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YAP proposal #179: Organic Vegetable Farm for the Future (Isaac Korku Dorgbetor, Ghana)


I am Isaac Korku Dorgbetor, 27. I have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the university of Cape Coast. I currently assist as a Project Coordinator (Agriculture and Biodiversity) for Abibimman Foundation: youth-led organization based in Tema, Ghana.

I want to establish a five-acre urban organic vegetable farm aimed at employing youths like myself. The project is realistic and I am currently handling a two-acre farm, which is testament to what I want to do to help the youth in my community.

I am also passionate about climate change. The land we use is a conservation wetland and we are therefore using the best practices to help us contribute to climate change mitigation.

The project is an attempt to help alleviate poverty in the community and encourage attractive agriculture, as it would provide our youth with something to live on.

The project seeks to engage the youth in urban agriculture as a means of reducing graduate unemployment, providing jobs for school drop-outs, and promoting climate-resilient agriculture, food security, and nutrition.

This project, upon successful implementation, would also serve as a research centre for innovation and module extension practices for some vegetable farmers in the Greater Accra Region.

The innovativeness of this project basically involves the introduction of organic vegetable production in the urban area with the idea of international standard labelling, grading, and sorting for good marketing strategy.

So far, there has been no external help. We even borrow a pump from a neighbouring farmer, but the motivation to keep the work going is there. We have even planted potatoes on that land to break a disease cycle, as one of our integrated pest management skills.

I derive my motivation from the fact that there is always an opportunity in the future; we may be crawling today, yet racing with horses tomorrow.

The number of youth we would employ and our annual yield per tonne would measure the success of my project.

An award of USD 5,000 would be a welcome assistance for the expansion of my project:

I would make sure I purchase a means of transportation (motorbike) for monitoring and evaluation, which would cost about $790.

A new irrigation pump with pipelines would also aid in dry-season farming, as we have a water source nearby, and this would cost USD 300.

About USD 1,800 would enable me to purchase a superior variety of seeds.

About USD 1,600 and USD 850 would go into labour costs and fuel costs respectively.

This would enable us expand between July 2016 to November 2016.

Whoever shares the same passion as me should kindly feel free to contact me for guidance, as vegetable farming needs zeal and dedication.


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307 thoughts on “YAP proposal #179: Organic Vegetable Farm for the Future (Isaac Korku Dorgbetor, Ghana)”

  1. That’s a great Mr. Isaac Korku.. It’s soo impressive to see youths exhibiting their entrepreneurship abilities in their respective fields and these shows that there is a future for our upcoming generations.

    1. ken, thak you very much for your support, im grateful for all that you are doing for me.

  2. Thats a bright idea.. This will help the suffering agricultural sector of Ghana that has taken a downturn

    1. Thanks hombre. we just want to help Ghana stand like during the days of Dr. Nkrumah

  3. Wow!!!
    This is a good initiative and I’d entreat we all give in our maximum support. Kudos man

  4. Nice one my brother.
    May God strengthen and give you wisdom in everything you do concerning this project

  5. That is a great project and something we can all learn from,
    let us all try and start something out of the little that we have.

  6. That is a great project and something we can all learn from
    lets make good use of what ever we have and hope for the best

  7. Bravo my guy, it’s a good step in the right direction. For a young graduate from a reputable university like UCC to think about creating jobs for the youth as well as taking agriculture in Ghana to another level we say ayekoo.

  8. Its really Great, Every Successful business had obstacles. Wish you Win this grant. God grants you the strength .

  9. I think this is a very viable venture and I wish this proposal wins the best recognition.

  10. Organic food is the way forward. This project is one that should be supported to help improve the health of the people of the country. Congrats

  11. Well done Isaac.
    Never give up and be focused at achieving this realistic goal.
    A journey of thousand miles begins with a step. More power to your elbow.

  12. Great work done Mr Isaac Dorgbetor! This shows the future of Agriculture in Ghana is very bright. More power to your elbows and I wish you God’s guidance.

  13. Isaac that’s a great work. continue like that and you will play a role in changing the future of this world

  14. Thats a great idea and a wonderful innovative way to engage the youths. It will serve as an encouraging factor to moltivate the youths into agricultural practices. Is my hope that he international community should try and assist u in your endeavor.

  15. Great idea Isaac. Ghana needs passionate entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. Godspeed.

  16. That’s a great initiative man.. You’re already a winner and have a bright future if you continue even without the award… ALL THE BEST BRO..

  17. Great work you’ve started. I’m always happy when i see young men like you, Isaac, doing everything possible to make Africa and the world at large a better place to be by putting to practice your programme of study. The good Lord who started this work will acomplish it, more grace and favor to you. All the best my good brother.

  18. Great work you’ve started. With young men like you, we can be proud of the future of Africa and the world at large. More grace and favor to you my good brother.

  19. Wow, Isaac this is a wonderful project.This is going to bring a positive impact to country in terms of agric n employment.All the best

  20. Waow! Brilliant idea my brother. I was extremely happy when I saw this wonderful bold step by a young graduate like you. I am behind you and support you 100 percent.

  21. This is great Isacc, going into organic vegetable production. wish you get the grant to help alleviate poverty and also create employment for the youth. you have a wonderful passion for agriculture. God will see you through.

  22. This is a great initiative. Its quite soothing to know that some youths like you have such great dreams. Agriculture is one sure way to bring Ghana on its feets and am glad you are pioneering this great cause. May God abundantly bless you

  23. This is great. Its quite soothing to know that some youths like you have such great dreams. Agriculture is one sure way to bring Ghana back on her feet. Keep it up.

  24. This is a excellent initiative. Its great to know that some youths like you have vital dreams and visions. Agriculture is the best way of reducing import dependency in Ghana and am very glad you are pioneering this great cause. May God bless you and your generations.

  25. This is marvelous and excellent initiative. Its very vital to know that some youths like you have such great dreams and visions. Agriculture is one of the best way of reducing import dependency in Ghana and am glad you are pioneering this great cause. May God bless you

  26. Congratulations brother. We’ll done. I Look forward to you winning the competition GOOD LUCK

  27. you have the power to transform most youth of today. go all the way and may the Lord keep you, give you wisdom and understanding okay, well done

  28. the leading employer of labour should have more investment for guys like Isaac. well done man

  29. Isaac, i didnt know you were serious when u told me about the idea. i see how determined you are. keep it up.

  30. i have a dream should be first words towards sucess, and that is what youve shown here. excellent work and never give up

  31. i am yakubu seini, and i saw your link, its very nice, what you are doing. Allah see you through

  32. Aside from the health benefits of eating organic food, organic farming is also environmentally friendly. Good project.

  33. I think im in love with this proposal, well done my dear. you will have all our support on this

  34. there is a lot i want to write, but i just have to say this is a plan for sustainable food security. i trust you have that water source still nearby

  35. there is the need for government support in this, just a little longer and we will all be in your line of work too. you are doing well.

  36. I have to admit i wasnt ready to read your story cause i have busy, but believe me, i read it twice when i got the time. Excellent choice of farming system friend.

  37. I should have voted long ago, but better late than never my friend. i have now made my commnet by saying, Bravooooo

  38. Isaac, you need to get more proposals to help you. there are several calls that you need to respond to , so that your dream will be maximized. well done and congratulations

  39. Here in South Africa, agriculture is the key here, hope the same goes for Ghana too. Ike, very good thoughts

    1. the post harvest losses arent much as they are also a risk in Integrated pest management

  40. I should have been in this competition as well, but im no youth so carry on, my friend, you will win

  41. Thank you all for your comments. i believe today ends the competition, but with or without this grant, i wont discontinue what ive started, God bless youn all

  42. very great… I love this, I hope to be part of it….itz is unfortunate I cldnt vote on tym… sorry man

  43. wow!..agric sector is the heartbeat of every nation. we need more graduates like yourself to stop looking for job and start looking for work. this is a great work man.

  44. wow!.agric sector is the heartbeat of every nation….and we need graduates like yourself to change the status quo……where graduates will stop looking for job and start looking for work to do. Man this is a great work. keep on keeping on.

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