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YAP Proposal #199: Tomato Growing (Mulenga Mugabeni, Zambia)


Feeding the community through tomato growing and improving the country’s food security

I have always had an interest in agriculture within my country. My name is Mulenga Mugabeni a young male aged 25 coming from Zambia in a city called Kitwe and from a family of four, I am the second born with an elder brother and two young sisters. I am currently a graduate in Computer Networking and planning to major into aviation as a pilot.


My target is towards the creation of jobs for most of the youths within my community and the country at large. The agriculture sector has been deeply neglected by most youths. Most youths do not see it has a field to major in as a business. Vegetable production of crops like (tomatoes, cabbages) can help the community obtain various nutrition for their households.

Tomato is one of the country’s most important cooking ingredients. Most of our food is never complete without tomato. We use it for preparing stews, soup, salads and many more. Tomato has many health benefits, it is a source of vitamins like Vitamin E, and it also enhances the health and sharpness of the eyes. I believe one can never go wrong with this wonderful fruit berry. It goes with everything, even our traditional foods need tomato.

Through this project I will be able to help my fellow youths of both genders and the entire community through learning structures like;

  1. How to grow tomatoes
  2. How to implement it as a source of income (business) for themselves.
  3. Entrepreneurship skills.


My motivation was out of the concern to see most of my fellow youths having self-sustainable plans, in this case Agriculture. Most youths are involved in beer drinking and are jobless. With this project it will help in creating jobs for most youths and the community.


  1. Train selected youths on best practices in growing tomatoes and vegetables.
  2. Facilitate Establishment of a youth driven cooperative. Youths from different communities will be gathered to form a cooperative that can engage in doing business with other tomato growers.
  3. Sensitize the youths on Entrepreneurship skills and Career Choice Making.


To get the project underway, the following have been organized;

  1. Visitation of Farm Areas that are involved in tomato/vegetable production where youth will be formed for demonstrating technology and better strategies in farming.
  2. I will measure the success through seeing the increasing in youth numbers taking an interest in farming sector and form their agricultural ventures.


  • USD 1,621 for purchasing solar electric pump set
  • USD 1,400 for purchasing the drip irrigation system
  • USD 545 for the purchase Seeds, fertilizers, insecticides
  • USD 999 purchasing of plant vitamins and mounting of poles and strings
  • USD 435 for information provision and marketing of produce.

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7 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #199: Tomato Growing (Mulenga Mugabeni, Zambia)”

  1. Hi Mulenga

    This is awesome a concept. Further, you should come with the following;
    1) projected cost per unit,
    2)average selling price per unit
    2) Projected sales volume
    Note: that these are only estimates
    Further, provided that the project will start relatively small, you can substitute the cost of the solar electric pump set to a fuel powered pump set until such a time when the business stabilizes or there are indicators of growth in production capacity which may prompt usage of a more efficient irrigation system.
    I would also urge you to visit Agricultural Equipment Suppliers so as to have an idea of what they have in stock to help you plan what equipment to use at any given time. For spraying of the tomatoes (which need keen attention), There are now motorized sprayers which work a lot more efficient than our conventional knapsack sprayer and may come in handy. The cost is around USD260.00. In Zambia, visit SARO Agro industrial Limited for such and other equipment for projects such as yours . Once again all the best in this undertaking.

    1. Thanks very much Dennis, i was actually considering the motorized sprayer,i saw it once on the group called Small Scale farming as a business.. Thanks for your advice and input.. Yes starting small is my main goal right now. Thanks for your input i will look into it.

  2. Mulenga you are too much, im in Zimbabwe and my name is Tanya. Imwe a young farmer too.

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