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YAP proposal #141: Coffee, Generational Transformation, and Wealth Creation for Youth (Asiimwe Allan, Uganda)


My name is Asiimwe Allan. I am Ugandan. I am a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science, taking statistics as my Major and mathematics as my minor, at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. I am 22 and work hand in hand with a team of five fellow hardworking students.

It was in August 2015, that I managed to attend a friend’s birthday at the university. While at this party, I realized that there was a high alcohol intake amongst fellow university students. I sadly looked at my friends getting wasted with the enormous amounts of alcohol they took in: glass after glass and bottle after bottle. It was at this exact moment that I developed a greater passion for fellow young people especially my fellow university students. I got a passion to transform lives and have an impact in my society. Each time I met my friends, my heart was on fire to do something. I teamed up with five fellow young men to form a transformation movement known as Coffee Max and we are growing stronger day by day.

Apart from being a profoundly sounding institution on the African continent, Makerere University is notorious of its overwhelming numbers of students: more than 45,000. This is where I come in to utilize this incredible ready market to explore the business opportunities within this vicinity that have not been realized as until now.

Therefore, my project is to start coffee vending at Makerere University using automated coffee-vending machines. Coffee-vending machines offer a wider variety of coffee beverages, which can serve consumers’ coffee interests. The project is aimed at developing a new generation of young people that continue to embrace and enjoy coffee in its full diversity. This will increase domestic coffee consumption amongst the young people and integrate more young people along activities in the coffee value chain.

Therefore, the availability of this under-utilized opportunity of a growing population escalates my motivation to engage in the coffee business. There has been a recorded growing trend of coffee consumption in the country over the decade. Also, the desire to popularize coffee as a trendy beverage among university students ultimately reduces alcoholism, and is very palatable and attractive to the youth. Furthermore, the strong passion to enhance hands on entrepreneurial skills for self-employment amongst fellow students that will reduce the overwhelming 83% youth unemployment rate in our country.

We intend to have vigorous coffee club at Makerere University that will be the talking and walking embodiment of coffee. This will be accompanied by trendy promotional materials for awareness creation of the endless attributes of coffee. We also look forward to exploiting on-line platforms as a way of steering up our sensitization programs. We also wish to register a business company to operationalize this idea.

FB_IMG_1456930405179Towards achieving this, we have engaged with the National Union of Coffee Agribusiness and Farm Enterprises (NUCAFE) for experience building and idea mentorship. Further, we participated in the last year’s annual coffee festival in November that was organized by NUCAFE in conjunction with the Uganda Coffee Developed Authority (UCDA). We have also managed to draft the structure of the coffee club that only requires funding to start operating.

The presence of a large trendy middle class population around the proposed project area will provide a steady consumption base of coffee hence success of the project. The enduring partnership with NUCAFE, which has a wider range of experience and knowledge in coffee, will help us to overcome the likely challenges. A team of committed students ready to carry out various operational activities also backs up this project.

The business shall celebrate the enduring success by achieving enduring self-sustenance. This will include paying off its workers and running the day-to-day activities. Increase in company savings will also definitely deem business success. This will be accompanied with the registration of coffee max as a separate legal entity. Expansion of the coffee club at the university and coffee max acquiring more business investments such as more vending machines will also be an enormous measure of success.

However, the fundamental question of using the USD 5,000 grant can be addressed explicitly as follows:

Coffee vending machine   USD 2,000

Promotional materials      USD 300

Business company registration USDv300

Club establishment and marketing activities USD 1,000

Operations and start-up expenses USD 1,400


Blogpost and picture submitted by Asiimwe Allan (Uganda): asiimweallan76[at]

The content, structure and grammar are at the discretion of the author only.


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135 thoughts on “YAP proposal #141: Coffee, Generational Transformation, and Wealth Creation for Youth (Asiimwe Allan, Uganda)”

  1. I have no doubt that this is the best proposal to elevate the young people today. nice proposal

  2. Absolutely a perfect idea to cut the continuous growing rate of unemployment in Uganda …it should be given critical attention by both government and available sponsors

  3. i have liked this simply because the group is focused and hence it will be developmental to the youths

  4. That’s a good good innovative idea as concerned with value addition to the coffee industry. Your project will also reduce on the rate of unemployment among the youth.
    Rwenjoki Yoab a student at the school of agriculture and environmental sciences perusing bachelor of agribusiness management. Year 2

  5. You have always been innovative
    Its a wonderful development proposal
    Hope it all works out
    Am with you brothers goodluck

  6. Wow abig Tnx to u Allan n ur teammates its such a great idea and so inspiring to ur fellow youth above all. God wil strengthen u thru.

  7. for sure these boys are so inspirational. i think they will help their fellow youths

  8. i have no doubt that these boys will manage this. this is very important to the young people

  9. This is quite interesting and out of the box. I am greatly impressed as well as inspired

  10. This is great to find that there tfellow youth out there thinking about transforming the lives of the youth.
    Actually with this era where the youth embrace things that attach prestige to them,am sure this whole coffee thing will work considering that coffee is to some extent regarded as a luxury. All the best my guy!

  11. That’s an awesome project but maybe I would like to know how you will convince students to interchange consumption of alcohol with coffee?

    1. Hello Monique. I greatly believe that through using trendy promotional materials for awareness creation of the endless coffee benefit. Then great reputation of coffee as a trendy beverage among the young people will greatly reduce alcohol consumption. Further more we tend to avail coffee at the lowest prices possible. Thank you

  12. Bravo young comrades! Perfectly innovative, workable entrepreneurial idea and just timely as we navigate in the economy for options to the future of Uganda through the youth. In the team, I see greatness and self reliance coming through. Proud of your thoughts in the coffee value chain.

  13. Great minds I must say…not only is your idea beneficial in terms of business but also influential to the youth and the world at large…we as students are eager to take up this innovation and support you in all ways possible. Good luck Allan and team

  14. This is so amazing Allan, it’s rare to find a youth with such an outstanding and brilliant kind of over whelmed. Kip it up!! Big ups to all those behind u..

  15. Well this is lovely and l personally believe a new generation of young people who believe in transformation has kicked in. l am personally interested in supporting you in anyway possible.
    Bravo team!!!

  16. For a while l was thinking that this is not about to happen in Uganda but ultimately l have been disproved by these young brilliant minds. This solution is highly in line with what most stakeholders are interested in achieving in the coffee industry.
    Bravo Team Allan!

  17. this is indeed a generational transformation. these young men have really discovered it and they surely need to be sponsored.

  18. I’ve b read thru it and it’s such a brilliant idea. Such creative minds. Don’t hesitate to make it work

  19. I’ve read thru it and it’s such a brilliant idea. Such creative minds. Don’t hesitate to make it work. Support is all yours

  20. Fantastic,Incredible idea that will help lessen the level of unemployment in Uganda. Thank you for embracing the opportunity,all the best.

  21. This is go great! the world is now survival for the fittest! such great ideas are for supperone. you must make it through!

  22. if the whole world had such boys with such brilliant ideas, the rate of employment would be above 90%. Am so proud of you boys. you are making a difference in the World. Go and shine. I have your backs 100% in support

  23. If I were president, I would trust u guys to run my country on my behalf….. In that same spirit, hope your sponsors see what I see too good luck guys

  24. Extraordinary idea! A very lucrative concept that will help the youth appreciate a life of limited alcohol consumption and a corridor of employment. You stand as an example to the entire youth population. Wish Allan and your team all the best and believe this should be the proposal to be implemented.

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