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YAP Proposal #194: Plantain farming and processing (Abiodun Quadri Olanrewaju, Nigeria)

My name is Abiodun Quadri, I was able to turned N500 into N70, 000 within five months selling pap in my neighbourhood by processing maize into pap which is staple food for infants and adult.

AGRA INNOVATEI am an inventor of i2laundryBag, BagnBin, Yoyo bag, Qinkbin, multi-swift washer and Quickmobilefood. I hold a in Accounting Education.

I am an awardee of Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship programme and certify farmer with certificate in farmer training organised by AGRA INNOVATE NIGERIA.I participated in just concluded Africa Business Conference organize by Lagos Business School in Lagos, Nigeria.

I am currently working on new solar dryer for processing plantain and other farm produce to reduce spoilage.

The Project

Am a tech Startup and a farmer. I owned and manage three acres farmland of which two acres was already used to plant 2200 plantains, strictly on organic practice and the one acre will be used to grow maize, cucumber watermelon and other vegetables.

I intend to bring value addition by processing unripe plantain to flour as health food for consumption .Presently there is no enough supply of plantain flour to meet huge demand especially in Lagos with population of 30,000,000 people above. Base on health benefit of plantain flour to other flour. There is a lot of demand for plantain flour and we are position to fill the gap by offering organic hygienic process plantain flour for our local market.


Our farm was created to meet the needs of Nigerian that shares the same views of growing, eaten and feeding children and adults with organic farm produce to nourished and save our ecosystem. We are introducing value addition by processing plantain into dry chips for making plantain flour as a staple food for diabetic patient with our invention of solar heater.

This application also prevents damages to fresh farm produces. More so, part of our effort is to contribute and increase food security in Nigeria and take active part in agribusiness in southwest which had been neglected for many decade. Through which I already created direct and indirect employment opportunities in our community.

The processing line for plantain flour production is as follows:

  • Sorting: This involves inspection of plantain fingers to identify and remove unsuitable ones i.e. spoilt, immature pulps e.t.c.
  • Scaling: The sorted plantains are properly weighed to quantify input of the raw plantain.
  • Blanching: The green plantain fruits are soaked in hot water for some minutes to soften the skin for easy peeling.
  • Peeling: The plantain peels are removed manually using sharp knives to obtain the pulp.
  • Slicing/Chipping: The pulp is sliced or chipped with the aid of a mechanical slicer.
  • Drying: The sliced plantain is dried in a short time with the aid of drying machine.
  • Milling: The dried plantain slices/chips are milled in a hammer mill.
  • Sieving: The flour is sieved to obtain the desire particle size.
  • Packaging: The flour is packaged in moisture proof packaging material ready for sale.

Production volume per month = 3tones (3000 Kg)

Sales: N990,000
Direct cost of sales: N472,000
Gross profit: N518,000
Operating Expenses: N230,000
Profit before tax: N288, 000

We advertise our products benefits through internet, newspapers, television and partake in Agriculture exhibition. We will also visit our target customer by letting them see the benefit of our organic plantain and let them know we can supply on monthly basis.


  • Registered Quadri Invention limited as limited liability company in Nigeria
  • Purchase one acre of land presently clear it for planting
  • Lease two acres of farming land
  • Presently planted 2200 pieces of plantains
  • We had established business relationship with distributor

Measures of Success

  • Our success factor will be to contribute to increasing in national food security in Nigeria
  • Processing plantain into plantain flour is profitable business that generate adequate revenue per month
  • Creating job opportunities within our community is one of our big achievement.
  • Impacting technical know-how on practical and managing agribusiness through organizing seminar for youth empowerment

Budget of $5000:

  • Purchase plantain flour milling and packaging machine
  • Solar Dryer
  • vibrating sieve
  • Time frame set to have listed machine is July to September 2016 in order to meet harvest period
  • I plan to inject proceed from sale of maize,cucumber,watermelon to augment $5000

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51 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #194: Plantain farming and processing (Abiodun Quadri Olanrewaju, Nigeria)”

  1. Wow that will be great and lovely,I guess with that there will be more increase in the food supply,economic growth of the nation and also employment opportunities.

  2. This is fantastic, encouraging and step in right direction to make Nigeria a real and great Nation among Nations. Please keep it up and keep the flag flagging. Success shall always be yours. There are good rewards in smart reasons and efforts.

  3. This is a really incredible business plan and I hope and pray that this plan gets as much support as it needs to come to pass. I think you have the best skill set to see this through.

  4. Hello All for the purpose of diversifying our economy from Oil and Gas to Agric, secondly for the purpose of aiding organic food availability, while creating employment and wealth. I totally support this project. This project should be give high rating and priority for anybody that likes the reasons I gave above.
    Edem Edem
    Founder- EIS Recycler

  5. I have known this gentleman as an inventor of unmatched qualities among his peer. How I wish the world can recognize your talent and make you contribute to liberation of many from poverty and development of nations. The International College of Health Science and Liberal Arts congratulates you on this great stride. We remain committed to our collaboration and will remain identifies with your inventions. They are lovely. I wish you greater successes, Dear Quadri..

  6. Very nice idea. This is a great market disruption concept. I’m proud of you Mr Quadri.

  7. This is a brilliant idea with lots of promises embedded in it. I pray it end with success and may it be a springbok to more success. More power to your elbow Bro….

  8. This is wonderful and lucrative business. This will make Nigerians realize the benefits of our agricultural business. More bravo my brother! Allah shall uplift and second u in the process.

  9. Interesting idea….especially when talking of processing which we lack here in Nigeria. Thank God for the present govt making it possible for local farmers like you who have ideas and passion to step up into local processing. I know with young entrepreneurs like you agriculture will become a Green colar job sustainable with better earning and wages. I would advise u to join innovative technology group that can help in terms of partnership and sponsorship

  10. I like the way you broke this down, good financial knowledge for a non-finance manager. Good to know you have metrics in place to measure performance! It is easy to tell that your business is well positioned to scale. Wish you the very best!

    And I think you’ve got great friends too who came all the way to drop comments just to support you. keep that up too.


  11. Impressive writeup,
    Am setting up a plantain farm in Ibadan(2000+ suckers ), we are open for business opportunities in terms of plantain supply.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    1. Nice Akin, are you going to sell your plantain? we are in need of it for plantain flour and chips processing. Please let me know your opinion.
      david 07030403305

  12. Quadril i give you Kudos but you need to put on more courage and developed yourself for exportation processes. If you intending to supply us we are ready for the purchase. Well Done
    David A

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