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YAP proposal #156: Solving Nigeria’s Unhygienic Meat Problem (Sodiq Alabi, Nigeria)


One thing that worries many meat consumers in Nigeria is the condition of the meat they consume. This is because most abattoirs in the country are in a deplorable state, with the meat exposed to all sorts of contamination. Many educated Nigerians, studies have shown, avoid Nigerian produced meat and opt for imported, frozen poultry products. This is what my business venture is trying to change.

My background partly explains my foray into the meat business. Born and bred in the city of Iwo, Nigeria, a city well known for its skilled butchers. I had my primary, secondary, and Islamic education in the city. I thereafter proceeded to the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, where I earned a degree in plant biology.

In 2015, my partner and I, both scientists under 30, came up with the idea to set up a beef production and distribution business dedicated to changing the way beef is handled in Nigeria. Registered as Beef Plus Ventures, the business is dedicated to providing consumers with quality beef, produced and distributed under hygienic conditions. Beef Plus is run by my partner, Zaharat Kadri, a veterinary doctor and animal production expert, and me.

Nigeria consumes over 300 million kg of beef a year and our ambition is to build a company that will supply as much as 10% of this over the next decade. In addition, we are poised to help raise awareness and educate the public on the dangers of consuming poorly produced beef, while also training young people to engage in activities that will help reduce the gap between supply and demand of hygienically produced meat.

Our approach includes establishing modern abattoirs strategically, supplies for sales points, and independent distributors nationwide from these facilities.

Already, we have commenced work on our minimal viable product (MVP) by establishing a small abattoir in a rural area in Ogun state where we presently produce 500 kg of beef every week. Our butchery and sales areas are fully netted to eliminate flies and the hygiene of our facility is always topnotch.

Unlike many other meat-sellers in the country, we do not distribute our beef in uncovered or dirty containers. We also ensure that we sell our product fresh and maintain the cold chain to ensure freshness of product. At the moment, we serve the three small rural towns of Ibese, Balogun and Abuleoke in Yewa North Local Government, and have a monthly turnover of around USD 7,000 after just five months of operations.

The next step for our business is to open up new distribution networks in the neighbouring towns of Papalanto and Ilaro, thereby taking our product to more consumers. This is what we intend to use the USD 5,000 grant for:

  • USD 2,000 will be used for a tricycle fitted with a cooling compartment for transport of beef to our new sales outlets
  • USD 3,000 will be used to set up two new sales outlets in Ilaro and Papalanto.

This will make our product available to over 200,000 people, and allow us to gain a new market and grow our sales. Our ambition is to grow our sales to 6,000 kg of beef per month, within 12 months of getting this grant. And with this grant, we believe this is achievable.


With our gross profit of our business put at a minimum of 7% of turnover, we will be looking at a projected gross profit of USD 20,000 per annum after one year. This kind of profit is a testament to the sustainability of the business and its high growth potentials.

Besides this, the business is already having an impact on our community, with consumers better informed of the importance of hygiene in every process of food preparation. Also, we have created five new jobs and we contribute to the development of the community through the payment of levies and participation in environmental sensitization outreach.

To solve Nigeria’s unhygienic meat problem, the importance of initiatives like ours cannot be over-emphasized. If the traditional abattoir operators won’t take their business into the twenty-first century, now is the time to give consumers an affordable alternative.

Support Beef Plus to make available this important alternative to as many Nigerian as possible.

Sodiq Alabi is a 26-year-old farmer and agripreneur based in Ibese, Nigeria.


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509 thoughts on “YAP proposal #156: Solving Nigeria’s Unhygienic Meat Problem (Sodiq Alabi, Nigeria)”

      1. It’s a nice development which must be adhered to for healthy living !

        Keep up sir !

    1. Whao this is a laudable project, pray that it will see light of the day it will really good initiative.

    1. With the operational style of Beef plus, the fear of unhygienic environment is a past discus.
      I am proud of beef plus as I am a regular consumer in many occasion

  1. Yes, this venture addresses a strong need in the Nigerian society. And I like the fact that it is already established and not just an idea. Would like to know if, on an average, your beef sells at the same price as that in the market, or if it costs slightly higher on the basis of your hygienic processes. If the latter is the case, what has been consumers’ reception to the price?

    1. Thank you, Shadiat. At the moment, our products are priced in line with the prevailing market price. We prefer a reduced profit margin to alienating key segments of our targeted market.

  2. I am not much of a beef consumer, hence it is unlikely that I would consume your product someday. Brilliant ideas you have, in any case. Goodluck.

  3. The approach enumerated by the writer in the processing of meat is indeed hygiene and that must be encouraged. It is safe to admit that if the proposal for grants as discussed by the writer get approved, meat consumption will be more safer for the targeted community and contributes to healthier leaving.

  4. This is a nice one, many times we consume products that are not only hygiene but also pose enormous treat to our health

  5. Unhygienic beef is a public health risk. Common pathogens include Salmonella Shigella and Staph. aureus. Tuberculosis (Mycobacteriium bovis) can also be transmitted. Tapeworm and roundworm are parasites that can also get into the food chain via infected animals. These infections are more common in the developing world of which Nigeria is a part. Any effort in removing or reducing this risk is welcome

  6. Good idea which needs to be supported as government can’t employ all the graduates that are coming out of school every year

  7. Great initiative. We need more of this in Nigeria, a country where Health and Safety regulations are quite low and enforcement is poor.
    I look forward to buying from this meat.

  8. This is truly a disgusting problem. Definitely, this innovation will alleviate it. I hope your products gets to Abuja soon.

  9. This is a fantastic business which addresses our worries of hygiene in the purchase of beef in Nigeria. I wish you all d best and pray your business expands more than it is now.

  10. Great initiative. this will improve the quality of meat consumption in Nigeria…

    I look. forward to buying this meat soon

  11. Nice alternative & initiative. I have a question though. There’s this medical view point that beef is a leading cause of some forms of cancer & madrigal experts are warning against its consumption. How would this affect this great initiative in the nearest futere when majority stop taking beef?

  12. A revolution starts with just one person
    You and your partner has started a revolution in the abattoir business in Nigeria
    The small beginning not withstanding, Nigeria will be better for this initiative in the near future
    Keep the focus, maximize your energy and optimize your time on this project
    You will continue to be outstandingly productive

  13. If I have a million dollars and nothing more and Sodiq approaches me for a million dollar loan, I will not hesitate to loan him the cash. This is because the Sodiq I know is a gifted entrepreneur that has a vast knowledge of viable business ventures across many field. And his honesty is second to none. You will never find Beef Plus to be at a standard below the way it is portrayed in the post above.

    Dat Iwo-Boi

  14. Great !!!!, this is an excellent solution to One of the problems facing agricultural value chain in Nigerian, this is a right step in the right direction, wish you the best

  15. Brilliant idea, this is what I call innovative way of producing healthy beef for the Nigeria citizens especially the hygiene conscious ones.

  16. I hope this triggers the much needed revolution in this rather conservative business in Nigeria. Lofty initiative, Sodiq.
    BaarakAllaahu feekum.

  17. With such start, you obviously are on the right track. Please device a means of improving the services of the other ‘unhygienic’ abbatoirs and you’d have secured your leadership role In the market as well as being the competition to beat.

  18. I hope this would encourage the ones who stopped eating beef because of unhygienic handling by some butchers to pick it up again…great idea

  19. Thank you, Shadiat. At the moment, our products are priced in line with the prevailing market price. We prefer a reduced profit margin to alienating key segments of our targeted market.

  20. This is a wonderful innovation, I remember visiting an abbatior in Ibadan in which the processing of beef will make you to never consume meat again. Secondly, this will also reduce contact of people to some Zoonotic Diseases which can occur due to consumption of condemned meat with Zoonotic implication like Fuku-elegusi (Tuberculous Lung) among others. Keep it one, the sky is not your limit but starting point.

  21. I’m glad there are great responses to this likewise great initiative. Your advice too would be greatly appreciated.

  22. This is a bold step which must be supported by all and sundry to stamp out cholerea from our society as a result of unhygienic beep consumption. #ISTAND_BEEFPLUS

  23. It’s a great idea, the beef sales centers should be hygiene, and beef should be well preserved in a special refrigerated display carbin, if you need support on that you can contacts me

  24. I’ thought it was a nice idea Sadiq. I especially love your detailed plan aimed at expansion and targeted population areas. Gradually moving in on city centers wil boost up market revenue and capital drive.

  25. This is a very good concept and the feasibility of this project is very great, it is our belief that this project will create job and change the way our beef is processed and the way the cattles are reared.
    Wish you all the best.

  26. Really great idea, we need healthy consumption of food in nigeria I’m sure your idea will meet that need

  27. It’s nice really. But maybe I’m interested in the platforms used to sensitize people on the importance of hygiene regarding beef production and consumption. And also it will nice if the venture harnesses the power of social media to build it’s audience and customers nationwide.

    Good idea and plans

  28. Great business idea of massive public health advantage. I hope it reduces the incidences of food-borne diseases. Good Job Sadiq and Zaharat.

  29. Sincerely I wish this project can be granted.. I am tired of having stomach upset everyday cause of meat ish.. Success!!!

  30. I personally am interested in this idea.. Sincerely its going to solve a major case of food poisoning to a reasonable length.. I still purged yesterday cause of unhygienic state of meat sold in my school..
    For my sake and for the sake of many more like me and also those that might also have the same problem if they continue eating bad meat, I pray the project is granted…

  31. this is a great idea. A vet will know how well to handle the meat. Safe meat; safer Nigerians

  32. The need for infrastructural overhauling of the sector is long overdue and this is surely one of the ways government, communities and individuals can see the need for hygienically prepared meat.
    This idea would go a long way not only in promoting healthy consumption but as well contribute to the economy both in numbers and persons.

  33. This is an excellent and feasible business proposal. Certainly it will address the oft-recurring metabolic problem that characterized conventional (read Nigerian) mode of handling Beef. With this added value of hygiene, I bet many people will be willing to pay premium to Beef Plus services. Best wishes.

  34. Reblogged this on Random Musings and commented:
    Nigeria consumes over 300 million kg of beef a year and our ambition is to build a company that will supply as much as 10% of this over the next decade. In addition, we are poised to help raise awareness and educate the public on the dangers of consuming poorly produced beef, while also training young people to engage in activities that will help reduce the gap between supply and demand of hygienically produced meat.

  35. A very good initiative, being run by professionals with complimentary skills and requisite knowledge. And really a solution to a gnawing problem in the nigerian food chain. Thumbs up. And best of luck with the grant.

  36. Commendable proposal, it will go a long way in promoting the value chain for that sector. Good work.

  37. Wow! By merely reading such a wonderful piece, I am convinced that Beef Plus has a future in the business environment, and it’ll make a difference. I like it when people get creative in solving such our basic needs easily and healthily. Unfortunately, I am too far to patronize this service. That notwithstanding, I will give my support through prayers; as it progresses, it’ll one day reach my area. Allah ya taimaka, Sodiq!

  38. Am really very impressed at this development, i hope to understudy your processes and develop my meat selling business to this level. Currently, i just make do with the unhygienic slaughter slabs that currently run in the country. I really do hope that more of this kind of initiatives will take over the existing unhealthy abattiors. Bravo!!!

  39. I’m so proud of you Sodiq!
    This is so impressive!
    Kudos bro.
    I wish you the very best.

  40. great idea,you two are great combination. its a great innovation to improve public health especially unwholesome distribution of meat. go on and give the nation safe, wholesome and hygienic meat they desire.


  42. Wonderful Initiative Bro. I hope you win. It will solve a serious issue. Meat is delivered to markets in totally unsanitary conditions

  43. Any health risks solutions related to meat consumption in this part of the world is appreciated. Good vision.

  44. Wow,that’s one cool idea from two great minds. I personally think there’s limit to what vet can do in government abattoirs in Nigeria, so private settings like this are the only ways for people to get meat that are wholesome, fit and safe for consumption. And also this will serve as employment opportunity for others. I hope this idea is supported.

  45. Sodiq Alabi has undertaken a worthy venture, that will ensure the well-being of thousands of Nigerians; in terms of having healthy, eating choices. for a healthier and wealthier society.May your application be selected for the grant. All the best.

  46. This is highly impressive. With your submission we can be very sure that beef 8s prepared under the very best hypienic condition. Kudos to you for this beautiful idea.

  47. Having been a customer of Beef Plus for Beef Plus I can attest to the quality of the meat. Good stuff. I pray you get this grant. One love

  48. Support for this venture would be aiding business development in a developing country (Nigeria), while ensuring improved health for many. I hope it receives the support.

  49. It is a good business idea. It going to help to fight against infections. May God help the enterprise to secure more ventures in Nigeria.

  50. This is a laudable project that has passed the MVP stage. Wishing you the best on this entrepreneurial journey and defying the odds in our beef supply structures.

  51. This is a welcome and laudable initiative to our dear country. Had our slaughter houses and beef sellers understand the importance of safety of Nigerian, the cholera and other bacteria that do come from beef would have gone from our land. with #beefplus, the future of hygienic beef is sure for our country.
    Best of luck to you, Sodiq and your team.

  52. This is a good development. And it will help the other towns and villages to have more hygienic meat for consumption. Kindly consider in future for other state of the federation.

  53. I have done business with Beef plus times without number. You can always count on them when it comes to quality beep supply. I wish them all the best as they continue to provide quality and hygienic beef to the teeming populace of Nigeria!

    Yusuff Mutalub.

  54. Good Initiative.

    even the imported goods, like chicken are not so good for our health(I mean the imported chickens) because of the procedures it may undergo.

    I hope has you advance, it should not only be about Beef, But also about other goods we consume.

    Tombs up

  55. Good Initiative.

    even the imported goods, like chicken are not so good for our health(I mean the imported chickens) because of the procedures it may undergo.

    like I so in a video, the chicken are injected with chemical to make it look big or fat.

    I hope has you advance, it should not only be about Beef, But also about other goods we consume.

    Tombs up

  56. Good Initiative.

    even the imported goods, like chicken are not so good for our health(I mean the imported chickens) because of the procedures they may undergo.

    like I so in a video, the chicken are injected with chemical to make it look big or fat.

    Imagine a country like Nigeria has to import chicken.

    I hope has you advance, it should not only be about Beef, But should also include other goods we consume.

    Tombs up

  57. This is a good development. This is what happens when people who are well informed and have the right education go into a business predominated by people who usually do not possess these qualities.

    I wish you success in your business.

  58. What a nice concept!! Am strongly in support of this mind blowing idea. I hope it works just fine

  59. Indeed unhygienic meat problem must be confront with this approach.
    This a good proposal.

  60. Yeah, The problem of unhygienic meat must be stopped!!! This is a good proposal. Best of luck

  61. Awesome. This will so much reduce introduction and spread of so many infectious diseases ‘n make meat businesses more hygienic. May Almighty Allah grant your wish and make it successful.

  62. Nigerian agricultural value chain has longed for this. It is wonderful you are solving part of the problem. Wish u excellent success in this project. All the best

  63. Great job! Good initiative. I hope soon, you shall network the whole South West and in no long time, the entire Nigeria. Good luck.

  64. This is a great idea that is worthy of all the help it would get. I wish you all the best. Please grow and reach down south. We need hygienic beef too.

  65. A very good idea that doesn’t just promote healthy living but also reduce the risk of health hazard

  66. How nice. I hope it works. it is a good initiative. I hope our regular butchers will also learn one or two things from it.

  67. It’s a good concept. I think It’s high time we moved from deplorable state of Meat processing.

  68. Well done Brother sadiq, you have the spirit of a social entrepeneur. Our meat processing value chain need standardization. This is the way to go. Be hopeful and committed

  69. well done Dr Zaharat and her partner, am so happy you have started thé business. its a right step in the right direction.Pray it would continue to be a success and that you get thé grant.

  70. Good thinking!
    Initiatives like this are needed and should be encouraged. It is nice to see people like you take the bold step on trying to make things better.

  71. Great and wonderful idea. I was among those that refused to eat beef because of the way beef is being handled and processed.With this concept, it will re- orientate many people like me. I wish you success.

  72. Whao! Detailed and sustainable business plan highlighting “where the business is”, “the gap to be filled” and “where the business want to be”. This is a project the requires support of all. I encourage well to do individuals, corporate establishments and even governments to partner with this initiative. Wishing you the best.

  73. The growth and development of a community is certain with projects like this readily available. In the nearest future, the various animal parts can be channeled to where the yield most nutritional or economical value. Kudos!

  74. This is a laudable initiative which requires the support of everybody, i hope d body will deem it fit to award you the grant for this excellent proposal.

  75. It is important to emphasize health benefits of consuming “good” beef, where meat related diseases would be avoided – consumers will stay healthy and productive, and finally society at large would be healthy, which also has economical impact.
    I’m thrilled by your ingenuity Sodiq and Zaharat!

  76. So many diseases could been prevented if our abattoirs function at their best capacity. And if we can’t have the ideal from government, it’s high time private investors looked into that area.

  77. This is exited!
    May God help this venture to have more ventures in Nigeria so as to fight against infections cause by unhygienic beef.

  78. Yeah this is real!
    Am living in Ibese in Ogun state and we always patronise Beef Plus not only because of their hygiene but also because of fresh, cheaper and boneless meat sold by them.

  79. This is a good initiative and also a good business proposal… Hygeine is key in our society as it contributes to healthy living which can’t be bought but obseved… I think u’re doing a good number of d society good and also improving our economy… I wish u d very best in this business and May God help u to win the grant.

  80. Super eminent idea, better days ahead; days we don’t have to worry about the quality of the beef we consume… Barakallahu fihi, In Sha Allah you will get the grant.

  81. This is a very wonderful initiave, processing “clean” meat. A times when you get to our abattoirs you’ll vow not to eat meat again, but with this initiative I see us eating healthy. This will also help get rid or at least reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases. Nice one sir.

  82. Its a very good and wise initiative….. Kudos to you bro for making us have a clear mind on what we eat… Thumbs up barkalahufir

  83. My brother, I think it’s time. With all the outbreak of diseases here and there, any initiative to enrich the hygiene of our consumables is welcome. With time, it will catch on.

  84. This initiative is a game changer. The way we process our food in Nigeria needs change, we cannot continue the same way as it was processed during Prophet Moses era.

    This initiative needs our support. Kudos.

  85. This is a wonderful initiative. I am so totally in support of it. May you find God and man’s approval as you go on with this project. A big well done guys.

  86. This is laudable. This project is good both as a business model and as a public health intervention. Welcome. I hope you would come to expand soon.

  87. For every problem there is a solution, where you chose to be is the issue, a complainant or an innovator, Sodiq and partner kudos on this wonderful solution, may it work beyond your imaginations. Nice one there.

  88. I have faith in Sodiq and the entire team at Beef Plus Venture. There is no doubt this grant would enable them take beef vending business to a new pedestal!

  89. A great effort towards ensuring food safety from the farm to the table. More ventures like this along other food lines must be encouraged.

  90. A dream come true for the discerning consumer. This is a project that will fulfil a dire need. Hope and pray you get this grant and bring this service to us too!

  91. An impressive proposal this is. I’m convinced of your initiative and it’s potential for growth and sustained viability.
    It is my wish you get the grant, and soon, I hope, your outreach would really be nationwide, and more.

  92. An impressive proposal this is. I’m convinced of your initiative and it’s potential for growth and sustained viability. It is my wish you get the grant.

  93. Sodiq, this is a great initiative.
    You have always had an interesting and viable approach to solving problems. This is obviously not an exception.
    Warm regards to your wife. Weldone

  94. This is a welcomed idea & a good initiative. May Almighty Allah guide u through.

  95. This is a great initiative by young professionals/ entrepreneurs.
    Weldone and all the best

  96. Great! this is a welcomed idea & good initiative. Honest d community or business environment stand 2 gain a lot. Most of d modern diseases are through food we are eating. May Almighty Allah guide u through.

  97. Well written. This scheme will help us allay the fear of flies-ridden meat sold at a market like ipata Ilorin. Thanks for this vision sir.

  98. well written. with a vision like this, Nigerian ‘meating’ condition can be bettered. and all those flies-ridden meats at ipata Ilorin will be binned.

  99. This initiative is long overdue.It is a worthy investment that merit both national and international grants after the bootstrapping efforts of the promoters of the venture. It is indeed a niche of Nigeria livestock commodity value chain that requires strategic supports.

    1. Our problem is that we don’t evolve, we continue doing stuff the way our fore father did it. We need innovations, evolution. We can do better than them.

  100. I am glad you embarked on this project. Laudable initiative. I wish you and your partner great success!

  101. You are creating for us a Nigeria where we dont have to go to shoprite to get hygienic meat. Thank you

  102. Looking forward to the greatness of this business, that means I don’t have to eat only fish when I come to Niger because i now have a clean source of meat..

  103. This is an innovative venture that solves not just the nutritional problems of Nigerians but also the health hazards that have accompanied to quest. It has great potentials for sustaining itself and expanding across the country.

  104. This is a good business venture and should be supported by those who know the importance of healthy living which extends to the food we consume.
    I also particularly know that this kind of business allows other kinds of businesses to sprout from it. Well done Sodiq, here’s hoping the next we hear is the clinking of glasses for.a successful outing.

  105. Well done brother. This has a potential to create employment for the unemployed. God bless you.

  106. All I will say is that this is innovative. Kudos once again on this and I wish you the best. I am one of those always scared of the healthiness of meat I consume.

  107. A great idea worthy of our support.
    It helps with unemployment problems while redirecting our orientation from the old unhygienic way of meat production.
    I pray you do well.

  108. Looking at detailed need assessment (NA) and baseline facility inventory (BFI) enunciated above, this business is a success. Hope your product becomes indispensable household item soon. Wishing you the best.

  109. Beef plus;an advanced, well packaged and hygienic need to be promoted for the well being of you and I.

  110. This kind of research needed to be put to work. Hoping to see put to practise very soon. Well done.

  111. Waooooooi, very laudable.
    A very welcome ideas which I pray it see light of the day in the mighty name of Allah.
    If our government can even support this development idea, I believe it will go a long way.

    God bless our own Sodiq Alabi,
    God bless Beef Plus,
    God bless Iwoland,
    God bless Osun State,
    God forgive NIGERIA.


  112. This is very nice and healthy initiative from a brother, I am confident that this beef plus project is going to make halal and healthy meat available for the nation’s consumption.

  113. Good initiative. This is modernising old trade and, in the process improving the hygiene level of consumers, thereby barring preventable diseases. Keep it up.

  114. The processes employed in our convectional abattoirs for meat processing are not hygienic and this call for a serious concern

  115. What a great initiative, more of this kind of initiative is needed to promote and safe the industry before it derailed like that of Derry Product which includes beef farming, cheese and milk production. Well done 👍

  116. It’s hightime our government and various individuals promote and encourage private butchers and butcheries. Good job Bro

  117. This is a great project. I pray you get the grant as most of the diseases recorded are due to what we eat. Thumbs up to you.

  118. Sodiq, YAP 156. Your proposal will go a long way in solving Nigeria unhygenic meat production and tackle unemployment in the Country. Keep it up.

  119. Beautiful proposal. Talking about an enterprise also concerned about health and environment. Truth is, anyone familiar with the meat market in Nigeria would encourage this type of initiative. But come to think of it, do you have plans of expanding into Lagos?

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