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YAP proposal #180: Catfish and Quail Production for Health and Employment (Oloyede Adeyemi Olatayo,Nigeria)   

greenlandI am Oloyede Adeyemi Olatayo, 31, from Isanlu Sin in Kwara State, Nigeria. I was born in Ilorin, the first in the family of three and I studied mass communication at the Federal Polytechnic of Offa. After graduation I ventured into farming, in which I gained a lot of experience.

My project

At Greenland Integrated Farms, our focus is on protein production using catfish (fresh and dried) and quail (for their eggs and roasted). We will rear both the catfish and quail on the same farm but in different sections.

As a fresh business idea, the business framework is ready, the production site has been mapped, and resources needed are also ready to be acquired when funds are available.

Catfish production comes is very important, both in economic and health terms: everybody’s system needs protein, which can be maximally derived from catfish consumption. Quail are fantastic in composition; the egg is good for sight and it boost the immune system.

Fingerlings will be used to produce the catfish while quail are going to be acquired from a hatching company. We will use both tanks and concrete means of raising the catfish; the quail birds will occupy a well-prepared caged house.

Catfish benefits

Eating catfish is a tasty way to boost your intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. One serving of this fish provides 220 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 875 mg of omega-6.

Catfish provides complete protein: the 15.6 g of protein in a serving of catfish provides you with all of the amino acids your body needs.

This high-quality, complete protein helps your body build lean muscle mass and it also helps improve the effectiveness of your immune function. It’s also a good source of Vitamin B12.

Quail eggs benefits

Helps with stimulating the brain and enhancing brain activity. Quail eggs are also said to possess some anti-carcinogenic properties, which means they help to prevent and stop the growth of cancer in the body.

They are also very beneficial for people suffering from stomach ulcers or any other digestive tract disorder. Quail eggs help to increase haemoglobin levels in the body and detoxify the body. They are also good for pregnant women and helps to fight anaemia.

Motivation for Project and Benefits for my Community.

greelandI love creating opportunities. Health is wealth and the intake of good protein from both quail and catfish will surely help our health. Also, good jobs are very scarce. On this two premises my motivation is derived. Jobs to create quality livelihood and establish businesses for our clients and customers to help them support their living. Our society needs someone who can create something that can help our society grows, that is why we are here.

Our project will surely bring development to my region. As the business grows we shall expand our supply chains which will open more door to doing business. With over four million people living in Kaduna, our business will sell, brings gains, and creates jobs opportunities.

Achieving our Goals.

Strategic marketing:

  • Through advertisement on radio/TV, signboards, and handbill to sell our business.
  • Receiving feedback from our customer when we supply them through questionnaire.
  • Building strong customer relationship.
  • Providing prompt services.

The blueprint of our operation is in place, the site of business and other resources are ready for acquisition as funds become ready.

I have also liaise with some youths in the region who are ready to work when the business kick off.

Success Factors

We cannot survive without our customers, so we going to establish an exclusive customers’ service strategy and we will maintain a high quality in all our products. Dedication and hard work, with team spirits, will also contribute to our success.

Market acceptability will help us measure our success, which we will gauge by conducting surveys on our production and supplies.

Budget Plan

  • Acquisition of two plots of land USD 1,700
  • Building of structures and buying of tanks USD 1,300
  • Delivery truck USD 1,300
  • Office equipment USD 300
  • Salary/miscellaneous USD 400
  • Our break-even point will be reached in 12 months after start up.


Dreams only come true when there is a will. I have the will to establish and run this company with my team and we hope that our idea will have the opportunity to better lives.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Oloyede Adeyemi Olatayo (Nigeria): deyemioloyede[at]

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191 thoughts on “YAP proposal #180: Catfish and Quail Production for Health and Employment (Oloyede Adeyemi Olatayo,Nigeria)   ”

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment. It basically my interest to actually mix the odd, but i assure it great deal of farming. Quail is very unique and i want people to actually derive it benefit, fishery is popular but the style i shall be employing will marvel Africa.

  1. Quite catching and innovative especially the nix of quail and cat fish. The business profitability is assured. Then looking at the fact that Agriculture will bethe main stay of our economy from now. Its laudable

  2. The juxtapositioning of catfish and quail as farm practice is an interesting one.Good thinking i must admit. However, my concern is on the availability of quail and the location of the business. where is the business to be sited?

    1. Thanks Stanley. Quails birds are much available in northeastern region. Hatched quail birds can be aquired in zaria, 45 minutes drive from Kaduna, a day old quails re also available in North central states. The business will be located in Afaka Mando in Igabi Local government of Kaduna state. The local of business has been mapped in the region. Thanks for the observation.

  3. God gave the word,great are the people that accomplish it,Oloyede,I have always believe in your rare ideas,anywhere you think I can come in,I would be concern is your choice of site,knowing fully well,the unrest in the northern part of our clime. God rules in the affair of men !

    1. @Folarin, i think we all drank from the same well of reasoning and dream. Thanks for the credit. I am supra ethnic Nigerian, i believe Nigerians can thrive in any part of country but i recognise your concern bout security of the business. The business will be secured in the location i have choosen, the present Governor is a promoter of SME and i believe that the region will rise above her diffulties. Am indeed grateful for comment my erudite colleague.

    1. Our online services will give us an edge? Booking and supply of product will be arranged on our internet plattform and through our business outlet.
      Our customer relation will be super managed.
      The quality of our products will also be an advantage for us.

  4. production is not really the challenge of fish farming but marketing it. I would suggest that in addition to your marketing strategies above, you could also have a retail outlet in town where people can get your product and social media. this will surely connect you to people around you who could fall in love with your products. thank you.

  5. @Greenland, considering the fact that you studied mass communication, what prompted you into agriculture

    1. Yeah. After graduating from school, i immediately ventured into farming having the fore knowledge that white collar jobs are flying around. I decided to stick with farming because it comes with alot of benefits and opportunities.

  6. considering the fact that your location is in Kaduna, how will you deliver your products to your customers in other states?? or is your business only meant for Kaduna state resident??

    1. My long term goal is to spread across the state and beyond. We shall be having our outlets in strategic locations in the city which will help our customers to pick thier purchased goods. If on delivery there will little charge for it, very little. As the business thrives we shall be covering other states.

    1. Our style of fish farming will be different, nothing used will be a waste. Water released from the fish will be diverted to the vegetables and the waste from the quails will also serves as manure for the plant.

  7. you talked about quail ( eggs and roasted). does that means you not gonna be selling live quails??

  8. I am going to employing the best hands. I will be balancing the gender through proper allocation of duty. More women will be marketing, few will be on farm. Fundamentally we shall be having male and female working for us.

  9. What are the measures you will take to make these challenges does not have adverse effect on your business??

    1. I am going to build the site with alot of protective gears, which will deminish the adversness of the weather. We shall also be exploring neccessary resources i.e finance, grants and govt support to help the business.

    1. The mix of catfish and quail is the theme, searching through most ideas i see that many are single idea minded. In agriculture the opportunities thier are opened for exploration.

      1. Infact i dont see anyone that is combining quail and catfish. This is perhaps unique. We shall be applying the use latest equipment to run the farmer. Conventional way are out of date. When we start, you will definately see it.

  10. Going through most blog, i find your buisiness interesting with combination of catfish and quail.

  11. at the end i want your business to get the attention it deserves so you can make impact in your region.

  12. Will like to visit your farm when you kick start. i want to see the beauty of your farm because your project wows me.

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