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YAP Proposal #204: Farmers’ Own Transport – FOT (Bello Rufai Duwap, Nigeria)


I am Bello Rufai Duwap, i was born in 1989. In Mangu Local Government of Plateau State. I am a graduate of Bayero University Kano. Currently a Research (MSc) Student in Kaduna State University.

I was born and raised in locality were farming is a pre-dominance business. Even though the government has made many policies to assist farmers over a long period of time: From loans to subsidizing fertilizer, agricultural machinery, seeds and so on.

It is quite unfortunate one of the challenge areas is ignored. Until now government has never brought any policy to aid farmers transporting final agricultural products to the market.

It is frustrating that the middle business men are taking advantage of this and humiliate farmers. It’s unfortunate for a farmer to spend 4-6 months with his energy and resources to produce at lost and a marketer for a single day makes a huge profit off his labour.

This has discouraged so many farmers. Some quit the business with huge debts. It’s frustrating for a farmer that is feeding a nation to end up at a loss.

About 80%of farmers in my locality are victims. Lack of storage facilities has contributed to this, as most are perishable goods. Farmers have no option other than to sell all harvested products to the middle men. When the supply is high the market will be saturated. And the end products are sold at cheap prices if not at loss. While middle men will take that advantage and make huge profit.

The Farmers’ Own Transport (FOT) project is to solve or minimise this problem. FOT will be transporting farmers products to the local market at loan. When the products are sold, they will pay for the transportation fee.

This will reduce the activities of too much middle men. And encourage farmers to market their products to the local market.

FOT needs an estimated capital of 1.5 million Naira for starts up. It only needs a lorry and driver and the project will kick start, with a ground to expand the project within a short time.

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54 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #204: Farmers’ Own Transport – FOT (Bello Rufai Duwap, Nigeria)”

  1. It is a good initiative and empresses your concern for the local farmer.
    How do we know you will not in turn exploit the farmers through your transportation loan? You didn’t define fully your involvement, the farmers can as well form cooperatives to provide transportation for their produce.

    1. Yes. But this system as well mainly to provide assistance and improve their production with an affordable means of transportation

  2. excellent observation and solution to one problem faced in the agricultu
    re sector. But i wouldnt suggest a complete elimination of the middlemen as a way forward. But rather more provision of storage facilities to help the preservation of perishable farm produce and reduce cost of fertilizers to improve the growth prcess of crips.
    its going to be to much work for the farm to produce and also distribute

  3. It’s good observation, because govt are not encouraging the farmers here in Nigeria that is why the farmers are always living in a lost. Some farmers are always complaining about fertilizer and the lack modern tools. So you make a good observation…

  4. Excellent observation. A huge chunk of the farm produce are lying in the farms and a make shift warehouse because transporting these produce is financially hectic. I agree with you that government intervention would give moral boost to farmers and farming and by necessary implication impacting positively on our fragile economy.

  5. Very good and nice initiatives, only few people will able to initiate something reasonable and solutions, it’s an good idea if the proposal with be given due consideration and implementation.

  6. good and nice initiatives, only few people will able to initiate something reasonable and solutions, it’s an good idea if the proposal with be given due consideration and implementation.

  7. A very nice initiative. but how will you sure that the farmers will cooperate to payback the loan. what measures will you take if they fail to pay.

  8. What is the source of capital of your project? and how sure are you the source won’t fail you.

  9. Agriculture is the way to unemploynment and hunger among us at levels of Human development

  10. An excellent observation, this can be achieved if the Government encourage our local farmers, because we’re still far behind in terms of modern farmin system!!!

    1. Yes farouq it is an important area that government ignored. I think government has a big role to preform in transporting. Like good roadnetwork loans and subsidise transport vans

  11. Well this is an interesting idea which no farmer will say no to assistant of any kind. But the capitalist you are trying to eliminate by taken care of the middle men will still sabotage the efforts by reviving means of purchasing directly from the farm with little increment, to make the farmer feel the cultivation process burden has been taken off him. How will this be tackle in your project? Is a nice idea but the nitty griddy needs to be tight.

    1. Thanms mukhtar. The main idea is to reduce the effect of the capitalist so that will bring more comfort to the farmers. Bring more awareness and expose them to the market analysis

  12. U’ve indeed taking a bold step brother.The same problem local farmers in my area here MOKWA local government in Niger State have been complaining of,but d problem is even the local farmers themselves are deceitful.So a recommend that a very good measure should b taken on issuance of d transport loan to them.

  13. its a nice idea i hope it will come to reality, and you able to withstand the pressure of the middle men.

  14. nice idea. if you keep make this to reality am foreseeing you winning a Nobel leuterate award. sky is your limit

  15. An awesome proposal. I wish government will look into it and support the idea. I strongly recommend this award. All the best

  16. i thank all you for comment, suggestion and the likes. Together i beleive we will do a big things that change our life. Lets keep on praying and hope to see this dream come true

  17. Nigeria as a country have come a long way in her quest to develop, but the major stakeholders instead of being proactive and practical in there decision making, they played leap services. My brother, Nigeria is in all ramifications including human capacity.
    Many of those flamboyant thought are circulating, but the key starter to ignite and and then keep them rolling is seriously lacking. But keep it up, the present administration seams to mean business and not as usual.
    My project topic was ” kinetics of alkaline hydrolysis of maize coz to produce glucose ” in simple terms producing glucose(inportant product) from a waste ( maize cob). I spent a lot in the project and I got positive result but if u ask me I don’t even no where I kept d had copy. No support. God help Nigeria.

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