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YAP Proposal #193: Shea Butter Production (Abdul Moomin Abass, Ghana)


Development and unity foundation (DUF-GHANA) is a non-profit, non-political voluntary organization registered under the Ghana Registrar General Act 1963, Act 179. The organization has undertaken some number of projects in Yendi Municipality in the northern region of Ghana.

The organization aims to ensure sustainable livelihood and employment to people and provide facilities and amenities with the purpose of improving the quality of life of the people targeted at. With the objective of socioeconomic development of the targeted beneficiaries the organization works as a catalyst to fire up the dormant imagination and enterprise of the deprived sections and tries to put them on the threshold of development and growth.

DUF-GHANA has recognized itself lucratively at the grassroots level in the Northern areas of Ghana and has proved to be an ideal sculptor of a society working in close coordination with the remotest communities, while acquiring very low administrative costs.

Since the formation its has taken up a large number of projects/programmes in various field in the Yendi Municipal and enabled lot of people especially the poor, downtrodden and disadvantaged sections to have better education, livelihood enhancement, agriculture development and women empowerment, Since the beneficiaries are so large and spread over the Municipal and the organization is committed in its endeavors, it has earned name and fame and goodwill among the beneficiaries. It also maintains better coordination and rapport with government functionaries and the communities’ leaders

Executive Summary
This project is a shea butter production. The product is processed at Nalugu a village in Yendi Municipality, DUF-GHANA supports the shea butter women group in Nalugu to produce shea-butter to enhance their livelihood .

The production process involves cracking, roasting, milling, separating oil, boiling, and cooling.

The organization is currently supporting 78 women, each woman receive two bags of shea nuts to produce 4 calabash (local bowls used for measurement and packaging) of shea-butter.

DUF-GHANA would like to increase the number of beneficiary of the project by adding different villages and women’s groups.

The project required to increase beneficiary to 200 women in three villages and to be able to increase the number of bags to three per each beneficiary.

The process of shea butter production is as follows:

  • Once the raw nuts are purchased they are cracked by pounding and then roasted.
  • The roasted nuts are carried to a nearby village where there is a grinding mill.
  • After paying to have the nuts ground, they are carried back to Nalugu as a paste. The next steps are very important as they will determine the color and quality of the shea-butter.
  • Shea nut oil is extracted from the paste. The more time and attention that is put into this step determines the clarity of the oil.
  • The oil is then boiled to reach the appropriate consistency. The best method is to bring the oil to a boil and then decrease the temperature to a low boil or simmer.
  • Once the oil has boiled, it cools and solidifies into soft shea butter – the finished product.

The fund will be use to buy 200 bags of shea-nuts for the project, each bag is USD$23.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Abdul Moomin Abass (Ghana) – dufghana(at)

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673 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #193: Shea Butter Production (Abdul Moomin Abass, Ghana)”

    1. This has been a long awaited dreams in the face of northern women, thanks to DUF ghana for making it a reality. God bless DUF Ghana, God bless the country and the world at large.

  1. it is a good venture which will aid in alleviating poverty another the vulnerable class in our three northern regions

  2. Mr Abdul Moomin, i hope if you get this fund our community is going to be selected

  3. Bravo Mr Abdul Moomin may Allah bless you for the good works you and your team is doing in the municipality

  4. We need people like you to help our communities development for the future 🔮 may Allah bless you and your business team for the good work you are doing.

  5. shea butter production is a good innovation to reduce poverty in the Savannah area. Good work DUF-GHANA

  6. when will you come to our community again, since January you came and collected data we did not hear from you.

    1. you community is the next badge of beneficiary.. so don’t worry any data we collect we be take care-off

  7. Great Mr Abdul moomin we have heard alot of good works done by your organization, when are you coming to our village

  8. A very brilliant innovation, I entreat you to implore the necessary measures and structures to enable you achieve your aim.

  9. Indeed God has given us the talent and we have to name good use of it and i tink this project will go a long way in supporting and improving the lives of the ghanaian woman and the country at large.

  10. Mr Abdul Moomin you have a nice project.. but it will be good if you get buyer for the groups you are creating it well help them more. if they sell it in large quantity it will be more profitable than selling it individual

  11. DUF-GHANA is a realayable organisation and it will be good if they get this suppoert to complete their project

  12. Great project, very relevant and a very logical approach to alleviate poverty in the Area. Well done

  13. Great Initiative, this is what we call life changing and relevant to the society. how can this deprived community woman get to YAP but through your project they can also benefit from YAP

  14. Sustainable agricultural practises are the way forward in terms of solving social economic issue.
    Good job

  15. hello Abdul Moomin can i do business with you? i will like to be buying the shea-butter in bulk from your women

  16. Great project, with women empowered development is due, the project is viable and demanding as well, in terms of time and the budget.All the best and good work

  17. good work Abdul Moomin, keep up, empowering a woman is best way to improve livelihood…. big up

  18. This is a SMART project. Demonstrated passion of support and knowledge in the area of interest which translate to greater impact.

  19. awesome awesome Abdul Moomin. I totally agree that this will change the lives of many women out there

  20. This is a good project proposal. This is the begining of the race to eliminate poverty in the rural areas.
    Wish you all the best.

  21. This Is Awesome Abdul Moomin. I am inspired by it. I come from Uganda And i know the poverty levels, this will help the women To Be self employed. Good luuck!

  22. Good ,,you are targeting the right people with the right products, that is what we need as a society faced with poverty and bad attitude towards innovation in agriculture. GO FOR IT!

  23. When women are empowered, it reduce poverty in our communities… Mr Abdul Moomin and your team Bravo!!!

  24. DUF-GHANA we heard of you in Northern Ghana for some time now but you have not come to our village to support us why? are we not part of north

  25. Mr, Abdul Moomin ….Am from nalirigu during dry season we don’t have anything doing can you help us

  26. it is a good venture which will aid in alleviating poverty another the vulnerable class in our three northern regions

  27. I also recommend benevolent organizations or societies within the localities to come to the aid of these groups to ginger them up

  28. a young man at this age with the vision of siting a proposal in this form has a future if he gets the requisite support

  29. Wish you all the best in this project! If ever you win, I hope we get to work together and do it here in our country also

  30. we badly needed project like this in Ghana. I really appreciate and support the proposal. Such project will help deprived communities in Ghana.

  31. WE need such kind of innovative ideas to help poor farmers and more development in agriculture sector.

  32. indeed its very innovative work that you intended to do. My prayers are always with you and wish you all the best for your success

  33. Seriously, this is a great idea. And as far as it comes from DUF-GHANA, I believe it will be sustainable !

  34. Indeed it is a great idea.
    as I myself belong to an agricultural family, I can say it will bring real income for the women
    prays for successful execution and completion

  35. A noble cause that will be very helpful for the farmers and in turn for the country. Hope you get all the support you need to be successful.

  36. a nice project you have there and am sure it will benefit a lot of people,I hope you win.All the best

  37. This is a brilliant, unique, and novel idea coming particularly to the desertification prone and an enduring poverty laden area in Ghana,

    1. if we proved 140 bags of shea-nuts to 70 women’s, they will produce 4480 kilograms of shea-butter and we divide it into two and sale one part to get money to support other group and they take the one part to continue to produce for themselves

  38. This is a dream come true for our our poor mothers can afford to pay school fees and put food on the table, is a gud innovation and will like to be part of it. welldone duff ghana.

  39. Please keep it up and keep the flag flagging. Success shall always be yours. There are good rewards in smart reasons and efforts.

  40. This is a really incredible plan to reduce poverty and I hope and pray that this plan gets as much support as it needs

  41. we have more women in the society than men…. and the women are jobless … we need to empowered them.. great work

  42. This is quite productive and substantially helpful for the communities targeted. Keep it going

  43. A great example of the next generation creating change for a better future! Keep up the great work

  44. This is a great project that will teach locals with useful skills to enable them to sustain themselves in hunger times times like this year

  45. Vote for our project, we empower the communities to achieving food security by being self reliant

  46. Great project! Especially with the current povertysituation in Ghana this could go a long way to helping alleviate hunger

  47. I am inspired by your work. Would like to see more of these projects so we reduce poverty in our communities

  48. This has been a long awaited dreams in the face of northern women, thanks to DUF ghana for making it a reality. God bless DUF Ghana, God bless the country and the world at large.

  49. We need people like you to help our communities development for the future ,may Allah bless you and your business team for the good work you are doing

  50. you are targeting the right people with the right products, that is what we need as a society faced with poverty and bad attitude towards innovation in agriculture

  51. It’s good observation, because govt is not supporting the women here in Ghana that is why the deprived communities are always living in poverty

  52. if it can’t eliminate migrating to southern Ghana to Kayaayo but it will reduce the impacts

  53. good and nice initiatives, only few people will able to initiate something reasonable and solutions, it’s an good idea if the proposal with be given due consideration and implementation.

    1. if they produce 60kg we will take 30kg and sale to enable us to buy more nuts for different group

  54. What is the source of capital of your project? and how sure are you the source won’t fail you

    1. if we engage them in the production they will not have time to cut down tree to burn charcole

    1. yes the project is design in a way that every week each member will produce 60kgs of sheabutter

  55. Great project! It will help those in the areas where scarcity of food items duen to desertification.

  56. You are a hardworking person and I have no doubt any project you embark on would be a success. The sky is your limit. Kudos and Best wishes in all your endeavours.

  57. The sole aim is very very important, and the accompanying undertakings are also very essential, looking at the spelt out benefits. I think this is worthy of acceptance. Great insight.

  58. If an experienced humanitarian like you is given the chance project sustainability will not be an issue

  59. how is ICT related to agriculture… an IT students working in agric more then agriculture students

  60. If you haven’t all the things you want, be grateful for the things you don’t have that you wouldn’t want.

  61. the proposal teachings us how to catch fish and not to give fish hence no giving of money to farmers like the leap.thanks

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