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YAP proposal #119: Out-Grower Scheme and Retail Marketing for Agricultural Success (Adesida Adegboyega, Nigeria)

I am Adesida Adegboyega, 34, from Nigeria. I specialize in growing vegetables with a greenhouse technology and contract-farming system. I have extensive experience and a master’s degree in agricultural extension and rural development.

Because many of the rural poor rely on farming, ending extreme poverty cannot be achieved without more and better investment in agriculture, food security, and nutrition. We will increase productivity and profitability by eradicating glut and increasing sales through retail marketing using our specially equipped kiosk at some key estate area in urban areas in Nigeria.

My desire for a better Nigeria and better livelihood for rural-dwellers motivates me to practice improved-farming systems. We provide kiosks equipped with chillers for urban women to sell agricultural produce. This increases sales for our company because our kiosks will be franchised to sell only our agricultural produce. It will change the face value of agriculture, in turn, throughout the grower scheme. We will have been able to encourage more rural farmers to increase their capacity and productivity through a contract-farming system once they know there is are take-off buyers with a ready market.

Steps to be taken

The key steps are planning, planting, harvesting, sorting, logistics and distribution, and kiosk points.

At Charm Horizon International Farms, we have decided to contribute our own quota to the eradication of poverty. This is through agricultural production and processing that would help in improving the livelihood of every stakeholder involved in the process of agricultural production.


In the past three years, our farming operations have divided into three parts:

We have the open-field farm operations managed by our agronomists, where we produce mainly sweet corn and Irish potatoes all year round.

We have the contract farmers who are mainly producing for us as out-grower farmers. We provide them with seeds/input and technical expertise. We buy the products they grow at the end of every farming cycle, all year round.

Lastly, we have some cooperate farms with greenhouse and hydroponics technology that also produces for us all year round. That is, where we produce special vegetables like coloured peppers (yellow peppers, orange peppers, oregano etc.).

The outcomes of the project will be measured in terms of productivity of contract farmers, number of branded kiosks available, and quantity of products sold per kiosk—all will be considered as actual measurable success.

To improve the logistics and distribution of agricultural produce, we will buy crates to ease smooth and efficient supply to kiosks. To eradicate glut and increase sales through retail marketing, two branded kiosks will be fabricated. Last, changing the face value of agriculture through out grower scheme, we will purchase more farm inputs: fertilizer and hybrid seeds to be given to contract farmers etc.

  • Crates (USD 500)
  • Branded kiosks (USD 2,000)
  • Farm Inputs (USD 2,500)

Our target time frame to achieve all of this is within twelve months, starting with planning and planting, fabrication of kiosks, and getting all the crates for distribution.


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11 thoughts on “YAP proposal #119: Out-Grower Scheme and Retail Marketing for Agricultural Success (Adesida Adegboyega, Nigeria)”

  1. The idea of bridging the gap between the farm and the consumers is highly commendable. This project if supported will reduce significantly, post harvest losses experienced by rural farmers.

  2. This is a good one. You can with aeroponics system increase your yield by more than 65%. If interested, please check facebook group (sreach aeroponics)

    1. Do you have any materials that could be used as compost in hydroponic medium or greenhouse technology.

  3. It is quite awesome to see Nigerian youth focusing on Agriculture as a business model. Well done Gboyega! Your Determination, Dedication and Discipline will definitely yield sumptuous fruits in due season!

  4. This is a welcome development and a great step in attaining food and nutrition security. It will also go along way in eradicating poverty among farmers in the rural area.

  5. Immediately I saw this post, I knew it is a great step in achieving food security, increase productivity and profitability, minimise waste and as well reduce poverty among the major actors along the agricultural value chain.

    Adesida! Thumbs up……

  6. nice work bro, branding n modernization is d only solution for our unemployed youth to b interested in agriculture.

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