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YAP Proposal #93: “Green organic manure” (Jecinta Muriithi, Kenya)

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My name is Jecinta Muriithi, a 30 year old entrepreneur from Kenya, a country in East Africa. I graduated last year with a Bachelor of commerce (finance option). I am the owner and co-founder of Lisha Ventures, a business entity that deals with production of green organic manure.

Green organic manure is  a product we designed to address rural agriculture productivity issue and to create more employment for the rural people thus reduce rural urban migration. The product involves making use of locally available waste product which includes egg shells, ash, dry maize stalks and coffee husks. The products are put in a pit for some time to allow decomposition with specified amounts as required by the crops in mind. The mixture is rich in potash in ash, nitrogen in coffee husks and calcium in egg shells.

In Kenya, one major issue affecting rural farmers and rural agriculture in Kenya is lack of an affordable and simple solution to increase the farms productivity thus increase in farm profits. This comes along where we have designed environmental friendly organic manure that reduces the pollution of waste products in the farms and mostly the farms in rural Kenya.

We produce green organic manure that includes eggs shells, coffee husks, ash, humus and dry maize stalks. A pit is dug one meter square and deep in an airy environment to enable decomposition producing the most nutritious and affordable manure for the farms. The product stays for a period of two weeks with regular checking on the rate at which it forms. The product is then sold in packets of one kilogram minimum to fifty kilograms pack.

“Lisha” in Swahili means feeding or satisfying. The main reason why Lisha Ventures was formed was to ensure that we see a hunger free nation through ensuring there is provision of affordable, nutritious and simple green organic manure that enables farms to be productive.

We have been able to start the initial project testing in one of the major coffee factories since we saw it as a nice avenue for farmers to learn and get to feel the tangible aspects of the product.

The green organic manure was sampled to some farms are incredible results were achieved as the farms were able to increase profits by about 60%. This impact is measurable in that we can now say we are headed to great depths in rural agriculture in Kenya.

The $5000 will be used in eithin one year

Getting inputs: $1000

Hiring of ground: $1000

Labor: $2000

Research and Marketing: $1000

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11 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #93: “Green organic manure” (Jecinta Muriithi, Kenya)”

  1. Cogratulation Jecinta this is a very viable business ideas to youth who will only require low production cost for their business to run and improve productivity

  2. Thanx jessinta for that useful idea.. The idea is not only sastaing bt also enviromento frndly.. Kudos gal

  3. Dear Jecinta, I was wondering if you have data of yield on specific crops that were treated with the organic manure you produce in relation to the control crops.

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