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YAP Proposal #174: Sustainable livestock feed production (Abimbola Oyeniyi, Nigeria)

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My name is Abimbola Bolaji Oyeniyi, a native of Kwara state and a resident of the state capital Ilorin, in my home country Nigeria. I am 18 years old and a pre-clinical student of the College of Medicine, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.

I am from a humble background. I was born in the city but trace my origins to a village, Okeso, where agriculture is practiced in its entirety. I grew up in my community and this early exposure to agriculture is undoubtedly the reason why I am now uncompromisingly passionate about agriculture even as a medical student. I am highly desirous to become an entrepreneur in agriculture, pursue my passion and create value in a way that inspires my generation.

My project revolves around agriculture with an emphasis on a livestock feed milling model. This initiative is all about the manufacturing of quality and affordable livestock feed for small farm owners using unconventional raw materials that are less expensive for feed production.

At the same time, we are providing an alternative to milling services for other small farm owners who cannot afford the always expensive commercial livestock feed, but are willing to produce their own feed using the available raw materials in our factory.

My approach is a combination of ideas where numerous unconventional raw materials are used to generate low-cost and culturally suitable livestock feed. This model is financially sustainable and rewarding because we are already generating funds from direct sales of our products and services since commencing operations in mid-2015.

This initiative was born out of the desire to create a difference as an entrepreneur given the peculiarities of the Nigerian domestic economy, which is shifting its attention from oil to agriculture. More importantly, a large percentage of the small livestock farm owners are not knowledgeable enough to make use of the unconventional raw materials at hand to generate quality feed for their animals and/or to get access to low-cost feed products to boost their production in this part of the globe.

It is, however, a known fact all over the world that small farm owners contribute greatly to the development of an economy, particularly a developing economy like that of Nigeria. This is the main reason why this initiative centers absolutely on small- and medium-scale livestock farmers.

The potential gains of this initiative are enormous, as it span between contributing to the development of agriculture in our domestic economy here in Nigeria, to creating jobs and a means of livelihood, to improving food security, to rural development, to encouraging sustainability and much more.

The impact of the project on its own is currently fantastic and very promising because, apart from creating jobs, it has generally increased the quality of life, reduced malnutrition, raised the income level of our customers and vendors and has increased trade activities in this neighborhood, among other things.

Currently, as an undergraduate I enjoy scholarships from two non-governmental organizations and thus have been a scholar for the past three years. The savings I have realized from the scholarships, along with those received from family and friends, formed the basis of this initiative and boosted my entrepreneurial potential.

Having diagnosed the problem facing small-scale livestock farmers, I conceived the idea in 2015 and received mentorship support from Mr. Adekola Olusola A., an animal nutritionist and farm management consultant who has greatly assisted and guided me at every point.

OyeniyiAbimbolaIn an attempt to create a difference, I took the giant stride of constructing a temporary structure as a factory on a leased piece of land, procuring the equipment and machines for the operation and employing poor but competent young community members. These employees were trained by experts to handle machines and operate them to produce affordable products for the benefit of upcoming farming generations.

Workers were recruited from among the unemployed youth population. Suppliers of these unconventional raw materials were identified and we negotiated with the rural women to regularly make delivery of these materials to the factory for our production.

Our database of small farm owners who adopted and patronized this initiative is the primary index to measure the success of the project. This index on its own is symptomatic of the fact that the initiative is on course and highly sustainable; my initial investment is almost recovered now and my plan for the $5,000 grant is to make further investment in the following capacities:

  • Expansion and further additions to the existing facilities 2016/7-2016/8 ($1025)
  • Employing competent hands for training/retraining of human resources 2016/9 ($100)
  • Invitation/Further negotiation with raw materials suppliers 2016/9 ($0)
  • Stocking the factory further with raw materials in readiness for greater output 2016/10 ($3000)
  • Full operation, production and packaging of livestock feed 2016/11 ($875)

Blogpost and picture submitted by Abimbola Oyeniyi (Ilorin, Nigeria) – abimbolaoyebolaji[at]

The content, structure and grammar is at the discretion of the author only.

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620 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #174: Sustainable livestock feed production (Abimbola Oyeniyi, Nigeria)”

  1. I am highly fascinated seeing this proposal submitted by our principal. It is a unique project considering all the proposals submitted by various applicants for this competition. I wish this proposal will scale through to the final to continue improving the livelihoods of the poor in this part of the world. I personal wish this project will come first. I am in deed in support of this project and wish others will support this to help it secure funds further to encourage our principal to replicate it elsewhere.

      1. It gladdens my heart to be informed that this initiative is having a great impact in the lives of the most vulnerable group in the society, the poor. I am happy also that our people are sustaining their positive thoughts toward this project,. Thank you all as I promise to keep the flag flying at all times.

  2. As a beneficiary of your project in Nigeria, I am happy to support you and. I pray that God will see you through sir!

    1. I write as a direct beneficiary of this initiative to make it known that a number of our people who benefit directly and or indirectly from this program would have loved to air their views but some of them are illiterates and could not make use of internet facility.
      Everyone wishes the promoter of this project good luck and success.

      1. It gladdens my heart to be informed that this initiative is having a great impact in the lives of the most vulnerable group in the society, the poor. I am happy also that our people are sustaining their positive thoughts toward this project,. Thank you all as I promise to keep the flag flying at all times.

  3. This is a beautiful presentation. It is my desire that you make it to the final. I love this and support you. Best of luck!

  4. I really commend your efforts for going this far as a medical student. This truly reflects your genuine intention to be of value and use to humanity. No wonder why you enjoy the scholarship from those organizations you talked about in your application. I wish you lot of luck and support you. I wish you are considered as a winner.

  5. I can never imagine a young man of your age having this kind of burning desire for entrepreneurship, you are indeed a genius who loves his country down to the marrow. Wishing you success and pray this commitment will not affect your academics. I also join well meaning people to support this your initiative.

    1. Thank you Mr. Fidelis, God has given me that resilience and I shall continue to strive harder and harder. Continue to support this initiative and we shall be victorious at the end. Thanks.

  6. Please keep it up. I can see that you a making an impact already. Best of luck brother as I wish others should support this project.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, with your supports we shall move mountain. Thanks.

  7. This is just to support you all the way. I am a woman, a mother who appreciate your level of commitment as a youngman who desires to contribute his quota to the development of our economy in Nigeria in this capacity. I commend you!
    I am a poultry farmer who will be ready to patronise you as soon as possible. I would have equally loved to enter the competition if not for the age restriction.
    I wish you success all the way!

    1. I thank you Ma, for your compliments. It is because of well-meaning people like you that I thought of this initiative, I would love to welcome you as a poultry farmer to our factory, you are dear to us and we shall be there for you at all times. I am looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. kindly get in touch via my email. Thanks.

  8. While congratulating you on your achievement at your age, I am greatly concerned that this might affect your studies. Howbeit, I have no doubt that with this your determination, sky is your limit. Please keep the flag flying. I give you my support.

    1. Thank you @Oyebisi, well, I believe I can do all things through God almighty who strengthens me. With your fervent supports, I have no doubt that I shall continue to be encouraged. It is better pursued this time than never. This is actually the right time for me to strive harder considering the youthful strength embedded in me now. Any other time might be too late.
      With my little experience in life, I have come to the realization that it is better to make hay while the sun shines. I am therefore, equally taking my academic pursuit as important as any other reasonable man would do and I have not at any point in time allowed other interest to becloud my sense of reasoning.
      I thank you for your concern and particular interest in my project. Please keep supporting me.

  9. Brother, I can not wait to see you win. I give you a pat on your back, so, pls go ahead. Its agood one. All the best.

    1. Thank you for your interest in my project as well as your encouraging words. I am grateful.

  10. Our benefactor sir, I could not browse while at work but after the closing hour, I feel happy to see that your project is accepted for the competition. Your good intension will work for you sir.
    We are praying for you sir. Good luck sir.

    1. @Sunday, it is a good thing you did not sacrifice your productive time for other things. Thank you for your supports for my project, thank you for your dedication to work, thank you for your good wishes. Always bear in mind that, it is our collective responsibility to move the project forward, so, continue to work relentlessly to further promote the image of the name we are already building. My regards.

    1. Thank you for supporting this project and for deeming it fit to mention it. God will reward you abundantly.

  11. I am not surprised at this development. I have always known you to be a hard working guy. I just pray it will favour you in the end.
    Honestly, I have no single doubt in my mind that you will surely make it bcos I am aware of your capability right from childhood. I am encouraging you to forge ahead as usual. I am giving you my support.

    1. I am overwhelmed reading your compliments. Thank you for your interest and the confidence you have built in me over the years. It is nice of you and may God reward you bountifully. Continue to support me please.

  12. As a woman, I give u my support and am sure you will make it.
    Your project is good among others, so, please move on, move forward.

    1. @Adenike, you are very wonderful for having interest in my project. Thank you for your encouraging words, I am indeed highly encouraged to do more.

  13. Just to quickly drop a note that I appreciate this project.
    Eventhough I do not read Agriculture, I can see that your work is going to benefit the masses very well. Do not be discouraged, carry-go!

    1. @Yusuf, your effort to have read through my project completely is appreciated. I appreciate your very meaningful comments too. Thanking you can not be enough.
      With your supports, I will certainly be moved to do more to benefit the masses. I have always believed that we are solution to each others’ problems. May God continue to help us.

    2. Your effort to have read through this project completely is highly appreciated. Also, your efforts to deem it fit to pass this comment is an encouragement for me. With your supports, I will be ready to even do more for the masses simply because I have always believed that we are solutions to each others’ problem in life.
      Thank you very sincerely.

  14. Having acknowledged that your submission for the competition is good the way you presented it, I just want to know if your business can survive without the grant? If it can survive, do you still need the grant?
    I wish you the best of luck.

    1. @adewole, thank you very much for your question and observation. I wish to inform you that to the glory of God, this initiative is not just an idea but an established sustainable project already.

      The purpose of entering into this competition is to be able to gain funds to enlarge our coast/develop or company early enough in a way to be able to accommodate more youth/women who are the most vulnerable as our work force, produce more for the benefit of the small farm owners as well as contribute our quota to the development of our nation which is supposed to be our collective responsibility.

      Let me quickly emphasize that this project is a highly sustainable one as it reflected in my story. It will only take us longer than expectation to achieve and reach our goal in the absence of grants, not that it can not survive.
      Great household names today must have needed grants/loans at one time or the other before becoming a conglomerate.
      Please continue to support us to make it to the top and become one of the winners of this competition.

  15. Can I equally benefit in your program buy supplying you some raw-materials? Pleas let know if there is opportunity for that.
    I like your work and support it.

    1. This project is entirely built for the benefit of all and sundry; everybody is welcome in whatever capacity that will benefit the company and make it achieve its goals and objectives.
      Kindly get in touch with me behind the scene to discuss modalities further.
      Thank you for your interest in this initiative and please continue to support us.

  16. I am equally a medical student but waiting for opportunities in medical field. Your initiative has brought illumination to my path and has to the realization that what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. I will learn from you and make sure I start something even before leaving the college.

    I appreciate you creative mind.

    All the best my brother.

    1. It is my joy to understand that my initiative is going extra-mile to encourage a colleague. I want to encourage you further to see it as an eye-opener and go for any opportunity that comes your way henceforth. The sky is big enough to accommodate everyone.
      Thank you for your down-to-heart revelation and particularly, for your interest in my project.

    1. Thank you for your love and the interest you have in my project. Please continue to support us.

  17. Hello, I just stumbled on your package for the competition now and honestly, I am overwhelmed by your level of commitment while still in school.
    I am aware that Maize plays a very significant role in livestock feed industry, now that the price of maize has suddenly skyrocketed in Nigeria what are you doing to consider alternative sources of energy in the industry?
    I wish you please respond to this specific question as I wish you the very best in your pursuit.
    I wholeheartedly support this your initiative. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you a million for your thoughtfulness. As it reflects in my story above, the essence of this initiative is to source for unconventional raw-materials as alternatives to the conventional expensive ones so that it can be affordable for the lower class who incidentally constitute the greatest part of our population.
      This is part of our agenda and we have already been harnessing this with the help of professionals, the animal nutritionists and farm management consultants who have greatly assisted and guided me, hitherto.
      Thank you for your reasoning. Keep supporting us.

  18. A friend just told me about your proposal on this site now, that is why I am visiting to see and pass my comments.
    I have gone through and saw your beautiful work online. As one of those who patronise your factory in Nigeria, I feel happy to see your work being publicised internationally and also competing with other works.
    I am confident that the kind of fantastic services we receive at home in your factory are enough to place your work well above others.
    Welldone for your work as I feel secured to be identified with your initiative.
    All the best.

    1. I am happy for taking time to read through the project and for commending this initiative. I have always appreciated your patronage and sincerity of purpose. Thank you for your supports and thank you for your interest and confidence in my work.
      You have certainly motivated me to do more. And I shall continue to count on your patronage.
      Thank you sincerely.

  19. Well done. This is a good work. Just remember to employ more youth who are jobless when you get the fund.
    I am also in your support for this great work. Do not relent in your efforts. Best of luck oooooo

    1. Please be rest assured that your concern will be taken care of at appropriate time. It is part of our lined-up activities and milestones.
      I thank you for your interest and confidence in my work.
      May God bless.

  20. I join other peoples to congratulate you for making it to this point.
    I am one of your employees who is appreciating your work in our factory. I browse the internet and saw this your proposer and I am sure that you will make it to the end. we are benefit from your company and God will reward you with success.
    This project is good and it will benefit more youth in future. I support it.

    1. @Sanusi, you are a wonderful guy. Thank you also for your dedication to work, thank you for your interest in the work you do which has certainly assisted this project to attain the present feat.
      Continue to remain steadfast so that we can move the project forward. My regards.

  21. I have taken my time to peruse your proposal over and over again. I found out that you have really done a very nice job. The ability to combine this vocational activity with your academic pursuit is highly commendable. I have a conviction that you are going to move mountains because of your determination to remain relevant in the scheme of things particularly as it relates to the business world.
    In the meantime, mine is just a piece of advice that; you should be cautious in the type of people you recruit to work in your company while you are still pursuing your degree program.
    I wish you good luck.

    1. I am thankful for this down-to-heart advice, it is certainly a very precious one.
      Thank you for your interest in my work, thank you for your time in reading it over and over again, thank you for that genuine contribution. Please continue to support this initiative.

  22. As a specialist in Livestock and farm management consultant, I went through your proposal and I really salute your courage and versatility in putting up such an erudite proposal. The beauty of this proposal reflects the great efforts you have put in to make the project a reality. You have really impressed me with what I have read here.
    For this reason and to ensure that you make a headway, I am volunteering myself to be of great service to you in whatever capacity except money which I don’t have to give now. Aside this, I will be available to assist your company in the area of feed formulation in a way to support you and make you attain a convincing feat. I will contact you through your email to discuss further.
    I will be available to train and retrain your staff for higher productivity. I wish you the very best and I am sure that for you, the best is yet to come.

    1. Honestly, I am overwhelmed once again for your valuable contributions toward achieving our goals. We shall surely discuss this better behind the scene. You are absolutely wonderful, a partner in progress.
      Thank you for your interest in us, thank you for the confidence you have in this initiative and thank you for volunteering to be of great help.
      Please continue to support this initiative.

    2. Sir, kindly take your time to express your view further. If there are suggestions and or digressive opinions concerning this project, do not hesitate to inform me so as to add to the credibility of the entire work. I will equally appreciate your contribution in this regard.

  23. This is my second time of trying to post a comment, l just pray it will be posted this time around. I tried yesterday but failed, may be as a result of network service.
    Please be informed that I love the way you presented your project, it is very interesting and will continue to pray for you to succeed. Keep it up.

    1. It might be the network service issue, however, I am most grateful for the interest and confidence you have in us which made you to stage a come back to this site to express your opinion concerning this initiative.
      I want to assure you that I will certainly do my best not to disappoint everyone who is expecting much from us.
      Your supports are highly appreciated.

    1. Thank you very sincerely for your interest and supports for this project.
      It is my joy to read about peoples’ supports for us. It keeps us striving harder.

  24. It sufices to say that there is something worthwhile about your project. I love it, I admire it and wish it becomes one of the winners in view of your versatility.
    Good luck brother.

    1. Thank you for that thought provoking recommendation.
      I am very grateful for your time dedicated to peruse this my story.
      Kindly take your time to express your view further. If there are suggestions and or digressive opinions concerning this project, do not hesitate to inform me so as to add to the credibility of the entire work. I will equally appreciate your contribution in this regard. Thanks a lot.

  25. By implication, the success of this project will have a good wagon effect on the livestock produce and or products. Livestock feeds produced at lower cost will result in cheaper livestock products.
    My friend Olakunle who has also commented above told me about this your work and I decided to browse and read through myself.
    Your initiative is wonderful and commendable. Pls keep it up as I wish you success.

    1. Thank you very much for taking your time to peruse this proposal, thank you for the interest you have as well as your confidence in us. Please continue to support us.

  26. Having read through this initiative, I commend the brain behind it and I wish you success all the way.

    1. It is highly impressive noting that you read through this proposal, I am indeed grateful for your time, interest and confidence. You have certainly made us proud. Thanks very much.

  27. It is a good project when I read through it. Just put the interest of the rural women at heart.
    Wish you the beeeeest.

    1. @Janet, thank you for your interest and particularly, the time you spent reading through the proposal. May I inform you once again that women will not be left behind in the scheme of things, they certainly have significant role to play as well.
      Thank you for reminding me.
      If you still have other suggestions for me, questions and other contributions, kindly spare your time to share it with me so that you can encourage me more. Thanks a lot.

  28. Having read through your project, I Understand the fact that you have decided to embark on this initiative to ameliorate the sufferings of the poor livestock farmers. You have done so well and I thank you specially for this.
    I am a Nigerian graduate who is jobless and who would have utilized the opportunity of your low cost feed for a poultry project if not for the distance between my state and your state.
    Nevertheless, I wish you success in your endeavor.

    1. @Godwin, Thank you very much for your observation as regards this proposal. Your contribution is undoubtedly inspiring.
      However, kindly bear in mind that it is not too late until it is too late, so,you can always start somewhere and I believe God almighty will help you to get to the top.
      Thanks a lot.

  29. Good project!
    Just keep praying for success.
    I support your project.
    Keep it up.

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Certainly, in God we trust and with your support we shall be there.

  30. I saw your project as a very outstanding one. I love it, support you and wish you well.

    1. It is inspiring hearing this from you, honestly, I am much grateful.
      Please do not hesitate to share your opinion, suggestions, corrections etc. further with me. Your ideas are welcome at all times.

    1. Thank you sincerely, we are matching forward and wish you continue your supports for us.

    1. Your best wishes for us will certainly go a long way in encouraging us to continue pursuing our interest with passion.
      Thank you and God bless.

  31. PLEASE NOTE!!!
    This is coming as an appeal to the general public to invite their friends and well wishers to visit my blog-post, read my proposal and submit their comments, questions, suggestions so as to enhance our chances of securing a place in this competition.
    Let your comments, opinions, questions keep coming in. May God reward you in return.

    1. I appreciate all of my friends and well wishers who have visited this site, read my proposal and reacted herewith.

      Those of you who contacted me on phone and claimed to have read and commented here but whose posts I have not seen, I want to believe that your comments and reactions will soon be posted in due course. As soon as this is done, I promise to contact you, visit this site and respond appropriately.

      I thank all of you together for your overwhelming supports, may you all be blessed abundantly. Please keep commenting, let your reactions keep coming in. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your time reading through the proposal and for making your comment known.

    1. Thank you for the time committed to reading through the proposal. I appreciate you.

  32. I dont have anything again to say after reading your proposal than to say…go for success, go and win!

    1. @Mohammed, you are very kind and thank you for your good wishes, it shall come to pass…..Amen!

    1. Almighty God will not forget you for remembering to read this proposal and for making your comment known.

  33. I am for you always and I pray you succeed as it pleases God.
    I don’t have any complaint, no comment more than go and showcase your talent.

  34. It is time for you to shine. You have done your best, God will lead you aright.
    I enjoy reading your proposal, just begin to wonder that you come first.
    You shall succeed.

    1. Your words of prayer serve as motivator for me, thank you for your time and the comment. I am grateful. It is nice having you around.

  35. I personally invited friends to read your proposal, pass their comments and possibly ask questions if they do have so that you can be rate well.
    You are blessed!

    1. It is very kind of you going extra mile to extend invitation to friends and well wishers. You are indeed a friend in need.
      Thank you for your personal commitment in this regard, thank you for living up to expectation and thank you for everything. God bless you in return.

  36. The day of reckoning is near, you shall surely make it biiiiig.
    I suppport your initiative.

  37. You will surely go places with this presentation, it is nice and sustainable indeed.
    Go for……….GOLD!

  38. Your proposal is something not to joke with. It is good and promising. I love it, I support it.

  39. You shall live to inherit your inheritance this time around. The proposal is worthwhile. I support it.
    Hardwork pays and will yield for you, just be focused.

    1. Thank you for you time committed to reading through, thank you for you kind words of prayer and thank you for the best wishes.

    1. It is very nice of you taking time to peruse my proposal, thank you for supporting it.

  40. Wish you success. It is a nice and worthwhile presentation.
    I suupot you initiative.

  41. I have never doubted your ability. I congratulate you on this achievement. Always supporting you.

  42. Friends told me of this development and I decided to visit this page, see this myself and commend you for this achievement.

    1. It is wonderful that you created time out of your tight schedules to visit this site, read my proposal and pass your comments. I am indeed appreciative.

    1. I am grateful for that words of encouragement. Thank you for your time may God bless.

    1. Thank you for your time, thank you for the love you have shown and thank you for your comments.

  43. You can please keep up the pace.
    You are just marvelous. I identify with your work.

  44. My man, I am not surprised at your work. You are alway moving ahead. Move forward to glory.

    1. @Friday, you are too kind to have taken your time to visit this site, read my proposal and pass your comment .I am grateful.

    1. @AbdulGaniy, thank you for the compliment, your time and for admiring my work.

  45. I have come to realise that it pays to work hard. I read through your work and I found it absolutely marvelous. I support you my friend.

    1. Thank you for your compliments, thank you for your time and thanks for everything.

    1. Oh thank you my brother for your generosity. Thanks for the love thanks for you r time.

    1. Thank you for your prayers for me, thank you for your time, may God bless you in return.

  46. Here you are soaring like Eagle. Iwish you the best as am supporting your project.
    Its a nice one.

  47. My heart is filled with joy for you for making it to this level.
    Congratulations to you for this achievement. Goodluck to you.

    1. So my heart is filled with joy seeing and reading your comment. thank you fro your time.

  48. Somebody told me you submitted a proposal here, then I came to verify and I saw with m eyes.
    You are lovely boy. May you come out victorious!

    1. Thank you for coming around to see it for yourself, you are kind and good. You are marvelous

  49. Knowing fully well that you are the type that doesn’t give up easily, I am convinced that you will carry this project to the end of the turnel where certainly light will glow and there will be illumination!
    Ride on my friend and good luck.

  50. I commend you for this great work, It is my sincere wish that you come out vitorious.
    One beauty of this work is that it caters for the lower cadre in the society. This is one of the programs that make them also to feel a sense of belonging.
    Wish you the best.

  51. Like you have always aspired and aimed high, it is my wish that you continue to shine as a contestant in this competition.
    I would have loved to ask you question(s) but felt satisfied with your presentation after going through it.
    Wishing you good luck ahead.

    1. @Jesutomisin, Thank you for your sincerity, your time committed to reading the proposal and thank you for your frank observation about my person. God will reward you.

  52. I read your proposal with passion knowing certainly that I will not be disappointed in the course of my perusal. I wish you a renewed strength to combine this assignment effectively without lapses.
    I’m aware you have an unreserved passion for Agriculture inspite of your classroom commitment.
    I wish you the very best as a colleague.

    1. I am thankful for your observations: thank you as well for being there to read and pass your comments. God will equally strengthen you.

    1. Thank you as well for your comment. I am overwhelmed. Please continue to support us.

  53. My first encounter with you at the National Medical Student Conference gave me a lasting impression about your kind of being. It doesn’t give me any stress to comprehend whom you are and what you are up to.
    Just receive my compliments.

    1. @Daniel, only God can appropriately reward your benevolence via your comments, you are indeed very nice and kind.comment here. Thank you for all your observation about me. God will continue to bless all of you who took your time to c

    1. @Ebenezer, thank you for being economical with your statement, even at that, I am thankful for taking your time to be here and show support for my work. You are blessed

  54. Looking at the quality and relevance of your proposal at this crucial time of Nigeria’s economy, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that your project will scale through the hurdles and become one of the champions.

    1. Thank you for that candid observation, I love your sincere comments and equally thankful for your time.

  55. This initiative is an opportunity for you to be known worldwide. I continue to pray for you to make your dreams and desires to come to pass.
    Best of luck.

    1. @Jacobs, you are very kind to have taken your time to visit this site, read my proposal and wish me well. May God bless.

  56. Having read through your proposal, I need to commend your efforts for that beautiful write-up. Your have really done justice to your work and I believe the implementation will be hitch-free.
    Be that as it may, I want to raise an observation and possibly a suggestion under your plans for the grants;
    In my own opinion, I want to believe that there is no how you will invite the raw materials suppliers without spending a dime. It is unavoidable and I think that even if it involves cutting down your expenses on a couple of other things, it will not be out of place to ascribe certain amount to that particular expected milestone. Think of this and bear it in mind.
    Finally I want to congratulate you for this achievement as I wish you good luck in your endeavours.

    1. @Bello, Thank you very much for your careful perusal of my proposal. I got your message and I appreciate your contribution. In fact this shows that you actually went through with all carefulness.

      However, my thinking while I was writing this proposal and particularly, when I have read it over and over again was that, the amount that could be spent is highly negligible probably less than $20 in this aspect of the proposal (possibly to make phone calls and other contacts). That was why I felt it could be overlooked and considered/conceded for other demanding aspects of the proposal where huge sums are expected to be spent.
      Whatever it is, this aspect is taken note of. I appreciate your contributions, may God reward you.

    1. Thank you for being here to read my proposal and made comment. You are a wonderful person.

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    1. Thank you for your time in visiting this site, reading my proposal and for making your comments.

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  59. It gladdens my heart reading your proposal knowing fully well that you are up to the task.
    Best of luck my friend.

    1. @Akin, I thank you for sparing your time to visit this site, for reading , passing your comments and your compliments.

    1. Oh, beautiful of you for your comments. Thanks for being here and for your supports.

    1. Thank you for taking your time to read my proposal and for that words of encouragement.

  60. Wish you success. This is the kind of project that well meaning people should embark on.

  61. I have always wished you the very best in life. God will do it for you as we keep supporting you. Good luck.

    1. @Atoyebi, thank you for being there at all times, thank you for being here and thank you for your best wishes.

  62. You are an entrepreneur per excellence. The focus of your project is good particularly in the context of our domestic economy. You have done incredibly well and I support you.

  63. One of the best project I have ever seen here is your own going by its focus.
    I wish you the very best.

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  65. Do not hesitate to remain focused. You have got a good foundation upon which your work will continue to built.

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    1. Thank you for taking the pain to read through my proposal, thanks for best wishes.

    1. Your Royal Highness, I thank you for being here and for your support for this work.

  68. I feel confident with what I have read. I am convinced it is going to work well for you.

    1. Thank you for feeling confident about my proposal and thanks equally for your supports.

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    1. I am indeed thankful for joining others to support this initiative, you are welcome.

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    I wish you the very best.

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    Let us join hands and promote those who fit to be promoted.
    Good luck to you.

    1. Thank you for the assessment and for the great support and the confidence you have in me.

  73. Stumbling lately on your proposal does not discourage me from passing my comment. However, I am not passing a comment because I am a medical doctor in solidarity for a colleague in the making, but because I personally feel that this proposal need to be encouraged, I may be wrong though.
    Kindly receive my compliments as I wish you the best part of this competition.

    1. @Dr. Temilade, thank you for stopping by to read, pass your comments and at the same time support this initiative. This is very kind of you. More blessings.

  74. As many times as I read your proposal so it cross my mind of the need to have a policy in Nigeria that will fully encourage the small farm owners to finance their project without stress.
    I commend your efforts in bringing this project up. Luck will be on your side and this opportunity of grant will never elude you.
    Best of luck.

  75. Dear Ramzan Rafique, it is good to hear about your initiative to bring the poor formers and buyers at one place. I hope it will bring awareness in formers and help them to get good rates for their crops!!! Wish you best of luck!!!

  76. I am overwhelmed for the supports, for the comments, suggestions and the compliments which you have all shown today.
    I expect more of these from other friends and well wishers in the days ahead.
    Thank you all and may God bless you and your works.

  77. I have decided to make it a point of duty today to visit this site and give you my supports even though it is SATURDAY, a very busy day for merriment and celebrations in Nigeria.
    Thank God I am here and I have seen your proposal myself; I wish you the very best of luck.

    1. @Thomas, It is my pleasure for having you on this site and for your supports. Thank you for your time and commitment which you have shown by being here at all cost.

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    Wish you good luck in your endeavor.

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    1. Thank you for your vivid observation, thank you for your tima and for your strong supports for me.

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    1. Thank you for your interest in my proposal, thanks for being here and your supports.

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    1. Thank you for this great interest and great prophesy. I am grateful for your interest and supports for my proposal.

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    1. Thank you for your confidence in my proposal. Thanks for your interest and supports.

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    1. Thank you for your observation. Thanks and please continue to support this initiative.

    1. Thank you for that word of prophesy, thanks for your time and fro supporting my proposal

  90. God will see you through. Your creativity will pave way for you. I read your proposal and am convinced that God will take you to the next level.

    1. Thank you for your great prayers for me, thanks for being here and for your supports.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read my project, for being here and your words of prayer.

  91. I am giving you the greatest supports. You will make it to the top certainly by His grace.

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    1. Amen for your prayer and thank you for being here to express your supports for my initiative.

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    1. Thank you for your time and for picking interest in my proposal even if you do not know me. Thanks a lot.

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    1. Thank you for your assessment, your best wishes and your interest in my initiative.

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    1. Thank you for giving me your supports. Thanks for your time and for your interest.

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    Best of luck.

    1. It is my pleasure to hear you say this, I am thankful for your interest and supports.

    1. Thank you very sincerely for your supports which you announced herewith. May God bless.

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    1. Thank you for your assessment of this proposal. Thank you for being there at all times and thank you for your prayers for my proposal to scale through.

  99. Ladies and Gents in the house, I thank you for the great and overwhelming supports that I have received from you. Thank you for taking your time to express your views here concerning my proposal. May God reward all of you bountifully.
    Please bear in mind that in less than 24hours, this exercise will come to an end and except you continue to express your supports for me, the dream may not likely come to pass.
    I shall be counting on your supports and will expect more votes expressed as your comments, suggestions, advice and so on herewith.
    May God continue to bless your as you access this site, read my proposal and recommend it for the next stage.
    Thank you all as you invite more of your friends to contribute further.

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    1. @Festus, I am happy you are here. Thanks for your support and endless prayers. God bless

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    Best of luck.

    1. Thank you for wishing me success, your time in voting for me and your supports.

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    1. @Gabriel, Thank you for keeping to your promises that you will support me which you have done. Thanks.

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