to a whole new level.

    To the owner of this project, you’ve got a great project idea with huge potentials not just in Nigeria but on a global scale. I urge you to keep it up and I hope that you qualify for this. We’ll really be happy to have a mega moringa Plantation in Nigeria, one that can supply both home and abroad with moringa resources.

  14. I met this nanyak back in the university. His undergraduate project was about moringa (can’t remember the exact topic).

  15. Wow! Great proposal, this a kind of project we actually need to stop over over dependants on oil sector which is no longer profitable. Thumbs up for you man.

  16. Wow! Great proposal, this a kind of project we actually need to stop over over dependants on oil sector which is no longer profitable. Thumbs up for you man. I can’t wait to see this happen.

  17. Operation feed and heal the world with moringa in progress. You will win this grant God’s willing

  18. Brilliant idea that will increase food security and nutrition in our country and even create jobs for the youth and women.

  19. Moringa oliefera, the tree of life, drumstick…

    I call it the millennium plant. You will win the grant my brother

  20. Inspiring beginnings, nanyak entrepreneurial path is a story of resilience which is key for becoming a good entrepreneur and enterprise building

  21. Nanyak’s business model inspires me a lot especially enhancing value of moringa,makes him a champion in value addition

  22. I have seen moringa improve the lives of rural women,provided job opportunities and improved the health well being of children. This project is worthy to be supported.

  23. After a success in this, please make sure some Nigerian youths are taken off the streets of “unemployment” #MayGodHelpYou

  24. @ewah

    Moringa seeds can be consumed directly by peeling the mesocarp (back). It can also be used to make moringa seed oil before its consumed.

    Among the numerous uses of moringa seeds, we have are:
    Detoxification, anti-oxidants, contains proteins, vitamin C, etc

  25. To everyone who has posted comments/ questions above that demand a response from me, I’m having difficulties replying your comments/questions. I guess it could be a network problem from my end.

    I’ll do my best to see that your questions are attended to accordingly.

    Accept my apologies.

  26. One of the major challenges Africa is facing today is that, there is know balance between increase in population and increase in production. The supply of products are not enough to meet the needs of demand. How will you be able to balance and sustained this?

  27. This is marvelous proposal, if implemented thoroughly, you will not self-employed only but become empolyer of labour. Hearty best of luck

  28. I believe by God’s Grace that as young people keep undegoing some form of training and they are certain of a back up afterwards, our unemployment issues shall he greatly reduced if not solved.

  29. well articulated idea. made it easy to follow through. easy to deduce even wen investing less. It is indeed an opportunity to tap into by Nigerian youth.

  30. Definitely optimistic that they’ll gain so much from it and have financial freedom afterwards

  31. Taking a nation out of extreme poverty (as is the case in Nigeria) is a product of the supports given to sincere and innovative youths like yourself nanyak. You have the support of good meaning nigerians

  32. Your determination and efforts will go a long way to show exemplary display of great potentials for Nigerian youths in agriculture.

  33. The Government should really look into Agriculture for the development of our economy. Keep it up

  34. I hope you will rise to the challenge and be reenergizes by the passion that made you set up the moringa farm

  35. I’m very optimistic that you’ll greatly become a better Agribusiness man if you can reignite the passion, build your resilience and be focused and undaunted, you’ll surely rise.

  36. One of the key reasons the rise in dollar is affecting Nigerians now is due to over-dependence on foreign commodities.

  37. One of the key reasons the rise in dollar is affecting Nigerians now is due to over-dependence on foreign commodities.

  38. Majority of the farmers we have are aged and most of them are practising it as a way of life not as a business but we as youth are saying we can bring agriculture on board again and for life

  39. It will be so surprising to see how much contribution our Agricultural sector can add to our economy

  40. I’m so sure in the long run, as more stakeholders invest in Agribusiness, we’ll be on the edge globally

  41. The transformation of Agriculture needs innovative idea that needs to be encouraged. #YAP I commend the essence behind this platform.

  42. The proposal is very simple and easy to understand that shows the young man knows his onions because of hands on experience

  43. Hopefully, there are a whole lot interested in it who have not taken the courage to launch out…

  44. This proposal is showing me how agriculture can make a tremendous change to the Nation- Nigeria’s economy

  45. Nice write up, if many of your likes are available in this country, i bet it will be a better place to live in.

  46. I like the high level of detailing you have brought into your plan and that you are sincere with the figures as well.

    1. We need to join hands to make young Nigerians understand that wealth can be accumulated in a clean way

  47. I know many youths will surely key into it and agriculture will absorb youths and create jobs for the unemployed youths in Nigeria.

  48. May God bless you, your write up is like an eye opener to youths who do not know what next to do.