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YAP proposal #143: Sustainable Local Poultry Farming (Raymond Benson Orenda, Kenya)


I am Raymond Benson Orenda the lead champion of our group. Our organization is called Kokech Rural Self-Reliance Initiative Youth Group. We are located in Kokech location, Kasipul Sub-County, in Homa-Bay County, Kenya.

Kokech rural self-reliance project is a small organization and our growth is strategic and carefully planned. We expand our effort not so much by increasing member size but by developing networks and training groups of farmers to work independently within their communities. And help them to utilize the natural resources on which they depend by advancing the practice of sustainable agriculture and coordinating it.


A situation where small-scale farmers are recognized in the community for their innovation and strength, and fully utilized for their own good and that of the society. And hence this moves towards sustainable development generally.


Rural communities in which organic farming is recognized as environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially just approach to sustainable food production.

Overall goal

To mobilize and build the capacity of farmers in developing sustainable agriculture, with regards to sustainable development and food production.


  1. Food security
  2. Water conservation
  3. Improvement of in comes
  4. Establishment of sustainable system of land use
  5. Maintained of Biodiversity
  6. The preservation and promotion of Agriculture on smallholdings


  1. Training
  2. Technology and information access and transfers
  3. Linkages networking and collaboration
  4. Institution strengthening and capacity building


  1. Tree planting
  2. Compost making
  3. Crop husbandry
  4. Fodder establishment and management
  5. Intercropping
  6. Tree seedling
  7. Kitchen gardening (Bio intensive farming)
  8. Saving and credits
  9. Rural enterprises (soap making, cake baking, yoghurt making, juice and jam)

Core values

  1. Honesty
  2. Dedication
  3. Integrity
  4. Democracy
  5. Transparency and accountability
  6. Respect for all stakeholders
  7. Zero tolerant for corruption
  8. Fairness
  9. Justice

Outreach programmes

  1. Demonstration farm
  2. Exchange visits farmers to farmers training exchange
  3. Farmers learning Centre

Outreach Programme TOT Structure

Division Coordinator

  • Community Based Organization
  • Farmers Group
  • Common Interest Group
  • Institutional
  • Individual Farmers

We are currently engaged in a biodiversity project—local poultry farming, and supply of seed and modern solar to farmers. We are focused on the development of appropriate housing for local poultry. This will improve feeding strategies and make appropriate rations.

Our main products include: production of eggs and selling of local poultry birds. The project aims to employ 20 youths on a full-time basis to help improve local poultry through breeding and marketing of birds.

Me together with some of my group members

The project will be managed by experienced personnel with knowledge in agricultural matters.

Currently we are training farmers on FAITH gardens (techniques of modern farming) and other group members in the benefits of solar lamps for environmental conservation.

We are working to improve local poultry management, increase hatchability, and building the capacity of the people in local poultry management. With the preliminary research done, we have found that local poultry consumption is far below the required standard. Marketing of local poultry is lagging because of diseases and there is no butcher for local poultry.

Local poultry farming using modern solar is an innovative idea because it ensures that all the production of eggs happens in real time and at a low cost. Again, it will improve the local population’s poultry management for sustainable population.

Through capacity-building, 20 farmers and 200 youths are able to practise modern farming for commercial purpose, hence becoming self-reliant.

The project budgetary requirement is as follows (in Kenyan Shillings):


1,000 chicks                           90,000 (90 per unit)

10 bags of feed                     24,000

Medicine and treatment      5,000

Repair and maintenance      20,000

Equipment                             25,000

Expert services                      5,000

Water and electricity                        3,000

Transport                               500

House structure                    87,000

Miscellaneous                        13,500


Total                                       274,500

Poultry sales projection worksheet (in Kenyan Shillings)

  Best case Likely Worst
Total number of customers

Year 1


















Average income/customer






















Sales projections




















And the remaining funds will be used for the training of farmers on the same, as we sensitize and empower them.

Sustainability of the project

The project is profit-making and is expected to grow (every year). The profit made will be ploughed back into the business to assist in its expansion after every year.

Marketing will be thoroughly done to ensure good sales for bigger profit margin. The project will also diversify to help it claim a bigger percentage of the market niche and maximize profit.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Raymond Benson Orenda (Kenya): orendaraymond[at]

 The content, structure, and grammar are at the discretion of the author only.


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80 thoughts on “YAP proposal #143: Sustainable Local Poultry Farming (Raymond Benson Orenda, Kenya)”

  1. This is very well thought out and structured. It think it is a wonderful way to introduce more people to the idea of sustainable living, and being eco-friendly. My only concern, is education towards the butchering, and preparation of the poultry to be consumed by customers. However, I believe that Raymond is more than capable of making this proposal a success, and making many communities much richer in terms of knowledge, health and sustainable agriculture.

  2. Raymond has a vision, the knowledge and skills, a big heart, and the drive to educate his community to be self-sustainable! Rock on my brother and may you be blessed in this important quest!

  3. It’s good to see an initiative for sustainable, low environmental impact food production. Keep up the good work.

  4. What a GREAT IDEA & WORK !!! BRAVO, My Friend RAYMOND BENSON ORENDA & Team-Members !!!

  5. Supporting youth with productive jobs is such an important piece to build hope and resilience. This project is supporting the foundation of a stable and flourishing culture in this community.

  6. Raymond has obviously thought out the implications of his proposal, and has a dedication to realizing a productive, ecologically appropriate agriculture in his community that can provide nourishing food, jobs, as well as hope and direction. I believe this project,is a small investment with to potential to pay large social dividends over time.

  7. This is an awesome venture Raymond. You have great vision and a balanced sense of direction. Your plan is well grounded in what is needed physically and spiritually for your community. I send you and your community many blessings and may you be guided by spirit throughout this venture.

  8. A wonderful project, that will help so many people, as well as keep all strong and healthy.. A wonderful man Raymond is too, a very big heart.. Thank you for doing what you do and may peace be with you and all around..

  9. I believe Raymond has already proven his ability to grow any thing he plants, his progress with his limited income has been remarkable

  10. I believe that Raymond can grow any thing he plants, he has done a great job so far on a limited income, he must have two green thumbs

  11. Awesome project – so great seeing a project that aims to work in symbiosis with nature with such good intention and determinedness!

  12. Youre a great man and you deserve much success for your hard work, keep fighting the good fight brother 😎

  13. An amazing vision and you have put the hard work in to make it happen! Keep up the good work Raymond! All your dreams to create a better life for yourself and those around you are coming true.

  14. Raymond is an extraordinary human being who toils undaunted in an attempt to better his people and his community he does everything in his power to remain optimistic and strives to achieve all the goals he sets for himself

  15. A wonderful vision that will benefit so many! Keep up the good work Raymond! Your dreams of making a better life for yourself, your family and your community will come true

  16. An amazing vision that will benefit many. Keep up the good work Raymond! Your dreams of creating a better life for yourself, your family and your community will come true

  17. Excellent proposal Raymond… hope more project like yours be replied in other places… continue reaping success… best!! CF

  18. I couldn’t think of a more noble person to embark on such a structured commitment. His vision is one of inclusion and is a galant attempt at making sustainability attainable for all people.

  19. Love it brother! I’m so glad to see people like yourself and your community creating solutions to boost your local economy. I can only imagine others will catch on and come mutinies work like this.

  20. Projects like this are what changes the World. Creation starts at home and expands with limitless possibilities. I believe this to be a worthwhile charity that I hope to see grow into something international. 🙂

  21. Raymond, it’s so fantastic. I pray for all blessing needed to succeed. May God and angels guide you. Salute my brother

  22. This is a fantastic project! The goals of the project are well suited and much needed and appropriate the the location. The product is a healthy product for consumption. The business plan is very well constructed and the numbers make sense. The plans for utilising profits for expansion are a vital aspect of the project. The secondary goals of imparting knowledge and providing the necessary skill sets to subsistence farmers is the only real path to food security in Africa and must be applauded. These kinds of projects are vital for Africa and must be supported and I support Raymond in his efforts to create food security in his community and country, wholeheartedly!

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