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YAP proposal #110: Pig Production in Morogoro (Alexander Benny Jokoniah, Tanzania)

Untitled111My name is Alexander Benny Jokoniah, 27, a founder of Mazimbu Agro Enterprises (MAE), dealing with pig production based in Morogoro, Tanzania. I prefer pigs over other livestock: pigs are easy to feed; women prefer to rear pigs; there is a ready market and proven demand for meat and other products; pigs do not take vast amounts of land (especially if zero-grazed); pigs grow fast; have high fecundity; and improve people’s welfare as a result of white meat intake, which is believed to healthier than red meat.

MAE has been in pig production for over a one year. We have innovative, energetic, tolerant and longtime experienced youth staff, particularly the founder who has experience in managing a pig project. MAE is seen by Morogoro Municipal Council as a vibrant business engineered by young graduates who are professionals in animal husbandry and agribusiness, and thus has offered the enterprise land to establish a pig processing unit (within the surveyed and strategic area block T. 122). Additionally, the enterprise has a professional advisor, Professor Faustin Lekule, an animal scientist with more than 20 years in livestock production specifically piggery. He has done a number of research projects, published in different professional journals, that our enterprise uses for guidance.

There has been little investment to-date in the pig industry. Few institutions are established in the national system to support it and the sector is a low priority for the government, in development plans. Small farmers do not know how much their pigs are worth, although the price of pork is higher than either chicken or beef. There is also a lack of organized markets and tend to get exploited by middlemen.

Some of the above listed constraints have motivated me to establish pig project through innovative interventions of creating awareness among small farmers in rural Morogoro on piggery as a lucrative business. MAE intends to introduce crossbreeding technology that will result in a production of a vigorous hybrid pigs: these have high fecundity and short maturation time, which can result in the quick generation of cash for small farmers.

Thus, being enthusiastic young entrepreneur who has decided to be self-employed and create employment for others, I believe I have the capacity to implement this project through capacity-building for small farmers and marketing pig products. I understand what it takes (i.e. I have the technical knowhow), and I have the will and drive to do it.

Our current Product/Services

Pork: MAE sells pork (white meat) intake, which is believed to healthier than red meat.

Training: MAE provide training for young and women aspiring to start and run agribusinesses, with onsite practical training in modern piggery management (at the company farm). More than 300 women and youth have attended training at MAE.


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39 thoughts on “YAP proposal #110: Pig Production in Morogoro (Alexander Benny Jokoniah, Tanzania)”

  1. This is the way for graduates to go…hope one day I will come to visit and learn on your project…congrats bro.

      1. Thanks Weapon. MAE among other things do inspires Young graduates to venture into Agribusiness.

  2. Great proposal sir, with the suggested ideas am sure farmers in rural Morogoro will be able to benefit from the project.

    N.B One minnor error though, pork is a red meat not white.

  3. Please get in touch with Martha Kidyalla at Morogoro municipal council and she will guide you on how to join the Morogoro Meat Cluster Initiative. With your passion and innovative ideas you will be of great value in the development of the Meat industry in Morogoro. Good luck and be blessed.

  4. Very good project and I know you have a real commitment. Keep it up brother! You are an agribusiness champion.

  5. My BSc. special project was on strategic marketing decision in pig Industry in Morogoro. You have covered a very considerable part of my recommendations. Congraturations

  6. Big up! congratulation, Jokonia for great idea. May God fulfill ur desire of become Young Billionear soon.

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