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YAP proposal #153: Livestock Coaching Centre (Ameen Mustapha Umar, Nigeria)


My name is Ameen Mustapha Umar, 36; I am a Nigerian currently lecturing in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria. I have a rich experience in training and consultancy within various sectors of animal production.

Proposed Project

I want to start a practical livestock industry that will be train individuals who want to start a livestock farm. The project is quite possible because it requires a small farm and some classrooms.

Aspiring entrepreneurs will be enrolled in a practical session that will last about eight weeks and all aspects of husbandry they intend to be enrolled in will be taught to them. The various aspects will include: poultry production, fishery production, beef and dairy, hatchery operations, fattening, sheep and goat production, artificial insemination, veterinary techniques, pasture production, feed formulation, and so on.

The good thing about this is that enrollments will be certified and enrollment of student entrepreneurs will be on the needs basis. This means that there will be room to start a new entrepreneurship course for other emerging enterprises.

The resulting socio-economic impact this project will have in Nigeria is enormous. The country is facing economic challenges and the government has been talking about promoting agriculture, and therefore starting a coaching centre will help to train a lot of aspiring farmers.


In 2010, I left a lucrative banking job for lecturing, which was paying just one-tenth of the banking job. One of the reasons why I did this is because I wanted to help the teeming youth of Nigeria by coaching them to be self-reliant. So far, I can proudly say that I have taught more than 1,000 students in various aspects of animal husbandry, and this project is my opportunity to help train even more students.

Steps to follow

  1. Register the livestock coaching centre in all the required government corporations
  2. Get affiliated to a university and/or animal production institutes
  3. Get a suitable farm location
  4. Build two classrooms, an office and livestock sheds/housing
  5. Buy all the required equipment
  6. Stock the required animals
  7. Design curriculum
  8. Advertise and register students
  9. Start

Achievements so far

I already have a farm, which I bought in 2007. My farm has two boreholes and some well-established livestock production sections. I have done this all alone over the years I have been working.

studentspracticalMeasurable success factors

The success of the project can be measured in two ways:

Short term:

This can be seen from the number of individuals trained, their evaluation of the experience they gained in the farm, and the number of trained individuals that start an enterprise within the year of their training.

Long term:

On the other hand, the long-term measure of success include the number of well-established enterprises that gain their expertise from my livestock coaching centre, the number of awards the centre gets, and whether the centre receives international recognition.


I intend to use the USD 5,000 to do the following:

  • Finish the construction of all sections in the farm with USD 2,200 in four weeks
  • Register and obtain approval of the livestock coaching centre with USD 200 in two weeks
  • Build three classrooms and an office with USD 1,000 in four weeks
  • Buy equipment that will be required to raise few demonstration animals with USD 500 in a week
  • Buy the animals, feed, and other expendables with USD 1,100 within two weeks


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109 thoughts on “YAP proposal #153: Livestock Coaching Centre (Ameen Mustapha Umar, Nigeria)”

  1. Such ideas that are geared towards improving agriculture is what we need at the moment. So many people are venturing into animal production without the technical know how. This kind of program will assist them in getting it right and by extension improve on the economy.

  2. This is very interesting and way to go,how can a novice like me be a participant in the training,and also are u planning to involve others as you mentioned,you did it all alone,am interested in joining as an active shareholder, bringing my wealth of experiences in renewable energy as we can partner to power the farms using a standalone systems

    1. Dr Usman,
      You are quite welcome to join me. It is my hope that volunteers like you will promote the venture. About renewable energy… interesting thought. That is where my Ph.D is focusing on.

  3. This is an excellent and amazing initiative. It will provide many youth with the technical know how of how to make a poultry and make optimum production out of it. I support this idea 100 percent.

  4. This is great. This initiative is coming at a time when the government is serious about agriculture. I recommend the author for this grant.

    1. Thank you Sulaiman. The cost listed are just estimates, no particular survey was conducted prior to publishing this. However, as you have suggested, there will be a more thorough analysis before implementation.

  5. This is a welcome development sir. We need more people like you in our society. you encourage many of us to go into agricultural sector and i’m proud to be one of your student, i wish u all the best sir.

  6. Do you think locating the farm in the city is a good idea? I feel you may have an issue with biosecurity if the farm is located within the metropolis.

    1. Dear Zsgaladanci, like I have already mentioned, I have a farm and the farm is located in Rano LGA, about 70 kilometers away from the city center. Biosecurity is really important in every livestock enterprise and it will be considered.

  7. One of the major reason why new entrants into livestock rearing, poultry farming and fish rearing fail is because the knowledge they depend on is ‘hear say’ and also emulation of what they see others doing (whether correct or erroneous).

    A great Percentage of agricultural produce that feeds the nation comes from local producers.

    The initiative outlined in this project, if implemented properly, would help immensely in bridging the great divide within local producers, with regards to accessibility to professionally tailored knowledge in the respective endeavors of these up starters. It might be a medium (amongst others) that would assist in persuading local producers to replace old inherited and less effective practices with modern innovative and result yielding practices.

    More grease to your elbow young man.

    1. Dear Usman,
      Indeed you have said it all. Your experience in the livestock sector of Nigerian economy must have made you learn a lot of lessons. Do you know that we have more than 1000 extension agents in Kano state alone? Has any of these agents visited your farm to inform you of technological innovations? I don’t think so. What I am trying to point out is that sometimes government owned institutions that train farmers exist but the impact they have on farmers is quite negligible. It is my hope to change all this if I get the grant.

    1. Dear fummulkhair,
      Enrolling want-to-be-agripreneurs may not be easy but I know its not going to be difficult too. I have gotten a lot of calls after posting this, I have gotten comments from people wanting to join the initiative too. By the time the initiative kicks off, the use of social media will definitely make enrollment very easy and cost effective.

  8. This is a well proposed project, and is of benefit to the young entrepreneurs to have courage in practicing their professions.

  9. This initiative has come at d right time, especially in dis present administration that is trying to diversify d economy.

  10. Wow!! Very nice proposal. I hope you’ll be given the opportuinity because we really are in need of things like this.

  11. I am one of your early students and also consulted malam Aminu on animal feeding, feed conversion and conservation. Malam Aminu advised me to dug a fit of 3m by 5m with 4m depth, we stored the feed and covered it for some month and then gave the bulls. It was wonderful and lot of experience, and the result was awesome. The bulls responded rapidly. To reiterate the need for the training , nothing is possible without training and research. Your plan for the training and awareness is quite on time and I wish people that are interested or intending to start the rearing for business to seek for such trainings so as to get positive results of their aspirations and reach the targets.

    1. Yallabai,
      I am glad you are happy with my little advice to you. I am also happy that your farm is doing very well. Surely, you are one of the successful, young and dynamic agripreneurs that will benefit from this initiative. I hope to train some of your farm employees after its launched.

  12. This is a good and welcome idea that will help our youth to be self reliant and We 100% supported you in this aspect may Allah help ameen

  13. This is great and the government should embrace it to take our youths off the streets

  14. Excellent proporsal this will help to minimise unemployees in youth and the whole country especially northerners…..

    1. I really hope so Abubakar. It will also help curtail the incessant outbreaks of diseases we get around. I believe that when a lot of people have been guided on livestock husbandry, more measures of disease prevention strategies will be adopted by the youths.

  15. This is an excellent proposal with a scientific proof of success and clear step by step practical process of conducting the work. This proposal requires urgent financing and support to motivate the researcher in his tedious effort of contribution to knowledge, innovation, productivity and economic benefit.

  16. Great indeed! These are things we need, with dedicated minds like yours we would be there…

  17. This is very inspiring, just stated a farm with some livestock with a view of making a dairy farm, the process took me about 4 years so far and the animals have started production.

    1. Very good Abdulkadir. Your passion and zeal for this will surely take you to greater heights. Please feel free to contact me for any advice.

  18. This is a wonderful project proposal, surely it will help the youth to achieve their plans of animal farming…

    Wishes you all the best and Allah’s guidance…

  19. This is an interesting proposal,It will provide unique opportunity to the entrepreneurs to express,explore and display their talents in Agricultural sector.The effort is quite commendable.

  20. Such a wonderful proposal, the spirit of entrepreneurship in real practice through value addition. I give my support to you as, we look forward to see more entrepreneurs being made through your effort and brother. More grease to your elbow.

  21. Yallabai,
    Thank you very much. I am delighted to get this support from you. I sincerely hope to create more entrepreneurs which will in turn help in boosting livestock production in Nigeria.

  22. Interesting write-up, has the president seen this? I’m sure President Buhari will appreciate ideas like this from great minds like you. I’ll be looking forward to being enrolled.

  23. This is an interesting step to bring a rapid transformation in Nigerian agricultural sector. I want to partake in the training as well.

  24. This is a welcome development not to Nigeria and Nigerians alone but to the entire world at large. This is what we called innovation and creativity for self reliance. Wish you all the best the great agriculturists.

  25. Thats great and this is what we need currently looking at the financial situation of the country now. But it will more lucrative and economical if you incorporate animal production with crops farming so that you’ll be making profit and as well feeding the animals from the crops farming.

    1. Dear Auwalu,
      Yes indeed. As I have stated in the proposal, there is room for expansion. Any emerging enterprise that is highly demanded can be incorporated and students will be enrolled.

  26. very interesting project, what we lack most is people like u with a long term preposition for the future generation. I wish u the best of luck and I am willing to be among the beneficiaries, because I want to invest into animal production. But inadequate technical know how stops me. wish u Luck

    1. Dear Muhammad,
      I will be very excited if you will join us in order to get a hands on experience on aspects of livestock production you want. It is surely expectations like yours that keep me going.

  27. With a teeming population in Nigeria, food production is a viable business that is currently lacking the requisite manpower and appropriate technological input. This initiative will no doubt encourage and guide a good number of would-be farmers that are mostly, at present, doing things wrongly, inappropriately or afraid to even start. I firmly believe in your ability to impart adequate knowledge to the participants within the proposed time frame. Having discussed some of your researches in the livestock industry, there is no doubt, a lot of people – and Nigeria at large – would benefit from this model.

    1. Dear Dr. Abdulkadir,
      Thank you very much for your intellectual contribution. As you have rightly pointed out, nutritional deficiencies of animal protein intake has a lack of manpower and technological input as its major hindrance. This project was written with a clear intention of changing that. Thank you.

    2. Dear Dr Abdulkadir,
      Thank you very much with this highly intellectual comment. I hope to address the issue of malnutrition especially animal protein intake indirectly by training agripreneurs. I also hope to address the issue of employment, since a lot of people will stop relying on the government for jobs. I will continue seeking your support to actualize this.

  28. This is a great initiative that our country needs for the alleviation of poverty, women empowerment and human socio-economic development. I trust you on this Aminu, Hope you get the support of all good hands

  29. Masha Allah brother. This is one awsome initiative. How I wish more of this will come from Nigerians as we are so much in need of such. Its a development to be sponsored not only by an organization but also by the Government. I hope and pray for the best for you.

    1. Dear sheikh Abdul-Rahman,
      Thank you for this. I hope to be part of the #GCARD3 young agripreneurs because there is a great opportunity for international collaboration, I would have advocated for government sponsorship like you have suggested.

  30. What an astounding innovation. This is a great idea you are initiating brother. I hope and pray you get awarded for the project, for this are the kind of things we need to keep our dear country growing. I also think the Government should be aware of such Innovations for the purpose societal development. God be with you..

    1. Dear Ibrahim,
      I really hope to get volunteers that may be paid allowances. It is my hope that money generated from the little livestock operations can be used to sustain the operations and expenses of the training center.

  31. excellent and amazing this best way to improve agricultural aspect and encourage farmers to aspired their farm with good facilities.I Abdurrauf Shehu yusuf Abcoad student wishing u the best.

  32. Alhamdulillah. this is a great idea that a lot of people lack it,which by God willing,will increase the economy of our people and make us self reliant. May almighty see u through ameen

  33. Well done in the making El_Amin, it is not at all surprizing as you are known for such innovative drives. This is just one of them in your rightful field, keep it up and moving as i hope to join as a volunteer or partner in renewable energy aspect.

  34. Such is a great idea. Nigerian youth need to be good in agriculture because it’s the almost only way for us as a Nigerians to diverse our economy since crude oil has less value in the world market. So I sincerely comment that, your work is useful and needed to our youth and Nigerian economy. We thank you so much for your effort of bringing good change.

  35. nicely proposed project,
    i believe it will help young farmers and enterprenuers like me, because i was trained as an agricultural engineer so it is good for to have train in animal production before engagement into agric-business.

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