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YAP proposal #184: Smartphone App to Help Identify Pests and Diseases (Sanny Gaddafi, Indonesia)


My name is Sanny Gaddafi, 35, from Bekasi, Indonesia. I’m a Cofounder and CTO of PT. 8villages Indonesia: a company that develops education tools for people in rural areas.

8villages is an Indonesian start-up that focuses on delivering information and simplifying the agricultural value chain. It has been working with the universities, government, and other organizations to deliver best practices to farmers and answer farmers’ questions.

The 8villages’ platform created originally via SMS and is now best delivered via Android devices. 8villages would thus prefer to deliver this project to Android. If the farmers do not have an Android device then the project can be delivered on SMS but it is thus much more costly.


I want to develop an android application to help in the identification of pests and diseases that can enable the user (agricultural extension workers and farmers) to identify pests and diseases that attack rice, corn and soybean.

The user can insert the problem of the crop using android application, and then the application will give the information on how to solve it. Meanwhile, the data that has been inserted by the user will be sent to the Cloud server for research in the future.


My company develops education tools for farmers using an android application, the problem-solving requires an actual expert standing by to answer the question that coming from the user.

I want to create another app that can give the answer automatically to the user but the application still continues to adapt based on the users’ input.

Pest attacks on crops of rice, corn and soybeans cause yield losses of 30 % and lead to a decrease in income and welfare for farmers of Indonesia. With the application that guides the farmer their welfare will be increased by 30%.


My team and I will develop an android application and will use the funds to introduce the application to extension workers and people in rural areas.

Also will create a partnership with experts in the university to analyse the data that we receive and grow the content more.

I have already have managed to secure funding from an NGO to develop the initial content about pest and disease problem-solving for rice paddies.

The success factor in this project is the user that uses the application, and the data that we collect from the user input. I’m aim to aiming to have 1,000 users using the application, with at least 500 data sources from the ground every month.

The USD 5,000 is for:

  • Developing the application (2 months)
  • Training the extension workers and farmers (3 months)
  • Profiling pests and diseases in certain areas
  • Development threshold control over pests and diseases so that farmers avoid losses
  • Training for trainers

Video of 8villages’ Projects


Article of 8villages’ Projects


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6 thoughts on “YAP proposal #184: Smartphone App to Help Identify Pests and Diseases (Sanny Gaddafi, Indonesia)”

  1. Hello sanny! What an amazing project you have there! I also live in indonesia and currently studying agricultural sector so i realize how important your project here.

    There are some question i would like to ask, i have search your lisa program on play store but i cant find it, can u tell me how to get it? And about this pesticide app will the farmer input the data of their plant condition so the program will determine the pest by itself or theres only a dictionary so farmers has to search it by themself? If the program can determine it by itself how sure it is correct?

    I really interest with your project, and if you dont mind can you contact me by mail? I would be really happy to have chat with you about this.

    Fitriani saputra

    1. Dear Fitriani,

      Thank you so much for your respond and interest with our project, if you want to know more about the application, you can see it at you will see the website version of the app, and you also can download it at for the android apps.

      The pesticide app is for helping farmer to solve their problem by giving information about the symptom of the plants, so in the end, there will be a recommendation on how to solve their problem.


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