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YAP proposal #187: Creating Wealth Through Poultry-Keeping (Oluwadara David Oyebanjo, Nigeria)


My name is Oluwadara David Oyebanjo, 27, from Ijebu-North Local Government Area of Ogun state. I live now in Ado Odo Otta Local Government Area in the same state in Nigeria. I am a biochemistry graduate from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

As a very resolute, productive, accountable, and disciplined young graduate in a populous nation, where unemployment and underemployment rates are high, my primary aim is to gain financial freedom and self-dependence while contributing immensely to the growth of the Nigerian economy through the agricultural sector and its value chain.

For this, I see myself making my way up among the top young agribusiness managers and consultants.

My experience in livestock farming including poultry-keeping, fisheries, and piggery in past years, and has helped me to successfully rear a 100-unit broiler production, between October 2015 to December 2015, after my National Youth Service. I will begin small-scale fish farming and will soon stock a 300-unit day-old chick DOC pullet (egg production) by April 2016.

The huge market demand for eggs raises the need to reduce inadequate supply by increased production and expansion of the business by another 500-unit DOC pullet.

A keen interest and passion for agriculture, through the provision of food and creation of wealth, drives me to contribute to Nigeria’s economic growth; to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, which are rising.

This business, however, is capable of employing a few hands, thereby reducing the unemployed. Wealth creation and employment opportunities for unskilled labour will greatly impact my immediate rural community.

In all of these, I shall personally create wealth and financial independence, have a wider field of experience and work framework, and enjoy continental tourism and a collaborative network.

For 500-unit DOC Pullets, four new 12 ft x 10 ft poultry rooms (deep litre system) will be erected (on the already available portion of land). A storehouse and stable water supply system are also available. Intense disinfection, lighting and electrification, purchase of feed hangers and water drinkers, egg crates and trays, waste management service, and proper veterinary consultancy shall all be carried out.

Also, I will make a healthy environment and housing, stable potable water supply system, good ventilation, excellent and healthy livestock feeds of tested and trusted quality and/or feed formulation, on-time vaccination and medication, with quality medications and vaccines, an environmentally friendly and healthy waste management plan, and proper monitoring and management. These are some of the required poultry practices for viability and sustainability.


Meeting a projected profit target, market stability, continuous and increased production, re-investment capacity, and human capacity development are major pointers of success of the business.

The grant will be used for the following:

  • Housing of 500 units of 12 ft x 10 ft rooms (within two weeks), cost NGN 160,000
  • 500-unit DOC pullets at NGN 250 each, costing NGN 125,000
  • Feeding with 23 bags of 25 kg chick mash (1–6 weeks), costing (23 x NGN 2,850) NGN 65,550
  • Feeding with 95 bags of 25 kg grower mash (7–16 weeks), costing (95 x NGN 2,200) NGN 209,000
  • Feeding with 70 bags of 25 kg layer mash (17–21 weeks), costing (70 x NGN 2,400) NGN 168,000
  • Medication/vaccination services at NGN 100 per bird, costing NGN 50,000
  • Waste managers’ wages for 12 months, costing (NGN 1000 x 12) NGN 12,000
  • Twenty hanging feeders at NGN 500 each and ten drinker guards at NGN 500 each, NGN 15,000
  • Salary NGN 120,000 (six months)
  • Contingencies NGN 50,000

NGN 974,550 is equivalent to USD 4,872.75

Expectations include:

  • Laying to full capacity up to 75 % by week 20, thereby producing up to 12.5 crates per day.
  • Income of about NGN 650 per crate and NGN 8,125 per day from sales of eggs.
  • Feeding per day is expected to cost NGN 6,000 hence a daily profit of about NGN 2,125.
  • I expect a weekly profit of NGN 14,875 and a monthly profit of NGN 59,500. After six months, the subsequent monthly salary would be generated from the business.


Blogpost and picture submitted by Oluwadara David Oyebanjo (NIgeria): duplexdna[at]

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921 thoughts on “YAP proposal #187: Creating Wealth Through Poultry-Keeping (Oluwadara David Oyebanjo, Nigeria)”

  1. That is a great write-up sir. One of the major challenges Africa is facing today is that, there is know balance between increase in population and increase in production. The supply of products are not enough to meet the needs of demand. How will you be able to balance and sustained this?

    1. You’re very right Sir, in any industry or sector as the case may be, if demands exceed supplies, the scale of production must be increased. Over a period of time, continuous reinvestments must be ensured as well as an expansion of existing ones, this will ensure its sustainability and hopefully decrease the insufficient supplies… Thanks so much Sir

  2. David, this is marvelous proposal, if implemented thoroughly, you will not self-employed only but become empolyer of labour. Hearty best of luck

    1. I believe by God’s Grace that as young people keep undegoing some form of training and they are certain of a back up afterwards, our unemployment issues shall he greatly reduced if not solved

  3. well articulated idea. made it easy to follow through. easy to deduce even wen investing less. It is indeed an opportunity to tap into by Nigerian youth. kudos bro.

    1. Hmmm!Graet idea indeed,I wish you all the best
      You will definitely make it to the top

  4. This project will indeed empower rural youth and women in the agricultural chain! The initiative is a very good one towards self dependency as well

  5. Taking a nation out of extreme poverty (as is the case in Nigeria) is a product of the supports given to sincere and innovative youths like yourself, David. You have the support of good meaning Nigerians. Best of luck.

    1. We want to see more young Nigerians having this burning desire, it’ll provoke great creativity to bring our populace out of the cancer of poverty, thanks so much Mr Omomayowa

  6. Nice one.. Thumbs up n big kudos to your great courage on the agricultural enterprise. Your determination and efforts will go a long way to show exemplary display of great potentials for Nigerian youths in agriculture and also solve unemployment.

  7. This is a great proposal. I pray God will back you up and you will excel.Kudos!

  8. This is great idea that can improve made In Nigeria and add to the increase In our economy,

  9. These are the kinds of youths we need for the development of our country Nigeria. The Government should really look into Agriculture for the development of our economy. Keep it up Oyebanjo!

  10. A brilliant proposal, many people like me has the passion for agriculture, in fact I built a poultry where I was called for service far in the east and is now abandoned since I have to return home after service, right now I feel discourage doing the business due to limited resources and financial support..
    For you to have taken your time to prepare this it is obvious you speak from experience and your passion for agriculture is way beyond doubt..
    I hope you get the grant because I see you handling this business successfully…
    All the best!

    1. It’s so good to hear the part of the experience of setting up a business so far away, I hope you will rise to the challenge and be reenergizes by the passion that made you set up the poultry in the first place

    2. I’m very optimistic that you’ll greatly become a better Agribusiness man if you can reignite the passion, build your resilience and be focused and undaunted, you’ll surely rise again

  11. One of the key reasons the rise in dollar is affecting Nigerians now is due to over-dependence on foreign commodities. With development in various Agricultural sectors, Nigeria can begin to export, thereby increasing our economic stand. Big ups to you Mr Oyebanjo!

    1. I agree with you Mr Olufowora. That is the reason we need to make African youth stand up to embrace agriculture; majority of the farmers we have are aged and most of them are practising it as a way of life not as a business but we as youth are saying we can bring agriculture on board again and for life

    2. It will be so surprising to see how much contribution our Agricultural sector can add to our economy, an increase in production internally will reduce how much commodities we’ll need to import.

  12. The content of this proposal is brief and clear. The transformation of Agriculture needs innovative idea that needs to be encouraged. #YAP I commend the essence behind this platform.

  13. The proposal is very simple and easy to understand that shows the young man knows his onions because of hands on experience, he should be supported in his quest to create wealth and reduce unemployment in Nigeria. Good work and well done.

    1. Hopefully, there are a whole lot interested in it who have not taken the courage to launch out…I hope we’ll all wake up to the challenge, thanks for the comment Ramon

  14. This proposal is showing me how agriculture can make a tremendous change to the Nation- Nigeria’s economy. I am in support of your vision.

  15. What a great idea, I’m very sure of a successful execution of this project if granted. Keep it up and make sure you employ the “unemployed”. Wish you all the best.

  16. Agric is the order in this world of ours because of the daily consumption. Keep up the good work and welcome to the fold of job creators.

  17. Hmmm!What an Amazing Idea,You are such a Brilliant Asset to this Great Nation!More Power to your Work.Blessed

  18. Great mind are those that come out with ideas and work on it, God will increase your mind and heart of innovation.

  19. Nice write up, if many of your likes are available in this country, i bet it will be a better place to live in. May God grant you success.

  20. Considering the economy at its state now, how do you hope to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country through agribusiness?

    1. Aside from the few hands who’ll be working with me, I’ll continue to convince young Nigerians to keep joining the Agribusiness value chain

  21. I like the high level of detailing you have brought into your plan and that you are sincere with the figures as well. It’s great to see young minds follow after passion in times like this. Great work sir

  22. Poultry production or livestock management falls under the animals production sector, which means growing of birds for egg production which is a protein source in the food diet and nutritional value in which can be use for commercial purpose to solve to the scarcity of egg around some towns in Nigerian states

  23. A good write up indeed, if Nigeria can adopt this then our agricultural economy will be much better

  24. This is a very great idea David. I trust your abilities & I believe the Grant will really go a long way as you are meticulous & you keep to your words.
    Wishing u great success

  25. Excellent initiative i know many youths will surely key into it and agriculture will absorb youths and create jobs for the unemployed youths in Nigeria.

  26. A good innovation of eradicating poverty and to reduce unemployment in the country. Keep the good work

  27. Well thought out and courageous move David. Indeed this should be encouraged wherever necessary. Success!

  28. May God bless you, your write up is like an eye opener to youths who do not know what next to do. May God grant u success and bless the project you are embarking on. #kudos#

  29. @Olorunleke @Dailygister Nigeria need to build the Economy of her country via Agriculture, but with dedicated youths like @Oyebanjo

  30. I have always known Oyebanjo to be a great man with future realistic goals right from when we were still young. You have done it again! Wish you the best in this!

  31. Animal farming is good for us but you didn’t make room for employment in your proposal.

    1. There is room for employment opportunity for waste managers, veterinarians, Farm attendant, feed transperters though on a part time basis as the business grows

    1. Yes, its only for Egg production. Broiler Production, Cockerel, Guinea fowls, Turkey etc all have varying feed consumption rates, medications and time frame

    1. If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? He can only go back to the foundation to rebuild…that’s what can alleviate poverty and unemployment in Nigeria

  32. After a success in this, please make sure some Nigerian youths are taken off the streets of “unemployment” #MayGodHelpYou

  33. So this is the secret. No wonder these rich people are venturing into Agriculture this days…..Hmmmmn

  34. Working together with “different people” in “different fields” brings success. Let it be part of your formulas for success in Agribusiness. Keep it up!

  35. uhmmmm…it’s a welcome development and nice proposal!
    These are the type of things we are wanting in this Country?
    you didn’t put into the proposal how many people this would be employing?
    is the salary is for u alone?….If so reduce mai broda!
    let them know your production/day, production/month, production/six months? and your intended increment in projection over the years if the proposal is being approved?

    1. If you check through the proposal, you’ll see that the #120000 is for six months, this means #20000 monthly, I don’t think that’s too much to be realistic…and the production per day is statedbin the last part of the proposal, if laying to full capacity is attained, there’ll be 12.5 crates per day…I’ll still maintain 500unit capacity again then scale up by 50% i.e 750unit capacity…I’ll be making use of at least 2 waste managers, 1 transporter and I’ll be doing some other things myself cos its still a small scale