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YAP proposal #185: Teaching people to grow catfish (Aduragba Titilayomi Adeoluwa, Nigeria)


I am Aduragba Titilayomi Adeoluwa, 24, a graduate of French from a Nigerian University (2014) and currently undergoing an incubation programm with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Youth Agripreneur (IYA), where I have been introduced to agriculture and its value chain.

My interest in agriculture broadened when I visited the Songhai farms (December, 2015): that visit exposed me to the world of opportunities that abound in agriculture through the several agribusiness seminars and training sessions I attended.

The experience inspired my passion for practising agriculture as a business due to my desire to be self-sufficient, independent and self-employed, because the level of unemployment and underemployment in my country is grossly high. I have the aim of contributing to Nigeria’s growing economy through agriculture, which is a viable and sustainable source of economic growth.

Agriculture is the lifeline of any society and I want to harness the opportunities thereof by establishing a catfish farm (rearing for value-adding purposes), which would enable me to teach other youth by my example.

Fish (the major source of protein) is highly nutritious to both young and old, and my incubation experience has proven smoked fish viable, as there is incessant increase in demand by consumers and retailers.

Thus, I would enlighten other youth and empower them in agribusiness (learning-by-doing process) with my desire to contribute to the eradication of youth unemployment, poverty, and food insecurity.

An available piece of land has been secured and provision had already been made for the source of water (borehole) to kick-start the project.

If I am privileged to be a YAP champion, the cash flow of the NGN 1,000,000 (USD 5,000 equivalent at a rate of NGN 200 per US dollar) would be scheduled as:

NGN 480,000 capital cost:

  • NGN 140,000 for four tanks at NGN 35,000 each
  • NGN 50,000 for drainage- water management
  • NGN 20,000 for other expenses (feeding scoop, basket net, sensitive scale, etc.)
  • NGN 250,000 for the smoking kiln, 200 kg capacity
  • NGN 20,000 for miscellaneous

NGN 450,000 as production cost:

  • NGN 25,000 for the purchase of 2,500 fingerlings at NGN 10 each
  • NGN 250,000 for feed
  • NGN 20,000 for two casual staff (four days a month)
  • NGN 140,000 for entrepreneur’s income
  • NGN 5,000 for other expenses (spices, coal, nylon, etc.)
  • NGN 10,000 for miscellaneous

Total sum: NGN 930,000.

The capital items would be purchased by April and activity would commence immediately from May. Purchase of fingerlings and feeding would take place from that same month to June, while activities projected for July are production and sales. A mortality rate of 5 % is envisioned for each production cycle.

Hence, at the end of two months, which represents a cycle, 750 kg fresh fish would be produced (average weight of 300 g). A quarter sized (75 g) is expected per 300 g of fish after smoking, which gives a total of about 178 kg. A kilogram of smoked fish costs NGN 3,330. The 178 kg smoked fish would generate revenue of NGN 592,740. From this production cycle, there would be net profit of NGN 142,740.

The production would be done bi-monthly (i.e. six times a year), thus the above illustrated expenses are for a production cycle and the sum of NGN 926,440 (NGN 856,440 plus NGN 70,000) net profit at the end of the whole cycle (a year), with its gains reinvested to fund subsequent cycles.

Therefore, a sum of NGN 670,000, including:

  • NGN 70,000 for two additional tanks
  • NGN 20,000 for two additional casual staff
  • 5,000 pieces of fingerlings at a cost of NGN 50,000
  • The feed cost of NGN 500,000
  • NGN 10,000 for other expenses (spices, coal, nylon etc.)
  • NGN 20,000 for miscellaneous

The net profit would be re-invested in the second year alongside the already carved-out production cost of the normal first cycle, which would triple the expenses of the first year.

The production, the revenue, and ultimately profit in turn leads to an increased staff employment, and improved income generated.


Blogpost and picture submitted by Aduragba Titilayomi Adeoluwa (Nigeria): mailto:adura.adeoluwa[at]

The content, structure and grammar are at the discretion of the author only.


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904 thoughts on “YAP proposal #185: Teaching people to grow catfish (Aduragba Titilayomi Adeoluwa, Nigeria)”

  1. This is a nice concept, it’s no more gainsaying that projects like this will trn around the rock-bottom economy from petroleum dependance to agriculture.

    I will follow you up and view ur stages as time proceeds.

      1. This is really a wonderful opportunity for young graduates…Congratulations Deariee weldone!!!

  2. Am amazed with this passion for Agribusiness and to contribute to economy growth of our dear country Nigeria. I salute your courage, dedication and commitment towards this project.

  3. Right thinking in the right sectoral dimension at the right time.

    1. Credit should be given to all the projects in support of youths participation in agriculture

  4. A very good proposal in my own recommedndation,and i strongly belive this will help create employment for willing and able youth in nigeria, a very big thumbs up wishing you all the best.

    1. Thank you Adegoke. My desire is that youth accept the prospects in agriculture.

  5. I think this is a very interesting program which I would like to be part of the training.

  6. Great idea…. the Future is here… I will be willing to also learn from you as soon as your request us granted, unemployment is gradually becoming a thing of the past… all the best.

  7. This is a remarkable project plan worthy of effectual approval. I will like you to make further studies or research on some possible challenges/ disadvantages involved in fish farming and how to reduce them, for this will help in having a preconceived idea on how to tackle them when they arise, thereby reducing loss and achieving the desired productivity.

    1. Thank you for you advice… I am currently involved in the process and as we all know cannibalism is a major challenge in catfish production but could be managed if graded and sorted from time to time but research is on going to see how it could be solved.

  8. Hummm! You are indeed a genius. with someone like you, the Nigerian economy will witness dramatic improvement!

    1. I will put in relentless effort to make all things work out as stated in the proposal. Thank you Kola.

  9. This is great idea, I support it and recommend all the necessary assistance to this young lady who is keenly interested in agriculture. This is a worthy adventure

  10. This is an eye opener for all especially our youths…….. I will equally find time to learn and practice this though gainfully employed. Congratulations………

  11. Nice one. There is a need for we Youths to retrace our steps back towards Agriculture.

  12. It is a great innovation conceived as it will open the eyes of the youth to opportunities in Nigeria amidst cries of unemployment and insecurity of job. A nation like Nigeria needs to be more serious about agriculture in order to make her economy grow stronger and with Nigeria 2020 vision, hoping to become one of the first twenty leading economy in the world.

  13. What a brilliant idea Aduragba.

    You have indeed taken a bold step to proffer solution to the scarcity of cat fish (Both fresh and smoked).

    Kindly factor in, a results based management system as you grow by documenting lessons learnt for the purpose of making reasonable decision to scale up.

    1. I really appreciate your advise… of course, i would document my experiences to have a historical timeline that would enable monitor my progress and success.
      The passion for this is borne out of the desire to be self-sufficient and self-employed; also to make other youth see agriculture as a profitable venture and not a way of life.

      The Labour would also learn on the job to make see opportunity right before them

    1. Waiting patiently to see this become reality in Nigeria. Thank you Peter

  14. Setting up the pace already… A sure way to look off the petroleum sector. Nice concept. Good luck 🍀.

    1. Thanks Oluwasegun. Diverting our resources into agribusiness will boost agricultural sector and improve the Nigeria’s economy.

  15. This is so good… Agriculture is the best thing I can invest in… it will move this country as a whole forward and create more job opportunities to the citizen. Actually the best.

    1. Wamiwa. I am pleased with your comment. Since you can invest in agriculture, would you join the league of youths in agribusiness?

  16. This is so good… Agriculture is the best thing I can invest in… it will move this country as a whole forward and create more job opportunities to the citizen. Actually the best. This is another solution to the Economy problem.

  17. Nice write up, and. Also I agree with you.. this will give more ideas to young entrepreneurs, and also will will create job opportunities to the unemployed, and also this will tackle hunger in the country. All the best.

  18. compare expenditure and the total income of fish farming, is this profitable in all part of Nigeria? Or does it has to do with farm Location?

    1. Princeola. Fish business is lucrative in all part of Nigeria but it depends on the best management practices and approach

  19. This is nice and in tune with the federal Government diversification of the economy.

    1. Yes meaning we have the support of the Federal Govt. in the participation of youth in agriculture transformation. Thanks Aremu

    1. Ofcourse, However, youths need to be the driver of this awakening

    2. Ofcourse. However, youth should be the driver of this awakening. Thanks duplexdnablog

  20. This is very fascinating. These are the kind of projects I am very interested in.
    Best wishes in the competition and hoping you get to win the ultimate prize.


  21. This is a well identified project that will properly utilize the better part of agriculture that hasn’t being well exploited or abandoned. the project is properly outlined showing her vivid vision, passion and knowledge of the fish farming which will enable her to employ and encourage more youth towards the wealth creation opportunities embedded in fish farming.

  22. nice project. Like seriously, you actually tells how great your passion is on Agriculture.

  23. This is fantastic, Agriculture is the only hope of Nigeria. This will be an eye opener to Nigeria youth.

    1. Thank you sir. My desire and target is to make other youth see the opportunities in agriculture and its value chain

  24. This is a very good innovation and also a great achievement for a Nigerian youth and also a lady doing all this, sky is the limit for you.
    She is sure a voice for other youths, this should be emulated; because if you heart is devoted to it, it can sure be done.
    Well done and success is already yours!!!

    1. Youth shall surely grow and would be seen at the peak. Thanks Mic

  25. With this kind of proposal it is a “YES” for me. I only pray you will be given an opportunity to help our economy and youths.

    1. I am hopeful as well and I pray youths yield to the call towards agriculture. Thanks for your support sir.

  26. That’s a very necessary project. The adage teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime is very accurate here! Way to implement that, awesome project!

    1. Thank you Mr Layi for joining in the mobilization of African youth. Nigeria is getting better and Africa at large

  27. This is a viable agribusiness enterprise most especially in Nigeria. This is a good proposal.

  28. Nice idea, fish business have demonstrated huge potential in generating high return on investment farmers. however engaging youth with wide range of technologies is the potent tool for Agricultural transformation in Nigeria

    1. Thank you. I agree with you because agriculture can absorb enough people who desire to be one of the drivers of transformation in the agricultural sector

  29. NYC concept. Nigeria will b a beta country if we av more people venturing into agriculture which no can do without.

  30. This is a unique initiative, it no doubt has very promising prospects. Go for it as we all fight poverty and malnutrition in Africa.

  31. This is a good agricultural project. It will encourage Nigeria youth to be self sufficient and independent.

  32. This is a great innovation, it will go along way in reducing unemployment and poverty hence improving the economy as a whole.

    1. Hopefully. youth need to desire self-sufficiency and work towards achieving it. Thank you so much for your support

  33. There is need for more fish farmers to balance the demand and supply pull of the economy in general and also help employment menace in the country.

  34. This is a good Agricultural project. It will encourage Nigeria youth to be self sufficient and less dependent.

    1. That is exactly the purpose of the project considering the information on agribusiness has not been well circulated to Nigerian youth

  35. This proposal is highly encouraging and It is inspiring me to embrace agriculture as a business. I am giving you my vote.

    1. Thank you Ramon but I would like to ask if you would be on board in promoting youth involvement in agriculture?

  36. This is an Eye-opener to Nigerian graduates and this will serve as a means to reduce poverty in our nation.

    1. Absolutely! My desire is that we become emploer of labours and not graduates busy looking for job… Thanks

    1. I am happy this could motivate and inspire you but I would like to ask you if you would be interested in exploring the opportunities in agricultural sector?

  37. This is a great idea for this dispensation. This knowledge will make the agricultural sector perform better and be appealing to everyone. 100% supported!

  38. Entrepreneurship is the way forward for Nigerians and its high time we all realised that!
    Adura this is a great project and I hope to do business with you and order for as many as possible fishes for my clients (I’m into catering services, cakes and confectionery).
    I hope this proposal gets approved because its very lucrative and will help a great deal the Nigerian economy.

    1. Thanks funadoy and I look forward to doing business with you.

  39. With passionate chaps like Adura, unemployment is on its way out of our country. Keep it going!

    1. Thank you Mr Sina. I hope with other youths interest in agriculture, we can finally put an end to unemployment

    1. I strongly believe what you said. What we need is the ability to develop our skills and be distinct in our innovation

  40. Adura has Identified a market and as well developed a simple projected inflow and outflow for her business plan. This is excellent and given the opportunity of the grant will not be money run down the drains. It will contribute to economic growth. You deserve this Adura!

    1. Thank you sir. I look forward to contributing to the nation’s economic growth

  41. With the dwindling oil prices, the push for alternative sources of energy and nosediving employment opportunities, Agribusiness is way to go. Great job Adura!

    1. You are right. That is exactly what I would like my fellow youth to explore with me; Agriculture is profitable

  42. Agriculture has a lot of hidden potential just as revealed by Aduragbemi in her proposal. To me, your proposal is okay but did not factor-in your own SALARY. Please do not be deceived to belief that you have to work for free for your business at the start,may be tempted to begin to draw from the business fund. So, include your salary from the on-set no matter how small. Welldone.

    1. Thanks you Femi. Probably I did not use the right word to indicate my own income.. My income has been factored in the cost of production as the ‘entrepreneur income’. I believe any business that can not pay the entrepreneur is not worth going into since the sustainability is not certain. I really appreciate your concern

  43. This is great. An ambassador going into fishery. Incredible. I strongly support this idea of yours and I believe God shall also support you and you shall deliver IJN.

    1. Thank you ma, I can combine language with agriculture considering the publicity of youth involvement is across Africa.

  44. The struggle to conquer hunger is vast, hence I cherish your youthful beginning from this angle…sky is not your limit girl!!!

  45. Agribusiness helps to boost productivity in agriculture and empower youth by creating opportunities to them and supply industrial raw materials for food processing company and reduce exportation in the country which will increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a nation and bring development of rural communities and infrastructure amenities of rural dwellers.

  46. Dear, the fish biz is a viable ground, i would advice that it is best advicable to start production with juvenile sizes to reduce mortality and ensure equal growth and development. Secondly, you should ensure you have atleast 1 permanent staff to work with because fish culturing requires close monitoring.

    1. Thanks for your advice ma, It would be looked into.
      concerning the staff, I am the permanent staff because, I can not keep paying myself without doing anything at least now that it is not on a large scale yet and I need to be fully involved.

  47. fabulous! ride on gal…….i love ur ideas. Agriculture is the main stay of nigeria economy#wesetthepace#

  48. brilliant proposal . there are opportunities in agriculture. this appears to be very profitable.

  49. This is a good initiative, i know other youths can venture into it because of the opportunitives that lies in agriculture. It will create jobs for unempolyed youths.

  50. Your outline shows you have a very sound knowledge of what you are doing or about to do,your vision is so promising and convincing.

    1. Thanks for your support Idris. I will endeavor to achieve my set goals.

  51. It is an understatement to say “a girl is half pregnant”. This is really a good move and should encourage a number of unemployed youth. Be courageous and move ahead, you are almost there. cheers!

    1. I am hopeful that I would be one of the YAP champions so as to enable me deliver to time. Thank you Ali

  52. This is a very laudable project which I beleive will empower many other young agripreneur. French language advantage will propagate the project to other French speaking countries.

    1. Thank you for seeing beyond the proposal. After the success of this project in Nigeria, it would be extended to Africa at large. I appreciate Samuel

  53. my dear, I fully support your initiative. we need more farmers in Nigeria to eliminate hunger and nourish Africa.

    1. Thanks ma, I am proud to be a farmer with solution to Nigeria’s economical challenge and I know many more will come onboard.

  54. This is good initiative that could engage more youth in Africa and reduce unemployment rate if carefully planned and monitored. I hope you proposal is considered and a training model should also be develop for youth within your environment.

    1. Your recommendation would be considered ma. Thank you for your support

    1. Thanks for the comment Seyi.

      Agriculture should not be the last resort for Nigerian youth therefore even the employed can explore agricultural benefit; everyone lives on agriculture!

  55. Very good idea, a yes from me…this is a very good innovation for upcoming youths, the youths should know that not all collar job is promising a well innovation like this can give youths out there a promising job and self independent, also it will be good if IYA can organise training for youths who are willing to be self employed……IYA kudoos to you, ride on.

    1. Thank you very much Esezobor. I would like to remind you this is an individual project that targets reaching out to other youth for empowerment but I would see what I can do to reach IYA.

    1. Market is readily available for the enterprise. It is only awaiting approval of the proposal.

      Funadoy (one of those who dropped comment on my proposal) is already a proposed market for the commodity.
      I believe a good business person makes sales before production. Thank you Ifeoluwasimi

  56. I am very glad to see a Business woman Agripreneur in making!! With your innovation and skills, a lot of unemployed youth can be empowered and given a better livelihood. I wish you all the best as you pursue the grant to make your dream come through. keep up, keep it up, the sky is your starting point.

    1. Thanks akremzy111… I support that idea of operation go back to farm

    1. Nigerian economy will improve as our products improve. Thanks Adegbola

  57. Excellent concept and brilliant ideas to nuture. Adura! You have all what it takes to create your own world of exploit because God has given you the right to become the architect of your own financial kingdom. If I have the chance to become the director of operation today in either of thess banks: Barclays or Swiss Bank, I would give your dream project a standing order always.

  58. Aduragba, your initiative is super but do you think the unemployed graduate are dynamic like you? how would you encourage them to endure?

    1. Youths need to realize that if they are not engaged they depreciate and what they are engaged in determines their value…
      In terms of endurance, not everything comes easy but when the reward comes, we forget about the stress we go through and agriculture gives opportunity for learning on the job and more initiative and skills would emerge. Also, I would like to tell them my challenges before I got the testament to make them know that the more fire gold pass brings out the beauty. Thanks Francis

  59. Very good idea. It couldn’t have been coming at a better time than now that we need to push agriculture as our main source of income. You have my support on this, keep it up!

  60. am happy for the step you have taken and fish business is a lucrative business and wish I know is a good business and More Grace to your elbow

  61. Great, can you find time to discuss about this lucrative business? i am interested and ready to join the farmers to be able to help other to feed well.

    1. Ofcourse. It would be good to have you onboard. The business brings lot of opportunities which I would like you to be specific on what you want to know. Thanks Sola..

      I am hoping to hear from you

    1. Thank you Moyin and we are really pushing that youth unemployment be totally eradicated or reduced to the bearest minimum

    1. Agriculture is the sustainable means of feeding the Nation. Thanks Seun

  62. Yes you can…. Adura!!! Très jolie idée ma chérie. Je suis vraiment émue avec tes grandes idées. This is very impressive, encouraged and to be supported. I am glad to see a graduate from French field interested in Agriculture and more especially in business. The concept is a brilliant once and need to be nurtured. You have all what it takes to create your own world of exploit. With your innovation and skills, a lot of unemployed youth can be empowered and given a better livelihood. You just need careful planning, good implementation and proper monitoring. You have all my support and all the best wishes. Courage, Please carry and keep it up.

    1. Merci Dr. Marie, Je suis très honoré et j’apprecie votre soutien.

  63. Adura, can i come for training and i would like to like how much it will come me? i want to be self reliant too.kudos!

    1. Lets wait till the approval of the project so you can get to learn on the job. Thanks for your interest Deji.

    1. Thanks Victoria.. This project is beyond research as it’s a step further i.e making business with result from research so as to nourish Africa and make a living as well.

    1. Thanks susan and I would like to know what kind of research you are into?

    1. I would be waiting to have you join the league of youth involvement in agribusiness towards food security and youth empowerment. Thanks Ajanaku

  64. Waoh! This is a laudable project. with the teeming population of Nigeria, this project will afford you opportunity of making food available for people at low cost. Catch them young! Good project. Africans are born farmers.

    Best of Luck Adura.

    1. Yes we are born farmers and proud of it. It time to proof our dynamism in farming as youth as business and not as a norm. I appreciate James

  65. Kudos on this and thanks for willing to take us to the grassroot level. Thumbs up!!!

    1. Thanks Agboola and it is already encouraged; youths need to accept and adopt it.

    2. We need to encourage ourselves as well. How many youth would love to be involved when it is promoted! Lets make things happen we are in our youthful stage. Thanks Agboola.

  66. Great innovation IYA!!! This will definitely inspire youth to be independent and not blame government for being responsible for unemployment. Job weldone Ma’m

    1. You are right Alofun but I would like to remind you it is an individual project. Thanks

  67. Very Impacting innovation!! I am sure this will encourage youth to be independent and not rely solely on government to tackle unemployment. More grace ma’m

  68. Wishing you the very best of luck, diversification ia the order of today for we youths of today.

    More grease to your elbow.

  69. A well thought proposal that needs to be emulated by well meaning Nigerian Graduates.

    I can’t but salute this courageous lady that has chosen to be at the “Drivers’ seat”.

    Keep this up – Aduragba Titilayomi Adeoluwa.

  70. Education makes the difference Adura i have to come for training so that i will not be idle. cheers

    1. I look forward to training you as soon as the proposal has been accepted. Thanks Aderonke

  71. Nice innovation, we believe this would be approved so as to reduce the menace of unemployment, importation, healthy and cheap consumption.

    keep the good work moving, we canal actualize the future together.
    Thumbs up.

    1. I am hopeful it is approved and we will actualize the future together. Thanks Halimot.

  72. This is a well thought out business plan. Fish is one of the healthy sources of protein. Smoking it makes it even healthier. I’d put my money in this business anytime!

  73. This is a great idea and good innovation. This dream will definitely be actualised as you pursue it with this kin passion and determination

    1. Why anyone over 40 years? Does it mean they should support this since they missed were not exposed to this kind of opportunity.

    1. Absolutely! This is our youthful age we are full of strength and life. We can and will do it

  74. I have read trhough Aduragba Adeoluwa’s proposal #185 which is on Catfish production and sales. I obsreve the p[roposal is very original, logical and doable. Given the necessary support I am confident that she will succeed and impact ther colleagues who are youths on how to be enetrprising. I ask that she should be considered for support and sponsorship.

  75. Wow!! what a good proposal from Aduragba, i believe with this type of proposal, more youths in Nigeria will have opportunities of making money through fish farming. keep it up, wish you all the best

  76. Dear Aduragba Adeoluwa, this is a worth while project. Are you ready to copy with training an adult of above 50 years of age? thanks.

    1. Yinka, I would like to let you that youth would be considered firat. Thanks

  77. Wow!!! Adura this is a great innovation, trying to impact others with your knowledge and skills in agriculture will help you go far. In sub-Saharan Africa agriculture remains the key to unlock potentials in youth in order to reduce unemployment rate and enhance the standard of living of the people.

    1. Thank you very much for your advice ma, I really appreciate and would put it into consedration.

  78. A lot of people failed at what you accomplished, simply because they were busy finding problems while you were busy finding solutions. Well done dear……

  79. did you remember to factor in your salary? this work is energy sapping please take care of yourself

    1. Yes, my salary has been factored into the cost of production. Thanks for the care Teju

    1. Yes it is promising and there is assurance of its replication reducing youth unemployment rate across Africa. Thanks Muyiwa

    1. The project is very new and there is opportunity for free training now. Thanks adekola but the earlier the better as soon as the project is approved

  80. This is indeed a great business.And I believe one thing and that is the fact that If there is a will there is a way.Adura has gone through several training that has exposed her to a new world of opportunities.

    1. Thanks for the motivation Clem. I believe in this and I know there is indeed a way out.

    1. there is no problem Mercy but that would be when the project get started after approval.

  81. The youth should wakeup to this great business opportunity, With less done one million naira one” only, I love this .

  82. good innovations. hope your new equipment will be able to copy with you demand of people because you will have more students than what you expect. thanks

    1. Yes it will, I calculated based on what would be on ground but the more the student, the expansion when revenue starts coming in. The calculation in the proposal needs to be achievable and realizable. Thank you Kay

    1. I have been coping cause my believe is there is no knowledge one cannot acquire as long as there is interest.

    1. I am glad to hear this project is a source of inspiration to you gufar. I wish you well too, thank you

  83. Technology has made things easy unlike traditional method that takes many days to dry.good invention.

    1. The traditional way of smoking fish is not too good for the health but with this technology, the fishes has no direct contact with fish.

  84. This is a good concept and bold step for a young female like you . Please keep it up and perfect the sales aspect of the work. Wishing you the very best!

  85. A wise saying ” good food nourishes body and your problem is solved” Adura in believe your preaching to alleviate poverty.

  86. This is a laudable proposal and needs to be favorably considered for the grant being sort for . Fish and smoked fish in particular has no limitation as regard its consumption by all and sundry. Apart from youth she would likely engage as a way of reducing unemployment in the country, the business would also ensure fish farmers remain in business and produce more in order to meet the demand from entrepreneur like Aduragba#185.

    1. Of course Toye. there is no doubt about what you have said. I appreciate you opinion

  87. you are boosting our economy with this beautiful ideas of yours. thanks to Adura as she is joining other farmers to help masses out of malnourishment.

    1. I hope the govt. would promote this move towards agricultural transformation.

    1. Agriculture is the youths agenda towards food security and reduction of importation.

    1. Agricultural class room is on the field that is why the training is learning by doing or learning on the job

  88. Adura I love this…….it is a welcome developement……it will encourage more youths to venture into Agriculture….nice one

    1. Thank you Uche and encouraging more youths to agriculture is the target of this project.

    1. yes I can bolu! I have been doing it as a group but would like to scale out to manage it as my own business. I desire to be self employed and to be employer of labor.

    1. Agricultural classroom is on the field that is why the project states that the learning process is learning on the job or by doing

    1. Absolutely we can’t; agriculture is important to our living both human and animals. Thank you gloria

  89. Adura what motivated you to go into agriculture? yuong graduate with good command of English. you are too much

    1. I stated what motivated me in the proposal but I will answer in brief. I desire to be self-sufficient and self-employed and I found this in agriculture because it is more than just having a farm.

  90. Yes but the project would be properly managed to mitigate the risks involved. Thanks Veto

  91. This proposal is an original thought. It shows a genuine desire to make an economic impact. It She should be encouraged

  92. This business has been properly done; it shows the expenses and the revenue clearly which reflects its sustainability. well done

  93. I wish to be a part of this, marketing the product should not be a problem and try to add exportation to this in order to bring in good returns for naira to rise.

    1. Thank you oluwatobi, would look in to what you have suggested but lets wait till the project kick-start. I appreciate.

  94. A great proposal with every details well written. Hope available market & logistics has been considered as the business will expand in no time. Wish you great success.

    1. Yes, it can and sure will. Thanks for believing agriculture will transform the nation.

    1. Of course it will and that is what we desire and wish for Nigeria. Thank you

    1. Of course Helen, agriculture needs to improve and be promoted by the youths. thanks

    1. The equipment would support the estimate done but as the project expand, the equipment would increase to meet the required demand. I appreciate your care pekun.

    1. Yes I agree with you and more home food will surely promote healthy living. Thank you nene

  95. Thank you for the hardwork.
    You’re Blessed and may the great God of heaven continue in Blessing you. I support 100% in this agriculture field. More of it

    1. Nene, the youth of the nation are her economy booster and we will fulfill this mandate of ours. Thanks

    1. YES. It is one of the reasons am going into fish business and its value addition. Thank you Abiola

    2. Abiola, are you into fish farming or doing fish business in a way?