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YAP proposal #161: Tilapia Fingerlings Hatchery (Richard Biney, Ghana)

Feeding. Tilapia .FishesMy name is Richard Biney, a young fish farmer at Sefwi Wiawso, in the Western Region of Ghana. I hold a Bachelor of Science in agriculture technology from the University for Development Studies, Tamale.

I propose a Tilapia Fingerlings Hatchery Project to boost the production of tilapia in my community.

The proposed project will require a pond of adult male and female tilapia fishes, natural egg inducers or an artificial hormone (ovaprim) to induce the eggs in the female fishes, and eggs incubators with spawning nets and spawning sponge to hatch the eggs.

The fingerlings will be sold to the fish farmers in my community to make the project economically sustainable. The project will make fingerlings readily available and will encourage more people, especially the youth, to venture into fish production to improve their socio-economic wellbeing.

Currently, the few fish farmers in my community have to travel for about eight hours in order to source their fingerlings. I’m therefore motivated to do this project to bring a lasting solution to the difficulty and stress of travelling long hours for fingerlings. If the proposed project is implemented, the gains will be enormous because the fish farmers will invest the money they spend on transportation into the fish farming. Most of the teeming unemployed youth in my community will also be attracted into the business of fish farming.

To ensure the success of the project, I will seek the support of the traditional and political authorities. I will again rally the support and active participation of the local fish farmers and also seek technical expertise from the fisheries department of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Already, I have started tilapia fish production in my community. This will ensure the availability of the female fishes to provide the eggs which will be hatched into fingerlings.

The success of my project will be measured by the number of new entrants into the fish production in my community, an increase in the quantity of fish produced in my community and an increment in the expenditure of households resulting from tilapia fish production.

The USD 5,000 grant will enable me do the following:

  • Organize a durbar to inform the local authorities of the intended project by the middle of April, 2016.
  • Acquire a site for the hatchery by the end of April 2016.
  • Construct a structure to serve as the hatchery by the end of May 2016.
  • Acquire equipment like incubators, egg inducers, etc. by the end of May 2016.
  • Training of two hatching technicians by staff of Ministry of Food and Agriculture by the middle of June 2016.
  • Inauguration of the hatchery project by the end of June 2016.
  • Advertise the hatchery project in the surrounding rural communities for the next two months after the inauguration.


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171 thoughts on “YAP proposal #161: Tilapia Fingerlings Hatchery (Richard Biney, Ghana)”

  1. This is a great project and I support the idea of finding solution to a problem and creating employment for many. Kee it up

    1. Richard, we share the same ambition. Our youths need jobs and this project will be our widow’s mite to empowering lives through job creation.

  2. I believe this is a wonderful idea. This project has every potential to ensure food security in this country. This is one of the projects that needs government support.

    I am particularly interested in this project and prepared to support its implementation.

    1. Thanks alot, Bos for your interest in the Tilapia project and preparedness to help in its implementation. You’ve always been an inspiration.

      1. This is a great initiative by a wonderful personality. May you have the support of all those who matter so that your dream of curbing unemployment among the youth of Sefwi Wiawso and its surrounding villages will be fruitful. God bless you.

  3. Certainly this would be a good project, that if supported would bring in some fair share of development to the local community. It could serve as an alternative source of income to farmers and create job opportunities for the youth. I see it also increasing the protein consumption of the locals thereby increasing their food nutritional quality.
    Kudos to you for such a laudable project.

    1. Thanks Kobby, for your comment. I must say that, I agree with you on the fact that this project will serve as an alternative source of income for the people of Sefwi Wiawso who are mostly crop farmers. I also agree that it will improve on the nutrional needs of the people in the area. Once again, thanks for your comment. Let’s keep talking.

    1. Thanks Gideon, I hope we’ll do our best to change lives through hob creation in Sefwi Wiawso.

    2. Gideon.I’m grateful for your comment. Let’s keep working together to help create jobs for our people.

  4. Great idea. I like the intent of the project and once it will empower unemployed young people in your community that is great.
    My question however is, will there be any funding for unemployed young people in your community if they decide to go into fish farming?

    1. Thanks alot Michael for your comment. But to answer your question, there will not be finding for unemployed youths who will show interest to be fish farmers. Instead, the youth who will wish to do the business will be offered technical support and a discount if they buy beyond 500 fingerlings. Thanks once again, let’s keep talking.

  5. Great intention. I wish you well in it. Members of Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management, UDS are available, should you need any further technical assistance.

    1. Seth, I’m grateful for your personal and the readiness of the department to help make the project successful. But we still need to get more people to support this project by commenting like what you’ve just done. God bless you.

  6. My knowledge of Sefwi Wiawso is that, it is predominantly a farming community, with many of the farmers (98%) engaged in crop production. The idea of tilapia fingerlings Hatchery project is a gallant one and must be applauded and supported. This is because; it will create diversity in production which is a good initiative under a changing climate. Farmers can engage in fish farming as an alternative activity should their crops fail due to climate variability, thus improve their livelihood. The choice of Tilapia is even more interesting as this fish is extremely prolific and survive under hash aquatic conditions influenced by the climate.
    Great Initiative Mr. Biney, Ghana and African needs smart entrepreneurs like you

    1. Emmanuel, indeed, the crop farmers are still witnessing the effects of this year’s prolonged dry season on their farms. This project will therefore serve as an alternative source of income to the crop farmers. But for now, we need to work to get more people to endorse this project while we’ve time. God bless u.

  7. Great idea. This is a sustainable venture since tilapia is loved by many Ghanaians. It will also jobs for the unemployed youth in the community and also provide alternate source of income to the farmers who are predominantly cocoa farmers. All the best

    1. Thank you, Edem. I appreciate your support. In fact, I agree with all the benefits you believe this project will bring to the people when implemented. But the job is not done yet. We need more endorsements. God bless you.

  8. Great idea. This is a sustainable venture since tilapia is loved by many Ghanaians. It will also provide jobs for the unemployed youth in the community and also provide alternate source of income to the farmers who are predominantly cocoa farmers. All the best.

    1. Mr. Kongor, I appreciate your comment and agree with you on all points. But we need to get more people on board. Let’s work while we’ve time. God bless you, Sir!

    1. Abraham, thank you for the comment. We have to do what we can to make life better for our people.

    2. ThanK you, Abraham. I believe we have to do our little we can to make a difference in the lives of our rural folks.God bless You.

  9. This is really a nice idea and a motivation for we the youth in society to think of how to help our community through projects instead of what our community can do for us. I strongly believe that once we device ideas and projects for our community it will be a benefit for us as individuals and the community as a whole. Mr. Richard that’s really a brilliant Idea, I hope co-operate Ghana and other organisations will come to support a make this project a reality

  10. Your project has the potential to change the lives of rural folks if well supported. Fish is a huge part of our diet, and individual efforts like yours can support the ever dwindling harvest from our sea and rivers.

  11. this is a wonderful idea. I hope most of the youth will emulate what you are doing, because this is what Ghana needs to develope. May this grant be given to you.

  12. This is a wonderful idea. That is going to bring a lot of developments in communities. Hope it goes well.

    1. Saaka, thank you for your comment. Let’s get more support for this project by inviting others to comment on it. By doing that, you’ll be helping to reduce unemployment. God bless you.

  13. Fantastic Project. Agriculture is the back bone of the economy, but few people venture into it because of lack of capital.
    I fully support this Tilapia fingerlings project. Good luck Richard.

    1. Dr. I’m grateful for your time. I agree with you that capital is very critical in getting more people to venture into agriculture. That’s why this grant is important. We need it to help assist our rural folks especially, the youth to enable them improve their living standards. Let’s get more people to support the project. God bless you.

  14. Good to identify a community need and respond to it. I really hope you will be successful in your bid. All the best

    1. Thank you, Portia. I agree with you about finding a need and responding appropriately. I believe that the kind of change we’re seeking will only be possible if each of us finds a need and tries to help address it. This project will not only help address the economic need of the people but also their nutritional need. Let’s get more people to also support this project. God bless you.

  15. I fully support u, dear. It’s really a dream come true.. We pray for lng life nd gud health for u. Keep on doing d gud works. Sefwians are proud to have u. All d best.

    1. Hello Dear, thanks for your unflinching support to this project. This project needs to be implemented to enable us make a change in the lives of the people we’re living with. God bless you.

  16. This is a good idea which should be encouraged to its teminal end. Great idea by all standards.

    1. Sylvester, thanks for your comment. I believe that in our own small way we can help make life comfortable for our people through such projects which have the potential to improve their socio-economic wellbeing. But we need more people to also comment like you just did. God bless you.

    1. Thank you, Adelaide. I’m grateful for your support. I believe that this project can help improve the socio-economic wellbeing of the people especially the youths in my community. We therefore need more people to also endorse this project by commenting on it like what you just did.

  17. great ideas. its good that you have taught about our poor farmers and the unemployed youth. I believe this project will be a success

    1. Josephine, thanks for your comment. I believe in doing what we can to make a difference while we have the opportunity. Let’s get .ore people to also support this project by commenting on it. God bless you.

  18. Good work done, keep it up. This will encourage the youth in that community to go into fish farming and also help fish farmers there not to always travel far to source their fingerlings.

    1. Albert, I agree with you. This project is potentially viable and improve the socio-economic wellbeing of the youth in sefwi wiawso. Thanx for your comment but we need more people to also comment to support the proposal.

  19. I think this is a wonderful idea. That’s a great way to use aquaculture as a tool for community development. This project can help alleviate food insecurity and poverty in your community through the provision of food of high nutritional value, and highly needed employment. I’m a fish biologist currently working on the breeding and conservation of Coho Salmon and steelhead trout in the US. I have a lot of experience in fish hatchery management so let me know if there is anything I can help you with. I wish you the best with this project.

    1. Daniel, I’ll need your expertise in the implementation of this project. But we first need to get more people to support this proposal on-line. I’m very grateful for your willingness to serve. God bless you.

    1. Thanks Nana, let’s get more people to support this project so that it can see the light of day. I’m grateful for your comment, it shows yor desire to see real change in the lives of our rural folks. God bless you.

  20. Good work done . This project needs to be supported to promote future food security and in the long run educates young entrepreneurs to engaged in their own businesses. BRAVO

    1. John, it’s for this reason that we need more people to support this project so that the youths who are interested in having their own businesses would be encouraged to go into tilapia production which is in high demand in Ghana. Thanx alot for your comment.

    1. Abigail, thanx for the comment. But the job is not done yet. We need more people to also support the project. Appreciated.

  21. This is a good proposal that needs both local and international consideration and support.

    God will surely keep you in the race

    1. Dennis, thanks for the comment. I know there’s a God factor in everything. So I’m trusting God to do His part after we’ve done our best. We need to get more people to support this project. Thank u once again.

    1. Samuel, I’m grateful for your comment. But we need to get more people to log in and support the project, which we believe can help change lives for the better.

    2. Linda, I’m grateful for your your comment. The time to make a difference is now. Let’s get others to also support this worthy cause.

    1. Samuel, I’m grateful for your comment. But we need to get more people to log in and support the project, which we believe can help change lives for the better.

  22. Well done Richard, its a good project that will help the youth in Sefwi Wiawso to be self employed. Keep up the good work. God bless you and many others who want to change the faith of Sefwi land. Shalom, Peace and life to you.

    1. Thank u, Gifty. We need this opportunity to make life a little better for our people. Let’s keep doing what we can until the competition is over.

  23. Good to put your training in development studies to such use, that will benefit your community and nation as a whole.

    1. Bro OB, thanks for your comment. You know that once a developer, always a developer. I know that with your support and God’s help we can make this project happen. I’m grateful.

  24. great idea Richard. having a good understanding of your project area, i believe it is very viable. all the best of luck.

    1. Martin, thanks for your believe in the viability of the project. But we need to work for what we believe in. Let’s get more people to endorse this proposal for it to see the light of day.

  25. Great work Binney. you are the kind of people Ghana need whiles entering its 60th year, productive citizens. May God see you through.

    1. Thanx Gideon. I’m really flattered by your words. But that if we shd all do our widow’s mite, our country will really be great and strong. I’m grateful bro. But we need more endorsements so let’s keep working.

    1. Thanks Emmanuel, I hope so too. We need this grant to help promote an alternative source of income for our crop farmers. Let’s keep working to get more people to support this proposal.

  26. Well done Biney. God richly bless u for such a wonderful project bring into your community. I hope the government & the political leaders will help u on this to create more jobs in your community for the upcoming youth. Stay bless

    1. Angela, thank you for your comment. I agree with you that government and political leaders should do more to help young entrepreneurs who are making a difference in their own small way. God bless you. But we need more people to also support this proposal…

    1. Effe, thanks alot for the comment. I’m also happy you’ve commented to show your support for the project. We need more people to also support in order to make it happen. I’m grateful.

  27. Great idea, the best thing to do for your community is to identify their needs and find solution to them. May God see u through

    1. Amen, Richard. I agree with with you. Let’s get more people to support the proposal to help create jobs for the rural folks. Thank you.

  28. A nice idea. This project will improve the nutritional needs of the people in the community, thus help alleviate malnutrition especially among women and young children. Keep as well as create employment for those who want to engage in tilapia farming. I wish you good luck.

  29. Wonderful and a great project..its really going to create job for the unemployed n reduce criminal practices among the youth

  30. Great work done Biney. This will serve as a resource person for our project which is also into livelihood activities creating employment for the youth of the next generation in my operational area Sefwi Wiawso. Get in touch 0209997176.

  31. Thw way forward for Africa’s development is agriculture. This is surely a great idea that will creat jobs for people to improve living conditions and will also promote good health through healthy eating . Great idea.

  32. I think this an area that not many people think about when it comes to agriculture, so not only will it create employment but also help bring fish farming to the fore front of mainstream agriculture. Kudos to you for taking such initiative hope you get the funding you need.

  33. Biney, good initiative hope this is going to create jobs for the youth and serve as additional income for all cocoa farmers in Sefwi Wiaso municipal. Thanks. any keep the spirit high.

  34. this is a great vision. I think we need people like you to help transform our agric industry. Good work man

    1. Osofo Daniel, I am grateful for your comment. I believe this project will get the needed support to help create jobs for our youth. God bless You.

  35. Great Biney thank you for your good intention this is a kind of vision we need as a country to solve the youth unemployment challenge.God help you.

    1. Amen, Collins. I am grateful for your comment. This project needs the support of everybody to help the youth i my community create jobs for themselves. Thank You.

  36. Wow! Very great initiative. My brother you’ve taken a great path. This initiative in the long run will provide employment opportunities to some youth within that municipality. This is what Africa needs, practical small scale initiatives to enhance family income. It always begins small.

    1. Paapa, Thank you for the comment. This project will perfectly serve your wish of improving family income through small scale initiatives. People in my community need alternative source of income aside what they get from cocoa production. We need more people to also support the project. God bless You.

  37. I like it when we try to put what we learnt in use, I my self is about to venture in to tilapia business but I thinking of how am going mix it with my already existing poultry farm.
    Happy u are already in the business, only hope u will be willing to guide me through the process.
    Wish u all the best.

    1. Ernest, I agree that we put what we have learnt into practice. I beleieve this project can help make our education more meaningful to our community. Thank you for the comment.

  38. Great idea, very sustainable. I’m very proud of you Richard! Ever ready to lend you my support. Go higher!

  39. Congratulations for such a beautiful and gainful initiative. I wish you excel well in that venture. It’s my fervent hope that you’ll be a very good source of inspiration and role modeling for some of us who will be venturing into this aquaculture business. Kudos man

  40. Having witnessed the stress and inconvenience you went through, travelling in a passenger car from Accra to Sefwi Wiaso with fingerlings, I believe you have the desire to turn things around when given the nod. Kudos

  41. This is a great initiative. Am sure this will encourage more farmers to go into fish production.
    Trying to create employment for the youth will go a long way to reduce poverty as well as the unemployment situation in the country.
    Really proud of you Biney.
    Thumbs up to you

  42. Wow! Thumbs up Ricie. Its a good project to undertake. You are pace setting graduates to use their knowledge acquired in schools to venture in such enterprises and same time contributing to the progress of your community. Kudos.

  43. This is marvelous bro. I really love the project keep it up.

    This project is good to be supported by the mass.

  44. This Project is marvelous and great strategy in farming.
    great Job bro.

    Also this project is good to be supported by the mass

  45. This is a good idea. It would certainly contribute to reduce the importation of fish and create employment for the youth. Good work and the the best.

  46. This a good idea. It would certainly contribute to reduce importation of fish and also create employment for the youth. Good work and all the best.

  47. As a matter of fact, you doing what i really like. More grease to your elbow. Keep on keeping on and affect many life’s. Bravo!

  48. This is a laudable and inspiring initiative. This will go a long way to benefit some of us who are dreaming to venture into lucrative venture like this one. It’s my fervent hope that we could be able to tape your rich experience in future. Thanks for your bold initiative

  49. Well,I’m very excited about the idea Mr Biney is proposing.Currently, I do not think we have enough Tilapia Fingerlings Hatchery in the country and those existing hatcheries too are not really close to the farmers as it should be.This project will enhance closeness of the hatchery to the farmers and thereby meeting their needs and creating more jobs in the community.

    1. You are very right, sir. Let us get more people to also support the project so that it will see the light of day.

  50. Great idea, in fact, this is one of the ways of solving the graduates unemployment canker in the country. Hoping other graduates will emulate the path you have chosen
    . Wishing you all the best of luck.

  51. Excellent proposal which deserves all the support it can get. This project will help create jobs for the local people of Sefwi Wiawso. Good job, Ato

  52. Good job in fact, this is one of the ways of solving the graduate unemployment issues in the country. Hoping others will emulate this great idea and together we move the country forward.

  53. Wow! Congratulations big bro. This is a worthy course and you must be commended. We are strongly behind you. You will surely make it.

  54. This is a fantastic initiative. And it is very refreshing that Mr. Biney is putting his academic knowledge to work right on the field.
    He is an exemplary of the type of young men who dont only look to Corporate Ghana for success but strive to put their experience to work in a field of capacity that not only benefit them but their community and its environment as well.
    This is a good example for the youth to emulate, and Mr. Ato Biney should be encouraged and motivated with all the seriousness we can

  55. A very fantastic n pure solution to unemployment galore in we the youth.
    Good job.this should be the very first thing the govenment should support financially.

  56. I applaud you for this great initiative. Unlike mist people who look to satisfy their selfish interests, this young man is putting his knowledge and time into improving the quality of live of the community.
    I completely agree that your project will meet the goals you have set, and also improve the nutritional requirements of the people, especially the women and children.

    Please keep the flame of hope burning. May God grant all the help you need to succeed.

  57. I must first of all commend you for such a brilliant initiative that has the potential to enhance the socioeconomic livelihood of the people of Sefwi Wiawso. I do hope you would extend the project to benefit other parts of the country. Available statistics indicate Ghana has a fish production deficit of over 50% percent. The success of every project hinges on Sustainability. I therefore urge you to put in place a robust sustainability plan to sustain the project. I got your back Biney!

    1. Thanks Mubarak for your comment. I must say that it’s for this deficit that we need this project to meet the nutritional and economic needs of the people. God bless u

  58. This is an awsome project. The essence of education is for one to have a positive impact on his/ her communuty. This is a laudable project!

  59. Am always happy when I see the youth at the forefront of agricultural. with our knowledge and the vast information available to us, I know we can make a difference in the agricultural sector.

  60. Great idea, mr. Biney. I am praying that this project will materialise. keep the dream bro

  61. I think it’s a laudable idea to put what you learnt in school to change the lives of people in your community and the country as a whole. Currently, the fish demand in Ghana outstrip the supply. As a result 400 million USD worth of fish is imported into the country annually to cater for the short fall. Pond or cage culture is a sustainable way of fishing which must be encouraged. In the past, Ghana has always relied heavily on fish hunting using dangerous equipments and chemicals which resulted in depletion of the fish stock. This project will not only sustain the livelihood of the rural poor, but it will improve their nutritional needs. Apart from the protein content of fish, it is also a source of Vatamin A. I did a similar work on tilapia cage culture in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region, precisely Tadze community for some selected youth groups. It was sponsored by Plan Ghana. The results were very good as the youth groups were given technical support to establish their own business after 9 months of training, Any effort that is geared towards improving and transforming the livelihoods of the rural poor must be endorsed by all. Governments (successive governments) policy documents such as Ghana Share Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA), Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (GPRS1&11), Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (FASDEP) and its implementation policy Medium Term Agriculture Sector Investment Programme (METASIP) including the Maputo declaration which suggest that governments should allocate 10 percent of their total budget to agriculture have not been implemented to its fullest. So if in you as an individual is trying to improve the lives of your people must welcome. You alone can not change the world, but your impact may cause a rippling effect that may change the lives of many people for better. You are an agent of change. Keep it up

  62. Great initiative considering that the project would be focused on fisheries and fish production. Currently, very little is been done in this area to help close the gap of Ghana’s fish import. It is the single most important source of protein for Ghanaians and also has a high potential for creating alternative sources of income for many households. I strongly support your initiative and hope you win to bring a change into your community and hopefully beyond.

  63. I can recommend Richard Biney for his integrity, boldness, courage and creativity.
    I truly believe in you and in the purpose behind your project.
    It will make a real difference in the community and inspire others to think outside the box and believe in their ideas and dreams.
    Well done Richard.

  64. Good Richard, I think you would do very well considering the fact that you are hardworking and the ready market for tilapia in Ghana. I’m optimistic about your success in this project.

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