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YAP proposal #144: Fish Farming: Feeding the Present and Future Generations (Ferdinand Nachenga, Tanzania)


My name is Ferdinand Nachenga, 28, from the United Republic of Tanzania. I have a Bachelor’s degree in statistics from the University of Dar es Salaam and a Diploma in Statistics from Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre. 

Fish farming is the principal form of aquaculture and involves raising fish in tanks, net enclosures (cages) or ponds. Many natural coastal and inland fisheries have reached the limits of their productive capacity or are over-exploited while global aquaculture production has been increasing by 6.6% a year.

A rapidly growing population in sub-Saharan Africa means that an extra 3.6 million tonnes will be required from aquaculture just to maintain fish consumption levels. The need to increase fish production by farming, therefore, becomes very crucial especially in this country, when considering the employment that this sector can provide to poor farmers and/or youths.

The project is to be implemented in Morogoro region where there are already two ponds, each of size 10 x 20 metres, and one pond of size 20 x 50 metres have been constructed. The needed funds will be for drilling a borehole in order to access clean water throughout the year, buy fingerlings, and some is for feeds.

The projects also aim at providing employment to more than 50 people from the surrounding community who are currently unemployed. The total cost of the project is USD 5,000.

The need for initiating this project in Morogoro is:

  • The presence of the fish training college at Kingolwira (35 km from the project site) where the expertise and fingerlings can be obtained. And the presence of Sokoine University of Agriculture (20 km from the project site) where expertise was obtained and can be obtained at any time and at low costs.
  • The availability of land as the project aims to expand in the next five years to feed a large part of the country/export
  • The high demand for the fresh fish not only in Morogoro but also even at the nearby city (Dar es Salaam, which is only 190 km from the project site). This can be explained by the rapid increase of prices of fish from Mwanza (more than 1,000 km) which keeps increasing now and then
  • Personal employment as well as the employment that the project will provide to the youths, who, most times, spend their times in the streets.
  • The need to assist and motivate other potential fish farmers to engage into this promising project.

In order for this project to succeed, I must take the following initiatives:

  • Drill about 100 m borehole for continuous clean and safe water
  • Finalizing the fish ponds
  • Buy the fingerlings and chickens
  • Production of high-quality fish and chicken
  • Sell about 2.0 tonnes of fish and more than 2,000 eggs, six months after projected initiation (The project is mainly targeted at: direct consumers/buyers with different wants, processors, wholesalers, distributors, brokers, restaurants, supermarkets. The whole project within a five-year target to serve about 500,000 direct and indirect consumers).
  • Use of new technologies such as greenhouse fish farming/production of fingerlings and selling after 12 months from project initiation.

 So far, I have managed to:

  • Buy seven acres of land each at USD 500
  • Construct three ponds: two each of 10 x 20 m and one of 20 x 50 m
  • Build a two-room house at the project site construct a 12,000 litres water reservoir
  • A 16-room house capable of keeping about 100,000 chickens at once.

All these activities have been done by myself, without any help from any corner. However, for the sustainability of the project, the income that will be generated from the products to be sold will be used to cover other expenses that will emerge.

As I have said, the demand for fresh fish in the country is very high and thus its market is also very high. However, controlling the downfall in market prices for fish can be done by uniting and supporting all the fish farmers in the region or country. And this is possible because their number is very small.

Thus, when we have a common say in the market for fish, an increased number of orders for fresh fish, and more yields, then I should count it as a successful project.

The budget for the project will be as follows:

  • Drilling of a 100 m borehole USD 4,000
  • Purchase of Fingerlings (Tilapia and Catfish) and Chickens USD 300
  • Purchase of feeds for fish and Chickens USD 700

Note: All activities will be done within one month after the project has been funded; the next month fish farming and chicken keeping will begin.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Ferdinand Nachenga (Tanzania): mailto:fednga10[at]

The content, structure and grammar are at the discretion of the author only.


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57 thoughts on “YAP proposal #144: Fish Farming: Feeding the Present and Future Generations (Ferdinand Nachenga, Tanzania)”

  1. You have already done a lot but would ask you – why are you building fish ponds on a site where you don’t have a water supply which you can fill the ponds by gravity – ie from stream – small river etc ? By using a borehole (for grow out) you will increase your running costs considerably – notice you don’t include any costs in your estimates for pumping water ?? I have posted this up on sarnissa African aquaculture network for you – Suggest you Follow and join it Best wishes Will – Inst of Aquaculture Univ of Stirling UK

    1. Dear Mr. Will, Thank you very much for taking your time to comment on my post. Sir i real appreciate your efforts after i have seen my proposal posted in the Sarnisaafrica website.
      I will answer your questions as follows: As i have said in the second paragraph that many natural coastal and inland fisheries have reached the limits of their productive capacity or are over-exploited, this means that in the most areas in Morogoro where it was raining for more than six months in a year, it is no longer raining and thus rivers are not flowing throughout a year as it was in the past ten years due to overpopulation and other economic activities, that is why i came up with the idea of fish ponds which are of low costs and can take a small space (even at home) while we strictly conserve the natural beauty of our river as the Government now is very serious on the Environmental Management,(it has restricted any person to conduct agricultural activities along slopes, near water sources, along rivers, dams and lakes).
      Yes, i know pumping water using borehole will inquire extra costs but not compared to what am planning (expectation of expanding the project within 5 years) and what i will be getting out of the project according to experts from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA). Again, thank you sir and welcome for more comments if i have not met your expectations.

      Ferdinand, Nachenga

      ”Cheers its 2016 let’s fish together”

  2. I like the idea and for sure if the project we’ll be implemented it will be not profitable only to the individual but also to the communities/populations around especially youths who are frankly suffered with the great problem of unemployment in our country.Therefore it important for the responsible implementers to support the project very seriously so as to minimize if not,to end the fragile problem of income generation among the youth.

    1. Dear Mr. Spensa C. Lishera, thanks to hear good comments from you as well as sacrificing your for your efforts and time to like my proposal. Yes, the project is viable and will at least help the government with the unemployment problem. Let’s hope that many people all over the world will see this proposal and contribute to it.
      Sir, thanks so much.

      Ferdinand, Nachenga.

      ”Cheers its 2016 let’s fish together”

  3. Good!

    As long as long you have shown great personal effort and creativeness, I am sure your dream will get to success… entrepreneur, I can support ideas and expose this to donors that for the benefit of people around the site and country in general.
    All the best Mr. Ferdnard Nachenga.

    1. Dear Sir David Fidelis Mkwega, am impressed to get a comment and a like from you sir. Yes, it is my hope that, this my a long time dream will eventually come true via this competition. Sir, i will appreciate to connecting me with other donors that may be interested to invest or support in this promising project that might change the future of many Tanzanians.

      Sir, thanks very much.

      Ferdinand, Nachenga.
      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  4. Ferdinand, your idea is very good. May be a question please!
    I have seen some ponds in different areas not any more operating due to either inefficiency on fish production due to lack of trained manpower to take care of the ponds or lack of better technology to keep fish Have you tried to be a bit inquisitive on why others failed and you don’t fall in the same trap?

    1. Thats Bravo!!
      In fact this is a good idea. Only that you need to anticipate on the future obstacles so that the project may be sustainable and payful to you.
      However, you may think of other minor project poultry that will privide you feeding materials for the fish.
      Have the best of luck brother.

    2. Dear Mr. Hon. Renatus Manjala, thank you for liking and commenting on my idea. Sir, the question of inefficiency on fish production in most areas i have visited is due to lack of training and proper management.
      1. What i have written in this proposal is just a small portion or summary of the big proposal that i have written two years ago before i started investing in the project. In that proposal i have mentioned all the technologies that i will employ in order to increase yield e.g. screen/green house technology. However, those who have failed have failed because of inability to change/ to be flexible with the ever changing world.
      2. As i have said before that the reason for selecting project site in Morogoro is the availability of two major fisheries institutions (SUA & Kingolwira fisheries training institutions) which i had consulted them before starting my project and which i will be getting experise from them. However, i, my self has attended a short course in fisheries management in Mbegani fisheries Development Centre (Bagamoyo, Coast region). Sir, this project is my future so i’m expecting to spend more than 80% of my time in the field with my team as i have learnt that most projects fail because of poor project management i.e spending 20%/80% of the time in the project INSTEAD of 80%/20% of the time.

      Hope i wont fall into the same trap sir. Interested with my answers sir? If not come up again, help to shape me!!!

      Ferdinand Nachenga

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  5. This is a very good idea,if implemented u will inspire many people especially youth. You will also help many from unemployment and malnutrition.

    1. Madam Diana my Dear fried, thanks for supporting me. I will make sure that the project makes a big contributions in unemployment and malnutrition problems in my region, country and the whole world madam. My dream is to feed the whole generation with fish.


      Ferdinand, Nachenga.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  6. It is really a wonderful project for income and protein supply to our population. I am really moved by the local contribution you invested in the project! This project is worth financing! Surely, carry on brother.

    1. Sir Malcom, thanks for your moral support. Yes, brother it is my hope that the project will be financed and achieve its intended goals.

      Welcome sir,

      Ferdinand Nachenga

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  7. Iam Impressed with your innitive and effort to invest in agriculture. For sure there is greater demand of fresh fish in Tanzania and current supply doesn’t meet the need. therefore this project will not only benefit you as an entrepreneur but also community as a whole.
    I have noted you have two projects to you are looking forward to invest, I would advice you to think on possibility on investing on one project first rather than running them parralel then when that project picks up you continue with the other project.
    All in all Big up for thinking Big!!

    1. Dear Annie, thanks very much for your support and advice. However, the major thing is fish farming but according to experts, fish farming and chicken farming goes parallel as the wastes from chicken is the very nutritious food for fish (of course there are some ways to handle it). Madam i will not concentrate much on chicken or green vegetables e.t.c, rather the concentration will be on commercial fish production.
      Thanks again for your wise contributions madam.

      Ferdinand Nachenga,

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  8. The project is good & deserves a support
    coz the idea will be of big help not only to an unemployment people but also to the community in general.
    may ur project be successful

    1. Madam, its an amazing comment from you. I will always remember you guy for liking and commenting on my proposal for any results in this competition.

      Thank you Madam,

      Ferdinand Nachenga

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  9. I really like the idea, the project is so useful to the unemployed people within the area. If it’s going to be implemented the project will not only benefit Mr Nachenga but also the whole society at large.

    1. Sir Magungu, thanks for getting your response on this proposal. Hopeful my idea will be supported as it is worth to implement.
      Thank you sir,

      Ferdinand Nachenga,

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  10. Amazing! What a project!
    Well done Mr Ferdnand, good idea and hope if assistance emerge it will be profitable!
    To figure out what Will has said is that areas beside rivers and like now are hard to find and have high value! With drilling holes it will help as it’s permanent

    1. Dear Mr. Ngullo. Thanks for your observations sir. Sure, its very difficult to find a land near rivers of which have high prices and more restrictions by the government, borehole is the best alternative and once drilled the pumping costs are not such high they can contained. Agai, thakn you for your time sir.


      Ferdinand Nachenga,

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  11. I really like the idea of Mr Nachenga, if the project goes well it will benefit not only the farmer himself but also the community at large. The project will create a lot of jobs to the unemployed people within the area. This will reduce the poverty rate within the project area.

    1. Again Mr. Magungu, i don’t know how i can thank you for being interested with my idea. Poverty will run away for sure, people will be motivated with what i will be doing and this will change their minds and future economic status too.

      Ferdinand Nachenga

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  12. That is very useful and potential Idea, its good start m sure it will work, you need to be much focused and try learning more on what and how is required to be done.

    1. Dear Mr. Kephason, thank you sir i will try to be a learner always so that i get what i want. Nice to seeing your comment sir.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  13. Well done Mr. Nachenga for some initiatives you have taken, that is really impressing and just needs support to do the best as your plan.

  14. Fish farming is a promising niche market, yet to be explored in Tanzania. In other countries it had shown that such activities have increased food security and improved livelihood of rural populations

    1. Dear Mr. Marcelo, thanks for your supportive comment. Yeah its absolutely true that fish farming is a promising business in the most rural areas in the country if well managed.
      Thanks sir.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  15. Wonderful! What an initiative!
    The idea is worth investing on because it will not only inspire youths but will also impact the wider community positively. Should there be any donors who support projects ideas developed by youth agri-preneurs, they should not skip this one.

    Well done Ferdinand Nachenga!

    1. Hello Mr. Mwakanyamale, Your comment is worth to me, i real appreciate for seeing this great idea that might eventually benefit many rural youth in Morogoro and other parts of the country who will be interested in this sector.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  16. It is very good project if it will be implemented, and by implenting it will help to solve problem of unmployment by generating income and reduce poverty to the society. All the best Mr. Ferdinand.

    1. Dear Ms. Veronica K. Thank you very much madam for your comment. Yes madam, unemployment in the country currently is increasing so we, the youth have to be creative and supported with ideas like this so as to reduce the number of unemployed people. Again, thank you for taking your time on this.

      ”Cheers its 2016. let’s fish together”

  17. I have severally seen a really motive in you with “FISH”. This is surely an Eye Opener to fellows those who are thinking of doing kinda business. Thing that has motivated and in fact its ideal for you here is the presence of technical assistance that you will always be getting from Fish Training College and SUA. You are technically assured of running this project the fund be available.

    Looking at the impact to the society at large, its okay to provide opportunities to youths, however, the project will be expanding as time goes and hopeful you will be able to capture and help much more youth and other surrounding expertise of the region and nation at large.

    I am giving a RIGHT hand with this initiative brother


    1. Hello Mr. Fred, fish farming was, is and will be my motive always. When i look at my big proposal on this i see myself like feeding the whole country with fresh fish from the project(dreaming of a Mega fish farming project). Sir, thanks again for your wonderful comments.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  18. honesty your creative Ferdinand Nacheznga. the idea is very useful and your project will help to improve health of the comunity also it will employ a people from especially entrepreneur

    1. Hello Mr. Dickson Chilalile, thank you very much for supporting my idea. For sure community’s health will improve and employ many youth also in this sector.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  19. Dear Ferdinand; congratulations. good determination sir. with this ideal move you really deserve support to uplift your plans. Am personally moved by the fruits of your great efforts, and gotten a good lesson and encouragement on agripreneurship. Keep it up sir.

  20. Real Mr.Ferdnand Nachenga your idea suppressed me, congratulation for what you did it and keep it up am sure your project is going to be productive.

    1. M. Masawika, thank you for being supportive on my idea. Financing this project may help many youths in my community. Again, thank you very much sir for taking your time to pass and comment here

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  21. It very amazing proposal. I think it will help a lot of people in that area, economically because some people will be employed, intellectually because many people will learn from you. Healthily, because many people will enjoy the fishes as part of their food.

    1. Dear Sir Augustine Mgovano, thank you for appreciating my ideas and encouraging as well in my proposal. I’m very happy for that sir. Yes the project will be helpful to the nearby community in terms of both economic gains if employed and health status as well.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  22. Congratulations Fred,
    Very few young people have your kind of determination. I hope your efforts will be seen and somehow your dreams and hard work comes into fruition.
    I’m a Tanzanian and I can agree with you that there is a high demand of fish and the location of your project also is very helpful to the community as well as the nation.

    1. Dear Maria thanks for encouraging me. Though i have not won in this competition but as long as this is my dream, am sure it will all come true one day. Thanks.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  23. Dear Ferdinand, its a good idea. Big up for what you have done up to this stage as so long as your project concerned. All the best my dear.

    1. Hello Sir Keneth, thanks again for your wise and encouraging words for this idea. It is not the end untill the end is reached, keep praying for my dream to come true although the competition has ended.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

  24. Keep up with your efforts. Fish farming projects/activties have been tried in many local communities and by many local individulas with government and donor support in many parts of Africa including Pacific Island countries since 1950s. Some projects have been successful and some not so successful. It may be appropriate to learn why some had not been successful as you proceed with your venture. Best wishes, Satya

    1. Dear Satya Nandlal, thanks for reminding me in making efforts towards this project. It is very true that many projects have failed due to donor support because it may occur that a donor would like to support on fishing projects but a focus of such particular country is on another thing,say snail farming. For this case fishing projects must fail. This is just one example though there are many reasons which i have learnt as to why such projects failed. I will keep learning on this project though the competition has ended and the winners announced.

      ”Cheers its 2016, let’s fish together”

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