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YAP proposal #148: Using Software to Measure Dairy Success in Real-time (Gidraph Mwangi, Kenya)


I’m Gidraph Mwangi, 24, built-in business acumen, entrepreneur, and founder of Havilah Dairy Farms. I am a Bachelor of Business Management graduate from Africa Nazarene University who considers himself a change-agent, seeking to empower the society through everyday actions.


DairyLink Software is a comprehensive online dairy farm management record.

The software records daily production of the cows. With three columns, the software gives farmers who milk twice or thrice daily, the opportunity to record production of each cow, in a timely and accurate manner. This is critical in that the farmer will know the amount in litres he gets, then he can budget for his income. Also, this will help prospective buyers who will know the cow’s potential before purchase.

The software has growth charts to guide dairy farmers on the progress of his/her livestock as he can record weight against the age of the cow. This will be important, as the farmer will be able to know milestones of the animal, such as when it attains weight for insemination. In addition, the software will provide mineral and nutritional requirements at every stage, from birth to maturity.

DairyLink Software provides a bulk messaging system, which will be linked to all farmers subscribed to the SMS system, for live updates and reminders on various aspects of their farms. This will include extension officers visiting their areas and dairy training.

Through linking with mobile money service providers, the farmers will get payments directly into their phone accounts for accountability. This will be linked with the suppliers such that milk delivered is recorded in the system and paid on time directly to the farmers thus eliminating middlemen and saving farmers costs.

Additionally, the software provides monthly statements of financial performance.

DairyLink records veterinary visits as well as medications given to every cow. This will help farmers in maintaining their herd in a healthy manner such that when illnesses are treated all the medications are recorded, the veterinary who issued them, as well as batch numbers of the drugs. These records will bring an end to instances where farmers are given expired drugs.

The software maintains a database of call-away veterinarians. This helps farmers who have emergencies in their farms reach veterinarians urgently, saving the situation or life of the animal.

The software records artificial insemination and breeding records, and the dates and time of the insemination. We at Farm Link connect farmers with professional veterinary doctors who have quality semen in their database linked to the software.

Moreover, the system gives a reminder to Farmers 24 hours before an event, such as the next time a cow goes on heat in relation to past heat, so that the farmer is aware and can plan with the inseminators.


IMAGE 2First, I’m motivated to be an agent of change in society. Fellow youngsters further motivate me and ambitious farmers who want to set the record straight.

I’m also motivated by my past mistakes. Mistakes of buying dairy cows without records. Mistakes which I will forever cherish for having brought me to this idea that will help fellow young farmers get value for what they buy as well as take care of what we’ve bought.

Many young farmers are investing their hard-earned money buying dairy cattle without health records, production records, and even breeding records at astronomical prices.

Records will help farmers make the right decisions before purchasing a cow. The same records will help farmers manage their herds in a healthy and profitable manner.


I have teamed up with an IT expert and together we will develop the software. With the help of an experienced veterinarian, we have been able to put down on paper all the different records necessary to a dairy farm.

So far, the system exists on paper as we make an interface of the whole system to run on phones and desktops.

Success indicators for this project are:

  • Number of dairy farmers who purchase and use the software.
  • Number of reviews from users. The higher the reviews the greater the impact we know we have and improvements we have to make.

3 months

USD 2,000 will be used to develop the software to completion. A world-class software that will supersede local and regional boundaries.

2 months

USD 500 will be allocated to test, make improvements and work on reviews from our customers.

3 months

USD 1,000 will be used to brand and market the software to farmers.

3 months

USD 1,000 will go to launching the software and making it accessible to all farmers. Training and after-sale services.

1 month

USD 500 will go to unforeseeable eventualities as well as an emergency account to cater for miscellaneous expenses.


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741 thoughts on “YAP proposal #148: Using Software to Measure Dairy Success in Real-time (Gidraph Mwangi, Kenya)”

  1. mwangi This is a fantastic initiative, Kindly let me know when you kick start it I mobilize my Area to join. Good innovation.

      1. This is a mazing and taking you far. It’s new technology inthe market and it’s helping farmers get prompt payment due to well kept record through the system. The banks are introducing more or less the same module called “weight capture” that keeps the record of produce from the farmers in the system. Go ahead and think of other things that farmers grow like maize,tea etc coz the same technology will do that too.Going far Gidraph!!!

    1. Keep up the good work Gidraf, we really need young energetic guys like you . Contact me for more assistance. God bless

      1. Gidraph is absolutely going to change how dairy farming is view especially by the youth.

      2. Mwangi junior.Good work.It is an opener to youth to do farming as business in the local environment and eradicate poverty.

  2. This software has every potential to advance dairy enterprise.Record keeping is one of the biggest chat dairy farmers. This software provides a great opportunity for me to benefit as a dairy farmer as well as all dairy farmers.
    The bottom line in dairy decision making remains only on accurate records and this software offers it with a great deal of easy.

    1. The secret to a profitable farming venture is records. The essence of records can never be overstated.

    1. Telephone farmers will have this software to thank once it’s launched. Reviews will be collected from farmers in the diaspora as well as on-ground farmers.

      1. Its a great innovation to dairy farmers.Sucess on your launching #148/gidraphmwangi

  3. Great tool, I would love this tool. Am in diaspora and it can be helpful in tracking what is going on in the farm.

    1. Teresa, personally I have a sister who also does dairy farming and is in the diaspora. I have seen her struggle with records and she is part of my motivation to have a software that will surpass local boundaries and be trusted beyond boundaries.

  4. This should harness the all the data and analyse it for productivity and maximum efficiency.

    1. The only tool we can use to analyse productivity and efficiency of our farm operations are accurate records. Cheers

  5. We need this proposed before our county Governmnts ministry of Agriculture to create awareness and pull farmers to this noble idea of record keeping.You have my support and il be a sure consumer of these intellectual services

    1. Thanks Ndege. I appreciate your support greatly. Farmers must get goodwill from the government and such ideas should supplement their efforts of making the country food secure.

    1. Stephen we are living in a digital world and all we have to do is modernization of farming operations for efficiency and productivity.

  6. This an extraordinary and unique technology which I believe will be of great assistance to farmers in kenya/Africa. Well done!!!

  7. Wow…this is nice… long last a usefull tool that farmers can use in record keeping and manage to know if they are going at a loss or doing well… i am so ready for this….

    1. Allan Thendi farmers will have a tool that will tell them how profitable their ventures are and the progress they are making.
      Thanks Allan for the support.

  8. This is an ideal idea that was long overdue it’s application. Most of the farmers and agri-business persons are ambitious that such ideas fit the 21st Century kind of economy.

  9. Keep up brother. We welcome you to Murang’a county as your launch this great initiative. #thekenyawewant

    1. We live in a digital world and we need to digitize operations to reap the benefits of technology.

  10. what a great idea,such a wonderful innovation ..someday I known that software will be of help to me..

    1. Newton no farmer will be left behind. New farmers will get the way made thus will not make mistakes we made.

  11. This is a very good contribution to the society. A game changer indeed Mr. Mwangi. We should set up a meeting.

    1. Sure Paul. We must strive to bring change to the society we live in. Let’s empower farmers. Many thanks bro.

    1. Titus it will definitely be a great contribution to the dairy sector which contributes a big chunk of Kenyans economy.

  12. Wow, this enables farmers have accurate records n thus makes work easier. Good scheme as soon as it kicks off am in for it, kudos

    1. Damaris accurate records are a necessity to farm operations especially for decision making. Welcome on board. Thanks much.

  13. Oh, this will go along way in transforming the dairy industry! My area of interest it is!

    1. Peter dairy industry elicites great interest in am ny people. We must seek to set the records straight to achieve greatness in the industry.

  14. Well done Gidraph..I have always believed in your potential and strong will to discover new things and make them work’re ago-getter and avery creative person.I really love this project and I urge you to press on harder.
    All the best!

    1. Much appreciated Eve. So strong words and enough motivation to keep me pressing on and finding solutions to societal problems.
      God bless you Eve.

  15. My motivation has always been to improve easen the agriculture practices of an African farmer!!
    without a doubt, this one matches my motivation!!

    1. This is just the beginning of making agribusiness easy and youth friendly George. We can always share ideas and get a way forward.
      Thanks for the support

  16. Great Idea. In agribusiness just like in other business ventures we need these innovative systems to make general management easy and efficient

    1. I cant agree anymore Naomi. No business can survive without assessing it’s records. Records are a backbone to any business.

    1. Sure Peter. The idea has all the potential to work and help Farmers manage their herds.
      Thanks very much.

  17. Great work Gidraph! Building the economy yet doing what you love! Let’s do this!

  18. Amazing!Amazing idea!!! It will definately be a breath of fresh air from the dairy farmers. Goodstuff man!!!

  19. Amazing! Amazing!! It will definately be a breath of fresh air for the dairy farmers. Good stuff man!!!

  20. mr mwangi this is a fantastic move n am sure it will bring change to the dairy farming as each inovation makes work simpler n it
    turns to b an encouragement to someone somewhere

  21. Innovation that will shape Dairy farming, a move that will see farmers increase their output while maximizing input.A great idea you have there Gidraph!!!Keep moving

    1. Thank you Trevor.
      My motivation is making dairy farming as efficient and effective as possible.
      Be Blessed.

  22. This is what we need in this first moving world economy and especially in motherbase agricultural sector

    1. Sure we are in a world that technology is a need rather than a want. Speed in keeping up with upcoming events in the farming world.

    1. Thanks Rose. Diaspora farmers will definitely adopt this software and keep tabs with their tabs.

  23. Wow.This is very innovative.It is a step towards success.Record keeping is a very crucial part in any project .I hope farmers in remote areas can also access this, since they make a great contribution to dairy farming.

  24. wow. This is very innovative.It is a step towards success.Record keeping is a crucial part in any project.I hope farmers in remote areas can also access this, since they make great contribution to dairy farming.

    1. Innovative ideas are the way to go in farming. Most Farmers have Web based phones and thus will have access to the software.

    1. Thank Esther.
      Records are a sure way to monitor progress and success. Soon it’s coming your way.

  25. I believe this will do wonders to us young farmers…. Great innovation…

    1. We are on it with a team of dedicated guys to deliver cutting edge solutions for farmers.
      Thanks Francis

  26. Africa is a home of indigenous Agricultural wealth and livestock farming .the use of modern technology will promote the large scale and small scale farming this will provide a convenient solution to agribusiness .I support the innovative

    1. Thanks Joseph.
      We cannot overstate the importance of Agriculture to the African continent. We will continue to provide innovative solutions to improve farming.

  27. Love the idea man i will spread the word to my costomers and friend,this will reduce losses to farmers who have taken advantage by middlemen…..keep it real.

  28. Farmers loose hundreds of liters yearly due to lack of access to information and proper aid to give them the best from their flock… this could be a life saver… Good luck my brother.

    1. Thanks BOB.
      We must save every liter produced. Increase output and keep farmers informed.

      1. That’s great ideal.. I knw dat with dat idea u wil bi able tew motivate de young ones outside there they wil bi able tew learn from you just keep on motivating them.all de best am looking forward tew ur succes…

  29. I am glad to see how you are approaching modern means of farming. The software is a great tool. With such initiatives I am certain we are taking dairy farming to the next advance levels.

    1. We continously looking for ways to improve on old farming systems.

      Thanks Nyanje wa Nyanje.

  30. I Love anything to do with food and feeding. Agriculture is one of the most important industries without it no one would survive. We can’t go without a meal for a day.

    On the other hand, technology is at the core of every business now. Integrating both agricultural and advances in technology should be encouraged.

    All the best Gidraph. As a dairy farmer in Zambia am Looking forward to the development of the software.

    1. Thanks Sir. Levy
      Working on a software that will surpass local, regional and international boundaries. Food crisis is a global phenomena and we must work together or perish of hunger.

  31. Thats a fantastic idea..many dairy farmers are set to benefit from this idea..cheers man!

    1. Thanks Kelvin Kent.
      We are targeting every dairy farmer in the country. No one will be left out.

  32. This is an award winning idea. For the current trends in Agri-business this is a new level of farming that has been digitalized to enable progressive farm activities.This is exactly the tool we need to yield more in Agri-business.The world should embrace this at large.Congrats to you Gidraph my mind has been blown.

    1. Thanks Vivian.
      Thanks again for the compliment. Sure we are seeking to develop an award I’m winning software for farmers. Taking innovation in farming a notch higher.

  33. Awesome innovative brilliant idea, if and when implemented it can go a long way towards growing the agricultural sector not to mention keeping up with the technological wave going on in Kenya right now, total absolute support!

    1. Thanks Empress.
      Much appreciated. Technological advancements is the way to go in farming.

  34. having a background on computer science I fully support and congratulate… its high time farming evolves and take the digital era by storm.

    1. Thanks Riofarm. Once the idea is funded, we will work with you on taking the idea forward.

  35. Great Stuff! Mwangi, this is the kind of innovative minds that we need in Kenya! I hope this one will take a flight into greater heights! I hope the youths in the country shall be see this and be encouraged to sit down, create and be productive!

    1. Thanks Njoki. Youths must be as creative and innovative as much as possible. The future of farming is for those who embrace technology.

  36. This is a superb business idea, I would like to see the final product (software). Wishing you all the best and success. Please notify when the system is up and running.

    1. Every great invention was once an idea. Thanks Brian. We must see that innovative ideas don’t remain as ideas.

  37. Great Stuff! Mwangi, this is the kind of innovative minds that we need in Kenya! I hope this project will take a flight into greater heights! I do hope the youths in the country shall be see this and be encouraged to sit down, create and be this productive!

  38. Mwangi this is an incredibly phenomenal idea and indeed the software can exponentially increase the yields. What fails many is the inability to capture and maintain records and since this is a strength of the software then you got it right and yes farmers will consequently get it right. Thumbs for the innovative idea.

    1. Thanks Lukale.
      As an accountant, you will come in handy in teaching farmers on the importance of records.

      Much appreciated Sir..

  39. Way to go Gidd!!!..surely this will bring positive changes in the dairy industry and to the farmers in Kenya/Africa

    1. Thanks Maryann.
      Farmers will have this great software to thank once it’s up and running.

  40. good initiative, when launched, I will be among the first people to buy the software. good job

    1. Skaymash kindly leave your contacts and will notify you once it’s up and running.

    1. We will seize your country too brother Kipaalu. Putting East Africa on the map.

      Thanks KK

  41. Technology and farming. A great way to increase efficiency in farming. Farming made simple, easy and efficient and the results should be increased yield. Great phenomena Gidraph. This is the future.

    1. Hi John.
      Tomorrow’s solutions today is the way to go. Farming made simple.
      Much appreciated brother

  42. Brilliant idea Gidraph. Am looking forward to becoming a dairy farmer in the future and I hope your software will be of help

  43. Wow amazing idea, wish you the best dear this will definitely improve alot of things in dairy farming.
    This is just the beginning and hope to see this grow.

  44. This is a brilliant initiative, Gidraph!
    I hope you will be able to get the support that you need. Also it will be nice if your government will get on board, seeing as how this will benefit the country a great deal. We all know how important/crucial agriculture is to our East African countries.

    I’m very proud of you brother and I hope once you have this running you’ll consider expanding/sharing with your amazing neighbours, such as the beautiful Tanzania 🙂


    1. Thanks Rita.
      We will bring more and more stakeholders on board including the government. Farming is a key player to the economy and thus must be supported from all angles.

  45. I think its a great initiative with potential and a prosperous future I wish we all thought like this we would not dread about our futures good job_

    1. Thanks Architecture Kenya.
      We will bring on board different providers in the tech industry to advise based on efficiency and safety of information.

  46. At long last there is a promising solution. this is superb. its what we cry about as farmers in Southern Africa. Keep going dear.

  47. This is a fresh idea and very innovative, This will be a major boost to the Agricultural sector which is the backbone of our economy, the idea can be implemented on other farm records besides dairy…………Gidraph I agree with Rita it would be nice getting the govt on board, all in all this a brilliant idea with major growth potential.

    Kudos my brother

    1. Thanks Sean.
      We will work with different stakeholders to take farming to the next level. Sure, once the dairy system is up and running, we will continue developing more systems for different farmers.

    1. Thanks Waithaka.
      Will contact you as soon as I get your contacts. This is just the beginning.

  48. a very noble initiative gidraph. I need to engage you on this to see how best I can improve on my mum’s herd.

    1. Hi Steve. You such an inspiration. Sure I’m ready to work with farmers to improve output and production.

  49. This is a really brilliant idea, and would definately go a long way in helping my country’s agriculture sector too…

    1. Thanks Ianji
      Our economy is agri-drive and any small positive impact will be felt far and wide economically speaking

  50. Essence of young minds in this youthful generation.Great potential.

    Nakuru is proud.Kenya is proud!

    1. Nakuru County will be the first beneficiary of this innovation. Charity begins at home. Putting Kenya on the map again.

  51. #don’tijustlovetechnology
    We honestly need such brains for today and for the future. Food is a basic need and we can never do without it. We must therefore attain self sufficiency and this is one way of getting there.
    We’ll done

    1. Thanks Ngatia.
      Agribusiness driven technology is a sure way to turn the tide in the farms and achieving not only income but food security in Africa.

  52. Great innovation, I hope it will be affordable to all farmer. Looking forward to see the end result. Well done.

    1. David Wanyoike, the end result will be comprehensive yet easy to use dairy farm management record software to bring efficiency and productivity to all farmers.

      Thanks very much sir

  53. This a great idea that needs the support of all of us. I hope that this application will be able to be replicated throughout the other agricultural spheres ie poultry, apiary, fish farming etc

    1. Yes with time we will come up with softwares for different areas in agriculture.
      At the moment we want to bring a change in the dairy industry then spread our wings all over r

  54. Great idea…this will improve farming …its about time someone came up with an innovative plan for farmers….keep it up…

  55. Innovation is the way to go, especially in an economy like Kenya’s where youths need to be creative, Gidraph I love this idea, hope it sails through because it will help a lot of farmers and it’ll also be an inspiration to so many young people who do have the knowledge but do not have a way of applying it, all the best!

    1. Kasina, creativity and innovation will be the next Frontier especially now that we need to embrace technology in farming.
      Youths need to think outside the box and provide solutions in different areas.

      Thank you

    1. Absolutely Yvonne. It’s already part of the software We take a very keen interest on the rations.

      Thanks for the support.

    2. This is a brilliant idea of blending technology with modern agriculture are guranteed of success.

  56. Mwangi, what a brilliant idea. I really like your idea. It will be a great tool for the farmers and prospective farmers. This is what has been lacking in farming and your idea is the answer. Keep it up bro!

    1. Thanks Peris. As a farmer I understand the problems we encounter as well as trying to come with the solutions necessary.

      Much appreciated.

  57. Embracing technology is the way to go for farmers to work ‘smarter’. In your upcoming software, did you include the tracking of the stolen cow?

    1. Greetings Rotich.
      At the moment we don’t have that in the software, but we have grateful room from inclusions and adjustments.
      Thanks for the comment.

  58. Intriguing and motivating. We need more of this in the world. People with a passion to think outside the box and a desire to make a difference. The Agriculture Sector is one of the fast growing sectors in the World. With the hunger n poverty crisis, it’s only wise to invest in this sector. Impressive and up!

    1. An investment in agriculture is an investment in the future. We cannot go wrong with farming.
      Thanks Hachi.

  59. Good stuff that will accelerate benchmarking, business analysis, individual cow performance and hopefully it will also be an invaluable tool for any potential buyers of cattle in the future. Keep it up.

    1. John Gatundu
      Absolutely true. Records are an indispensable tool for benchmarking, analysis and performance analysis.
      Thanks for the comment.

  60. this is very good. However, l expected important sections like expenditure / time to be summarized either in Graff or column forms.

  61. brilliant idea Steve.Am sure you have seen my struggle ,Mobile farming is not easy at all .Proper record keeping is very important in this day and age.

    1. Yes Lucy. Your struggle has been real. Mobile farmers will be able to monitor their farms greatly.

  62. Congratulations brother, being a daily farmer, these happens to be the best project too good to be true best wishes, I’ll be the first to buy your software

    1. Thanks Margaret
      I will surely give dairy farmers the best software in the market. They deserve it.

  63. A brilliant idea whose time has come!
    As a dairy farmer I wish to see this software finally working given the enormous benefits it will bring to the dairy farmers.
    Wishing you the best as we wait for this revolution in dairy.

    1. This is a revolutionary approach to record keeping and the benefits of it cannot be overstated. Many farmers will find this software easy to use and very useful at a low cost.

  64. Fellow leader, beautiful idea that must be supported to full implementation. I am really interested, kindly get in touch.

    1. Kinuthia I will get in touch with you once we are through with this first stage. Having worked with you, I can never understate your words.

      The idea will see light of day soon.

  65. Hi Mwangi,
    your innovation sounds brilliant!
    kindly count me in among the first to use your services once you go commercial.
    We need more people like you in our midst.
    In addition to all the benefits that will be brought about by the wonderful innovations like yours,
    I would support any idea to eleminate the middlemen/brokers who are in my opinion are like blood sucking ticks who drain farmers of almost, if not all their profits. well done Mwangi.

    1. Main threat to development of Agriculture is middlemen and brokers. I believe farmers can get direct marketing for their produce. A farmer must get paid for his produce and minimize losses through unscrupulous brokers.

      Thanks George

  66. Brilliant brilliant idea ! You have the potential to do it small Bro ! I see you pushing till it happens ! Go Steve You shall make it! God is with you. Count on my support .

  67. Such great minds from a great person. This project is such an innovation. Not only to our country but to the whole world. Congrats Giddy!!!!!

    1. This is an innovation for the whole world to marvel at. We have the potential to develop global solutions.
      Thanks Comu

    1. Sustainability is an outcome of productivity and profitability. We can’t achieve this without records.

  68. Brilliant idea, I have to admit. This will help a lot especially livestock farmers in remote areas. I love it.

    1. Sure Eric.
      Rural farmers are the big chunk of dairy producers. We need to bring technology to them and see productivity shoot up.

  69. This is a great idea which will help our farmers grow. Count on me to market the product and be a pioneer/ambassador. Local solutions made out of our own great minds,just Brilliant.

    1. Thanks Kuria.
      I know I can always count on your support. Local solutions for local problems to achieve global competitiveness.

  70. Innovative mind here.This will bring about a positive transition in the agricultural sector.Proud of you Bro. Nakuru county is proud to have such a brilliant mind that aspires to change positively the lives of farmers beyond boarders.You’ll go far Steve!

    1. Thanks Melissa.
      Transformational leadership is in deeds and not words. I hope more and more people would come forth to design and implement solutions for the community and the world would be a better place.

      Nakuru County farmers will be lucky to have a software that will change their fortunes in the dairy industry.

    1. Thanks Njuguna.
      The expertise of effective farm management is synchronised in this software. It will bring change to how farmers effectively manage farms.

  71. great idea it deserves to be pushed through since it will assist dairy farmers to measure their growth in the dairy industry anf also keep records of their daily activities.
    it will also bring great strides in the development of the industry.

    1. Sure Eunice.
      Records are a sure way to monitor progress and growth. Dairy farmers also need this software to understand profitability or otherwise of their ventures.

  72. This will greatly help the farmers in the milk production industry. Good job truly an agent if change

    1. Kennedy, we must seek to develop solutions in areas where we can. I chose to be bring a difference to the life of dairy farmers.

    1. Thanks Lawie.
      Technology will be the driving force in agriculture for the next century or so.

  73. Eh im speechless…this is a revolutionary idea that will bring our farmers to international standars and globap market

  74. This dairylink software idea is the ultimate culmination of dairy farming in the modern world.A well calculated idea that sychronizes records of dairy farming for the farmer.Your enthusiam towards dairy farming is really paying off.Am down for this Gidraph!

  75. Gidraph this a great idea, it’s great to see young men do great things. This will help many farmers and also change their lives. Congrats dear

  76. Visionary idea..definitely gonna make a change in the farming world..

    awesome software right there..keep it up gidraff

  77. visionary idea..definitely gon make a change in the farming world..

    love the software…keep up gidraff..

    1. Thanks Salome.
      It’s a product of a well dedicated team that seeks to move dairy farmers to the next level.

  78. overall great concept. the app has every potential to transform dairy farming as we know it. Will the app include a knowledge base for young farmers and the average farmer who wants to go the extra mile to improve on his techniques? on the accountability…will the app be linked to mobile payment platforms? mpesa and the like?

    1. Mary, the software will be a game changer to the dairy industry in Kenya.
      It will be linked to a database of materials relevant to Dairy farming as well as guide to run a successful dairy enterprise.
      Yes, we purpose to integrate payment systems directly to farmers through phone transactions as well as bank payments.

  79. I love this project , I seen some farmers in Kansas with similar softwares and it’s a great success. I think you the change we been waiting for and it’s high time you introduced this for our fellow dairy farmers. Thanks and all the best.

    1. Thanks Arnold, the time is ripe to integrate softwares into dairy farms. Hope to visit them too and learn some more infos on the same.

  80. Mwangi this is such a noble platform and it will save farmer’s alot of Costs.Thumbs up.We Need such Workable and implementable solutions to for our cost effective production..

    1. Thank you Alex.
      This will definitely help Farmers cut costs, save more money and thus increase there net profits.

  81. This is an excellent idea. This shall definitely take farming to greater scales. Great work!!!!

  82. great idea …..if kenyas change their farming with help of
    this great minds we gonna get far
    i ll try it

    1. Thanks Georgina,
      If we changed our attitudes and how we do farming, we will achieve greatness.

    1. Sure Bonny,
      We need to revilutionalize the way we do things in this industry. We need to achieve the highest productivity levels through innovation and technology.

    1. Thanks Teresa Makori.
      Sure, farmers will be in a better position to make sound decisions in the farms.

  83. This is what we trained you for at ANU. I am proud of you and look forward to visiting the farm

  84. Brilliant ! This is a great deal for farmers ! I believe in you bro , greatness is within you. With God all things are possible! Keep up the spirit!

  85. Good job Gidraph.
    This is innovation we want to change a lot of lives and businesses.
    Thumbs up.

  86. Awesome work…this is taking IT to a new level..Technology also needs to be integrated into the growing world of Agriculture to maximise outputs and job security for farmers…cheers on this project indeed its a game changer.

  87. great product it will be a major boost to the Agricultural sector…this is a real game changer..cheers hope you will see it through till the end.

  88. This is awesome, especially targeted at such an important but often overlooked segment of the population.

  89. All the best Gidraph. I can already see the impact this application will have especially by use of real time statistics for businesses and economics. Data very vital for the growth of economy as it will enhance more effective planning for the farmer and the government. Good Job!

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    1. Thanks Ande
      It’s very important to understand the history of a cow. Breeding records will help prevent inbreeding and health records will help Farmers know the value as well as future if the cow.

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      Telephone and diaspora farmers have the power to keep tabs with their dairy farms.

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      Thanks Gerald.

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