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YAP proposal #157: Micro Close Circuit Business for Poultry Broiler and Vegetables (Tina Oliver, Nigeria)

broiler piloti2Tina Oliver, 38, a smart young mother and resident of Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria. I am a graduate of public administration at Adamawa State University and a passionate food value-chain entrepreneur.

Currently a freelance distributor of a range of food related products, including a natural food supplement, and ingredients like rice, beans, dried fish, live broilers, etc. I plan to graduate into a specific agribusiness value chain, starting with the Micro Close Circuit Broiler (MCCB) and Vegetable business.

I have spent more than six years in food marketing and entrepreneurial business development training, including the YouWin 2013, Women in Business forum 2014, Market Women Association, etc. All of this has equipped me with immense knowledge of the opportunities available in the food business. Hence, I took my time to create an effective model of operations that will guarantee the profitability and sustainability of my business in Abuja.

My MCCB concept entails building small groups of micro-scale business entrepreneurs around a closed-circuit poultry broiler and vegetable sellers around my partner out-grower’s micro-broilers and vegetable production farms.

About eight entrepreneurs are organized into a closed-circuit trading and savings group. They are organized into two segments of producers and retailers of broilers and vegetables.

The structure consists of two frozen/fresh broiler meat and vegetable retail shops, two broiler meat/fish barbeque shops, two small-scale vegetable garden farmers and two pepper soup café (joint).

The production and supply should be designed in such a way that a steady supply of products is kept in the closed-circuit group. The timetable for production to be kept with well calculated, defined dates of stocking, planting, harvesting, etc. of broilers and vegetables respectively.

The MCCB group members will trade in the value-chain circuit and contribute to central savings on a weekly/monthly basis. They are to hold regular group meetings where progress, challenges, and innovations are reviewed and solutions for improved results proffered.

As earlier stated, presently I am a freelance agriproducts distributor/marketer. I plan to use the current status as a stepping-stone towards diversification and bigger operations.


My level of success will be measured first by achieving the major aim, which is establishing a sustainable MCCB for women in my district; for the economic empowerment of members of my group. My second success target is to see the income generation of members of my MCCB group improve, even double within the first year of establishment

Start-up Budget

The startup budget of My MCCB can be structured to make a very meaningful progress with the USD 5,000 grant, covering over 91% of the budgeted cost. Budget breakdown is as follows:

  1. Construction of two of broiler pilot (off the ground pen) @ USD 350/unit = USD 700
  2. Procurement of start-up stock, 200 units of Day Old Chick @ US$1.05/unit = US$410
  3. Feeding of 200 DOCs to 2 kg mature broiler @ USD 3.5/unit = USD 700
  4. Construction of four mini-containerized shops fitted with chairs, table and a weighing machine @ USD 500/unit = USD 2,000
  5. Purchase of two mini-freezers for temporary broiler meet reservation at sales point @325 =USD 650
  6. Purchase of one set of gas cooker, a microwave, kerosene stove, and cooking/serving utensils for the pepper soup café @ USD 500
  7. Construction of two wells for watering small-scale vegetable gardens @ USD 250 = USD 500
  8. Vegetable Seeds (variety) =USD 125
  9. Hand Sprinklers, buckets, wheelbarrow, hoes, trowels, and other working tools @ USD 200
  10. Logistics and contingencies @ USD 150


Total project startup cost of My MCCB group is USD 5,345


Blogpost and picture submitted by Tina Oliver (Nigeria): bobtina2006[at]

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3 thoughts on “YAP proposal #157: Micro Close Circuit Business for Poultry Broiler and Vegetables (Tina Oliver, Nigeria)”

  1. Wow, another brilliant micro business template. in addition to that which i read in YAP 149. My question is, if i adopt this template for IDPs empowerment through collaboration with a micro finance bank, what are the payment default protection valve to be used?

  2. This proposal is good and I hope that it will provide steady food supply and income for those who will implement it. I am a small scale poultry farmer based in Migori; Kenya keeping local breeds and I hope your area of study will add new idea into the whole field of poultry keeping. Good work and keep it up.

    1. Yes Christopher, You can see my comment too, i love this proposal and hope i can adopt it for empowerment in IDPs returnee returnee communities( it’s excellent plan and hope she wins an award on this. goodluck Mrs Tina

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