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YAP proposal #122: Planting strawberry in Greenhouse (Fisnik Shaqiri, Kosovo)

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My name is Fisnik Shaqiri, 27 years old from Republic of Kosovo. I have finished my Bachelor degree at Faculty of Agriculture in Agroeconomy, University of Prishtina, Kosovo 2007-2010. In 2012 I have started my Master course in Hungary at Szent Istvan University, Godollo and in 2014 June I am graduated MSc in Rural Development and Agribusiness. The gained knowledge will help me a lot to the administration of the Strawberry model and to the externalization of the products.

During my study in Hungary I got experiences in the field of business farming, meeting with Hungarian farmers from which I got inspired. Also I have participated in many conferences, I can highlight my participation in the “Global Forum and Expo on Family Farming” in Budapest, March 2014 as organizer and exhibitor.

In 2013 I became part of Young Professionals for Agricultural Development of Kosovo (YPARD Kosovo) and thank to YPARD I had chance to participate in congress held in Milan under the title “Rural Communities: No Longer Left Behind. Rural and Regional Development in the South and North Mediterranean and the New Neighborhood Policy”.

Since October 2015 I am working as teaching assistant in Faculty of Agriculture, department of Agricultural Economics at University of Prishtina, Kosovo. And also I share my knowledge with young farmers in farming and giving them information about any projects relating to agriculture area, this makes me so happy.

Project Description

The need for small fruits (strawberry) increasingly is growing while production of small fruits increasingly lag by comparison with the growth of needs that people have. In order to collect data and basis of the findings which I have occurred in the market during the research and consultation with many different commercial, I have concluded that there is a lack of large domestic products and especially with fresh strawberry.

This project I have started from last year, I set up two greenhouses and I have planted 2000 seedlings of strawberries in very good conditions (Varieties: 1000 Alba and 1000 Elsanta). In this business I have employed 3 family members.

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With the support of the project “YAP” I am very motived to extend this area from 0.04 to 0.10 ha with greenhouses and 0.10 ha in small tunnels which means I can employ three other people from my village which are non-employed.

I also will encourage and help young people, my friends here in the village as an expert of agriculture to plant strawberries in their own land and with that later on we will make a point collector for strawberry.

Why in greenhouse? Because the price of strawberry in season time is 1 euro per Kg, but earlier 1 month before the season the price of imported strawberries from Greece is 2 euro per 0.5 kg which means 4 euro/kg. Last year in May I could sell my strawberries 2.40 Euro per kg but from this year strawberries will be ready for the market around middle of April which means I will catch the price the same with imported strawberries. So with that I can say that planting strawberries in greenhouses is very profitability and it is very delicious as fresh fruit for consumers. I have this experience from previous year when many consumers asked for fresh strawberries and sweet.

The yield of strawberry is around 1 kg per seedling, net it is 0.750 kg and price expected to be approximately 3 Euro/kg

Profit Calculation:

2000 seedlings * 0.750 kg = 1500 kg * 3 Euro = 4500 Euro in 0.04 ha

I would like to list some septs which I intend to achieve my goal:

  1. Extending the area with greenhouses (strawberries) plus 0.04 ha until end of August 2016 and 0.10 ha in tunnels
  2. Also will be Installed irrigation system drip-drip
  3. I will supply several major supermarkets in the city, already I have agreement with them and which are very close about 2 km from my place and which is an advantage since the strawberry is a sensitive fruit during the transportation and it is another good advantage that I can sell directly to consumers because the greenhouses are located near the road which leads to the city, So the sale is guaranteed based from experience of last year. 

During my Master study in Hungary I got some extra money for the study and from those money I could save and planting strawberries was kind of my dream. So in 2015 I started and of course with my father and brothers support I could start this small Agribusiness.

The total investment of my business is 4000 Euro till now.

In all this project also I can measure my success:

  1. 04 ha greenhouses built in very good conditions
  2. From last experience, I could sell all strawberries (I couldn’t meet consumer’s requirements compared with their needs. I have sold around 300 kg it was first year and planted late.
  3. Three family members are employed in the harvesting time;

Budget and frame

  • In June I will construct greenhouse 0.04 ha which will cost around 3000 euro and
  • I will open a wells (500 euro),
  • In August will be planted 2000 seedlings which will cost 0.25 cents per seedling in total 500 euro,
  • Irrigation system will be installed in the same time (200 euro),
  • Plastic covering (for greenhouse) 434 euro
  • Other necessary equipment around 200 Euro
  • The total cost of the project will be 4834 Euro.

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875 thoughts on “YAP proposal #122: Planting strawberry in Greenhouse (Fisnik Shaqiri, Kosovo)”

  1. This young person shows the right formula for a sustainable business, integrating his knowledge with market opportunities and societal challenge. Good luck with your project

  2. Very concise and practically applicable project. Success of strawberry produce in WesternBalkan is guaranteed, therefore increase to hectares would be encouraged in the future. regards

  3. Nice initiative Fisnik. This will go along way in enhancing food security and empower more youth in your area.

  4. I really enjoy this project – young person protecting local business, giving job and offering healthy and fresh product – that’s what I like and I’m sure, that you’ll make it on the best way!

    1. Anna thank u so much for ur great words, it inspire me to do my best in this business! 😉

    1. Shkelzen it is a great business! if you need help or if have any questions feel free to ask me any time! 😉

    1. yes it is, I am here to help to every youth and i suggest you to start planting strawberry! 😉

  5. #GCARD3 congratulation bro, since I knew you, you looked courageous, I do remember when you started sowing and preparing the greenhouse, I never believed that it will become such big project #GCARD3 .big up Fisinik

    1. Benji thanks a lot you people are giving me more power to do my best and I also would like to suggest youth of my place to start the same business!

  6. #GCARD3 I wish you all the best with your project Fisnik! I know you will be sucessful with whatever you put your energy into. One day ill come by to taste the strawberries!

    1. thanks a lot 🙂 yes for sure one day many people would like and will come to visit my strawberries business! 🙂

  7. Really nice detailedinfo and really needed things at the area ., congrats fisnik keep the work going #card3

  8. #GCARD3 Congrats man. This is real nice project with Strawberry plant . I hope you can contribute it to a biggest farm in Kosovo in the future.

    1. I will do my best on this way, so it depends on support for beginning, later i am sure i can do by myself because it is sustainable business! So thank you fro your words mr. Au

    1. thank you Mamdouh, really it is that’s way i have started with strawberries, I love it 🙂

    1. John thank you so much for your suggestion, already i have developed this issue but in my blog i didn’t write in details but for sure i will do my best on it! thanks again!

  9. Better specified analyzes of accurate data especially production and profitability calculation . success

  10. This is just awesome ! more work needs to be done when it comes to supply chain management and data analysis.

  11. I really like it as a project idea , although I do not belong to this area it seems very interesting.
    Good job especially to encourage Kosovo youth people to develop new ideas and brilliant projects like this.
    All the best, you are good example of a man with great vision !

    1. thanks Eraml, I will try to do my best and to give any kind of information to interested people and special to my friends.

  12. Maybe, could you explain a little bit better which markets will you aim and how will that work. Thanks for the good project you are explaining here.

    1. Dear Victor thank you for your suggestion, yes sure i have tried to be shortly but maybe not that much in details. The target markets will be local markets near to my place ( super markets) and also directly to the consumers because they prefer to take as fresh and they also would like to see strawberries in the field! so for selling it isn’t any problem at all.

  13. Good Job Fisnik. Hope your project will inspire so many young Kosovars. I wish I can eat your fresh strawberries this summer. Wish you luck.

    1. Thank you dear Hamza, i think already it start to be as a inspiration for many youth! for sure you will eat, Kosovo is small country.

  14. Nice work brother. I wish you will be more successful in that project. Best regards from Turkey

  15. Interesting topic. May be because of strawberry) Planting strawberry in Greenhouse is the most profitable as well as, most costly. I believe that your strawberry tastes as a real strawberry, not the one from shop, import or finally GMO..Fisnik, wish you good luck and patience)

    1. dear Assem thank you so much for your great words! they were last year so delicious and I promise you also in this year will be as well and year by year i am just increasing the area with strawberry

    1. You are welcome any time but if you come only for my fresh and sweet strawberries then you should come middle of April. I will why not but first I need to focus in local markets first then in region for sure and later on in EU( e.g. in Czech) 😀

  16. Interesting topic. May be because of strawberry) Planting strawberry in Greenhouse is the most profitable as well as, most costly. I believe that your strawberry tastes as a real strawberry, not the one from shop, import or finally GMO..Fisnik, wish you good luck and patience)

  17. Fisnik Shaqiri I am from Albania i saw your project i like it very much, i think it is very interesting business also youth in Kosovo can take an great example from you to do the same business! Your government have to support such projects! you did great job! Congratulation!

  18. Congrats Fisnik Shaqiri! Now we are waiting for strawberry tasting event. Nice job so far.

  19. This is a great entrepreneurial plan! Wishing you great success my friend! Be sure to look up some Agro incubators that can help in the initial set up.

  20. You have a nice cocept Mr Fishnik. The market in your country is fresh and i know agriculture is not with prepared and trained as in other countries so you should grab on to this project or apply for other diffferent subsides also envolving agricultural planting and selling. You can be the new enterpreneur in strawberry market in Kosovo and even maybe you can break into foreign markets with a diversified business plan.

    1. thank you so much Mr. David, I will try to do my best, hopefully for beginning i will find support because this business is self sustainable! and no need money just ideas for innovation of curse and to increase the area!

  21. Great Job Fisnik, as far as I know you definitely you will reach your goals with this kind of initiatives. This seems such a nice idea on the one hand you will produce healthy fruits to the market on the other hand you will help unemployed villagers and will spread this idea that every can do such kind of business but needs strong intention. Be successful and wish you all the best!

    1. Thank you so much Tariq for your such beautiful words, you guys really are giving me more power to do my best, I promise that one day all of you guys will come to visit Kosovo and you will see my big project!

  22. It is possible, I think, to say that… Fisnik`s idea is formed upon the understanding that it is sinful for people to misuse or destroy what they did not make to reduce the hunger poverty. The creation of this idea is a unique, irreplaceable agricultural output, therefore to be used with humility, respect, and skill as a pathway for the future farming generations. Keep going on my fellow!

    1. Mr. Trendov I appreciate your comment, always you suggestion will be welcome! Thank you so much.

  23. It is possible, I think, to say that… Fisnik`s idea is formed upon the understanding that it is sinful for people to misuse or destroy what they did not make to combat the food sovereignty. The concept of this project is a unique and irreplaceable agricultural output, therefore to be used with humility, respect, and skill as a pathway for the future farming generations. Keep going on my fellow!

  24. Well done Fisnik.
    I always trusted in your skills, and as a result you have got this success.

  25. Wonderful idea Fisnik. Good way of thinking and even a motivating form for young people in Kosovo. Projects like this are awesome and a way of economic development for a region or a country. Balkan needs this.

  26. I like your Idea and i have tasted your strawberries last year no one in Kosovo has such sweet strawberries! keep going my freind!

    1. Yes of course because they were fresh and sweet that’s why u liked my friend 🙂 the same quality will be in this year too but from this year i will increase the area!

  27. Fisnik I like your idea and your fresh strawberries! I think you with this idea will help youth in Kosovo to develop such business! wish u all the best!

  28. Dear Fisnik I really liked your idea and we need in Ksovo such business to do it, I trust that you will help us to start with such businesses! Thanks

  29. Great idea und gut job Fisi. This have to be an example how the young people have to work. Such a project must support from the government of RKS. Kosovo needs more people like you. Keep going.
    Alles gute aus Wien.

  30. It is really good study about sustainable farm and strawberries. I think St.Istvan University has a good education system.

    1. Omer thank you so much for ur great words, yes for sure I learned a lot from this Uni for 2 years

  31. Knowing that we have such smart young people in are country makes me proud.
    I totaly suport your ideas and I hope others well understand and suport you too.
    Everything that people can invest in our country is importante . we have a lot of young people that are not employed and this could be a opportunity for them to get employed
    so I hope that your hard work will be rewarded .
    I wish you the BEST …

  32. It is a very interesting project! I wish you more and more new results and success for the future!

    1. Adrienn thank you dear, I will do my best and one day to invite you to taste my strawberries.

  33. Fisnik I love strawberry, that’s why i like your project, you should to produce a lot for Kosovo, we need fresh and delicious strawberries. Keep going.

  34. it more than wonderful job … just keep in hard work brother …i wish you successful

  35. This is so inspiring. Great efforts and valuable ideas really can make a country’s agriculture to function better. Congratulation Mr.Shaqiri, seriously I hope you can make your plans a reality. Keep going.

  36. It is great idea to supply clean and fresh strawberry for the community. It can also solve the problem of market availability of fresh strawberry in all seasons and the project can contribute to reduce unemmployment. Therefore the feasibility of this project is undoubted

    1. Tahnks a lot Beteihem, it is true i would like to increase the area with strawberries in order to supply the local supermarkets for beginning…and also to help other youth to start with same business and like this to supply in all country with fresh strawberry and in the same time to reduce unemployment and migration as well!

  37. This is a very important topic, due to increasing global needs for food. Also, one of the most significant link in the food supply chain is local production, even small. Especially commendable in this project is inclusion of local community, family members, knowledge sharing to other young and interested parties.
    Fisnik, this is an excellent example how theoretical knowledge can be transferred into practice and running a business!

    1. Dear Zlata, thank you so much for your perfect explanation to everybody who would like to understand the reason of this business, it has all these effects which you have mention.

  38. From my recent observations, the young entrepreneurs are the main people who are developing the gardening sector. It is great that they are concern about this type of business and apply their knowledge in it. Greetings

    1. Dear Margaret thank you very much for your nice words and support, I appreciate very much your comment!

  39. In European countries young people doesn’t like farming this kind of ideas will encourage your generation that farming is a very good income generation field.

    1. thank you so much Hasibullah, unfortunately it is true, but we are trying with these ideas to motivate youth here to do the same business

  40. This is an excellent move. Keep it up. Sustainable agriculture is one of the main determinants of economic progress in developing countries.

  41. I like your project and your business with strawberries, you should work hard on it to make it bigger.

    1. Thank you Indrit, I will do it for sure..also i suggest all youth in Kosovo to start with same business..

  42. Hi fisnik, I really like your idea and your business as well I think it will help to many youth in kosovo as well, Congrats 😊👏🏼

    1. Tahnk you Biondina, I like too to do this job, and i am sure that it will inspire others to do the same..

  43. Hi Fisnik, i like your idea i never saw such ideas in public that how shoul work with strawberry, i think you should work hard and increas the area because Kosova needs fresh strawberries! Congrats and keep going…

    1. Thank you dear, I would like to do that and I am sure i will..of course Kosovo needs fresh and delicious strawberries…

  44. Fisnik I am really so excited about this a marvellous project to plant&produce strawbarries in Kosovo,that’s an rarely and perfect idea of your mind I really appreciate so much your study obligations already that you have done with this great project and in this chase I support you a lot of and I wish you nice&untired job and lots of succes in every steps of your life with a big respect for you of course your old friend Elbasan Misini

  45. A special project and a reflection of how wonders happen when mind and work walk on a paralel line..

  46. A very visionary project, I think it will help to many youth in kosovo as well,so good luck.

  47. Excellent business idea! I am sure that this project will have a high probability to come to fruition notably in Kosovo if it finds the necessary support.

    Carry on with the good work, Fisnik!

  48. Fisnik good business I will do the same soon it is very good idea..we should to cooperate

  49. Big and great job from you Fisnik!
    We are proud with people what work hard for they’re success,Good luck .

  50. I am very happy for you Fisnik, you have a good and perfect idea for this area , and I am sure you will do this job . I wish you the best .

  51. It Sounds Like a wonderful project,i wish you all the Best! Because it is a Very useful project for the Economy of Kosovo and a good business! Well done 👏

    1. Arijeta thank you so much for your support and great words, i will do my best in this way..

    1. thank you Tefik, yes Kosova needs really and also this is a good idea for other youth in our country

  52. A every interesting idea about the cultivation of greenhouse strawberries. I wish you luck in this contest!

    1. Gentuar thank you so much for your support, i think so from this year you will eat the best strawberries ever 🙂

    1. Yep Fitim it is true I definitely agree with you, should all youth in Kosovo to start business farming in order to reduce unemployment rate.

  53. Dear Fisnik, I saw how much you want and how much you have succeed with your job , so i just wanted to congradulate and to wish you all the best in your future work .

    1. thank you so much Atdhetare for your support. I wish all the ebst for u and for all youth in Kosovo and in the world.

  54. Agriculture in general and products such strawberries a great potential for country economical development as well as rural development. These ideas and project should be supported from Kosovo institutions as well as other local and international initiatives! Thanks Fisnik

    1. Dear Labinot thank you so much for your words and for your support, i think day by day youth of Kosovo are coming to the realistic life, “no job without agriculture”, these ideas will help the youth to start with their on work in their place!

    1. thank you so much Kushtrim for your strong support, we youth will do our best together for sure!

    1. Thank you again Samir bro, i really appreciate your strong support, I am trying to do my best in this way, strawberry was in my mind since that time so now u can see in reality, just hope with small support i will make it bigger! Yes for sure we can do it, we keep in touch,
      All the best bro!

  55. Dear Assistant Fisnik, I really like your project, You did great job, and we are learning a lot from you! Thanks

  56. I like so much your project with strawberries, we need such ideas, thanks Fisnik for your knowledge sharing with us. All the best!

  57. It’s very Interesting project
    We need to have much more Iniciativ for healthy Fruits like Strawberries .
    The world need to return to natyral fruits and we need to support and take example from those case.
    Congratulation great job.

    1. Dear Zaim thank you so much for your great words and support, definitely I agree with u..greetings

  58. I am amazed by this idea Fisnik, and to be honest i am proud with you, keep going we are all with you !
    You inspire us! Good luck .

  59. It’s very interesting project and I like so much your project, because I like strawberries. Your idea is very important for us there with the nature deals.

    1. I like to strawberries too Adisa that’s why I start this business, i will do my best, on April u can visit me and eat strawberry 🙂 Greetings

  60. Congradulations my friend, i ve told you before is good idea ,i wish you to have a lot of greenhouses good Luck Fis.🍓🍓

  61. Congratulation on your project and all your hard work. The need of young entrepreneurs in agriculture in Kosovo is a necessity, and you are one great example. Wish you all the best.

    1. Kushe thanks bro a lot for your support as usual, we will work together to help youth as experts 😉
      All the best for you and many success in your PhD in Bologna.

  62. Congradulation my friend, its good idea i ve tell you before ,i wish You to have a lot of greenhouse good luck🍓🍓🍓

  63. Well done,Fisnik!
    I like your project a lot,especially the greenhouses,which seems to be really profitable.
    I just hope that you’ll manage to realize this project successfuly!

    1. thank you Bekim so much for your support, i suggest to every young people in Kosovo to start with strawberries, blueberries and other agriculture areas! Kosovo needs for fresh food! youth need for job, so let’s do it and let’s help our country.

  64. Dear Fisnik, I really liked your idea of making a greenhouse of strawberries and helpinng unemployed people to earn some money from it. Good luck.

    1. Thanks a lot Granit, i am trying to do my best, and also u guys can do the same for sure, jsut we need to work a bit..;)

  65. Great idea. Great project. I dont know u at all but i can bet u made all albanian nation proud of u. Go on! I wish u luck (:

  66. I liek this project with strawberries, youth in our country really need such ideas to work on it. Thanks Fisnik

  67. Fisnik I like you hard work, planting strawberries is very fruitful..for our place, we need fresh and sweet strawberries! congrats and keep working..

  68. An excellent procejt! I wish you all the best on your further projects! You deserve it!👊🏻

    1. Marcelo thank you so much for your comment my friend and your support from Brazil,
      All the best!

    1. Nysret thank you so much my friend, u are a great expert in this field! we need your help as well 🙂

    1. Thanks Diellza 🙂 this project is already implemented just 0.04 ha and I would like to increase this area plus 0.04 ha in greenhouse

  69. We know it’s important to give positive feedback in response to a job well done. Excellent work must always be recognized and differentiated as such.This is so great I think others could benefit from learning about it. Good work, as always.

    1. Dear Ilirana, thank you so much for your wonderful words, I really appreciate your comment and your support as always, I think also this idea will help to other youth and will inspire them to start with any kind of agribusiness! We are here together to help them anytime.

  70. Hi Mr.SHaqiri, it is very good idea to work in agriculture nowadays and specially in strawberries, i think all youth in Kosovo should start doing business in Agriculture

    1. Dear Besnik thank you so much for ur great comment and your support, i hope all youth will start doing business in agriculture area, we are here to share our knowledge with you..!

  71. Congratulations Fisi! You have extraordinary background and experience that will lead you to success. I wish you good luck with your project!

  72. Hi Fisnik. Great Project! Very interesting which leads me to Some questions: How is the Botrytis sitiation with your strawberries and how Many Fungicide Applications You have to Make? Concerning the ripening Time: are there Maybe Even strawberry cultivars which have an earlier ripening Time That You could plant?

    1. Hi Franziska, thanks a lot for your comment and your questions, I didn’t have any problems with that I have some experts friends and always I consult with them if i have something. I used once before winter time and until now i didn’t use, and from now i am using only potassium and calcium, and about cultivars these 2 which i have planted Alba and Elsanta are more delicious and nice color also they have earlier ripening time but it depends on the weather and for this I planted in greenhouses. Thank so much for ur questions and if u have any suggestion pls write me. All the best!

  73. Very good proposal. We need more projects like this in Kosovo. I am very happy to see people like you trying to bring a positive change.

    1. thank you so much for ur comment Ermira, I am happy to for you guys too, because we together can make changes! Let’s do it!

    2. Ermira thank you for ur great comment, I am happy for ur interest as well, we can change everything together as yoouth (Y)

  74. Great job Fisnik, i believe that you will achieve your next goals without any difficulty. Wish you a lot of success!

    1. Edita thank you so much for your support, we are trying to do the best, and together of course!

  75. Great job Fisnik, you are showing one of the greatest way to the young generation who studied Agricultural science, to let them know the way how to develop modern Agricultural that they studied previously.
    I wish you a successful project and i encourage you to increase the surface of strawberry orchard using greenhouse (protected condition)

    1. Beti thank you so much my dear friend for ur support as always, you are an great expert of Agriculture, we can make change together and Develop our country

  76. I like this idea to much.For me this idea is very simple and very profitabile for countrys in transision.Hope that this innovative project will be successfull.